Is Alexis injury turning into another Arsenal setback saga?

All Arsenal fans had known that Alexis Sanchez was due to suffer a hamstring injury a long time before it actually happened as we had numerous warnings over the previous six weeks, so it was no surprise when he finally succumbed against Norwich in November.

We all agreed then that it was about time we gave the Chilean a rest anyway and we were resigned to be without our Duracell bunny for the next three weeks. Alexis was sent back to his national team medical team for treatment, and sure enough on the 13th December he flew back to London, and Arsene Wenger said that he would have six days to prepare him for our game against Man City.

But wenger did not name Sanchez in the squad against our title rivals, and after the game Le Prof revealed that Alexis had had a “minor setback” and would now miss the busy Christmas period but would be ready for the New Year games which was expected to start with this weekend’s cup game against Sunderland. It was unlikely that Wenger would have played him for the full 90 minutes but it would have been nice for him to get a bit of a run out before being thrown back into the fray, but yet again Wenger has announced that our Duracell Bunny’s batteries are still not fully charged and ready to go.

Le Prof said yesterday: “The bad news of the week is that Alexis is not quite ready,”

“It is a precaution because of his hamstring, and it takes a few more days. He’s not bad but he’s not ready.”

So now we are all expecting him to be fit for Wednesday’s big game against Liverpool, but we will have to wait and see, going by our previous experiences with Wenger’s forecasts. His expected three-week break has already going to be seven weeks by Wednesday.. And counting…..

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  1. Be good to have Alexis
    back but better to be
    sure than sorry.
    Besides we are top of the table
    without Alexis, Santi and Coquelin
    We will be fine.

    1. I don’t know why you got the thumb down, I suppose its the usual delusional Gooner who will rather see things through their rose tinted glasses and perpetually live in denial…..

  2. With all respect to giroud,walcott and campbell we won’t win the league with a front lone of these three.
    we already needed an attacker with alexis present present and if it will be a long injury for alexis so good please be with us!!

    1. We could just be about to loose Campbell, possibly a player of real quality who is still only 23. Why do you say this. Unlike Giroud and Theo he is still developing, and each game he has shown real class. I have been talking to ManU and City fans who would eat there right arms off to get him as they think he has made a real difference to us.

      1. if theo hasnt developed yet at 26 he aint going to …whippets are whippets they dont evolve in to tigers … might still get money for him so throw him in to a package for a proper striker…so far campbell has been better so seems odd to sell him first

          1. last year it was charlie austen before that it was ricki lambert before that it was the guy from burnley at some point david nugent was up there as the miracle forward …. wake up and smell the coffee we need a world class striker to win stuff..that simple

  3. I am so sad to hear this news, I don’t think its another setback though.
    Buh am very happy Rosicky will resume training nextweek as he can allow Ozil some rest too.
    Don’t panic,our hard work and team spirit will see us through before Alexis returns…

  4. Groundhog day with Injuries
    Groundhog day with transfers

    we dare not say it but there is quite a few of us thinking, he’s going to cock this up again, thumb me down but this will come back and bite us.
    We have a difficult fixture list and City are on our tail

  5. Popular words associated with Arsenal in 2016 so far.

    – Setback
    – Injuries
    – Snubs
    – Rumor
    – Bid
    – Done deal
    – Where the hell is Elnemy

  6. I hear some say we are top of the league without alexis……..and that we’d be fine without him

    i’d say we need out duracell hitman back sooner…..we won’t always be fine without him…..there are games in which he can be the difference!

    Alexis is not known for setbacks or being injury prone…. Its cause for concern……., i’m worried!


  7. He’s been ruled out of the Liverpool game too.I commented yesterday and said that there is something fishy about his injury. Wenger won’t be entirely honest about it because it’s the transfer window and he doesn’t want the pressure of signing a player. But something tells me that we won’t be seeing Alexis for a while.The welbeck saga started in similar fashion

  8. With or without I said b4 hoping we win the f.a cup game firstly, Liverpool & stoke away are potentially going define our season 2 massive finals if you ask me, now with both playing am extra game in carling cup we should have a slight advantage right?

    They will no doubt be arrogant fans stating because of this we should win esp with Liverpool injuries HELL NO, this will make both more cautious and we all know if teams sit back and defend resolutely we always struggle on top of that both teams will guarantee play over aggressive and that my friend is another side we ALWAYS struggle with and have done for 10 years.

    I say show some F***** Bottle for once every player bar Ozil & Cech (who have been expectional) and play ur hearts out and show these teams u can’t be bullied. Win that battle and they win the games I say simple, because no doubt Ozil will deliver Cech will deliver will the rest????

    Time will tell 7days all will be relieved.

  9. Sanchez has now been ruled out of the Liverpooh game!
    We need to find a cure for this Danny Wel-Set-beck virus!

  10. Is Wenger really this clueless regarding the on goings at Arsenal? … I doubt it!!!.. He just plays indenial,
    in the same way that he denies to see a controversial event on the pitch ,when one of our players are involved.

    And When he acts like this towards the fans!
    That’s when I dislike him.

    1. You don’t actually have any reason to think he isn’t providing the information he has available to him. What do you think he would stand to achieve by lying to the fans about the duration of a player’s absence through injury? It doesn’t make any sense.

  11. He os definitely not going to be available for both the Sunderland game and the Liverpool game, Wenger just confirmed that a while ago..I have said as much times without number on this site, if we lose a.player injury,add a month or 2 to whatever date Wenger says the player will be back….the whole thing is just farcical and time after time after time Wenger looks foolish and totally out of synch with his back room staff…..

  12. I like the decision to keep him out. We have been getting results, and Campbell has played decent. No point to rush him and risk another injury when we are coping well without him. Let him recover for important matches. Get him a game or 2 in the reserves for match fitness. Being him back in 2 weeks. A pulled hamstring typically takes 6-8 weeks anyways.

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