Is Alexis missing World Cup good or bad for Arsenal?

Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez will not be going to the World Cup next summer thanks to an eventful final day in qualification.

The group stages of the qualifying campaign came to an end in South America in the early hours of this morning, and Chile found themselves dumped out in excruciating circumstances.

La Roja started the day in third in the group, with four automatic qualifying spots, and a play-off for the fifth-placed team on the day, but found themselves plummet from third to sixth.

Brazil put Sanchez’s side to the sword with a 3-0 dominating win, and they were forced to rely on other results to save them any hope of making the tournament next summer.

Arsenal team-mate David Ospina has controversially been blamed for the result which cost Chile, with his touch resulting in a 1-1 draw which saw both Peru and Colombia leapfrog them into fourth and fifth respectively.

The weird part of the story is that had Ospina not touched the ball, and allowed it to hit the back of the net undiverted then the goal would not have stood. Peru were awarded an indirect free kick from outside the box, which Guerrero confusingly shot straight at goal, only to be parried into the net, which allowed it to stand.

It will be unlikely that Sanchez will blame his Colombian team-mate for his part in the goal, but the fact that he misses next summer’s World Cup could distract him from his football.

It is known that in a World Cup year that players will do their best to build up their form ahead of the competition, and our superstar Alexis will no longer have that target in mind, but does that mean he can concentrate on his playing days for us?

Sanchez is into the final 12 months of his contract, and is heavily expected to move on before next season, and the prospect of the World Cup next summer could have been enough to keep him concentrated on his football, but I fear his priority could turn to seeking out his new club instead.

Will Alexis continue to concentrate on his football or will last night’s drama have an adverse effect on his season?

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  1. Don’t think it will matter in any way as he is pretty much gone. All I can say is that karma is a bit ch. What comes around, goes around, Alexis.

  2. I won’t be surprised if some fans started blaming arsenal and her players for that .LOL 🙂 . What this tells us is game of football is like a biscuit nobody knows where it will crack. That is the best team in South American for the past two to three years and as we all know it won’t be in Russia next year. Shit happens in football.

  3. Sanchez is one of those people that needs constant goa’ls in their life’s now that he is no longer in the World Cup and Arsenal look like going backwards he would need some kind of a new fix and that fix will be him leaving us for a club with a chance at the CL trophy, he is wanted by every big club that has a chance of wining the CL

  4. Its A pity Wales, Holland, Chile, USA, won’t be in the World Cup. Means Alexis, Vidal, Bale, Van Dijk, Ramsey, Robben won’t be there. Also, Aubemeyang, Alaba, Pjanic, keita, Dzeko, Mahrez won’t be there either.

    Messi almost missed it.

    Feel especially bad for Ramsey. I really thought Wales would make it. I think Wales had a better chance of winning it then England. Wales has a World Class player in Bale. England doesn’t have any lol (In my opinion)

    England tends to do excellent (winning most matches, not convincingly but winning nonetheless) in Qualification but very poorly in Tournaments. Either not going past the group stage or losing in next round.

        1. Yes Simon, I wish we had “shot” them too, to stop them scoring against us and making their own clubs finish above us.

    1. Can never feel sorry for Ramsey. It’s just a case of the truth eventually coming out, just as it did with Chamberlain. Both of them, along with Walcott, average at best. Arsenal need a team full of class – not full of mediocrity. Pity Wenger can’t see it – he’s thinking of making Ramsey the captain for crying out loud! Just hope the transfer rumours about Walcott come to fruition.

  5. Let’s hope he doesn’t put on too much weight during his extended break otherwise his new club will not be too pleased their new bench warmer is tubby

  6. His head will get smaller maybe, he’ll focus on what he has now before he lose it all, when he come from warming bench at Barcelona to Arsenal and how he was treated and supported, it gave motivation and he became a better player and leader on the pitch for his national team even more so. He was glowing and that because his exposure, time on the pitch, training which help him developed to this stage. Point is when you have nothing, benched as he was before, you value what you have when coming to Arsenal, in life when you blessed that way and positive the way he used to be, you only get better and more…

    Again, this is a team game, his head blown and he is about money now which can be understood at this point of his career going on 29 wich is pretty much 30 even if CR7 makes statistic lies, stilll; he is not 23 or 25.

    But life shows that for past 6 months his attitude has been playing against us and his national team, who went from top south america slipping into not going to Russia. I’m just looking at these concrete elements; if he doesn’t wake up and realize he needs to focus and respect his teamates and club who brought him where he is at; then he will just go same route, fall off and go get bench by his master gardiola, flop there, make some cash and go to China majke some more…

    Okay we are not Barcelona; but we have a good team that plays together and if Barcelona doesn’t win that much past years, Messi never let his team down or have such a big head with all talent and title he won…So, he better watch it and focus in his current football which being of Russia can help as he has nothing else now, he can make it everything…We can win EPL, of course, just win each game as we do and the big teams as we do more past years. That’s why Gardiola wants him, like Vemaleen who was really good at some point; to make other team weak. Anyhow; he can turn this around by focusing and getting his spirit back and dedicated to the team, be more humble as he came here; or he will just keep going same way; falling off.

    Then it will be good for team who has him next year, he will get a summer rest and good pre season.

  7. What a pointless article , worrying – on an Arsenal site – about the future of what will be an Ex Arsenal player next season. All Gooners, not currently wearing straitjackets, already realise this fact, as many other comments correctly state too.

  8. That guy should be allowed to go to any club he wants to play for, it is Alex character display in Arsenal team that affect his country too.that is good for him bcos of disrespect for his manager and club as claimed by the punditsThe boy carry is bad luck to chile because of looking for laurel .It is only Asene Wenger can torrerate some of these overzealous players make use of them anytime on d pitch whether there are playing fine or not .Alex will not play for d next World Cup again because he is going to be 32yrs then and will not be useful at the period again.

  9. One of the goals was down to Sanchez losing the ball. IMO, this season has struggled to get to his best form.

  10. Who cares? WC is next year, and by that time Sanchez won’t be an Arsenal player anymore. Frankly, I’m glad him and Chile missed out on a chance to play in Russia next summer. Serves the little Le Sulk right.

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