Is Alexis really becoming an Arsenal outcast?

The Alexis Sanchez situation is becoming well documented in the media, with watchful eyes and cameras witnessing his every move, conversation and facial expression. Now how many sources there actually are ‘behind the scenes’ remains anybody’s guessing game, but one report from an ‘insider at the Emirates’ sheds a lot of light on the saga, if it’s deemed to be true.

The latest that we’ve heard is that Alexis Sanchez is frustrated at the lack of progression at Arsenal and has decided to leave the club in the summer. The Chilean has reportedly told a few other players in the squad of his intentions and as a result, this ‘insider’ reckons Alexis has become a bit of an outcast.

In an article by the Mirror (yes not the most reliable) an ‘insider’ has made a statement about the current situation regarding Alexis. The statement says: “Alexis is being moody and disruptive and it’s getting to the rest of the squad. The players are getting fed-up with it.”

“If it came to a straight choice between which side to choose, there is no doubt they would back the manager.”

It’s been well documented that there has been mighty unrest in the Arsenal squad recently, especially following the awful defeats and uncertainty surrounding Arsene Wenger’s future. But it wouldn’t be so unsurprising to consider that part of the reason for such poor performances, is a result of the mood in the squad.

It’s been reported that Laurent Koscielny has had words with Alexis about his mood and it’s understood that the Chilean is in real danger of letting the other players turn on him in a matter of opinion.

Not all the players surely have complete faith in Arsene Wenger to take this club above and beyond anymore. However whilst he’s still in charge for the rest of the season, they must have the will to play under him; otherwise nothing is going to change for this campaign.



  1. john0711 says:

    Of course he is the only winner so he does stick out
    Why can’t you muppets stop this, it’s all to take the heat off Wenger and your soaking it up
    Does the game with Lincon mean we are back on track laughable.

    This Sanchez saga will keep going on so wenger gets a new contract Sanchez is sold with minimal fuss and Groundhog Day continues

    1. muffdiver says:

      alexis is a winner
      so yes he will leave this summer

      he deserves to compete for the best
      we cannot provide that platform

      wish him well, true champion, wenger pulled off a massive blag to get him.
      just make sure its not uk club he goes to

  2. Break-on-through says:

    I can see both sides being in the wrong. The Arsenal players are too timid and don’t like fuss around the place, they aren’t used to teammates being totally disappointed with them and showing just how much so. On the other hand Alexis has channeled his anger in a spoiled or childish manner at times. Tantrum after tantrum over in Bayern yet how often was he in our side of the field where all the fires were being fought. Then the smirking on the bench with him trying to involve Gabriel who had none of it before then doing the same with Cech. He has shown that he plays for himself as his actions show little care for the club and players. I can see why both sides of this argument are upset with the other. And both have a right to be.

  3. Disturbance says:

    Alexis is a true winner and that automatically makes him an outcast in our squad of mediocre players. Sadly instead of building on a winning mentality, we’re going to get rid of it. #WengerOut!

  4. hecmanx says:

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Vlad says:

    Alexis behaves like a spoiled little brat recently… and an ungrateful one at that. I think he forgot who gave him a chance of a lifetime. He was a nobody at Barca, always in the shadow of other players. Now he’s the main guy, and I think it got to his head a little. Wenger, for all of his shortcomings, is still the boss, and it’s his job to have his guys in check. Sanchez is a great player, but at the end of the day he’s still just one individual, and football is a team sport. Arsenal is a club with a great tradition, and I hate to see its reputation tarnished by media like that because of Alexis’ unrest. I, for one, don’t appreciate all the sulking, smirking, laughing, and so on. It’s unprofessional to say the least. And it’s extremely disrespectful to the manager, his teammates, and fans as well. If he wants to leave, I would say Thank You for wonderful 3 years, and Good Luck in your future endeavors.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Normally I would be unhappy with any player with this kind of attitude, but Sanchez has my full backing on this. He, like many other top players (RVP, Cesc, Nasri, and even Henry), can see the club is going nowhere under Wenger, and he’s probably fed up playing with average/rubbish players every week.

    Sanchez may have caused a little unrest in the dressing room, but along with the protesting, isn’t this what we’ve been wanting for a long time? Players, and fans, basically saying to Wenger we’ve had enough! Everything is too cosy, and nice at Arsenal. Wenger doesn’t want the players feelings to ever get hurt so he never has any dominant characters, that speak their mind, in the dressing room. But this is what we need! We need a strong minded individual to let others know they’re not putting a shift in, and that the results are not acceptable, because Wenger isn’t doing it, even though that’s his job!

    Wenger allows for complacency to breed because he never punishes poor performances. He doesn’t give the players a rollicking, he doesn’t drop or even substitute a lot of players, and even goes as far as to give perennial under performers contract extensions! Even Mertesacker has been given a one-year extension!! In turn, the players never say anything because they’re happy with the arrangement. Big wages, and with no pressure to be successful, is a sweet deal! So Wenger keeps using these types players, or sheep, but as soon as a player (that has right to complain like Sanchez, because he’s carrying us almost every game) stands up and says this isn’t good enough, it’s he that is punished! A player who wins MOTM almost every game for us, gets punished, whilst players like Ozil, or better still, Ramsey, never get punished. Where is the logic behind that?

    Sanchez, just like the Wenger outs, only want to see Arsenal do better, and it’s him, and these type of fans that are getting the bad press. Ridiculous!

    1. bran99 says:

      Spot on mate.. we always witness better players leaving coz when they were signed, they were promised sweet stuffs to go with their arrival, just to play along side OG and Ramsey, play for fourth, always out of the CL in the round of 16, getting battered hard every now and then, and not winning a major trophy to accompany all that, really hurts

    2. hide_TR07 says:

      Totally agreed. Sanchez just wants to do better. I see that from how he plays. And that is what we, the fans want to see. To get better game by game. However, what we are forced to see is either the same old or worse.

    3. rd_gunner says:

      I wish i could see who are the people who have thumped you down and then ask them the reason for that. I absolutely agree 100% with you- dxample are people like Ramsey – i cannot think of any team in the top 4 who would have stuck with him for this long. Gibss …really? There are so many players out there who are better than Gibbs and i would have still bought it if these guys had shown any improvement ? They have been average all along- happy to collect the big wages and not get kicked for their mediocrity/ the biggest example is the news of how we have offered ozil 200k: when will we realize that ozil will never win us the PL- people like Sanchez. We should be selling Ozil and building a team around Sanchez but of course Monseur Wenger knows better!!!

  7. georgie b says:

    Need a laugh?

    A Roman centurion walks into a bar and asks for a martino. The barman says don’t you mean a martini? the centurion replies “If I wanted two I would have asked”.

    1. Admin says:

      A centurion walks into a bar. Sticks two fingers up at the barman. The geezer says – two beers sir? –
      The centurion replies – I said five!

      1. georgie b says:

        @ admin. Good one . Didn’t know there were centurion jokes.

  8. N4NICOLAS says:

    We all know he’s going and Wenger is staying although I wish he stays n Wenger goes but in Arsenal the worse things always happen, like when we continued to keep Diaby wen it was obvious he couldn’t kick d ball again or wen we kept Sanogo n loaned Campbell.. like between Campbell n Iwobi who’s a better winger? Wenger is do strange

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