Is Alexis really such a disrupting influence at Arsenal?

There are numerous rumours flying around at the moment about Alexis Sanchez’s attitude disrupting the Arsenal dressing room, with his fellow players sick to death of his selfish play and obvious wish to be away from the club. There have been some strange headlines lately like ‘Arsenal stars ‘sick’ of Alexis Sanchez and want him sold during January transfer window‘ and  “ALEXIS DESPERATE TO LEAVE ARSENAL IN JANUARY & WANTS MAN CITY MOVE>.

The last named (from Goal) has some serious allegations about Sanchez and says that when Man City were snubbed by Arsenal in the last minute of the summer window…: “The forward was so angry that he told friends at the time that he never wanted to play for Arsenal again. City quickly assured his agent, Fernando Felicevich, that they would make a fresh move in January, and it is believed a verbal agreement over personal terms has been reached in the intervening months.

And they think that relations have broken down so much that… “It is also understood that the Gunners are ready to cut their losses on the 29-year-old, as it has become clear to his coaches and team-mates that he has no desire to stay at the Emirates Stadium for much longer.

This is all very emotive language, and one always has to ask if there is no smoke without fire. But when you see Alexis’ performance against Palace you have to ask if it is all just bovine faeces and the media are just stirring up the Arsenal fans as usual. But could Sanchez really be hated by his team-mates and is simply playing to persuade City to buy him in January? Or is it just hogwash?



  1. Sean says:

    Straight up, he needs to go.

  2. gotanidea says:

    It was just rumors from the media. We would never know whether Ozil, Wilshere and Sanchez really asked for huge salary increase or pushing their way out.

    In my opinion, those three players are playing for their contract extensions, while showcasing their abilities to the other managers as well, in case Arsenal are not willing to give them a more lucrative contract extension (salary increase and length). I hope the issues can be settled and there would be new ammunition in January.

  3. Ackshay says:

    I hate alexis for what he has done last few months but the real problem here is that stupid manager. He is so scared that if the next manager does very well people will stop treating him like a God that he is destroying the club so that the next manager will most likely fail.

    You think i’m going too far just look that the contract situation, alexis is off so is ozil, wilshere still has no contract, Ramsey and welbeck have refused or haven’t got new contracts, cech is getting old ospina will leave next year, kos is wrecked by his achilles,per is retiring, holding and chambers progress has stalled.
    Wenger has destroyed coquelin by making him play box to box again and with xhaka being a bad buy we have no dm. Giroud is surely leaving Jan or next summer so no super sub. Even that rat walcott is jumping ship. Iwobi has gone backwards as wenger prefer sideways passing to mazy dribble.
    I pity the next manager and with wenger intentionally putting him in such a mess, if he succeeds fans will immediately forget the ‘ once a hero now a traitor ‘ wenger.

    1. Ackshay says:

      So in the next 2 years no good gk, no cb, no dm, no cm, no am, no good winger and no backup striker. Bravo to Mr wenger and his deluded fanclub, just go to hell all of you. I hope one day at the end of his life wenger write a autobiography where he accepts that purposefully destroyed arsenal so no good manager would want his place.

      1. Incarnate says:

        You really need to see a counsellor bro.

      2. AB says:

        Agree that wenger is screwing up the club.

    1. Vlad says:

      Wow. What an incredible insight. The least you can do is tell us why you think that.

  4. Gelz says:

    Any disruptiveness and disharmony is another cause of Wenger’s actions, Sanchez clearly has, had no intentions of signing a new deal with us and was expecting a move in the summer, so be it to city, his actions last year when things didn’t go his way was a good indication of how he would act when they didn’t go his way again. In hindsight we all no what should of happened but it didn’t and expect the usual dithering this transfer window with him probably being sold at the end of the window with no replacement.

  5. Innit says:

    Wenger screwed up Lemar this summer. He could have offloaded Alexis too. Also Mahrez wanted to come. We could have tried for Draxler.

    It always comes down to Wenger and his incompetence and stubborness. He needs to go innit

  6. GB says:

    Call me niaive (someone no doubt will?) but I find it difficult to believe if a player was so disruptive and hated why he would be allowed anywhere near the first team or the dressing room. Even playing as well as he has at times, he would have been banished to train with the kids or on his own and not picked again for the team. And regarding his outburst when the city transfer broke down at the last minute, would that not be everyone’s initial reaction? Having said that, it must be difficult to drop someone who scores goals and makes assists for the team.

    1. jon fox says:

      GB, But there are finely nuanced degrees of disruption, as we all know. Were Sanchez , daily, causing fights in the dressing room and training pitch, then YES he would have been ousted, even by the slow to act Wenger. Sanchez, right from the start of his Arsenal career, has played in a selfish style on the field and has lost possession, by far, more times than ANY other player. We all know that but his overall contribution in effort , sheer brilliance and goals, has outweighed this negative trait. Now that his effort is poor -with a very few exceptions like against Palace – the bad far outweighs the good. Like much in life, it is a balance and the manager is paid to make the right call. Even in this highly disappointing sesson, Sanchez has more goals than any, bar Lacazette and is fast catching him. You have to weigh that , though, against the damage to team morale, which I say is unacceptably high. Sanchez has made it quite clear that he is staying til the END of this season – as he is legally entitled to do – and will then join City on a free with a fat signing oin fee. The bottom line though is that Sanchez has a warriors attitude , which is not shared with many others in Arsenal in recent years and he is desperate to play in a side where that ambition is commonplace and where he can win important trophies,. We all know that is never going to happen to Arsenal, under Wenger and obviously, so does Sanchez, Like many on here I believe he should have been sold last summer while he was still worth a hefty price. But Wenger, again, called it wrong and now we are stuck until mid May with a player, who has however enough nous not to be disruptive enough to get him physically ejected from the club BUT who has enough self regard to down tools when it suits him and throw his toys out of the pram when he wants, which is often. I repeat, for EMPHASIS, Wenger got this wrong and we are all now paying the price of having a disrupted and embarrassingly run club. THESE ARE THE CALLS THE TRULY GREAT MANAGERS GET RIGHT, NEARLY EVERY TIME. The damage to our world wide reputation is incalculable.

    2. Vlad says:

      These are all speculations. Media just trying to sell some papers. Truth of a matter is that nobody really knows what happens behind closed doors. Even if there is some merit to the stories, maybe Sanchez had apologized later to the boss and the players. Things can be said in a heat of a moment but nothing that cannot be undone.

      1. jon fox says:

        Vlad, Sorry to disillusion you but the media are not the bad guys this time. We can all see the split in the camp, when several player stood far from him when he scored twice at Palace, while some others joined in celebrating with him. Perhaps you feel that the media influenced the players to behave this way then ? And as for Sanchez apologising to the boss and players, oh come on now! I believe you are guilty of that old phony trick of trying to make the theory fit the facts, when in fact they do not . Not even nearly ! I suggest you empty your mind of all theories and base your thoughts on what you personally see, with your own eyes. That is why they call eye witnesses, where possible , in court to get at the real truth. MERE BASELESS THEORIES DON’T EVER STAND UP.

  7. Gelz says:

    If you can’t see that someone who doesn’t want to play for us could cause disruption in a team then you have the blinkers on, yes he can score and assist but he also loses the ball more than anyone in this team, there are guys here who want to play for us but get little or no chance at all, if you look at the disruption it has put against fans with some wanting him to stay, others saying get rid, what kind of affect is that going to have with those that work with him.

  8. Mathew says:

    I believe Sanchez is distroying the team, am not carry away by his performance against palace, he is no longer playing for the team but for his selfisness,I think wenger have try to preventing him from joining river but if he is not ready to sign for us sell him and bring people that love the team and ready to make us happy

    1. Maks says:

      Wenger is kiling this club not Alexis. He had to buy Lemar with the second bid, sell Alexis and who ever refuses to sign a new contract, put Wilshere earlier in the team and bring back Fabregas (he wanted to come back)… last two on expense of Ramsey the english prince and Xaka xxxxxx (censored).
      Then we would be more decent team.
      And yes people, I really dont care about FA cup win (anymore)!
      I need Arsenal to performe every game like that, not one in ten, and I want to be confident before WestBroms game, and not preparing myself for everything can happen.

  9. Incarnate says:

    It’s a beautiful world out here, I sign a contract for x number of years, things don’t go as planned, I want to leave before the end of my contract but they won’t let me so I throw a fit, scared, they ask me to bring a pen, we both sign and I’m off. If only it worked like that in reality lol. For once we get to hold a player to his contract, we complain…of course he isn’t happy but who cares? Take back the hands of time, £24 m or hold RvP to his contract? We basically sold the title to Fergie for 24 million pounds.

    1. Maks says:

      For me, after that Wenger and Board are done! But who are we, fans to change anything, and it is normal we are not united cos there are lots of naive people in the world today (same in Arsenal fan base).

  10. Marty says:

    Wengers transfer dealing last summer were a bit bizarre, he got Kolisanac and Lacazzette early which was good but then couldn’t make his mind up about Lemar. If only he had offeres a realistic bid the first time he could have got Lemar early as well then sold Sanchez and recouped most of the outlay of Lemar and had the whole pre season to integrate those new signings. As it was, the uncertainty over Sanchez and Ozil has disrupted the team and Sanchez has definately not been the same player as in recent seasons . I’m surprised a man as intelligent as Wenger has allowed this to happen.

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