Is Alexis Sanchez giving his all for Arsenal?

Ian Wright has claimed that Alexis Sanchez IS playing as if there isn’t a huge cloud of doubt hanging over his future at Arsenal, but do you agree?

The Chilean is into the final year of his contract, and looks ever-likely to quit the club before next season, with him and the Gunners looking no nearer agreeing new terms than they have in the past two years.

Arsene Wenger has always stated that the situation wouldn’t hamper the performance of Sanchez, and former Arsenal striker Ian Wright believes the player is doing everything as if the saga was not happening.

“He always plays hard. At the moment, he still plays like he does and keeps giving the ball away when other people are in better positions,” Wright stated.

“There’s no change to him and he’s playing how he normally plays.

“It was a beautiful assist against Brighton and then I realised he’s still not signed a new deal.”

Alexis’ goalscoring and assists chart so far this season is definitely not agreeing with Wright’s comments, and I simply don’t view him as the deadly superstar who can go out and win games single-handedly like he has done in previous years.

The 28 year-old no doubt retains the ability, but for me he seriously has to get his act together, although hopefully that will come.

Maybe he just needs to return to form following his injury over the summer, but I’m not convinced that there isn’t a problem currently in the dressing room.

Chuba Akpom recently admitted that his team-mates have been jibing with Alexis following his failed move to Manchester City, and that could well be bringing underlying tension into the team ethic.

Is Alexis playing to his fullest? Is he still the first name on the teamsheet?

Pat J

Updated: October 4, 2017 — 6:02 pm


  1. Alexis doing fine.welbeck is injured now n i will take ‘not giving all’ alexis over walcot anyday

  2. Hes just unfit, when he has the ball he is pretty determine, aggresive, same old duracel battery just uncharged.

    Give him time. But I dont think hell ever replicate last 2 season form.

  3. Remember Resource?

    Simple question to all arsenal fans. If you were a professional football player. Of the talent of alexis, griezzman, kante, Lemar, etc: you get the point. Would you sign for arsenal or tottenham? Let us assume that the wages are the same being offered to you. You are an arsenal fan, but from a career perspective which club would you chose as of today? Or easier lets say your son is offered arsenal and tottenham under the same circumstances which club would you advise him to go to? Would you rather he learn from arsene or poch? We all know what ceac said after he left. He said he never knew football was such a tactical game lol

    1. You do not deserve a reply to your stupid question.

  4. Yess.. He is still trying to give as much as He can.. Remember when He got a yellow card for arguing with the ref after Kola’s tackle.. That moment when he misses He looks up.. With His shirt on His face.. N when Lacazette missed His shot at Stamford Bridge, the way He got pissed off.. These are the signs of commitment.. If not for long atleast till the last day He wears that Arsenal jersey, He will always give His 100%.. Its the media that only makes huge issue of the things that He did wrong.. (Smirking during Bayern and all those things) but the above moments were what I noticed.. So.. No matter where He ends up.. Till He is Our Player.. He’ll surely give His 100%.. #COYG….

  5. Sanchez I’m afraid is burnt out physically and mentally.He has suffered with the Chilean national team which is highly unlikely to qualify for the World Cup finals next year.At his age I doubt whether he will ever regain the explosive pace he had when running with the ball nor his finishing power.Arsene Wenger must surely be aware of these factors so why on earth did he not sell on a player who has become a disruptive influence at Arsenal.To turn down £50m for Sanches does not make sense in football and economic terms notwithstanding the interest in Lemar a deal which was never going to happen. The funds from the sale of Sanches should be invested in the acquisition of a quality centre back the area where Arsenal are really weak.

  6. hes doing fine. At this point he’s playing to push himself. It’s pretty much a given that he’s lost hope that Arsenal will win anything like EPL title. Can’t blame him. He still wants out but at least he’s professional.

  7. He’d be stupid not to. Ok it looks like Chile could miss out on the World Cup but he needs to both impress suitors looking to sign him with good form and also to not look like a sulk. Hopefully we have a good run and he signs for us or there is a chase for him in January and we get some money out of his transfer.

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