Liverpool will regret letting Alexis join Arsenal!

Arsenal famously made a 40 million plus 1 bid for Luis Suarez the year before he moved from Liverpool to Barcelona, which ultimately was the catalyst for us to buy Alexis Sanchez from the Spanish giants. According to Arsene Wenger, the Gunners got just as good a player in Sanchez as Barcelona got in Suarez, thanks to the desire that both of them have to win, win, win, at whatever the cost!

“Sanchez and Suarez are at the same level,” Wenger was quoted as saying. “Suarez is a central striker and Sanchez is more a wide player who likes to go up and down and is involved in dribbling, but they have similarities.

“Sanchez has that desire to go forward and provoke, he is a guy who provokes chaos in the defences because he has a go at them. He does not go across, he goes straight. His desire to go forward, to provoke opponents, to run at people, creates danger.

“And he plays to win in every single game. I have had players like that before, players who want to win so much, but he has the style as well.

“What Sanchez has is that, in the first two yards, he is lightning quick. He has that explosive attitude linked with his spirit and that makes him even more spectacular.”

“At the start, when I saw Suarez went to Barcelona, I thought that is the obvious deal, one going one way and the other, the other way,”

“So I had not much hope. But I met Sanchez’s agent in Brazil at the World Cup, I had a few meetings with them, and I could see [there was an interest in Arsenal].

“He is already better than he was when he arrived. In his final finishing there is room for improvement, in his final ball he is already much better, his vision is quite good and incisive.

“I was surprised that he came on the market.

Wenger was rightly criticized for playing a semi-fit Sanchez in our first game of the season, and the Chilean still looked a bit jaded against Crystal Palace, but hopefully he should be back up to speed for tomorrows game against Liverpool, who definitely suffered after losing Suarez. Hopefully Alexis can show them why they made a BIG mistake in not doing a swap deal…….

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    1. Forget Alexis for the time. Benzema is not playing tonight,he’s not even on the bench!! Is he injured?

      1. Yes Sean he is ‘injured’.:)))

        But really, even if he was injured (which he is not) he would be watching his team play wouldn’t he?

          1. But again benitez is using jesse upfront. It means he needs benzema for the cf role.surely he’s not counting on Jesse. Benzema is not in the squad cuz he’s need to get all excited

  1. Gonna be a great week on the transfer front for us regardless of the liverpool result. But it would be a major blow if we loose to liverpool. #BENZYFRENZY

      1. Once benzema signs all of you guys will eat some humble pie. #BENZYFRENZY Benzema is a gunner! If he is not a gunner by the end of window “all guns blazing(benzema done deal)” will leave And before leaving will make a public apology and and admit that i was wrong. All of this of course will not happen because benzema is already a gunner.

        1. Bruh you don’t have to leave as it isn’t that serious. No one here can force you off this site but the person that owns it. You’re input is as important as anyone else’s as I would assume we’re all gooners here. BUT!!! I believe you as I can’t see any reason why it doesn’t make sense. We’re all humans and if you’re wrong so be it, the real fans will continue to cheer on their team to the end…

        2. @all guns blazing…….you could as well have stated that you own another justarsenal account…….hence u feel relaxed dumping this one ….hope you eat ur own baked humble pie if u are wrong.

          @JAmerican……. I wouldn’t beg him to stay if i were u… Logic tells me he’d just make a quick switch to a new acct

    1. If this guy ends up becoming an AFC player, you are going to be Justarsenal hero. If not, I fear the worst.

        1. If so I’m reading Henry(France and Arsenal legend) and Özil(ex Real Madrid teammate) had a major role in that transfer.

      1. the boy would be no justarsenal hero………. To me, the real heroes would be Emanuele guillanelli,Jeinny lizarazo etc whom the gaffer have borrowed his claims from……..

      2. @seancali………Benzema ain’t on the bench, he might become a smokescreen or the Hijacked superstar

  2. I don’t think Liverpool will regret missing out on Sanchez partly because they are obviously not a top, top team yet…as having Sanchez would have been a miracle but with no player of his calibre to compliment his input.

  3. who told you they let him join us?? they would regret what?? Sanchez chose us over them, nobody’s regretting so stop making it look like they did us a favour

  4. Sanchez giroud ox has to be front three ozil behind coq and santi in b2b role bellerin Gabriel kos and Monreal … Should be enough but at least 2 players short of challenging for title ..

    1. what are we preserving gabriel for?……must be frustrating for him watching from the bench every week

  5. What article is this?You know why? because Liverpool have already regretted not being able to get him because see what he did for us last season.He would also have been perfect for them so no need for this.By the way where is our club going i want your opinion.Something funny i am seeing is peeps sayiing Arsenal is challenging Man City when even the team lacks the mentality of champs on the field.That is a shame.We better correct our mistakes by the end of the transfer window and humble ourselves instead of exalting yourself where you will be humbled.This should be another funny and interesting season if we fail to address our shortcomings.

  6. I am glad that Alexis’ performances last season has ensured that few people can argue against the fact that he is not far off the level of Suarez! So invariably we didn’t miss so much from the failed Suarez bid.

    It will be especially painful for Liverpool if he scores against them and we win the game tomorrow. Alexis Sanchez is the definition of dream-come-true for me, as I earnestly hoped that we signed him last summer, and we did!!!

    Up next – Edison Cavani!


    1. I have been calling for either kondogbia or wanayama since the beginning of the window. Wanayama would be a great player to have, he would provide healthy competition for lecoq

  7. For those in doubt how wenger does his deal..well he just put it forth- ‘waiting for an obvious deal where one player goes in and the another needs to go out’. For NOW there is absolutely no need for benzema to go. But again wenger is quoted to say something about a ‘gamble’. Maybe over bidding for benzema could get perez to consider. But I prefer CAVANI

  8. When the Alexis Sanchez rumours came up last summer, I remember saying in my heart that if ever Arsene Wenger had ambitions for Arsenal, no way he was going to pass up on Sanchez. Well the rest is history now. In Alexis Sanchez, we’ve got Arsenal’s best attacker since RVP departed from the Emirates.

    The coming of Ozil assured us of the fact we have not lost our big club status and that we still have a chance at returning to title-winning ways. But Alexis Sanchez? Alexis is a prime example of a player that comes along and changes almost entirely everything about the team.

    He indeed is a super player. SUPER ALEXIS F**KING SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Some folks really need to stop with the verbal abuse and put downs of our manager and players, it’s now getting really pathetic. When I first came to this site it was so positive and helpful now there’s a select few who are ruining it for others. As if their negativity will sway Wenger on anything, IT WON’T!!! We all would like to see movement in the window but there’s nothing we can do to change that.

    Now to the Liverpool match which should be our only concern as it stands now where those 3 points are vital. I just hope both players and fans alike don’t show up with the same mentality as we had against West Ham and embarrass ourselves 2 HOME games in a row…

  10. In the early stage of this season, you could almost tell that Sanchez intimidated most of the lads with his attitude and spirit. Some of the guys just simply had not seen a guy like him. He played like he himself is Mr Arsenal. And he kept that same spirit right up untill his spectacular cracker of a goal at Wembley.


  11. We are not signing any striker,benz is not in madrid squad because he is injured. An Arsenal saider said Arsene problem is he too setimental to his players-average player or wc,he refuse to sign schnerderlin bcos of arteta. Only a miracle will make us sign this season

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