Is Allegri a good candidate for the Arsenal job?

It’s common knowledge that this could well be Arsene Wenger’s last season as manager of Arsenal football club, with the Frenchman’s contract ending in the summer and uncertainty surrounding whether he’ll be offered a new deal. As a result the media has been linking various different Managers as potential replacements for Arsene Wenger, if Le Prof does leave in the summer.

The media has previously linked the Gunners with considering both Diego Simeone and Eddie Howe as potential replacements for Wenger, but we haven’t heard much since both were last connected with Arsenal. Germany boss Jochaim Low has also been linked with the Gunners and he is considered to be a favoured candidate for many fans. Today however, rumours have suggested that another candidate for the Arsenal job could be Massimiliano Allegri.

Allegri, who is the current manager of Seria A and European giant Juventus, may consider a move to the Premier League after so far spending his entire managerial career in Italy. The former midfielder has moved up the ranks of Italian football, having made his managerial debut back in 2003. His latest two jobs have been his most successful so far, having managed both AC Milan and Juventus and achieving major honours at both.

Allegri is considered to be one of the strongest current managers in the professional game, especially in terms of those linked with the Gunners job, but is he the right man for Arsenal? Some will argue that Allegri has inherited a very strong Juventus side and so much like Guardiola now at Man City, formerly of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Allegri may find the Premier League much harder than his time at both AC Milan and Juventus.

Another concern may be that he’s stated on previous occasions that he plans on retiring from management at 55 years old. The Italian is already 49 and with plans of also supposedly managing the Italian national team, it could mean that the Gunners would be approaching someone who may not have the right mentality and ambition to take the club forward just like Arsene Wenger has in his last 20 years of commitment. Someone like Eddie Howe would be more likely to offer the Gunners bosses something along these lines.

Allegri is of course a decorated manager in success and trophies, but personally I don’t feel he is the right candidate for the Arsenal job. He’s a world class name in European football, but I think an investment in the likes of Howe, Low or Simeone would be much more favourable for the Gunners.

Should Allegri be a candidate to replace Arsene Wenger at the end of the season?



  1. gotanidea says:

    I prefer Guardiola and Klopp, because I like their confidence, approaches and tactics. But because they are currently committed to other Premiere League teams, other proven manager like Allegri, Simeone and Low could replace Wenger in the future.

  2. Jansen says:

    For me the one manager that has impressed a lot with his tactical and motivational abilities is Simeone. Unlike Pep and Mourinho, who have always inherited a competitive squad and who join the best clubs, Simeone has dominated and excelled with fewer resources and an inferior squad compared to his direct competition (Barca and Real).

    At Arsenal he would face a similar situation, this club with Kroenke as owner will never compete financially with the top clubs for the top players, however, we do have a very healthy budget and he could convince players like Griezman to join us.

    ATM we have one of the best squads in the PL, Simeone could make them tick and do a Conte IMO.
    Of the top managers in the world he would be my first choice now that Klopp and Pep are already in the PL.

    1. AndersS says:

      Simeone certainly has proven himself, but I am not sure I would like him. His style of play is very boring, I think. But on the other hand he is a “big name”, and I think it is important that we have a big name to succeed to Wenger.

  3. Pablo Picaso says:

    Thomas Tuchel.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I’m not sure to be honest. I don’t think the competition in that league is as high as it was. Allot of big clubs have hit some rough times, Juve themselves looked like they were going to also, before Conte came along. Allergi’s first bit of success with Juve was basically with the exact team Conte built, and they already knew how to win, so it is hard to judge. Last season he added some of his own players, Dybala for one, and this season Juventus are looking a bit different to what Conte left behind. So I’m not sure how well to rate him, esp with Juve being the manu of that league but with no che or city’s, nor an Arsene. So it’s difficult. You must give some credit though because they say it is very hard to replace a great coach, the fans love Conte, so Allergi deserves credit for not letting them take foot off the gas.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    NO to Maximiliano………. YES to Diego

  6. Ramterta says:

    Because he actualy cares
    He will feel the pressure from the fans
    He is concerned about winning.
    He will fix the squad issues

  7. Wilshegz says:

    Nope; Klopp,Simeone

  8. RSH says:

    I’d be fine with Allegri. A lot of people want Simeone, and I rate him highly, but Arsenal board would have to be willing to spend a ton of cash to get the type of players he likes, because Arsenal are full of pushover players at the moment, and Simeone hates that.

  9. El Blaze says:

    I have said it here so many times than I can count that the best replacement for Wenger is Simone. He has all the traits our board and our team needs in a manager plus the traits our team lacks. He builds strong teams without breaking the bank, he will demand lower wages than what we waste on Wenger. Plus he has the ability to build that tough winning mindset which our team lacks. He is tactically sound and a charismatic leader who can psyche up our team and lead them to victory on big match days, something Wenger clearly lacks.

  10. marty53 says:

    I also think Simeone would be a good choice, perhaps we need somebody to come in and get us playing with a different style because we don’t look like winning the league playing as we are. Anyway most fans wouldn’t mind how we played as long as we won the league. I didn’t hear too many complaining about our style of play when we won the double in 1970-71 with our 1-0 to The Arsenal side !!

  11. ruelando says:

    I think at present arsenal has one of the best squad in a long time, with proper motivation this team can rip teams apart with ease, my question is how does wenger motivate his players. He has kept a core group of players of some quality together for a good while bringing in players from outside and youth level to build a very decent squad, but we need to see that hunger in wanting something from all players, which we only see in rare occasions from too few of the players. That is where i question wenger motivation capabilities.

    If i had to pick a manager it would be Simeone, although style is different, but each match is treated no less by his players, therefore to motivate his players to give the most of themselves for every game even if he loses i think this is one of the most important qualities of a manager

  12. citrenoogeht says:

    This comment is likely to be shot down in flames but here goes….what about Unai Emery? Rarely have I been so surprised and impressed by the style of an opponent team than I was when we played PSG at home and away. Unai Emery sets his team up to play dynamic attacking football in a way that is effective. I think that he would be the perfect fit at the Emirates.

  13. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Simeone for me. But I can’t see the Arsenal Board letting Mr Wenger go he makes to much money and is not a big spender. The Board are happy with 4th place, the odd cup and last 16 in the Champions League. It all about the dividend at the end of the day for the Arsenal Board.

    1. Admin says:

      The Board don’t get dividends they get a wage. …

  14. ross- says:

    Think Allegri would do a good job he certainly has one of the best defences in football at Juve, that side of his coaching wouldn’t go a miss, Eddie Howe is a good option but can he handle a giant club. Simeone would be an excellent option he is one of the most attractive mangers in football at the moment many players would want to invest their potential in him, he’d certainly not have any sh!t and would get us going again, Raplh Hassenhuttl looks to be an under the sun manger and wouldn’t mind seeing him make the switch but question whether he can do what he’s doing with Leipzig in the Bundesliga with Arsenal in the premier league is another matter. Unsure about Low, he seems to pick his nose too much, although he would get ozil going in the bigger matches. Still an opportunity for Dutch contingency, a lot of our backroom staff happen to be Dutch, would make great effort seeing Koeman or Van Bronkhorst come in, De Boer would be a good fit if he brought back our legend Sir Dennis.

    Seen some curious names being rumoured like Stojkovic and Kombouare, unsure what they can bring. Blanc’s name has done the rounds too. Some secondary option names like Montella, Sampaoli, Cocu, Assistant Bould and even our Academy head Jonker might be worth a risk. Found it hilarious that SkyBet have Redknapp, Neville and Pardew in the running at 100/1. Even our Sherwood got a mention haha.

    Personally, I think Hassenhuttl would be a good fit especially as Arsenal like to surprise people with their deranged recruitment policies, hey look at us we’ve found someone you know nothing about. Any of them would be a good fit, for me gambling on Simeone would be a great addition but unsure he’d come unless he really wanted to test himself in the premier league. I’d like to see Viera and Thierry come back into the picture, even a Dutch manager might fit. Ultimately, I really don’t care who we bring in, not many managers will bring evolve and achieve what Wenger has done, it’s going to be hard when he leaves but the most important thing is the club moves forward in the right direction!

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