Is Allegri set to be the new Arsenal manager? Rumours say Yes!

Rumours over Arsene Wenger’s future have been in full swing all season, with the boss dropping hints at the beginning of the campaign that this could well be his last year in charge of Arsenal. Wenger continues to divide the fans between whether we think he should stay or go, yet with less than a few months left to go, the fans still have no real indication as to whether Wenger will be leaving.

With there not being any certainties that Arsenal will have another manager other than Arsene Wenger come the start of next season, it’s allowed the media to go on a run of linking various managerial names with what could soon be a vacant position at Arsenal. The likes of Howe, Simeone and Low continue to creep up, yet one name that appears more than most, is Massimiliano Allegri.

Allegri is currently in charge of SERIE A giants Juventus and has led the Turin side towards success during his time at the Old Lady. Allegri has spent his managerial career in Italy so far and so rumours suggest that the Italian may now consider a move abroad, should the opportunity arise.

Arsenal remain actively interested in Allegri according to the media and today’s reports have some rather large breaking news if it is deemed true. According to a report in the Metro, Allegri has supposedly told his close friends that he has held talks with Arsenal and intends to replace Arsene Wenger when Le Prof’s stint at Arsenal ends.

According to the report the news has broken from Italy and it understands that after holding talks with Arsenal, Allegri has been identified as the priority candidate for the Gunners. I must admit I find it difficult to believe that Arsenal would strike a deal with Allegri already, given that Wenger has publicly announced that he will not make a decision until the end of the season. With the board unlikely to sack Wenger and a new contract still on the table, I’m not sure as to whether Arsenal would also make Allegri a formal offer.

Allegri is in his third season at Juventus and has had a more successful stint than Arsene Wenger in recent years. With experience at the top end of the Italian league and in the Champions League, Allegri could be a very good fit for Arsenal if the board consider making a move.



  1. jeff says:


    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      What? ?
      This site is buddies with Metro ? and its not as if the Metro were the first to come out with this story,either… Infact, they were as slow as Per and Giroud doing a three legged race against Walcott and Bellerin ?

  2. legend Henry says:

    The manager and not the players are to blame.
    Just consider the the performance of the players when playing for their countries.Especially Ramsey.
    We have been speaking about the same issues for years now with different players coming and going .
    We start the season brilliantly but crash in November, December and February for thirteen years now.
    Were all these current players around 13 years ago?
    One thing I’m very much aware is that when you favour some players(Ramsey,theo,iwobi,ozil,Giroud) at the expense of the better ones( Perez,welbeck,campbell),it automatically kills the confidence of the players.
    Do you think Sanchez,Kos,Bellerin, mustafi will be happy when they see the likes of Ramsey,Giroud,theo and even Sanogo starting ahead of Podolski,campbell, Perez , and even Welbeck?
    It surely will kill their confidence.
    And who is to blame when the same problem persists to this time and it getting worse?
    If the players are not performing,why don’t you change them?
    Who said we could not get top players who could add quality to our team?
    Who said our players were good enough to challenge for the trophy?
    If the manager says they are good enough to win a major trophy , and they are not doing that then the manager should be blamed because he has failed to win trophies with top players.

    1. Midkemma says:

      The players have a share in the blame as well.
      We seen at Chelsea that unhappy players do not perform their best and once they are happy they can turn things around.

      Sonogoals is out of contract and he was a gamble, if he had proven to be worthy then we would be hearing about how great Wenger is at spotting talent, like we have done with Bellerin. Managers are allowed a small gamble and Sonogoals looks like he has potential but he just doesn’t take things serious enough.

      Joel Campbell appears to upset/ get on the wrong side of many of his managers, just research what his loan managers have said about him. He has bags of potential but plays his way in games, not what the manager asks of him.

      Welbeck has been Welbroke. He couldn’t have played even if Wenger wanted him to.

      Perez could do with more game time, how is he settling though? He isn’t great at getting past players and as a winger… that’s part of the job. Maybe should stick to CF and who would want to drop Alexis for Perez?

      Not sure if you heard but Podolski left us, Iwobi stepped into the 1st team the season AFTER Podolski left and I think most of us fans agreed that as much as we liked to see him laughing with team mates… he didn’t offer as much as we needed on the pitch. Lacked in the def side a lot and not the best player running past players either, Alexis was without a question an upgrade on the left. Look at the dates!

      When Giroud has competition for CF then he performs better, he has said for years that he would like competition…

  3. Sam, need a striker says:

    Bring your banners this weekend … Wenger has to go …

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Lol? And that’s ‘why’ some of our fans are just as ‘delusional’ as our manager ?… It’s ground hog, all the wayyyy!

      That ?? didn’t work before for one reason or another and I very much doubt that things will be any different this time around.
      The fans either have their banners confiscated before entering the ground from the clubs security, or they bottle it once they are inside the ground, especially when they see the majority of the fans are still backing Wenger.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        This site likes it occasionally bets and Ladbroke’s are telling the Arsenal fans to put their Banners away… Wenger’s odds on to stay! That’s Nice and catchy ???

  4. Thelinguist says:

    Lolz..metro and lies

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s no secret that Wenger gives us as much useful information as NASA does ? And when you consider the side effect it had on Man City’s performance when it was made public that Pep would take over, you can understand why things are being left until nearer to the end of the season, not that i think it would make much of a difference with the way our lot are playing, but there you go.
    Personally, I think that the Allegri rumours does seem to have some bite behind it and he looks to be the most legitimate replacement, that’s IF Wenger chooses to leave, but at the same time when we see the planning that Wenger is still doing for next season ? it doesn’t seem as if he is going anywhere.
    Maybe the board are readying a back up plan just incase our season ends in a complete nightmare ( out of the top 4 and no trophy) And maybe then they will convince Wenger to do the honourable thing and step down without the need for sacking him?
    And then there’s the usual outcome that would keep Wenger’s job safe for another two years… Scrape into the top four and win the FA cup.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      wow ? Awaitng moderation because it had the words N.A.S.A and secret in it? ??? by the way, Planet X is real and there’s gonna be a whole load of shaking going on, too rock the nations ?
      Earthquakes, volcanoes and the strange colour sky’s, along with the messed up weather, there the stats to look at.?

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I think Bergkamp should get the vacant academy job. Surprised that Ljungberg is leaving, wonder what happened there.

    Not sure about this rumour, Allegri, to disagree.

  7. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger isn’t going anywhere, The board is Happy With him, Some of d fans are happy with Him even Other Club Fans, Managers and Pundits are Happy with Wenger cos with Him we don’t stand a chance of winning anything and that’s good… it’s like Recycling

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