Is Ancelotti Arsenal’s Plan B in case Arteta falls through?

Although everyone seems 90% sure that Mikel Arteta is set to be the new Arsenal manager, the negotiations are far from being completed just yet, and it seems that the Gunners have made sure that that they are not putting all their eggs in one basket and have prepared a Plan B in case something goes wrong.

It is being reported in Italy that Napoli have been trying to employ Carlo Ancelotti to manage them next season, but the extremely experienced manager Carlo Ancelotti has told them that he already has a pre-contract agreed with Arsenal and is waiting to see how the other contenders get on with their interviews before looking at other options. This is what the report in CalcioMercato said….

According to Raffaele Auriemma on Tuttosport, De Laurentiis contacted Ancelotti 15 days ago and. However, this remains a tough dream to realize for Napoli, although their president won’t stop trying until the opportunity is fully gone.

De Laurentiis became aware of the complicity of the deal during the last phone call with the manager, who made it clear of his position. Ancelotti has a pre-contract with Arsenal and is only waiting for Arsenal to snub all the other alternatives

If this report is anything to go by, then it shows that Gazidis and Co and showing due diligence by having alternatives in place in case their main targets do not decide to accept the offers from the Arsenal Board.

I bet this news will have lots of Arsenal fans hoping that Arteta turns us down! I wouldn’t mind the legendary Italian being in charge next season. Would you?

Darren N


  1. Nothing Changed says:

    I don’t want Arteta or Ancelotti. The one is too young and the other too old with nothing to prove.

    Jardim of Monaco or one of the hands full of younger German coaches would work for me.

    Allegri turned us down but would have been best overall.

  2. Arsene is Out says:

    Did you guys notice how quickly Tuchel was appointed at PSG? No rumors, no time wasting, just a quick appointment and an end to all speculation.
    We are badly run, there is just no two ways about it.

    1. gotanidea says:

      It means Arsenal is more popular than PSG

      Arteta rumors are just the media’s way to make Arsenal fans’ blood boil, which ultimately will generate more click-baits

      I believe Arsenal board are still thinking between Ancelotti, Enrique and Emery. I don’t like Ancelotti’s style, but Enrique or Emery are welcome

      1. Sango says:

        For the sake of club ” values’ and tradition at Arsenal I have long persived that the club was never going abroad to shop for a new manager. Established coaches like Ancelotti will come and tear down the club so as to build it to their beliefs and liking which wil be totaly.alien to us. (e.g. Look at what Mourinho is doing to Fergie’s ManU). We need to build going foward. If you have been following Arteta’s footballing career you can simply agree with me that he has been the wind beneath the resurgency of the likes of Ramsey. Personaly I give Arteta.#fromARStoART.

    2. Sue says:

      Exactly Arsene is out… no messing about. Who knows why it’s taking so long, maybe Arteta’s hair isn’t perfect in the photo shoot so has to keep re-doing it

    3. RSH says:

      that was done before wenger even resigned though.

  3. Nayr says:

    Arsenal bosses have held talks with the representatives of Nice midfielder Jean Michael Seri as they consider a formal move this summer, Sky Sports News understands.

    Sven mislintat !

    1. gotanidea says:

      Is Seri still good in this year? Did not hear about him till now

      If Arsenal get him, he would probably be the replacement of Wilshere or Ramsey. Now they need to get an agile winger with excellent skills

      1. Nayr says:

        gotanidea jean seri is really good.

        hardworking,runs alot,has a very good passing range,more defensive minded than any midfielder we have currently.

        but the unique thing about seri is that he can build attacks from deep.
        he has very impressive passing for a defensive minded player hence why barcelona almost signed him last summer.

        Seri is wilsheres replacement i think.

        wilshere not picked for england wc squad but delph picked.

        1. RSH says:

          do you know how good Seri has been this last season tho? I’ve heard good things about him last summer, but like Lemar, haven’t heard a peep about since. Great for our midfield if we get him. We could use some creativity. As you said tho, doesn’t look good for Jack if we get this guy. Guess he’s not signing a contract cause he’d be behind Ramsey and Seri now.

        2. Wilshere is rubbish but people never want to accept that.

          1. Efe iteire says:

            You are on point

  4. Nayr says:

    Arteta is the new arsenal manager.

    don’t torture yourselves anymore guys just accept it.

    the board has played us.

  5. Grandad says:

    Nonsence. Tuchel was linked to P SG 3 months ago.Give the Board some credit.Wenger has gone and a clear out on and off the pitch is taking place.

  6. Me says:

    Arsenal are not a big draw now for managers – the top managers want to manage the big clubs – not mid table teams who finish 37 points behind.
    Plus they have no money.
    Why would Allegri or even Arteta want to come to Arsenal?
    With the demolition job that Wenger has done on it it will take years to recover from that.
    And the toxic atmosphere when things go wrong?
    Arsenal are a club top managers would be wise to stay clear from…
    Its pretty much done and dusted…

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      There you go Admin.
      Told you it would happen and it has.
      Mid table?… 18divided by 2 = 9th not 6th. Using your maths, we could argue we finished in the top three. Stupid? I agree and so is saying mid table.

      Managers want to manage big clubs? Reality ckeck No.2
      Utd = 19 points behind City – Mourinho – won nothing Fa cup doesnt count
      spurs = 23 pointsbehind City – Poch – won nothing at all after 4 years
      Livpl =25 points behind City – Klopp – won nothing after three years
      Chlsea =30 points behind City- Conte – won nothing Fa cup doesnt count
      Are these your so called “top managers”?
      Just don’t compare Arsenal when talking about City, look at those above as well and, face it, this City team stand out on its own and not one of the managers above could compete with them
      They have failed just the same as Wenger has, it doesn’t matter how you try and spin it.
      By the way, I have put the FA cup doesn’t count, because those of you who blame wenger for his “demolition job” always insisted it didn’t equate to anything worth winning. Just watch the final and see if Utd / Chelsea feel the same!

      No money? well instead of blaming one man for everything start asking the owner and board where it is then? We were told that money was not a problem and we couldonly anyone but Messi and Ronaldo. Ask where the money from 20 consecutive CL appearances has gone? That is the biggest fraud/con ever inflicted on a clubs fanbase.

      So do you know the next manager, as it seems you know it’s not one of the under achievers from above?

      Toxic atmosphere? Yes it is and it has now become quite obvious that blaming one man was the biggest mistake our fan base has ever made.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Ken, although I have believed for some time that a change of manager was necessary, Arsene Wenger was used (and unfortunately allowed himself to be so) to deflect adverse attention from Kroenke and the board.
        The safety screen is now gone and the spotlight is now on Kroenke and the board; they have no where to hide.

  7. John0711 says:

    Just on SKY SPORTS
    new just in Viera has been contacted by the club in the last 24 hours

    However, Viera is said to be disappointed as the contact was only a “ token gesture “

    There you have it cheap underhand lying wan£ers
    And you want to support the club
    Until the charade that currently exists is gone my money will stay in my pocket

    We can get used to high prices and low entertainment

    1. Ken 1945 says:


      What a way to treat a legend and one of the Invincibles!!
      Patrick is a level headed guy and he must have reasons for saying what he has.
      Henry has also stated he has not been contacted, so who the hell are we looking at or is Arteta a done deal?
      If it is then just announce it.
      The ONLY reason I can see that they havent done this is because they are waiting to speak again to Allegri.
      I despair over this situation and just wish the club woud act!!
      Patrick and Dennis was my choice after Enrique’s ridiculous demands.

      Did you read the Arteta piece following Phils recommendation?
      I did and found this counter argument quite compelling in many ways.
      However, the comments afterwards were about the same as on here and that just goes to show how divided we still are as a fan base.
      That is after my man and your nemisis has departed…thought that was going to solve all our problems, but the mess seems to go even deeper!!

  8. Lexynal says:

    I have said it and written for such a long time….people dont seem to understand that there is a reason why you stick with a Manager for years……it is called synergy of ideas and policy. Even when you oart with the Manager…it doesnt in any way take policies away….dont we have issues with contract negotiations, limited transfer budget, protracted transfer negotiations. high ticket fees…if you think it is a manager that is responsible for all of that…Good luck! It is shocking how much energy some fans channeled only on Wenger without focusing on the most important aspect…..fingers crossed!

  9. John0711 says:

    Viera currenty a manager and legend – contacted token gesture
    Henry Legend – currently assistant manger- legend not contacted
    Arteta currently a coach for city and turned down coaching role at arsenal average player favourite for the job

    We are a joke

    1. Sue says:

      Arteta is far from an Arsenal Legend! You’re right John

      1. John0711 says:

        I also think Henry or Viera could tell any player you should be doing what ever and it would be believed and done.
        Yet Arteta saying stop passing side meats to Xhaka lol he made a living from it

        1. Sue says:

          I know nothing’s set in stone yet.. but I never thought Arteta would be in the running! A lot of people were saying be careful what you wish for, Christ at this rate we might as well have Arsene back!!!
          I wasn’t expecting to win everything next season, but to get back into the top 4 with a manager with plenty of experience to help us achieve that would do nicely! But Arteta…. ?
          It’s tough being a gooner sometimes!

  10. Enda says:

    I have no problem with arteta being the new manager but when you see the board going for a non established manager my fear is they will give him sweet FA money

  11. Okiror says:

    I will take Brenda over Arteta any day for Arsenal

  12. Ignasi says:

    Yo! Don’t fall for this!!

    There is absolutely NO WAY, that Arteta with 1 year coaching experience and 0 years managerial experience will coach/manage Arsenal FC.

    This appointment will be even more stupid than the Gerrad appointment at Rangers.

  13. Ignasi says:

    If Arteta does get appointed, he’ll be sacked by Xmas when Arsenal are bottom of the league with 0 points.

    The Arsenal board surely have a degree of knowledge, expertise and shared common sense about football management, right?? RIGHT!?

  14. Gelz says:

    There’s many an Arsenal legend like you say John, who our players would look up to and respect, Viera, Henry even Bergkamp, what did Arteta do apart from take there money in fines and buy Gazidis a watch.

    1. De-Ra says:

      Exactly! ?

  15. ArseOverTit says:

    So let me get this straight…

    a man with Lego hair who besides aiding Pep as a no.2 has no managing pedigree is 1st choice.

    Ancelotti a proven and serial winning manager with vast experience is a backup to mR Legohead.

    Allegri isn’t even on the scene because he won’t fit into our European style footballing structure when he is European. They have gone from letting Wenger decide all to taking away the responsibility of managers to manage and procure the required talent.

    It could only be at Arsenal..

    1. John0711 says:

      That’s the thing AOT he’s not the number 2 either has one of the coaches
      So most fans didn’t want Buvac yet he had years of experience with Klopp

      I really don’t understand this if or when we have a few bad games the fans will turn

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        It is a joke John and hard to believe (if we were’nt talking Arsenal Board/owner).

        But it is us, and the AFC board will probably do it based on:

        – he is a yes man and Malleable to the restrictions , financial and otherwise that the board and owner enforce. He will cost a lot less than Wenger and won’t have the will or way about him to demand the required transfer kitty to make us a force again. He will also fit into ‘the european’ structure it has somehow been decided as knee jerk reaction to wenger where he doesn’t have a complete (perhaps little) say on transfer matters. Allegri won’t stand for that or any other top manager worth their salt.

        – he will not be expected to deliver, but to ‘develop’ potential
        For years to come in the spirit of Arsenal where no money is spent to challenge but youth is nurtured. More ranches for Stan and he can diversify and expand his portfolio.

        They really could put this club back and yet again miss a huge opportunity to win on the field. But , I don’t think based on history , that that’s their modus operandi..

        1. John0711 says:

          Fully agree and I’m sure once the ?hits the fans we will see empty seats again. Such a sad state of affairs

          I would have preferred Henry or Viera if they were going down that route, they would have been given time. I think by xmas the murmurs of Arteta out will start

        2. Sue says:

          Arseovertit… ‘Lego hair’ love it ???

        3. Trudeau says:

          The “yes man” argument against Arteta makes no sense. Rightly or wrongly, Arsenal have put together a senior team who have established their business model. Whoever comes in to be the manager – effectively a head of operations – will have to buy into the model. Arteta is no more of a yes man than anyone else who could be brought in (just less experienced and therefore presumably cheaper)

      2. Arsene is Out says:

        Yes John0711 you’re so right. We didnt think Buvac, the man Klopp calls “the brain” with 17 years of experience was good enough, because he had never been the top guy but just Klopp’s assistant and now Arteta is good enough??????
        Where the f is the logic in that??

        1. John0711 says:

          It’s a ?moment I can only assume that if it goes t*ts up all the blame will be on Arteta rather than the board

          1. Tas says:

            Well at least we won’t have to have new banners made we can use the old ones AKB AOB ?

          2. Ken1945 says:


  16. stubill says:

    I don’t believe the Ancelotti story for a second.

    What manager, let alone one of his experience is going to sign a pre-contract agreement in the hope no one else is available, and if they are, drop Ancelotti like a hot potato.

    1. GB says:

      I agree stubill, it’s another bullshit story. I just hope the same goes for the Arteta story. BTW Jack is not in the England world cup squad.

      1. RSH says:

        I’d say leaving Jack out was an okay decision if England actually had an ounce of creativity in their midfield. Who will they look to on the bench I wonder. Still, I’m not surprised it happened since he hasn’t been very good.

        1. De-Ra says:

          Think Jonjo could put in some decent work in that English midfield. If they take him is a totally different issue

  17. RSH says:

    If it’s true about Vieira, that so disrespectful. He actually has experience unlike the favorite, Arteta, so it’s even more bizarre. If Patrick ends up becoming a top manager there’s now close to no chance he’d come in the future. Hope board hasn’t ruined their relationship w/ him.

  18. killamch89 says:

    Arteta or Ancelloti is not the manager ffs. Ivan Gazidis and the board are idiots at times but not that stupid – Firing Wenger for any of these two managerial candidates is a disaster waiting to happen. Ancelloti goes to ready-made squads – do we have a ready-made squad capable of competing for silverware?…I thought so and Mikel Arteta…Really? The media didn’t even know Wenger was going to retire – Are you telling me they would know who is getting appointed? Arsenal is more secretive than a secret society, not even us fans know what is going on. The media certainly and these “inside sources” know nothing about the managerial candidates not even Ornstein…I’ll listen to Ornstein when it relates to transfers but this is a different affair. Mikel Arteta is lazy journalism – that’s all it is. It could be Sarri for all we know…I’m just saying nobody knows so let us be patient and wait for the current competitions to end across Europe before we get a clearer picture of who is the manager. And before anybody gets on my case about suspended betting – Karim Benzema had suspended betting as well to join Arsenal and I can’t recall him turning out for us. Did Karim get injured? XD

    1. Yunqmuan says:

      So on point man. See how the media has shifted from Enrique to Buvac to Allegri now Arteta

  19. Barren says:

    Viera should feel that way! Shows clearly the board have no idea what they doing…might as well go for big sam mates

    1. stubill says:

      Seeing as how Vieira pretty much ruled himself out of the job a week or so ago, it sounds like he’s being a bit precious about it. Maybe arsenal made a tentative enquiry following his statement, and he’s taken it the wrong way, if that’s the case he’s not the man I thought he was.

  20. HP says:

    Don’t feel Arteta or Ancelotti, probably need a sharp look at Emery or Jardim, when the board realizes we need to spend 200m to be competitive , they can have any old chump.Gazidis might need a crisp backhand right quick.

  21. Durand says:

    I believe Viera and his comments about a token phonecall. This is typical Arsenal operating procedure; whether from owner, CEO, or manager.

    Owner says they plan to go for titles; Bulls#$t!
    Even considering an inexperienced manager shows titles aren’t the goal.

    It appears everything was smokescreen from very beginning. Throw out big names with resumes, and say to fans, “hey we tried our best.” With no intention of offering managerial job to another powerful successful leader.

    The way Viera has been treated in this process is revolting, disgusting, and makes me sick.

    Here’s what winds me up:

    Talk about continuing “values and traditions” of our club, yet only offer token phonecall to a legend, an invincible, and probably most knowledgeable of “Arsenal Way” of all the candidates. He’s the easy choice based on what’s been said.

    Arteta 5 years at Arsenal; 2 years he was average at best ( top class sideways and back passer). The rest was injured, or worst DM in Arsenal’s history. His time at Arsenal being gassed up like he captained the invincibles.

    Speaking of, Viera captained that team of invincible worriors, Arteta captained a far far weaker squad with pansies and shrinking violets.

    If Arteta is appointed new manager it will be based on Kronke’s Arsenal “values and traditions”

    Cheapness, thriftness, deception and without leaders.

    Not surprised Viera got token phonecall; Viera won’t take Ivan’s $hit, won’t be a puppet for anyone.

    Shame shame shame for treatment of Viera. As for Arteta as new manager, trust is earned not given.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      You are so right about Patrick and the board.
      We are really seeing the truth regarding who the cowboys really are within the club.
      I wonder what Wenger is making of it all?
      We really did fall for it line sink and hooker!

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  22. Ngaaa says:

    Goal revealed that Arteta oversaw the game that City defeated Arsenal after 3 consecutive defeats. My opinion is that Arteta was sent to city ti master some techniques from pep. Moreover you don’t always need to have a good track record to be successful or be a legend. If Arteta got the job let’s wish him the best and give bim the opportunity. I also think that Wenger deliberately left the team out of top 4 so as top reduce pressure on the coming manager to grab that spot. So I also think that Wenger knows who’s coming.

    1. RSH says:

      wenger would never purposely lose games.

  23. jon fox says:

    Arteta OR Ancellotti is rather like choosing between a putrid bag of rotting fish or a fresh, lovely Italian pasta. “Which would we fans choose? ” In the words of a certain ex-tennis player, “You cannot be serious !”

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