Is Ancelotti joining Real Madrid good news for Arsenal?

Does Ancelotti Rate Odegaard? By Dan

Our best hopes of keeping Odegaard were if Zidane stayed at Madrid, given that was the manager who left the Norwegian out in the cold in Spain and sent him out on loan.

So the Frenchman’s open letter revealing he was leaving the Bernabeau is a blow to those who want Odegaard in London next season.

Before injury, the midfielder was finding form and it might be enough to convince a new Real manager to give the 22-year-old a chance in an ageing midfield?

The winger says it hasn’t been ‘ideal’ the amount of moves he’s had and now seeks ‘stability’.

Therefore Carlo Ancelotti taking charge of Real for the second time might not be good news for the player, but selfishly it could be for gooners.

I believe the player’s first choice is to get an opportunity for the side he signed for as a teenager, but just wants to be told if that’s ever going to happen.

Ancelotti was head coach when Odegaard was brought at the age of just 16 with the Italian calling it a ‘pr stunt’ and ‘not my choice.’

Odegaard’s biggest supporter happens to be the Madrid President.

It’s believed one of the reason Perez’s relationship with Zidane soured was the refusal to transition some of the younger talent into his squad.

The 61-year-old Ancelotti is long enough in the tooth to not be bothered about politics.

He’s not going to let his employer pick his team for the sake of a job. Yet he also is street smart enough to pick his battles, so if it makes those in power happy to use Odegaard as a resource then he will do it.

If though, the Italian makes it clear he doesn’t rate the player, then Odegaard becomes an asset to Real at a time when they need to make some money.

Without match day and European revenue, the gunners have to be cautious with any spending.

In a sense Odegaard is too big to be small but too small to be big. After 6 years he’s been deemed not good enough to start at the Bernabeau, but good enough to make some money off.

He’s talented enough for Arteta to want to keep him for another year, but surely not for the 30 million being quoted?

The player has indicated his time in North London was fruitful so another loan would suit both parties, just not his parent club. While it would get money off the wage bill, Real would obviously prefer a transfer fee.

It might come down to each club calling the other’s bluff. Real could quote Arsenal their valuation and tell us to take it or leave it. While we could declare only an interest in the second loan, confident no club in a Pandemic are going to meet that asking price.

That might need help from the player to force through a move.

Would he make it clear North London is the only destination he would consider or in reality would he be open to a move to a La Liga side where his reputation is high?

Have our chances of getting Odegaard back increased?

Do you want them to increase?

How much would you pay for the player?

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  1. Joe. S says:

    Ancelotti is a sucker for punishment. I would have thought he might have learned his lesson after his first stint there where he got canned despite winning a title because the fans weren’t happy with his playing style. I guess he saw Everton as a lost cause and not having the ambition a top flight manager would aspire to. Very much a club like Arsenal really.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think Ancelotti could change his mind about Odegaard, because Odegaard is the only senior left-footed CAM there. Ancelotti also failed badly at Everton, so we’ll miss an inconsistent competitor and his replacement could manage Everton better than him

    If we can’t sign Odegaard, there are other senior left-footed CAMs available. Such as Lucas Paqueta, Thomas Lemar, Charles De Ketelaere, Kang-in Lee, Antonin Barak and Ludovic Blas

    Besides, we’ve got Cottrell and Patino waiting for their turns

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      “Ancelotti also failed badly at Everton, so we’ll miss an inconsistent competitor and his replacement could manage Everton better than him”

      I wonder how many will say same about Arteta if he leave us. I think Spurs fans will be the sorriest.

      1. Sue says:

        And do the double over us again next season!!

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          For the past few years they have better results than us. Taking into account their results are not that impressive we really have to get out of this hole we have digged ourselves in.

          They should give him a derby target.

          1. Sue says:

            Sorry, you quoted gai saying CA’s replacement managing Everton better… so I had to mention them doing the double over us!!

        2. Highbury Hero says:

          I thought you were talking about Spurs doing the double!! I am embarrassed 🥺. There are a lot of doubles nowadays it’s hard to keep count.

      2. ThirdManJW says:

        They wont say the same, because Ancelotti inherited a much easier situation, and has a massive amount of experience. So he was a big failure at Everton.

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          Even Everton went for experience and a big name manager.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            So did we HH. We had Wenger’s experience which failed for 14 years straight in the league, 9 years without a trophy etc, and then we went with experience again with Emery, which also didn’t work. Maybe that’s why they went with a rookie with potential this time round?

            Certainly the experienced didn’t, and hasn’t worked for a long time for us.

        2. Logic says:

          ThirdManJW, I don’t get it either you are for failure or against failure? Because you commented that staying in Europe without trophy was a failure and you don’t want the team to participate in a competition just for the sake of it but when it comes to Arteta your stance changes, so you dislike Wenger for staying in Europe but not winning anything but you want Arteta to stay and back him when you know we won’t the league under him. So going by your same logic why bother to play in EPL when we can not win it and just for the sake of it, we should drop down to championship atleast we have chance if winning the league there.

          1. ThirdManJW says:


            Actually no, my stance is exactly the same with MA, I just think it’s been too early to make a call on his future, and whether or not he can win the league or in Europe, especially given the complete mess he inherited. I don’t think one main transfer window, and no pre season ever as a manager, is being fair enough on MA. Some wanted him out less than half season into his first full season, which is not only ridiculous, but proves how little knowledge some of our fans have on managers, and time needed.

            Wenger had way too many opportunities, and I finally gave up on him around 2013. Anyone with half a brain cell knew we would never win the league again or ever in Europe about 8 years before he was sacked. I really liked Emery, who was not backed, but he had to go much sooner than MA purely because he’d lost the dressing room.

            MA hasn’t lost the dressing room yet, and despite a poor season overall, we’ve been on an upwards trajectory for around the final 70/75% of the season. I would like to see if MA is finally starting to find himself as a manager, and I cannot wait to see what he can do with his first ever pre season. Also, for the first time since his arrival, the squad will finally start looking like a MA squad, what with even more outgoings this summer.

      3. gotanidea says:

        Arteta got a trophy after eight months. Whereas Ancelotti got nothing after two seasons, despite having many expensive players at his disposal

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          No gai I am not going to talk about trophies when comparing Ance and Arte. That will be ridiculous and mocking Arteta.

          1. SueP says:

            Overall Ancelotti has had a tremendous career but his time at Everton wasn’t a period to remember fondly if you support Everton

    2. Loose Cannon says:

      Carlo Ancelotti, right footed former midfielder will have no problems with a fellow left footed midfielder as one will be the player and he the manager. And what if Barca pick Mikel? And we do not want another lost cause in Lemar at AFC, we have n of problems, would not like to add another n+1 problem

  3. Chuks says:

    Still not sold on the idea of buying Odegaard. He’s too similar to Ozil and not built for Epl

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      But he actually works really hard off the ball, and was actually one of our best players at aggressively pressing, whereas Ozil barely broke into a jog! Don’t see any similarities with Ozil.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        👍 Apart from his eye for a pass.

  4. Dan kit says:

    To me he’s been another disaster loan ,paying money for a player who couldn’t even tie Ozils boot laces but we get rid of Ozil while still paying his wages and loan in a player who was no better ,more stupid nonsense form Arteta and Edu ,I think we should leave loan players well alone in the future after seeing Ceballos Suarez and Odegaard more recently signed and especially as we have our own players who could do no worse .

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      They really should copy everything from Chelsea on how to run a club. There is nothing wrong about it. Before someone say about Chelsea having more spending power, read again and refelct Dan Kit comment above.

    2. siamois says:

      Dan i don’t think the loan system is a bad one if you have look around the different leagues & countries there’s been a lot of good ones the problem has been our inability to get the right players in i also have the feeling that you might be disappointed l expect us to start the season with 2/3 players from loans!

    3. ozziegunner says:

      Dan, and Mezut Ozil is setting the game alight for Fenerbahce? It will be interesting to see what happens to his career, when the Arsenal subsidy for his wages stops.

      1. Dan kit says:

        Emery ruined his career Ozzie then played the victim card

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Dan what a load of bollocks. Check his stat’s for each season at Arsenal; his performances had progressively dipped before Emery arrived.

    4. ThirdManJW says:

      Odegaard was actually a very decent signing, which is the general consensus amongst Arsenal fans, yet you claim he was a disaster. So from what you said, you believe he was just as bad, or even worse than Willian, or say a Kallstrom.

      For everyone else, that clearly proves how little you know judging a player’s performance/ability.

  5. Atangana says:

    Procrastination as usual isn’t going to help Arsenal. It’s time to rebuild the team and there isn’t much time to wait on a decsion on Odegard which isn’t going to happen overnight.
    Why don’t they go ahead as if Odegard wasn’t there? Must they wait on a decision on a player of another team to make their additions?

  6. JanV says:

    I am happy we didn’t go for Ancelotti when he was available and I hope Ancelotti wants to keep Odegaard.

    Odegaard doesn’t do it for me. Take his best 2 games away and he has a lukewarm season for us. Take Saka or ESR best 2 games away and you still have plenty of solid performances.

  7. Andrew Elder says:

    Let’s put this into perspective. Chelsea recently dominated both Atletico and RM in the UCL and finished 4th in our EPL and we want to re-loan or buy a player (Odergaard) who can’t make RM’s first team squad? Where does that set us in terms of ambition? Personally he lacks the pace and stature required for the EPL. Ceballos was a perfect example.

  8. ozziegunner says:

    All depends on the asking price.

  9. RSH says:

    hopefully he takes Odegaard. Dont want him back at Arsenal. and very much shows how poorly run we are that we are even trying to get him to come back. Meanwhile spurs hire Conte while we STILL have clown Arteta as the manager. More pain ahead.

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      So true RSH…once again we’re on the outside looking in during another important managerial shakeup…just think of all the managers, with championship pedigree, we’ve lost out on simply because we don’t have a fully engaged owner making decisions in the best interest of the club as a whole

      whether in the case of Wenger, where he was allowed to roam the touchline for far too long, thus missing out on Pep and the even more likely Wenger replacement, Klopp, or the totally mishandled succession plan, which resulted in the 11th hour appointment of Emery, who, albeit an accomplished manager, made no sense, as his preferred footballing philosophy didn’t jive with our roster at that time; not to mention, the administrative upheaval that accompanied this transition, or that when the Emery appointment predictably failed, they proceeded to hand the reigns over to a completely inexperienced individual, who was given the managerial mantle on the heels of a incredibly fortuitous FA victory, then immediately showed why his hiring and subsequent promotion were both ill-advised…now, following a failed retool, the club and our manager are revisiting the same narrative they so callously binned just months earlier, when Arteta signed Willian and regularly selected a more veteran-laden lineup.

      meanwhile, our closest rivals, when it comes to the more realistic final two Champions League positions, are getting their respective houses firmly in order with the hiring of managers the likes of Tuchel and now possibly Conte, whereas we’re giving someone who has done little but disappoint, another kick at the can without the requisite justification for just such a decision…two forward, four back continues to be the moto of this dysfunctional organization

      btw, NO to another Ode loan and NO again to investing considerable sums on this player…won’t stick his foot in and doesn’t score enough to justify this purchase…if we had gobs of money, I might think differently, from a depth perspective, but we simply can’t afford to make another short-sighted big money investment that appears to be little more than a roll of the dice luxury buy

  10. ArseOverTit says:

    Odegard is a tidy player but he hasn’t set the world alight. Yes he can occasionally thread a pass but I’m sure most of his passes are sideways or backwards..

    He has been loaned for a reason you know..and AFC is perfect for that. Smith Rowe offers far more for me.

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