Is Angelo Stiller interest proof of Arsenal’s new transfer strategy?

Angelo Stiller, the Next Guendouzi?

Arsenal have recently been linked with the the nineteen-year-old Angelo Stiller of Bayern Munich.

You know the drill by now. A promising, recently promoted starlet from apparently nowhere to absolute superstardom at the Emirates. Er, maybe not absolute superstardom but you get the idea.

Angelo Stiller is like Guendouzi in that they are similar as regards to function and positioning.

Stiller is ambidextrous, though, and more of a direct offensive threat than Guendouzi even from deep. Reports say he is Bayern’s best academy graduate after Joshua Zirkee. With the recent success of youngsters in our squad, it won’t be a stretch if Stiller comes in and blows up his transfer value.

With Guendouzi and Martinelli already establishing the blueprint for these kinds of transfers, maybe we can be very excited about another top-tier talent coming to the Emirates.

If anything at all, this rumour shows that the acquisition of our Brazilian and French prodigies were the results of a deliberate transfer strategy designed to land us top-drawer talents before others do. It is a fantastic strategy and one that has worked very well so far.

Kudos to the boardroom then, they have got at least one thing right…

Watch a video of Angelo Stiller’s best bits here….

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