Is Arsenal being an English club part of the joke?

One Joke Is As Good As Two Jokes “A LESSON WE HAVE YET TO LEARN.” by Snowden

Arsenal Football Club is a Premier League soccer club in North London. It is owned by, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE). The club is on tour and will play Florentine of Italy at the Bank of America Stadium Charlotte NC on Saturday 20th. On Tuesday 23rd they will play Real Madrid at the FedEx field MD.

Their present manager is Unai Emery who was born in a small Spanish town close to the French border of South West France. In both countries the Basque Language is spoken. This coming season sees the start of Unai Emery’s second season at the club. His predecessor was Arsène Wenger.

Arsène Wenger was manager for the previous 22 years. During this time the club were champions three times and FA Cup winners 7 times. Hidden in those numbers is this: They twice won the League and Cup in the same season. The other winning title they won without losing a game. They played 38 games. The team is known as the ‘Invincibles’.
He brought to the club a style of entertaining football that Arsenal became famous for in the world of soccer. He is the man behind their new 60 000 all seater stadium.

As if that wasn’t enough, he revolutionised football training and match preparation in England. Where he led, the rest somewhat begrudgingly followed. He is of course famed for many quotes and observations of life, one of them is this:

He fielded a team in which there wasn’t one British player in it. The English media went paranoid over this.

He remained calm and said: ‘When I chose the players for the game, I look for the players that play the best football. I don’t look at their passports.’


Written by me as an American and published in my Face Book page. (I am not an American, but I have Americans on my page who are convinced I am an American. So, I go with the flow. I told them a joke about how an English woman had the last word on two American men. They loved it; did they love it. They lost sight of the fact that it was the English that silenced the Americans. The English won the day.

Here is the joke.
This is how I titled the joke:

Women are always right and know best.

Two rich Americans were checking into a hotel in London England. The receptionist said ‘Sir, I will get the porter to take your luggage up in the lift.’

Rich American said: ‘Excuse me ma’am but I think you mean elevator.’

Receptionist in a quiet but determined voice said: ‘Sir this is England we call them ‘lifts’.

Rich American, a little angered by her reply said: ‘I will have you know mam that we invented them and they are called elevators.

Without moving so much as an eye lash, and in a quiet but positive voice the Receptionist replied: ‘Sir we English invented the language’.


The American women said that it proved they knew better than me (a fellow American in their thinking… Happy moments can be had on FaceBook!

Hence the Snowden expression: ‘A LESSON WE HAVE YET TO LEARN.


  1. Phil says:

    What’s American for “What the F**k was that all about”?

    1. stubill says:

      It’s obvious Phil, a village is missing an ***** somewhere!

      1. Andrea Whitehouse says:

        A thing of beauty!! Thank you.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Wenger started to incorporate English players into his squad, probably because he knows the best foreign talents should be completed with the local passion. Unfortunately his experiment failed

    I hope the promotions of Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Willock and Nketiah are not just a part of Arsenal’s advertising campaign to attract the local fans

    We need the drive and the passion of the local players. Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Tottenham benefited a lot by having more English players in their squad, so Arsenal should do that as well

    1. Phil says:

      This is a totally flawed response.If the players coming through had the talent then Wenger would have played them.The fact that he was (mostly) proven right is answered by the fact that no young player from the youth teams have actually gone on to do anything else with top level clubs as their careers progressed.If they were good enough they would have been given the opportunities
      Serge Gnarnby will always haunt Wenger,What was he thinking sending him on loan to WBA managed by Tony Pulis?As if that was ever going to work

      1. Mobella says:

        Phil, the reason we lost Gnabry wasn’t Westbrom but Tony Pulis. Wenger must have been enchanted to sanctioned that deal. Tony hates our club why Wenger thought he would do our club any help was beyond me.

        1. Phil says:

          But who sanctioned the loan move?Wenger did.What was he thinking?The boy had just come back from a year out injured.He needed regular game time so a loan for a season was the best all round.But to West Brom?Managed by Pullis?The architect of every anti-Arsenal action whenever we played them?That was utter madness.Pullis didn’t play him because he said he want ready.Two seasons later he starts every games as a first choice for Bayern Munich.That shows what that idiot knows about football.There were plenty of clubs that would have brought Gnarnby on.But Wenger signed of on a Pullis Club.Its one of many glaring blunders Wenger made in his later years and one that has cost us an exceptionally talented player

          1. Th14 says:

            So Phil you say that AW only played the players with talent from the academy, you mean players like Iwobi.. ?

            Too much talent that AW said he was ready for first team football without needing to go out on loan and boy was he right . ??

            Today the lad has become a mainstay in The Arsenal team. Statistically the most creative player in the team last season.

            He got it right with Iwobi so give him some credit… At the time , the young Gnarby even though was impressive but he didn’t take his chances. Nobody can fault AW there.

          2. RSH says:

            Iwobi is not good enough to start for Arsenal. I’m one of the ones who will defend him from the constant hate, but no way do I think he is first XI quality. Fine squad player, but if want to reach our goals, Iwobi will need to improve immensely.

      2. McLovin says:

        Most of the clubs have “ones that got away”. I think our biggest is Gnabry. Lets hope Bennacer won’t be another one..

        United – Pogba, Zaha, Pique
        Pool – Suso
        Chelsea – De Bruyne, Salah..
        City – Sturridge

        1. Jo Gunz says:

          We can’t hope that for Bennacer. He must shine.
          We rather would have to learn from that mistake.

        2. Lisa says:

          Gnarby hasn’t done anything spectacular so to say.. I won’t call him a miss. If Bayern gets sane or Odoi, he could be spending a lot of time sitting on the beach next season.

          1. RSH says:

            He would walk onto our team. And even if we wanted to sell him, we would’ve gotten way more than just 5mill we let him go for. Definitely a miss.

          2. Sue says:

            He only got Bayern’s POTS ?

    2. GunneRay says:

      Wenger already had an English core.. Adam’s, Keown, Dixon, Parlour,Seaman etc.. it was the French flare that complimented Arsenal and it worked.. Tbh and fair to Wenger, he tried to keep an English core but it failed. Ox, Walcott, Jeffers and many many more were just not able to cut it..

  3. Phil says:

    TH-14 Wenger made a huge mistake with Gnarby.He also felt Iwobi deserved s chance.The following seasons proved Wenger wrong.
    And so typical of you to bring Iwobi into a debate when totally uncalled for.But I accept that is you all over and nothing will stop you supporting the player and for that you have my full respect.Have you brought your Brentford shirt yet?

    1. Th14 says:

      Not ever happening pal.

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