Is Arsenal boss opening himself for criticism with goalkeeper decision?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will stick with David Ospina in goal for tomorrow’s crucial Champions League trip to Germany to take on Bayern Munich.

The Colombian has spent the season as back-up to Number One Petr Cech, but had an agreement in place with the French boss that he would play in each of the European outings, and so far he has.

Ospina has impressed in both ties with Paris Saint-Germain in the group stages, but conceded six goals in total in his six outings, and it wouldn’t have been a huge shock if Wenger had opted to snub him in favour of Cech.

Petr will have fond memories of the Allianz Arena, having lifted the Champions League trophy there back in 2012 after a hard fought battle with tomorrow’s opponents. He is unlikely to get the chance to relive that feeling of playing this week though.

Ospina’s inclusion could open Wenger up to further criticisms however, having been scrutinised in recent weeks after consecutive losses in the Premier League, and now taking the decision to play what has to be described as a weakened side.

Should the Colombian make some key mistakes, the Frenchman will certainly slack a large amount of the anger, and that would not change despite the fact that many Gunners fans have taken to Social Media in recent weeks to slam the Czech goalkeeper.

Does Ospina deserve to be starting tomorrow? Does he deserve a run of league outings also? Has Cech become comfortable as first-choice?

Pat J

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  1. Horrible managing if he would drop Ospina for Cech, who hasn’t exactly been rock solid this season.

  2. Pat J.
    Save for any cogent reason, Le Prof will not change Ospina for Cech to keep the goal for Arsenal against Bayern Munich tomorrow. Let’s not forget that is this same Ospina being underrated in some quarters is the very keeper that have kept the goal for Arsenal successfully this season in 6 Ucl group stage matches without losing a single match in the 6 matches he has kept the goal for us. Rather to be skeptical of his goalkeeping qualities, I think we should keep our faith with Ospina and pray for him to succee. He’ll perform credibly for Arsenal against Bayern Munich tomorrow. So, no cause to worry or panic on that front.

  3. It’s not even in question. It’ll be utterly damaging for Ospina if he gets dropped for Cech. Ospina is an excellent international goalkeeper. This is not an 18 year old inexperienced goalkeeper we’re talking about.

    Nevertheless, I would still want to see Cech play some CL football as well. Ospina could play the away tie and Cech the home game. Let’s keep both happy.

  4. It is wenger who has chosen our goalkeepers, so if they are not good enough Mr wenger should be held accountable.

  5. If anything, it’s a win-win situation for Wenger, because no one can complain if Ospina has a bad game, as Cech has been poor this season, and needs to be dropped anyway. My only issue is that if Cech is dropped against Bayern, it has nothing to do with his form…which is a shame. Ospina could give a world class performance, yet he’ll be automatically benched the next game.

    The whole situation of one keeper for the league, and one for Europe is farcical though. Ospina barely plays for months, then is expected to put in a top class performance against Bayern! I just hope that the fans, and media alike, are not too critical if he does have an off day, because his lack of game time will be a huge factor.

    1. @3rdManJW
      Ter Stegen was Barca’s Cup Keeper for many a season. Didn’t seem to do his performances any harm…

      1. That is true, but their ten outfield players are so strong, that the keeper change isn’t noticed that much. Similar situation with Real Madrid when they’ve done it as well. Under Wenger we’re all the over the place defensively, so it’s more of an issue for us.

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