Is Arsenal boss REALLY thinking of starting Giroud?

I think it is safe to say that the Arsenal and France international centre forward Olivier Giroud has had better months. Ever since the game against Crystal Palace when Giroud scored that stunning volley, he has looked out of sorts and the fans of France and Arsenal have had no compunction about telling him what they think.

Whether it was that or something else getting to him, like someone having swapped his studs for wobbly springs, on Wednesday night in Zagreb, it was clear that his confidence is shot and his form has deserted him. So every man and his dog who knows anything about Arsenal and football was convinced that it would be Theo Walcott starting as the centre forward for Arsenal when we take on Chelsea this weekend.

Well not necessarily, according to the words of Wenger in an report. The boss claimed that he had not yet made up his mind about whether to play the Frenchman or the Englishman through the middle at Stamford Bridge.

He said, “At the moment I must say that is a decision I still have to make tomorrow morning. I try to use the best solution that gives us the most efficiency offensively.

“Every game is different and that is why I don’t deny at all the quality of Walcott. I am very happy that he scored so many goals in so many starts. He shows as well that when he comes on, he can score as well, which he did in Zagreb.”

Is this Wenger just trying to keep his rival Jose Mourinho guessing or is he really still thinking about it? With the heavy rotations we have seen this week, Giroud starting against Dinamo told me that Walcott would be starting the Chelsea game, but then the injuries picked up by Pedro and Willian, two key attacking players, could have Wenger thinking that Chelsea might bring out that famous old bus. And that might make the game more suited to Giroud.

What do you think Gooners?

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    1. Not a good idea. Like seriously, instead of using Giroud upfront, if Arsene won’t play Theo there, he should use Ramsey and play Ox and Sanchez on either sides.

      But tomorrow it should be Theo upfront, Sanchez on the left and Ramsey or Ox (preferably Ox) on the right. Bellerin comes in.

      1. Of course in not a good idea (not for me anyway) because it means you have to drop Ozil. Just saying Wenger is full of surprises.

        1. Somehow Ozil seems Jaded, but I won’t drop him. I’d rather drop Ox, play Ramsey (don’t like him on the flanks).

  1. GIRUDE must start.

    start to find his mojo back.

    it’s not good for your confindence if your coq can not score anymore.

    1. I dont even want to know what people here will make of Giroud or Wenger or Arteta or Wilshere if we lose at the bridge tomorrow. Leave Giroud on the bench, he is good coming from there and he may even score.

    1. wait, i already said that before.

      me, mr.wagner-bean won’t quit arsenal till i won UCL trophy! maybe wait till ten years more.

      how dare you?

  2. like u said, i also think wenger is trying to give that mouthy man a headache in choosing his strategy. but am expecting the famous truck in their line-up tomorrow which will not be good for us with theo since Olivier seems not ready. But we are going to trash that truck anyway, comon lads we can do it!

  3. wenger hold you head in shame all that cash and not a big name in sight, looks like the carpet right man lord snooty of peckenham was spot on with saying there was well over £200 million in the cash reserves, we have posted some very impressive figures but not big name impressive transfers(aside from cech of course), wenger needs to leave the next summer without a shadow of a doubt not spending on a big name is gross negligence in this job of managing a football club of our size,. if the resources are there. no more lies wenger you had better get spending or get going somethings got to change one way or the other.

    1. well me job is still excellent by saving that 200 mills quid, and kroenke’s coq is still happy.

      see if me not penny pinching, you would not see our great emirates stadium, wouldn’t you?

    1. Hold on son, take it easy.

      no need to be pissed off.

      ya need to calm down, support our team tomorrow against chelshit.

      if so, maybe i can tell girude to give you special autograph and coq selfie you both together after the game shower.

  4. He should start Theo because he is in a better form and so as to reduce the pressure on Giroud. We have to win this game as there is no better time to beat chelsea and then send them to the bottom three, also to rub it in mourinho’s face. COYG!

  5. Giroud usually does well off the bench, so maybe it’s a good idea to start with Theo. But it’s an even better idea to keep Mourinho second guessing which striker is going to turn up against them. Good play Wenger.

  6. This is not even a debate to me, they (Chelsea) have been in favourable positions in the past (esp. last season) ahead of us on the table but not this time, no way will they settle for a point with Man. city so way ahead and 6 points behind us already. Theo for me without a doubt, this is just Wenger not wanting to reveal his cards just yet.

    Anyone noticed Stoke’s backline against us (would be fair to point out though, it was towards the end of the game) immediately shifted forward once Theo was subbed off for Giroud. There’s a reason why we created so many chances against Stoke, “Theo,” though he was not ruthless enough to put more than one away, Giroud is no better at that either. Since we ended up without signing any striker, I say give Theo a run of games at that role and he would do better than Giroud has done for three years now as our first choice. I only get excited when there’s a set piece for Giroud.

    1. OK, me wagner-bean will think it over of your good idea.

      true, walcott needs a run of games, otherwise he will not reach his potential as a striker that he so craved for.

      BTW, is there anything else maybe,

      is your coq still hard in the morning?

  7. englands best xi
    hart jenkinson chambers stones gibbs delph wilshere chamberlain barkley walcott welbeck.
    with this they will win the world cup for sure

  8. First thing is Rambo I would bench him. I would play the OX right flank TW the left MO free role and set it up to counter them so play to get the point instead of losing the game

  9. Attention all onliners,

    my prediction tomorrow, girude will start…..from the bench.

    and if he scored with his coq,

    you all will be invited to take a mass coq selfie together after game shower.

  10. Cech
    Bellerin Gab Myself Monreal
    Coq Santi
    Rambo ozil Alexis

    This starting 11 has the potential to upset chelsea. Chelsea will be up for this game no doubt. Giroud to come on as an impact sub. Ox on to run at tired legs late on depending on the game circumstances.

  11. They SHOULD start playing and attacking BUT with Mou one never knows, I hate him but he is no fool. And he likes the póker games.
    The real factor is that whateever plan we have, if its not working change it fast enough because they wil not park the bus all the game.
    I think…

  12. Play Walcott, Sanchez and Campbell as the front three. Sit back (we are playing away) and play Chelsea at their own game. Attack with speed on the counter and punish them hard. COYG

  13. with our qualities in midfield, striker look indecent… in football, rarely to score 4 goals in a match. ozil alone created more than 5 goal chances.

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