Is Arsenal boss right to risk Ospina against Olympiacos?

We will have to wait for the Arsenal team sheet to be handed in at the Emirates stadium tonight to know for sure, but it looks very likely that Arsene Wenger will hand a start to his number two keeper David Ospina in the Champions League clash with Olympiacos.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Frenchman has dropped a big hint that he will replace Cech with the Colombian international. Wenger says he will select his keeper on a game to game basis, but after apparently promising Ospina regular games in order to keep him at the club this summer, the paper claims that tonight will be one of those games.

The Arsenal boss said, “I need to give Ospina games. He is a top-level goalkeeper but that doesn’t mean that he will play tomorrow. The decision of who plays will go game by game.”

Wenger also went with Ospina in Zagreb and while he was not to blame for the defeat or either goal, the game against Olympiacos is now a must win and the much greater Champions League experience could be important. Having said that, our number two is a very good keeper and it should be the Greek goal that is under heavy pressure tonight. If Wenger did make a promise, I can see why this game would be one for Ospina, with back to back games against Bayern Munich next up and Cech likely to start them.

What do you think Gooners, is Wenger right to give Ospina a start tonight?

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  1. According to Wenger every F…. out there is a top player. But when it comes to buy, he claims there is no top player to buy from.

    Griezman happens then, or Martial. Wenger, biggest fraud in the football world.

    1. Leaving alone the fact that you talk utter rubbish, what does this have to do with the fact that Ospina will probably play tonight?

      1. Why does the fraud speak about the goaly when our main concerne should us not having a backup dm and poor strikers?

        1. Because he’s not like you. He was asked about Ospina and he’s answers that question instead of dm backup and poor strikers. Not sure who’s the greater fraud but I am fairly certain that would be you. Fraud of a supporter.

          1. I admit. I am guilty of not being an overaged fatman who is into wenger a lot. They do ask him why he failed to get Martiel, Kondogbia or Krychowiak aswell, but you tend to forget that. I support this club but i do question Wengers decisicion making which are not right. Fraud.

            1. I don’t even know who Martiel is. With Kongdogbia we dodged a huge bullet. Guess how many games he played so far this season? Guess how many will he play? And why buy Krychowiack when you have 6 players perfectly capable of play on that position?
              But again, what does this have to do with Ospina?

              1. Anthony Martial. The 19 year old kid who is better already then every player who plays up front at Arsenal. Name these 6 players who can compete with Krychowiack abilities then.

                1. Ramsey,Coquelin,Flamini,Arteta,Cazorla and Wilshere when fit. But hey, we can also add Chambers to the mix so there you have it.

                  1. If you would put Gunnersaurus in the list maybe then i would have taken you a little bit more serious. Shame that he had to survive extinction to see modern monkeys like you speak such bs.

                    Only Coquelin can compete with Krychowiack. Others are far far away of being perfect capables solutions for the dm role. Get real for once.

            2. Martial (with an A not an E) is an unknown quantity to most of the EPL, new player to learn how to deal with.

              Martial may of scored 4 out of 5 but that is only 5 games.
              Arshavin scored 6 in 12 games in his 1st season…

              Lets have a look at other stats?
              Chances created per 90 mins? Theo beats Martial.
              Key Passes per 90 mins? Theo beats Martial.
              Shot accuracy? Theo beats Martial.
              Pass completion? Theo beats Martial.

              Kondogbia has only made 1 appearance for Inter so far out of 6? Kinda curious to why he hasn’t played more if he was so good… He would of been a nice back up for Coquelin but Kondogbia himself said that Manchini convinced him personally. Not every player wants to play for Arsenal and we can’t win them all.

              Krychowiak is a ‘good average’ player, he is strong in the tackle and good at winning the ball back, he isn’t a player who can put his foot on the ball and pick out passes like Coquelin can… Coquelin making nearly twice as many passes this season and having a better pass % by 7% shows that we need a holding CM who can play possesion football better than Krychowiak can.

              Have you actually watched any of those players? Kondogbia would of been nice BUT he didn’t want us so GET OVER IT!

              Support Arsenal FC!
              Support the players we do have!

      2. Well, Budd, it may have nothing to do with the article but it’s still football related. When you talk about Arsene, you talk about Arsenal, you talk about football.

        By the way, how’s playing Ospina a risk? Cech is good but so is Ospina. In fact, I think Ospina has better reflex in comparison to Cech. Ospina is a great guy, the problem with him last season and why people failed to see his worth is becuz we did not spend £45m on him.

        1. Ospinas abilites should not even been questioned bec he hasnt done anything to speak against him. I love Cech, but he was not needed at the club. And thats what matters. What matters is. Why is Ramsey playing on the wings. Why dont we have a proper striker, and why dont we have second Dm at the club.

          1. You watch the game but you don’t understand. Ramsey plays on the wing because Walcott does not want to play there. I have said it in summer and say it again: Walcott is the main reason we have not made an outrageous bid for players like Lewandowski (my all time favorite) or even Cavani & Benzema. I hope this bet will pay off this season.
            So, there you have it. Ramsey plays there because we don’t have a right winger capable of defending and cover the full back. We tried Ox and the result is not really convincing, we good in front but really bad in defense.
            I am not even going to comment about Cech because that would mean to come down to your level of understanding and I have no time for that. Just enjoy the football, alright?

            1. Ramesey is not even playing on the wings. He simple starts there, and then he moves away from it. Our weakest link is the right side. Just when did Arsenal became a kebab-market where players can demand what they want and what not? Do we even have a manager at all, our just a complete clown ?

              Fergi would have kicked out Walcott for demanding 140k and the
              security to play as a striker. He would have told him to shut it, play on the wings or leave the club. Then he would make a move to get a quality striker in. For example a striker from a rival team. Cough, cough, lol

              Count the days, bec soon you will find your self rooting for other teams in the cl, if you understand what i mean with that.

              1. Theo has been asking for a DECADE to play as a CF, he has not ruled out playing anywhere along the front 3 but he would like to be given a chance to prove himself upfront.

                When is that giving into demands? Wenger demanded Theo to play on the wing so he can learn more about football and Theo done as he was told.

                Now he wants to be given an oppertunity in the CF role he has so called fans moaning at him…

                1. He is the best striker we currenly have, but nowhere good enough to be our main striker. Doesnt mean that i dont like the idea of having him around. I think Arsenal should have bought a new striker ( excuse of him being the reason for not getting a new striker is bs) and move Theo on the wings. Inside the box is useless, outside of it, very very good.

                  Ramsey on the wings is my problem, not Theo.

    2. Ospina for me against olympiacos……….. We know exactly the games Cech should feature in!…….. Ospina needs game time under his belt……… I won’t hesitate to play him ……he may not be on the same level as Cech but he’s rated and valued!

    3. Ks-Anti-Gunner you and rkw are probably the least intelligent commenters on here…
      some guys here say that one can support the team without supporting the manager and yeah i can agree with them even if i almost always agree with arsene and budd jt1 etc.
      but i get the impression that you hate more than half of the team plus the manager.. i think the only one i remember u said something nice about was wilshere… yeah of course u can still support arsenal but i dont understand why u do that :/ because i think it must be reeeeaaaallly hard for u… like an endotherm reaction… you get more hate and anger (negativity) from supporting arsenal than getting happiness (positivity) 😛

      1. Its hart to be posetive mate, when all what arsenal nowdays is know for is breaking negative records. Yes i am the stupid for not acting like i was stupid. Do i have a problem with failuare? Yes. Should i accept failuare? No. bye bye smilyface

      2. Hate is a big word. Disslike.

        Giroud, Wenger, Mertesacker and Ramsey at times. Ohh, man, i such a piece of trach for dissliking them. haha

  2. What do you mean “risk” ? How is fielding Ospina tonight be a risk? I see a risk if we would field Wilshere or Welbeck tonight but Ospina? You must really be bored.

    1. I think it’s a valid question. Cech is our no.1 GK and a loss tonight could spell disaster ..which top players would join us if we cant get out of first group. Not that Ospina is bad far from that as I’m delighted we finally have strength in this area. It’s more about Ospina maybe rustier than usual as with all players waiting in wings. This is an important game and we should not underestimate, playing Cech is playing the safest bet.

  3. Ospina for me should start , he cannot be blamed for the loss against Zagreb and he cannot be judged off one game , remember when we lost 2-0 against west ham & cech had a disaster ? He got another chance to prove his worth so Oooooospiiiiiina should prove his worth tonight #COYG

  4. I’m comfortable with both our goalkeepers, either one would do as long as we have a balanced defense and proper DM cover in front of him.

    Ospina needs games, but I’m sure Cech would love some CL play time too and more time to jell into the team. Interesting choice for Wenger.

    1. We do have the potential, can the players ‘unlock’ that potential along with Wenger to win the CL?

      I bet the managers was all acting like dumb parrots repeating “delusional Wenger” when he said we could go unbeaten… oops it happened.

      Several teams have the potential to win the UCL.

  5. To me is nt a matter of risking,bt is a fact,ospina must start today,considering his last year performance david is a great player with so many potentials.I really appreciate hs effort.

  6. Can’t believe this article,so Ospina is now a risk? What facts do you have to show for that. This is ridiculous,how would he get better,if he doesn’t play? Remember he’s his country’s no 1.

  7. Risk? you definetly wouldnt have used the same word this time last year. And thats not because Ospina was merely our best option, but because he is actually good. Risk is too harsh

  8. Most arsenal fan are exactly like their manager…deluded

    I just read someone question why we needed to buy Krychowiak…they claim we have 6 players perfectly capable of playing in this position…6?!! Here I am with only one name in mind and this ass says 6!!!!

    Flamini,Arteta,Ramsey, Chambers…at what point have any of these been capable of giving perfect cover to the back 4?!!! These last two games we have been stretched, our midfield looks empty and we are chasing the game every time on defence…at no point do we look compact and in control.

    This was the most INSANE!!! statement I’ve ever heard…we needed Krychowiak…Wenger F??d up by not getting him

    Secondly Wenger seems to claim that every player in his squad is world class but somehow always claims there aren’t any world class players around…meaning arsenal is the only team with world class players…yet no epl or ucl…

  9. Hindsight…
    Ospina was a risk and shouldn’t have played.
    Ospina needs to get some regular gametime, maybe next year it’ll be his turn to be loaned out while Szcz plays backup?

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