Is Arsenal boss right to trust in Walcott´s goals?

I am sure that the debate will be raging just as much as ever among Arsenal fans about the merits of our England international star Theo Walcott and whether or not he can provide the Gunners with a good enough option for the centre forward position. Arsene Wenger´s comments after the game reported on the Arsenal website suggested that the boss still has great belief that he can.

Wenger said, “He scored a great goal because you needed technical quality to score and timing in the finish. It is good Giroud came on scored as well.

“He has chances. He can be a prolific goalscorer. When you come out of the game and look at the amount of chances he scored. The bigger the belief he has to score the more he will score. But he gets in good situations.”

During the Premier League win over Stoke City on Saturday, Walcott came up with more ammunition for both sides of the argument. He missed a couple of very good chances and sometimes seemed to lack the killer instincts of a natural goalscorer, but the one he did take was brilliant and one that not many other strikers would have scored.

His critics will say that a top class striker should always put away chances like the rebound from Alexis´ header and his own header from a pinpoint cross. I agree, to be fair, but I also think that he would usually be taking those and with a run of games, he will.

It is clear that our two strikers are very different and it appears that Wenger intends to rotate them and use them depending on the opposition and the situation during the game. With very little time between games for the next month, Arsenal do need both centre forwards to fire, but are they enough and will Theo provide sufficient competition and cover for Giroud?

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Walcott is not good enough as a striker to led our attack…..

    We should have gotten Benteke…hes world class

    1. josh37 says:

      Hey Hafiz! What do you think of that Martial guy as well?? I’m super curious and I have no idea what your opinion of him is as I haven’t seen it posted nearly enough!!

      1. Anthony Martial says:

        Anthony Martial?!

        #WhataWaste of 36 millions for an #OverhypedFlop!!!

        1. Anthony Martial says:

          Anyways, we shall see at the end. The season’s still got a long way to go.

        2. SoOpa AeoN says:

          can’t believe martial is talking bad bout himself!……….. Do u think urself that ugly when u look in the mirror?

          1. skidrow95 says:

            yeah, you should be thinks twice to put you name, or maybe you;re just a fun guy clown. but i like people with humor.

    2. Robertthegooner says:

      Giroud has scored more goals than Benteke

      1. Robertthegooner says:

        We should have signed Benzema, Cavani, Lewandowski, Higuain, Aubmeyang, Reus or Greizmann.

        1. Budd says:

          I think Messi was also available for 200 million.

          1. skidrow95 says:

            my goodness budd, have you ever asked by yourself to messi, if he wants to come to arsenal?

    3. Colin says:

      I think Walcott can score us a lot of goals in a season, but I agree he is not a striker like Giroud as he doesn’t hold the ball. Personally. I think we have pretty much got the team together for the season. Wenger just has to start thinkingfar more deeply about playing the oopponent, rotating his players, making sure he doesn’t over play them and allowing some a chance to prove themselves. If he puts them on the bench and doesn’t trust them then he is a bad manager.

  2. RSH says:

    Idk, Walcott still doesn’t convince me. Still nice to have a Giroud alternative, but both of them are just frustrating to watch some games. We all know that our strikers inability to be clinical is going to come back to hurt us very soon. The Stoke game should’ve been an absolute blowout.

    1. josh37 says:

      We seem to have such double standards with our players. It’s a mark of Sanchez’ quality that he keeps finding himself in scoring positions, as his form last season is used as the benchmark, but Theo and Giroud don’t get that same level of faith.
      If they keep playing with this conversion rate it’s obviously a massive problem, Sanchez included. But none of them are showing the scoring touch we’ve seen previously. The great thing, is that despite the horrible misses we’ve seen, none of their heads have dropped and they’ve all kept working at a high rate. Form will come, as will the goals.

      1. Harshil says:

        Thats actually the best attribute of Theo, even after missing so many chances he was not giving up

  3. josh37 says:

    Theo, Sanchez and Giroud’s movement has been superb so far. Much rather see them missing chances than not getting those chances in the first place. They’re all microwaves. If we keep creating the way we have one of them will heat up soon enough!!
    Every single one of those three is capable of devastating form.. Only a matter of time.

    1. Anthony Martial says:

      I totally agree with you on this point. Especially for Walcott.. I think this season, the spot-light is cast on him to perform excellently well, and he is capable of doing that!

      Only a matter of time for Giroud.

  4. Anthony Martial says:

    You don’t bump up the contract of one of your most senior attackers, while giving him some assurance of game-time in his favored CF position and yet go look to buy Cavani or Benzema… it doesn’t really work like that at Arsenal.

    Clearly, Walcott was a major reason Arsenal did not buy a single outfielder (a CF atleast) this past window. It is inevitable that Arsene Wenger must put his trust on him (misplaced or not) to perform excellently well.

    1. Colin says:

      I’d also like to think Wenger will give Campbell a run of a few games to prove himself. He held the line for Costa Rica pretty well in the World Cup if I remember correctly, and he is still only 23 years old.

  5. ozildatrequartista says:

    I’l bet theo outscores benteke n martial this season. Matter of fact i bet giroud outscores them as well.

  6. damochy says:

    Can we just let the topic go already,not as if we have any other choice now so why beat it to death, or is going on and on a about it going to materialise a new striker out of nowhere? Whether he can or not we are stuck with him and Giroud so just shut up already and get behind the 2 of them ffs!!!!!

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