Is Arsenal boss to blame for Lacazette injury?

Arsenal take on Manchester United this weekend, but will have to do so without club record signing Alexandre Lacazette. The Gunners beat Huddersfield on Wednesday night by a huge 5-0 scoreline, with Lacazette grabbing the opening goal. The striker didn’t return to the playing field for the second-half however, and has now been revealed to be suffering with a hamstring injury.

We predicted that the goalscorer would be rested for today’s match, with Arsene Wenger seemingly worried about his fitness as he predominantly refuses to allow the star to play a full game, but he fielded a full strength line-up, despite having played on Sunday, and with a huge game against Manchester United coming up this Saturday also.

Arsene Wenger will now be ruing his decision, as he is now facing the daunting prospect of possibly missing a busy Christmas period without key striker Lacazette, while he is already expected to miss a crucial tie with United.

“He’s definitely out for [Manchester United] this weekend,” said Wenger.

“It looked like a groin injury. He could be out for a while.”

Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck will now fight for the chance to lead the line against Jose Mourinho’s side this weekend, as we look to try and close to within one point of second place in the division by beating our rivals.

Hopefully Laca will be able to return in time for our crunch match with Liverpool on December 22…

Will Wenger feel disgusted with his decision to start Lacazette? Is there long-term fitness worries over our record signing?

Pat J

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  1. Arsenal4Life says:

    according to Arsene haters it will be always Arsene’s fault. If we don’t play him and loose, if we play him and loose or if we play him and he gets injured. Stop being so childish please. He started our best eleven at the moment and it worked well. Hopefully he will start Welbeck upfront now, because he plays always good against his old club, and will use Giroud from 65minute and also bring on Wilshere for Ramsey later in the game

    1. Godswill says:

      Yes. We can’t blame the boss. If he was not fielded we would have criticised him as we use to do.
      In fact Lacazette’s early goal help stabilize our play.
      Just unfortunate. No one to blame please.

  2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    I concur. For once I sympathize with Arsene Wenger. We want to see the dynamic threesome of Lacazette, Sanchez and Ozil playing together, hoping for results such as Tottenham and Huddersfield. Lacazette’s groin injury, in this instance, is just bad luck.

  3. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Laca is a big blow but I guess wenger will go with welbeck in this game I mean the guy just loves manure. I enjoyed the fact that he did a full celebration when he scored at old trafford in that 1-2 win in the FA CUP and in this fixture last season as well. Hopefully he will repeat the trick this weekend. Wish a very speedy recovery to AL-09…….

  4. Yossarian says:

    It’s been nice having a few wins in-a-row, and it’s nice being back in the top-four, but nothing has changed this season. In the end we’ll be fighting for a top-four spot with no challenge being made for major trophies. Wenger will blame referees, injuries, etc. etc. and tell us that the club is “Great shape” and tell us they have lots of “Mental strength” then repeat the same mistakes the following season.

    When Sanchez and Ozil decide to leave in the Summer, Wenger & Co. will buy one top-class player to appease fans and sell the season-tickets amid rumours of more top-signings, then spend the rest of the transfer window getting bargains and “Promising” players who will mostly fail to make the grade.

    Next season we’ll do more of the same, with some good runs and some good results, but ultimately fail to make a serious challenge in the EPL and UCL. Our then top-players (EG. Lacazette & Kolasicac) will start getting itchy feet as Wenger looks for another 2 year’s contract extension and an extra few £Million in his salary…

    It’s nice winning some games, but the elephant in the room is that it’s just the same old rubbish over and over and over again for yet another season.

  5. Tat says:

    Wow… unbelievable. Absolute nonsense.
    Is wenger to blame? Will he be disgusted? WTH. These kinda posts that promote negativity should be banned.
    You guys remember Huddersfield beat man united a while ago and almost denied man city last week right?

  6. Sead_Sau says:

    an injury is just an injury, nobody wants it, even Wenger himself. AL09 would even knocked out with an injury on the first ten minutes against ManUtd if it was planned by our almighty..
    Lads, lets now focus with what is on our plate, play nicely and quick passes to destroy Mou’s Legacy over AW..

    COYG ??

  7. Jimmy Jazz says:

    What a ridiculous posting. Wenger would have got tons of abuse on here if he hadn’t played him. Wenger picked his strongest team. We won and Laca scored. Job well done just a shame about the injury. Bring on Manu. It’s a vital game for both teams and both are in form. Let’s hope we continue our winning run. With Laca I would have been very confident. Without him I still think we can get a result.

  8. Sue says:

    Gutted he’ll miss the United game ?

  9. Geekaybee says:

    The theme in these comments seems to be that Wenger played his best team. Why does he not always pick his best team? Why does he always experiment?

  10. ANAND says:

    I hate Wenger but in this case would not blame him. We want our best team to be out there and that is what he did. Well in the process somebody does get injured we have to live with it. Suppose he had not started and we dropped point the blame game would be on. Let us give the devil its due. I always felt Ozil never gave his best but of late on his last few days he is amazing. Let us rejoice and move on in life. After all even I would as a ambitious player would like to move on if the club is not competing for top trophies. So all the best to Ozil & Sanchez. Hope with new backroom changes things will improve with the exit of Wenger.

  11. Balogs says:

    All I’m concerned about is how we’d keep our 100% home record this season against Manure. Injuries can happen at any given time. Let’s just hope he returns soon. COYG

  12. Break-on-through says:

    He hasn’t been playing European games and he’s also been hauled off in most games so no I don’t think we can blame anyone except lady luck. I can see why you ask, I too thought that another would start namely Giroud, and if that had happened then we would of got lucky maybe. But no-one can see these things coming, Arsene has good physios around him and they thought he was good to go. I’m hoping it’s more precautionary and we took him off before any damage with the utd game in mind, but am not sure if Arsene would do this without saying that that is what he done.

  13. GB says:

    Hamstring in groin eh @pat, get it right mate and yeah let’s all blame Wenger again. Give the man a break, we just won 5-0.
    I’m WOB by the way!

  14. Vijay says:

    the november curse at it again?

  15. Ackshay says:

    Lol i was actually him for removing lacazette at half time because we needed a threat behind the huddersfield defence. wenger protected lacazette fitness for most of the season, sometimes too much so we cant blame him this time.
    time for the supersub to lace his boots, he looked a little inaccurate especially with his trademark run and shoot on the 1st post.

  16. ayuskol says:

    The worry is with Sanchez Laca Ozil the scoreline is more convincely beautiful, with monreal, Mustafi and kos the scoreline always with a zero, beautiful wall they form. And here come ManUre, in the absence of Laca few scoreline is envisaged and trusting MMK to ensure the cleanshit.
    Then yes will all have a reason to smile over ManUre as grinned on spores. ☺ Coyg no forty winks please let murder manure.

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