If Arsenal can’t beat Toon and Everton then we don’t deserve the Champions League

Yesterday, Arsenal missed the opportunity to qualify for the Champions league with two games to spare when they were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur.

Arsenal conceded the first goal in the 22nd minute after Harry Kane converted a penalty. Rob Holding was sent off for a second bookable offence on Son Heung-Min in the 33rd minute. Four minutes later, Kane completed his brace with a low header at the left-hand side of the post.

Both teams went into the break but within, three minutes after the restart, Son added a third for Tottenham. The game ended 3-0 despite the late charge by the gunners.

As a result of yesterday’s loss, Arsenal must now defeat Newcastle United and Everton for them to be able to qualify for the Champions league as long as Tottenham wins their remaining two games since the two North London rivals are now separated by just a point.

On Monday evening, Newcastle United will host Arsenal as both teams hope to finish the season very strongly. For Arsenal, the game is as crucial as a Cup final while for Newcastle United who have already escaped the relegation battle, it’s all about the bragging rights.

After playing against Newcastle United, Arsenal will play against Everton who have not lost a game in their last three appearances. They won two (Chelsea and Leicester city) and drew against Watford on Wednesday.

Arsenal has what it takes to defeat Everton on the final day of the season irrespective of their recent form.

The pressure is on Mikel Arteta’s men to deliver maximum points in both games. If they must return back to Champions league next season, they have to defeat Newcastle united and Everton. If that happens, they will qualify irrespective of the outcome of Tottenham’s games.

If Arsenal fail to defeat either of both teams who are below them in the league table, they don’t deserve to play in the Champions league where they might have to battle against football giants like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG.

The next two games will be a test of their character. It will be an indication of how far they’ve come in their rebuild process and if they are ready for Champions league football again.


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Video – Mikel Arteta on Tottenham, the referee and bad news on Gabriel


  1. Of course, because Newcastle don’t have anything to play for and Everton would likely be safe from relegation when they visit the Emirates

    Hopefully Magalhaes will be fit to play

    1. I also wish Gabriel will be fit for the game. If our Frontline can do there job and be clinical we have a big chance of winning Newcastle

  2. Very harsh to judge CL qualification on just two fixtures. Especially as we may only have one available CB, who’s half fit, no LB, no RB, and no DM (Partey being our only world class player as well).

    If we do miss out, it’s our business in January that cost us more than anything.

    1. If they beat us,it will only be in the premise of the number of players we are missing.This is why you need more than 11 man squad to play marathon season.

      1. True, many just said it would be suicide to cut the squad to bear bones and not replace anyone leaving.

        How many defenders did we let go in January?

        Chambers can play CB, RB, and DM. Would his salary & keeping him ruined our Summer transfer plans?

        The idea of such a foolish and stupid gamble in January could possibly cost us CL.

        Many many commented how foolish it was to strip the roster while fighting for 4th even in January.

        Chambers could have served as insurance, but others rather gamble foolishly.

        1. Chambers wouldn’t have gotten a single game for us in the latest 4 months. Could he then be the solution for 1 or maybe 2 important games? And what about all the possible discontent from players not being selected, which the manager and the rest of the team would have had to deal with in the 4 months?
          Doubt it would have been a good idea, all things considered.

    2. That doesn’t matter. Palace took Arsenal apart.An Arsenal team at this point in time should be able to show mentality to get 4th over the line. The excuses are too cheap and many. We had people speaking about a free hit against Liverpol yet the tinpot Spurs drew twice against them and could’ve even won both matches. Beating Newcastle and Everton even in theor current form ismt news. They all have a soft spot.

      1. So called “dross” helped us lift the FA Cup too. And finished higher than 8th I’d add.

        1. Mari was recruited by MA. To find excuses for the manager, the players are conveniently classified as dross. The main problem is the manager display nil capabilities to develop players and doesn’t know how to use the strengths of different players.

            1. Are you serious? We are temporary at 4th position. We know you are the supporter of MA and you are not neutral.

              1. I am an Arsenal supporter, which means the managers, the players, the tea lady and the groundsmen. Okay so we are “temporarily” in fourth. Where are all the teams below us in this “temporary” world?

        2. I don’t think that we can judge the team if it loses a match, Man City can lose on Crystal palace it doesn’t mean that it’s level can’t compete in CL so Arsenal can defeat Newcastle and also Everton

  3. If we were serious enough we should’ve been clear of Spurs by this time. They have been so bad this season that it would be a shocker if they were to finish over us. I still stick to my guns like I’ve been doing for months and say we’ll finish 4th. 4th isnt an overachievement at all. Spurs may even lose and it wont be a shock. I am more worried about some of the overrated players we’ve been linked to in the transfer window. It could spark anothr cycle of overhyped players being bought way above their value and plunge next seasom into mediocrity again.

    1. I have commented before. If we never get 4th position in this season, we have to wait many years to get in top 4. It’s now or many years in future.

  4. That’s a fair summation Abuji. I just hope that if we do win our next two games than Gooners won’t be saying we only got fourth because other teams under performed.

    As I said in another thread, 72 points gets us CL football in, I believe, 5 out of the last 7 seasons.

  5. i am not so sure,regardless ,of the next two games we are involved in, that we deserve to be in the champions league. we are so very incostintent , we flatter to decieve . but, having said that, i will certainally not complain one bit if we do make it to the champions league. looking forward to tuesday and wednesday night football.

    1. Agree million miles away from winning champions league maybe get out group stages and then that’s as far as it goes but if do qualify and that’s a big if we will certainly attract the bigger name players so let’s prey we do and kronke backs Arteta with a big transfer bugett can only hope!

    2. For me the team finishing 4th shouldn’t be in the champions League anyway. I don’t even agree with the 3rd place team being in it.

      Runners-Up I accept, but now uefa are adding even more to it. Where are all these extra matches being fitted in?

      I just hope Edu and Arteta have learned something from this situation? The squad has to be bigger, especially with Partey and Tierney being so injury proned and Xhaka always 1 yellow away from a sending off and a ban. Gabriel too has shown he is a bit rash. Holding and Cedric were outclassed on Thursday night, Tavares is not a left back. We desperately need a 20 goal a season striker, Nketiah and Balogun are not the answer to that. Pepe needs to leave. Saliba and Ballard should be given a chance in preseason, we need to use SmithRowe more

  6. We are very terrible when it comes to handling pressure: right now,inspire the injury worries,the pressure is on us. The situation is dicey at the moment but let’s just pray and hope that we pull through.

  7. Arsenal will on next Monday night and Sunday’s afternoon beat both the Toon and Toffees and qualify for next season Champions League football competition.

    These 2 beats by Arsenal will certainly happen to come to pass. Irrespective of whatever be the anguish that the Spurds will feel and go through, but will not be a concern whatsoever to Arsenal at all.

    Abuji, this is my conviction.

    1. Hear me out on this one. There might just be another way – we could win our last two games.

  8. OT,

    Despite the recently news flash which has been flashed today saying that, Arsenal are about to sign the Brazilian teenage Sao Paulo’s striker Marquinoh. And possibly at a steal price if the deal goes through. More especially if the teenage striker happens to turn out to become an Arsenal great striker at the end. Scoring goals regularly for the in all competitions to help Arsenal win titles,

    but will Arsenal go for the signing in the summer window of the Bundelisga regular top goals scorer Robert Lewandowski? Who reportedly has a year left on his deal with FC Bayern Munchen to run. I know that his advanced age doesn’t fall into the 22 -23 year old recruitment age bracket of Mikel Arteta and Edu youth project that is currently ongoing at Arsenal since last summer window.

    But lewansownski regular goals scoring performance at the top level of the game, for club and country, will more than compensate for his no longer being a youth player, who falls into the category of youth player recruitment of Mikel Arteta and Ecu if Arsenal sign him next summer transfer window.

    But I am not saying Arsenal should not sign Gabriel Jesus from Man City this summer if they want to sign him. They can go ahead to sign him as well. More so, as Lacazette will be leaving us in the summer. But for option and to provide cover adequately, Nkethia should extend his contract with Arsenal to still stay at the club. Meaning Arsenal could have 3 prolific strikers on their books for the summer campaign next season if they sign Lewansownski, Gabriel Jesus and keep Nkethia. And by so doing will be in pole position to challenge for the domestic trio title wins next season.

  9. It is hard not to worry about Newcastle and Everton, when Arsenal lost to Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton. At the end of the season the EPL table will show the true state of affairs.

  10. If you can neutralize the threats of Saint-Maxime at left wing, you stand a good chance. He’s their most dangerous outlet. I’d play Tomiyasu at RB.

  11. Both the games will be tough but winnable. Arsenal has no other option but to go all guns out and win the matches.

  12. Arteta has a habit of doing strange things in big games.

    Without Partey our midfield is average and we have trouble scoring. I don’t see us beating Newcastle. We are still the Arsenal that fails when the pressure is on. We know how to self-destruct.

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