Is Arsenal fans’ worst nightmare really going to happen?

It has been a pretty poor season all round for Arsenal and us long suffering Gooners, perhaps made even harder to take because of the higher expectations built up by a second FA cup trophy win in a row capping a brilliant end to last season. That positivity and optimism was further reinforced during pre-season and even after the shock defeat by West Ham on the opening day of the Premier League campaign, the Gunners were looking good for a first title in 12 years.

That has now gone of course, and there will be plenty of debate as to where the blame for this lies, with Arsene Wenger a prime candidate but a lot of injury problems, bad luck and poor form from certain key players along the way. Still, Arsenal fans are used to this sort of thing and have become a resilient bunch but I am not sure how well we would be able to take the season getting any worse.

And our worst nightmare is now looking decidedly possible after Tottenham took advantage of Leicester’s draw against the Hammers with a thumping win away to Stoke last night. The Potters did not put up much of a resistance but the spuds took full advantage and are piling the pressure on the leaders and are now just five points behind with a much better goal difference.

Jamie Vardy looks like facing more than a one match ban after he was reported for his reaction to being sent off and all of a sudden the Foxes look in danger. Anything but a Spurs title win now would be welcome to Arsenal fans but after the way everyhting has gone wrong for us so far this season, could the worst still be about to happen?

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  1. good luck to them.

    They obviously have a greater hunger than us, so they deserve to be above us and in the mix for the PL.

    Perhaps this will be the straw that breaks the camels back?

    1. Wtf! ?
      A true Gooner would never- ever wish the Spuds luck with winning the premier league! … ‘NEVER!’ .. No matter what!

      You and your broken Camel can get the HUMP! as much as you like ? but I for one, would NEVER! wish the Spuds luck with winning anything! … let alone the premier league. ?

      1. Hahaha ?.
        I was born and ate all the bread in Bermondsey SE London
        I used to go to all the home games when George Graham was the manager and I also lived in the ? hole town where Arsenal were born!…. Woolwich Arsenal … And No I have never been anywhere near the Emirates Stadium, as I have been living in Sunny Cyprus since and when that got built… I don’t claim to know jack… but I am as loyal as they come! … and in this case.. that’s to the Arsenal and to all that it stands for… including its enemies! ?

    2. I wonder what the reaction from stan and arsene would be if spurs won the league. Would they even give a rats a$$? My worst nightmare is having a leadership in arsenal where the manager is inadequate, and the owner only cares about profit.

    1. Newcastle were fighting for survival……… Same as Sunderland will be fighting against us

      Do u reckon the pendulum would be swung in our favour just yet?

  2. Spurs are a great team this season no doubt and i really hope Leicester do us a favor and end the season on top.
    OT: A little surprised nobody has mentioned Benitez as possible replacement for Wenger?

  3. Don’t get you boys.. Up and down more than a cheap hooker.

    We need Arsenel to fail, so the cycle of $h•t does not continue. We do not need favours from others as we should be able to stand on our own feet.

    Hand outs to an AFC that is dying is not what we need. We need to get rid of the things that are holding us back, not whoop whoop at results that keep him and Stan in the hot seat for another 3 years surely????

        1. Maybe you should change your name too…
          TOToverArse? ? ? ?
          You haven’t stopped praising them! ???
          I don’t care how bad things get under Wenger,
          You will Never hear me Praising or wishing the spuds luck in anything! …. Now that’s what being a Gooner is all about!… I’m all for world peace … as long as theres no Spuds in it! ???

          1. @ Fatboy…….. Hahaha…quit being biased bru

            Hate it or Love it, the spuds are still ahead of us in the perking order this season….. Tactically, consistently, injury-wise , goal wise, manager-wise , EngLish core-wise…Boy! The list is endless

            it’s all ere for every eyes to see…..and there’s no denying the fact that they deserve the credit they getting

            any thinking otherwise must be borne of Jealousy, envy , blind eye or just pure hatred

            We know when they actually performing and when they are under-performing
            and BTW….Pochettino’s doing a great Job …..strategic, calm and calculative

            1. Hahaha ?
              I don’t have a jelouse bone in me mate,
              The Spuds are a natural born enemy to Arsenal fc and I know that they wouldn’t credit us or wish us luck in anything! .. Even the players are like that!

              Even Fabregas stated recently that he doesn’t want the spuds to win the league! … I didn’t read anything about him suggesting that they deserve it! !! … So? ?
              And then you have player’s like Adibuyswhore who wants the Spuds to win it!! ?? Just because he was booed by the Arsenal fan’s on Sunday.

              IF You guys are really so impressed by the Spuds with their player’s and management. .. Go and support them man ??… Just don’t expect me to follow! ?

  4. @NY

    What do you want NY?

    Arsene and Arsenel to scrape through by the skin of their teeth into a UCL spot so Kroenke can yell ‘ye hah’ and buy himself a new ranch and keep Wenger in the job so that he can deliver zero for another 3 years?

    The words ‘short sightedness’ spring to mind..

  5. We are not going to win it so what does it matter if Tottenham win. Main issue is CL places for the money it brings to the club and attracting new players.

    Since the Leicester game we have won 2, lost 2 and drawn 3. Not good. It goes like this:
    1. Manu away effectively reserve team, we concede 3, should have drawn at least. 2 points dropped.
    2. Swansea home, score first lose, 3 points dropped
    3. West ham away, 2-0 up and draw, 2 points dropped
    4. Crystal P home, score first, draw, 2 points dropped

    That’s 9 points thrown away when we got in to a good position. It seems we do not have the killer instinct. Fourth place looks in jeapordy to me.

  6. @nygunner. Our team failing? It’s not been our team for an age it’s wengers and no one else’s. I’m so bloody disillusioned with it all I even skipped footy all together last night missed spurs doing what we seem unable to do, missed Wiltshire scoring, mixed that sanchez and ozil have put contract talks on hold and so on. ‘Our team’ is in such a mess and is rudderless. If failure is what’s required this season for change in the future long term I’d take it as painful as it may be. Continue to eek along not quite being good enough and being the epos comedy team or strive to do what spurs have done in the short time pocketing been in charge? I take the latter. # time for change

    1. Exactly,

      Short bloody sightedness is what they have.

      Great, scrape the UCL place, Stan gives Wenger new contract for another 3 years of mediocrity whilst he gets to build bother ranch or two and the fans have to put up with this sceptic tank and his leaching ways.

    2. Hahaha ?
      It’s got to the point where our fan’s are cheering for failure,
      Well … Your all in luck… And ‘obviously’ desperate to be cheering on a winner, Because there’s nothing else left on the menu!! ?

      Chiefs ~Special!
      ‘Seasonal Failure Soup’
      Only £8 millon a bowl.

      Where’s Oliver … Asking for Moreeeee!! ????

  7. Arsenal is fast becoming Synonymous to Everything Negative….. please For the love of the club….let gooners Stop Abusing our Manager…..God that man has really Endured insults….I Read somewhere he is Psychologically down at the Moment….He gave our players 3 to 4 days break…can you imagine….Which means little or no training before we face Albion’s on Thursday….at this point if you really Love arsenal as you claim…you should stop abusing our players and couch …they enter into a march with a lot of pressure and you can see it on the Way they play…the one I pity most is Walcott…God…That boy is in a lot of Pressure… Just imagine yourself in a pitch…and 60000 fans yelling at every Single touch and mistake…Guess what Our Rivals are Really Enjoying this Trend and pray it lasts Long….Heard most of our Fans pulled out on the Albion’s Game…..Great Way to Move our Club Forward…..

    1. Hehehe you pity Walcott the most, the guy stops trying and does that only when his contract is running out, his paycheck is very fat above what he deserves, whether he plays good or bad his account just receives cash, he is very relaxed waiting for when his contract enters the final year. have you seen our players who have stress? Ozil and Sanchez, you can see them trying hard but only to be let down by the average teammates, you’ll see in their face the disappointment they endure.

  8. I forgot to mention west Bromwich tickets going on open sale due to lack of takers, has the stand started? Plane over the Emirates next? Lol

    1. Not surprising given the way we have been throwing points away, real test will come with season tickets. Will fans hand their hard earned cash to a club whose owner is not interested in winning championships.

  9. @admin

    What the Arsene is going on. I can’t post more than a word or I’m moderated.

    Is Stan behind this?

      1. @ AOT
        Naah…It’s just your Smart phone… being Smart! ?
        the less said .. the better! ??

        1. Or what.. . Mr wanna be … Hiding behind a screen! ?
          What makes me laugh, ??
          is that YOU! actually believe that you’re leading the troops… to take down Wenger! ?
          HAHAHA ? …Watch Out for Bould.. his got a grenade!

    1. You’ve upset my spam filter. Don’t blame me or Stan. Even Mr Admin has to sleep sometimes….

  10. Fatboy!

    I think you are suffering from some extreme ahort sightedness there FBG.

    Think about it one hot second…

    Wenger/we scrape the holy grail 5th place, Stan hands out another extension to continue the cycle of mediocrity fueled by greed and lack of football ambition.

    And you, I and every other AFC will suffer again for the next 3 or so years.
    Doesn’t sound like a plan to me.

    BTW I didn’t say I want the spuds to finish above us did I? Only that they are most likely going to because they have more of a clue and deserve to be there.

    Gooner my Arsenal

  11. Believe me if Arsenal should drop Out of Champions League Spot…that is the Gradual Sinking of the Club…and Guess what?Both our players and manager will see it as a big deal to Qualify… Trust me it has it’s psychological Effects ….Ask Man utd and Liverpool… Trust me Even Chelsea Won’t make premier league their Target Next season but to qualify for Champions League…..

  12. Ok I’m off..

    Can’t even speak your mind on this forum without censorship it seems. It’s like being inside the Emirates.

    Good luck all and enjoy the rot @AFC

  13. That’s better..

    That vindaloo went right through me

    @admin: any chance of posting any of my completely harmless posts that need moderating before the next article about how lucky we are 😉 gets rolled out?


  14. Wenger won’t care. He will say that Arsenal are going in the right direction

    If Spuds win, Wenger and the team should be forced to go to the Open Bus Top Parade as humiliation

    1. Hahaha ?
      They should be made to follow the Spuds parade on the back of an extended horse cart, pulled along by the Arsenal board… With Piers Morgan whipping them.

  15. I’m with Fstboy Gooney all the way. I’ve hated the spuds for 60 years.
    They are not called the scum for nothing!
    Trouble is that a very large proportion of so called Gooners on this site are totally plastic, glory hunting babies with no sense of history, tradition or loyal unending support for a great club. I was at their lane when we won the title there and I laughed till I cried when they were relegated.
    Proper Gooner for life!

  16. I really don’t care anymore. We are crap and Spurs are playing very well. Leicester winning the league means football has lost its way. I don’t believe all the hype about one of the lesser teams winning being a good thing. It isn’t, not for me.

    And I also can’t believe they have played 30+ games with pretty much the same team. How?

    It’s a funny old game.

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