Is Arsenal great right to back Alexis over Wenger row?

The former Arsenal and England international star Ian Wright is a Gunner through and through and having been a great striker with a winning mentality throughout his career I think his opinion about the current Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is a good one to listen to.

But I do not think that Arsene Wenger will be too pleased to hear the opinion of Wrighty on the subject, because he seems to be on the side of Sanchez when most people are hauling out the usual line about no player being bigger than the club and suggesting that the manager had no choice but to leave Alexis out of the starting line-up at Liverpool for the good of the team.

As reported by the BBC the former Gunner can understand the frustration that allegedly caused Sanchez to leave a training session last week and then have an angry altercation with some of his teammates. Wright even went as far as top say that he would feel the same way as the Chilean and would be heading out of the club under the circumstances.

He said, “It’s not looking good for Arsenal and him. I believe his agent is probably on the phone to people now.

“These things happen. It’s when you’re united as a team that it doesn’t come out.

“It’s a shame simply because he is Arsenal’s best player. He is a player that Arsenal need desperately to be there.

“I’m not sure if money is going to keep him there at the moment because if he’s storming out of training and not playing in games… it doesn’t seem to be a problem for him when he does come on because he still performs to the best of his ability.

“If I was him, I’d probably want to leave as well because what’s happening with Arsenal right now is not what he came to Arsenal for, especially not being in the top four.

“Everything points towards that he’s unsettled, he’s unhappy and it seems to me like he wants to go.”

Do you agree with Wright or do you think that Wenger and the other Arsenal players were right to take exception to the striker’s attitude?



  1. SUNNY13 says:

    Yes I agree with Ian, Basically, the another article is right, Wenger has simply lost his ability to motivate players. I am pretty sure that Alon with the Fans, each and every players flles that they can never win titles with Wenger in Charge. I am sure that IF a celver manager like Conte or Mourihno get the same team, then we would be challenging for titles. We have to say they we are luck to get 2 big names (Ozil and Sanchez), No player of world class reputation no will be ready to Join Wenger. Players Like Vardy rejected Arsenal, Kante Choose Chelsea , Wenger told that Ibranowich is too old for Premier League.

    I plead to fans and board and even Wenger to step down immediately, Even now also wold be fine
    Look at Leister,sacked a manager who won Title last season. You name any club who would be so loyal to manager who bring no improvement, whether big or small?
    Arsenal now can not play at all, as a team.
    If Wenger Loves Arsenal FC, then he himself must step down

  2. bran99 says:

    If everyone is jogging and you are the only running you will reach a point when you wanna jog too. But Alexis doesn’t wanna reach that point, he wants to run with everyone else that’s why either they run with him or he goes somewhere where players always run like him, and by that I mean ambitious teams..

    But some people here are thinking to better have a team of joggers than to help Alexis to wake everyone up and run with him.. they’ve even put a price tag on his head already, shows on what level our ambition is

  3. hecmanx says:

    Wenger should just go

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