Is Arsenal keeper the unluckiest man in football?

If the Arsenal transfer rumour mill has got it right, then Arsene Wenger will soon complete the signing of the brilliant and vastly experienced Petr Cech from Chelsea. And it appears as though the player that will then be our second choice keeper is Wojciech Szczesny, not David Ospina.

I am not sure exactly what the Colombian international has done wrong to warrant this, because he had overtaken his Polish rival in the pecking order. In fact you could say that it was his calming influence and lack of mistakes between the sticks that convinced the boss how vital it was to have a top class keeper. His reward could be to be sold.

Imagine the situation; you play brilliantly for a French club that never gets close to a trophy and then concede the fewest goals of any keeper in the World Cup finals and this gets you a dream transfer to the Premier League and Arsenal. Niggling injury problems disrupt your career at the new club but when you get a chance you grab it with both gloves and post the best stats of any keeper from then on.

However, you still miss out on playing at Wembley in the FA cup final and when you come back from the Copa America you are surplus to requirements. How unlucky is that? And speaking of the tournament in South America, Ospina has conceded just a single goal in his three group games and there was nothing he could do about that bullet header.

Because of Colombia´s struggles at the other end though, Ospina and his team mates only just crept through to the knockout stage as a third placed side and will now play Argentina and that will probably be that for arguably thye unluckiest man in football right now.

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  1. I’m reading and hearing we have signed cech for 11 mil, mirror,daily mail,metro. All are saying its done. I still don’t believe it till I see it on

    1. Every day for the past week the headlines have been ‘Cech moves closer to Arsenal transfer’. Apparently everything but the fee is agreed. In other words, us and Cech have agreed the deal, but Chelsea are stalling. I think they will accept the offer in the end, but are stalling on the deal in order to disrupt our other transfer dealings by keeping our chief guys focussed on Cech.

          1. Pete Cech just retweeted on Twitter that no deal has been done yet, but news will be announced when it is done, so at least it looks inevitable, even if it’s dragging on a bit…

      1. They changed it back to Chelsea, wtf is going on…we lost, fkin mourinho has done it again

    2. We are not winning the league with giroud! Na Na Na NO00oo Giroud or Ya Ya Ya giroud as back up..

      Put the best midfield in the world, giroud will still wont score in big games.

      1. Wenger might surprise us all and start Theo instead of Giroud and play the big man against teams that try to play rugby or bring him on to help hold up play in the oppositions half to hold a lead.

        It’s a team game, we have more than just Giroud and I’m sure next season we will see Theo more as a CF instead of a winger as well.

      2. oh come off it @xamanus,
        Have you seen Giroud’s hold up play?
        Move over Thierry Henry, Van Persie and Adebayor…we have a better striker than any of you were.
        I mean look at Giroud…he is fast, exceptional dribbles, excellent trickery and the best part of his game is that he is a world class finisher. You give this guy the ball, its in the net. Look at the home game against Monaco which he was absolutely world class just like many and most of his other games since he has been at Arsenal
        I believe Giroud is better than Karim Benzema, Griezmann, Marco Reus, Sergio Aguero etc.
        Let’s all calm down everyone, we have the best striker in the world…na na na Giroud.
        And just as he has won us 3 premier league titles since he arrived, you can expect us to win the premier league next season again.

        1. Wow, I love hearing from true fans like you who do give much respect and love towards his clubs players. Fair play to you for singing aloud one of our unsung heroes. Fans like you are reason why our great Emirates does rock so loudly and why we are the envy throughout Europe. I cant thank you enough for your great support towards our beloved Arsenal and am sure AFC and the players feel just the same.

          Kind Regards.
          Fellow Gooner.

        2. Laughable how you compare OG to 3 players who are not CFs. At least you got Benzema in there so not a total fail. Is that the Benzema with 43 league goals in Real Madrid colours for the last 3 seasons? Makes Giroud’s 41 look truly pathetic doesn’t it? And notwithstanding MR is not a centre forward why would you want to use a player with 31 goals from open play in the last 3 seasons as a comparison to ridicule OG’s 41? Greizman a wide forward on a hot streak – why not compare his 55 league goals in the past 4 seasons with a comparable Arsenal player – like Alexis with his 55 goals in the same period.

          And why not mention Adebayor’s 8 goal season total in 2007 or his 10 goals in 2009. He took 104 games to get the same number goals (not including pens) as OG achieved in 92 games. Or mention that RvP was in to his 6th season before he eclipsed OG’s total.

          1. Well said @jonestown as usual some people don’t think logically but griezmann is a ST now he played like 50 games in a 4-4-2 system where it was him up top with another ST

  2. Sadly ospina has to go, he did well but he’s not world class and cech is definitely better than him. It leaves us with no choice but to say goodbye to ospina. Shezney can stay and keep the bench warm

    1. He (ospina) even admit that his agent is taking care of his transfer with fanerbache (wrong spelling I know)

  3. Last season the chelsea lot were make petitions about not wanting juan mata to be sold to UTD and in that same window they got rid of him got matic . I don’t think chelsea fans are still complaining about that. Point is sometimes we’ve got to be ruthless.

      1. True even I don’t want to ospina leave but what if ospina doesn’t want to play second fiddle? and wojciech doesn’t mind.

        1. Cech obviously was in Ospina’s shoe last season and he still won the league with Chelsea. We could do same. Pretty sure he will have his chance.

  4. If the Cech thing is true, you can’t say Wenger isn’t a patient man – he tried signing Cech in 2002 before he went to Chelski. I feel sorry for Ospina if he is too leave. He is a cult hero in Columbia (“The Wall”) and in half a season became a mini-cult hero for us. On the plus side for him he is still very young – easy to forget he is only a year older than Wojciech – seemed more like man and boy. If he is as good as some think then he will get another big move away from Fernebahce.

    What intrigues me now is to see what negative spin comes of this, both from the AOBs within and the wider media. Someone will invent an ingenious new angle to knock us/Wenger for this deal.

  5. I can understand why ospina has to make way for Cech! Sczezny is homegroen and Wenger knows about his potential.
    It seems that lot of media reports are stating that Cech to Arsenal is done. Daily mail,Mirror etc. How reliable are they?? I am not from UK so I’m not sure about this. Can anyone enlight me?? Is this deal closed?? Just need a confirmation from our Club??

    1. Truth is no-one knows pranav – our tabloids are the definition of NOT reliable. However, this has been public for too long now, it is out in the open with multiple sources chipping in, no-one contradicting it, no conflicting stories/rumours – looks like being as close to a banker as you will find……….famous last words and all that.

  6. And don’t know about the “unluckiest”man in football. I’ll trade my job and missus for £50K a week and Jesica Sterling.

  7. I find all the attacks on david ospina to be very unfair! Come on lets cut the guy some slack!

  8. Ospina should not be too upset everyone knows he did exceptionally well at arsenal and he will move on to a big club and be the first choice keeper being at Arsenal elevated his career win win all round

    1. And if the roomers are true and his going to Fenerbahce there they rest their Footbalers like gods and make their wife’s or partners TV hosts an istanbull is a lovely city to live

      So Arsenal fans his not so bad off its not like his on the doll I actualy feel more sorry for Shezny

  9. You lot are mad. Wojciech instead of Ospina – NO THANKS!

    He’s a liability and a clown, kick him out and keep Ospina to fight for no. 1 or when Cech retires he can take over at worst.

    Ospina can still play cup games and keepers can get injured btw

    1. Jonny I hear what your sayin its true for now but in a couple of years playing next to cech he will grow to be a WC keeper his still wery Young

  10. News just in Cech agent says no deal for Cech to arsenal.I dont want chelsea reject Cech had poor outing with national team,put him to work with our defence and he will not be an upgrade to what we have Just like Wenger Said we are not interested in cech

  11. With Cech we don’t even need a proper defence against some of the bottom/midtable teams you know? We can unleash all our little creative wizards at once. Top class lineup!

    _______Sanchez Ozil Walcott_______
    _________Cazorla Ramsey_________
    __Monreal Coquelin Wilshere Bellerin__

  12. Wtf is going on??higuain all over again. Shittty sources saying its done. I don’t even care if we don’t get cech. I actually don’t mind ospina in goal. We rather get a DM and a striker

      1. Fuk wiki,fuk mourinho,fuk Cech,fuk transfers,fuk Wenger,fuk Chelsea,fuk our transfer system

  13. Honestly, I don’t care.
    WE GOT CECH!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, Ospina has just been here for one season so even though he played better than Szczesny and we would prefer him to stay, it’s sensible to keep Szczesny due to the homegrown rule. Also season before last Szczesny Won the golden glove in PL and he is only 26 so can still improve

    Anyway, as I said, we got Cech who is still a world class keeper. A world class keeper will help us Win the PL.

      1. I actually had coffee with Abrahamovic this afternoon and he told me. Best and most reliable source

        Also, all the papers are saying it’s a done deal and they would not all say that if their sources were not strong

  14. Also, it’s not great for Szczesny either
    If Szczesny thought it was tough to get the top spot away from Ospina, he will have an even more difficult time taking it from Cech who is world class.

    If Ospina does leave he will probably go straight into the top spot wherever he goes

  15. If we lose any of our first team players, I will say thank you for your services and I wish you all the best in your career.

    Unlike the Chaves at Chelsea that have already started to slat Cech.

    1. There will be a few Chelsea fans who will turn on Cech but my bet is that the majority will remember everything he did for the club. If this proves true it is a classy move by Chelsea to reward a player who has been such a major part of their success over the last ten years. Class and Chelsea. Did I really just write both those words in the same sentence?

  16. Will only believe and celebrate when posted on the Arsenal website. Don’t trust Mou at all, at all! Always has a nasty trick up his sleeve, especially for Wenger.

    1. @pubgooner
      Exactly. I don’t trust this ish either. They wait til we sell Ospina, then pull back the deal and we’re left stuck with Woj and Martinez…

      1. Mou can only delay it – Cech comes to us on a free when he is out of contract next year. RA is rich but doesn’t seem much sense in losing £15-20M (wages and transfer fee) to piss of Wenger and Cech.

  17. AW has made a big mistake that could actually benefit us!

    Someone told him to ‘sign a f@cking cheque’ and he misunderstood them.

    Could work out alright!

  18. Daily Mail in their Breaking News:
    “Cech seals £11m switch to Arsenal from Chelsea as Wenger gets one over Mourinho… with debut set to be against them at Wembley”

  19. I guess the formalities left…it will take a day or two before it is confirmed by

  20. I believe that we should try and sort it out and get it done by the end of the week.

    On to the article…

    If Ospina is not good enough as second choice neither should be Szcecezny.

    Ospina dome a really really good job for us last season and tbh if he was under Cechs wing and Cechs coaches wing he would become even better.

    Szcezezny needs to go period if we sell Ospina then go get Simon Scuffet or jake butand

  21. Three reasons I believe wenger is keeping shez not ospina-1. Schez will be willing to play second fiddle to cech and learn from him, ospina not so. 2. Schez is taller than ospina, recently weve seen ospina flap and struggle in the air. 3. Schezs decision making at times is awfull but we must consider how ropey our back four was early season with scez between the posts and it improved for ospinas time, (coquelin coming baxk had a big part to play in this). Here’s hoping schez is a willing student and can develop well.

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