Is Arsenal letting “a great player” leave them as pundit claims?

Former Premier League star, Kevin Phillips says Alexandre Lacazette is a great player as the Frenchman approaches the end of his stay at Arsenal.

He would be out of a contract at the end of this season and has been linked with a move to Newcastle United among other clubs.

Phillips said he hasn’t played enough at Arsenal and might feel the Gunners don’t trust him.

Phillips told Football Insider: “I have always been a big fan of Lacazette.

“I think he’s a great player. He would be an amazing signing for Newcastle.

“He needs to play week in, week out. I get the impression he feels he is not loved at Arsenal. Perhaps he feels he does not get the credit he deserves.

“In my opinion, he is a class player. If you played him week in, week out, you would reap the rewards.

“If I was a Newcastle fan and Lacazette came in, I’d be very excited. I know he is blessed with a lot of talent. He’d be a great signing in January.”

Since he joined Arsenal in 2017, Lacazette’s highest-scoring season is the 2018/2019 season when he scored 19 goals in 49 matches.

Lacazette can be a match-winner in any game, but the Frenchman lacks consistency and he also hardly contributes well when he starts matches.

Arsenal would likely have to increase his salary significantly if they give him a new deal and at his age (30), it is best that they invest that wage on a younger replacement.

It would hurt to see Lacazette go to Newcastle United and shine, but the Magpies are probably at his level right now, while Arsenal is above it.

The Gunners would still benefit from his performance this season, as he would want to impress in every game to show his potential suitors what he can offer.

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  1. It’s best of he goes but not in January. Özil took the money and stopped trying. Aubameyang took the money and stopped trying yet some say he’s beginning to get old (Yeah. He began to get old after signing the contract. Right?). Lacazette may just be the same. It’s too much of a risk to take. Let him go in the summer for free as whatever we get for him in January will not be enough to get in someone to make the same impact as he can in the next six months

  2. It’s true some have said Ozil and Aubemeyang stopped trying…. some haven’t of course.
    It’s always a gamble when a club offers a player who is looking for a “final contract” when he is approaching or past 30 years of age.
    That’s why our club should bring back the rule that anyone over 30 will only be offered a one year contract.
    Dennis Bergkamp accepted it and we should bring it back ASAP.

    Lacs should definitely be offered a contract based on the above criteria – he is an excellent player.

    1. He’s after a final big contract. He won’t accept a two year deal. He will ask for at least three, but ideally four years contract, plus he knows he’ll get a good signing on bonus and more wages by next summer. We can’t afford another Özil or Aubameyang situation

    2. Ken, if I remember correctly, Bergkamp also took a pay cut. Won’t happen now because today’s footballers look on their last year as bonanza time and are free to negotiate from January for the best deal available. Laca could get a good signing on fee along with a 3 year contract on increased wages so I can’t see him agreeing to a 1 year extension. He is not even a regular starter.

    3. NEAR TOTAL AGREEMENT KEN. I think Laca always does work hard , unlike Auba. I do not see LACA as either “great” or excellent”though, since his goal output and all round contribution falls short of both those words.

      But I SEE HIM AS GOOD AND A USEFUL TEAM PLAYER THOUGH AT 30 HIS TIME HERE GROWS SHORT, so I agree with your view of a one year rolling contract but only IF he agrees to reasonable terms.

      We have far overpaid too many older players far too much for too long and that needs to stop! TODAY!

  3. If we let Lacca go and that applies to any player, it must be because we can replace with better, OR WHY DO WE LET THEM GO!!!
    At the moment the league says we haven’t done that yet. It ok us all gushing over certain players we like but if we are replacing players we must improve or else we have failed. There is no point spending money replacing players and still finishing 8th or worse, that is failure!!!!!!!!

  4. Ideally, I would want Laca to stay. He offers so much in the game for Arsenal, he is too good to let go. However, if he does not agree for a extension of 1 year or Arsenal does not agree to give him a 3 year deal, allow him to leave in the summer, though I would be sad to see him go.

  5. Should have tried to get a fee for him last summer ,now we are left once again losing a player for nothing ,and a player who as been used sparingly so far this season .

  6. Give him to years with option of a third. This one year think was the reason all of the invincibles was dismantled. Look at players we got coming up bolagun and martinelli still not ready to even super sub.

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