Is Arsenal playing good football more important than the result?

I’m not sure that too many Arsenal fans would agree with the latest utterings from Arsene Wenger. He quite clearly states that the fact that his team plays “good football” is more important than “getting the result”. Maybe it is easy to say that when his Gunners have just tucked five goals away against an in-form Leicester side and beaten Tottenham at White Hart Lane as an added bonus.

“It has been two weeks and the league is tight again,” Le Prof said on the official Arsenal website. “You have to be consistent and that is what we focus on.

“I feel like the quality of our game is getting better week by week. Overall we are finding the level back that we showed at the end of the season.

“We came to Leicester who have not lost this season and the fact that we came here and won in a convincing way was important for the confidence as well.

“I’m just glad I did my job for the team and the fans. I’m not too concerned about the result. I have had 30 years of football and I know what is important and that is good football.

“What you want is to manage a team that enjoys to play together and gets better every week.”

Yes it is great to see the beautiful game being played by Arsenal, but personally I think the result is very important, especially when title rivals like Man City and Chelsea are dropping points at the same time. Last year played very well against Manchester United at the Emirates but still lost he game! Next week I don’t care if Arsenal win ugly, as long as we get the result!

Wake up Wenger and go for the points instead of the accolades….

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  1. Players that must be released and replaced as soon as possible, Jan:
    1. Giroud (don’t care what you all say about him “hold-up, little flicks, super sub, lab lab”, he aint a striker)
    2. Flamini (2 goals against Tott won’t change my mind)
    3. Campbell (better for him to try again with lower teams)
    4. Mert (caught so easily for his lack of speed, leicester goals as an example)

  2. fans are just too cocky after 1 or 2 wins…

    Man utd are no pushovers and they have improved…

    its very possible that they could hammer us easily if we are not careful or tooo complacent….

  3. A very impressive display of tactics, skills and performance on the pitch in hames is synonymous with victories and an orgasmic viewing character of the said game. However, with sit-at-home teams that and teams that would rather just allow you have all the freedom in any other area of the pitch but their 18 yard box, all the fluidity in games goes down the drain. It is at these times that winning with the most grotesque of displays could come in handy. It is based on this premise that I feel playing good football is very important but the results are key.

  4. Results first. Results. I know we can play good football. We are in competitions that it’s only results that matter. Play ugly some times as occasion demands and win. Then play entertaining football as another occasion demands and win. We need to win trophies.

  5. Am happy most of the plastic fans will never coach a team liek arsenal even if they live for 1000 years.
    Arsene wenger is the biggest arsenal fan he had opportunities to move to madrid in 2008 but refused even when he knew that doom days will come… He wont wanna change their crappy jobs to a better one…..

  6. important notice (off topic)
    lewandosky and matial are going to destroy us if mertesaker play against bayern and man u respectively because he can not cope with there pace and he can`t handle lewandosky/muller

  7. “Honestly I’m not too much concerned about the other results. Thirty years in football now, and I know that what is important is to play football well.” as quoted by the Daily Mail. “Honestly I’m not too much concerned about the other results. Thirty years in football now, and I know that what is important is to play football well” as quoted by Skysports.

    It is clear from the quotes from two media houses that the quote by is wrong or heavily edited. As a matter of fact that quote was in response to a question regarding Mourinho’s earlier dig at Wenger. While this article was based on a secondary source, which we should always believe about matters Arsenal, I find it strange that the writer appears not to have read articles from other sports publications. If he/she had done so, then he/she would have realized straight away that the quote from was inconsistent with quotes from other publications. With such glaring inconsistency further research would have been warranted to establish what exactly Wenger said, rather than do a piece on something Wenger did not say or mean.

    Unfortunately these days facts do not matter anymore. What matters are comments from readers.

    1. Excuse Me!!! If anything I would have thought that would be the right place to go for the OFFICIAL quote. I agree if I had seen other different quotes before then I would have questioned it, but i ALWAYS go to first as the OFFICIAL source.

      I spend ALL DAY reading articles about Arsenal from every source in the world so do not question my researching abilities….

      1. Calm down, just accept that on this one the official website sent you through a blind alley. You may have to employ me as your sub editor (joking).

  8. It’s the same old thing A when we play Man U we will lose because we are so easy to read. AW will do something his way again no matter what we or the ppl in the tv say. Man U are not a good team but we will lose yet again. Look at our back 4 AW will play BFG and I think this is a big no no. I think I would play chambers with FQ to help the back out so we can hit them fast on the break. I would give anything to win 1-0 to the Arsenal!!! Every game

    1. Yours is a classic comment consistent with FIFA Football experts. Have you asked yourself why all these know it all fans and TV pundits are not managing a football team right now preferring to post facto play with that screen where they move players with their fingers? Everyone ex football player would want to manage a club considering the remuneration that comes with it. Unfortunately for them they do not have what it takes to manage human beings ex ante to produce results hence their consolation in touch screen football management. I must comment the other Neville for leaving TV punditry and go for football management in a completely different environment (LA Liga). In short Arsene cannot possibly make his team selection and tactical decisions best on people of various opinions (POVO) say but will have to rely on his knowledge of football to make decisions.

  9. I think what Wenger meant by Arsenal playing ‘good football’ is that Arsenal win games by playing clean football, this is not the type that Maurinho plays who gets his points at all cost. Wenger was by no means referring to an entertainment and unproductive football as ‘good football’ that is why he didn’t make this statement when we lost to West Ham and dt

  10. The title of the article basically resumed what is Arsenal about and why the fans going to the stadium should feel like “mugs” (if they realise it!!).
    suggesting this just make it weird and you understand (if you are neutral) why we have won f*ck all for years and years, and we won’t win f*ck for years to come…

    Anyway, we have to realise that in order for us to be “like” Barca or Real M (well some fans will tell you we don’t want to be like those teams that is because they are completely totally deluded and they should ease up on the Wenger “balls” sucking) Wenger cannot, cannot, cannot be in charge of the team.

    Believe it or not, unless we win the league or the CL (Yeah right!) player like Ozil, Sanchez, and more will go (next year Ozil for sure as PSG and Galatassaray can offer same wages and more) because we can win shite and the manager (as well as owner and his cronies) have not that in their agenda.
    I mean paying those seats prices to watch that, is just unreal and pathetically incomprehensible…!!

    Anyway, I guess being in the top four and win one of the domestic silver stuff is better than nothing… So thank you Wenger.

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