Is Arsenal Popular In Canada?

Are There Any Gunners Fans In Canada?

Today’s article shall look deeper into Arsenal FC’s fan base and whether or not it’s made it across the pond and into the hearts of Canadians.

Is Arsenal Popular With Canadians?

The quick answer is yes! Actually, the Gunners have quite the fan base when it comes to Canadians. So much so that the gunners have not one fan club in Canada but several fan clubs across various cities. Many of these Gunner fans have also shown their support which can be seen at Sports Betting sites and their statistics when it comes to bets placed from Canadian borders for Arsenal games.


What Makes Arsenal FC So Famous Globally?

Arsenal is one of the oldest and largest premier league teams in England. Formed out of south London on December 1st 1886 the club has won 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups 2 League cups and a handful of other trophies over the years, placing itself as one of the top teams in the UK.

Fun fact: The only team to go a full 38-match long season unbeaten is indeed Arsenal and have been nicknamed The Invincibles while also receiving a special golden premier league trophy. They are also the team with the longest streak in the top division, only being relegated once in 1913 since then the gunners have never been out of the Top Fivision.

It’s safe to say that Arsenal has had some insane days of glory and it comes to no surprise that years of glory have amounted to fans worldwide.

The Invincibles

When you mention Arsenal the name Arsène Wenger should come to mind. Wenger joined the gunners in 1996 to create Arsenal history as the manager of the squad and remained the manager for a long 22 years ending his career in 2018.

Wenger became somewhat of a legend at the club with his first ever season resulting in a League victory after 7 long years of having little success. Wenger would have a different approach as opposed to previous managers, changing the way his players viewed the consumption of foods and beverages as well as training camps.

Wenger would take the squad to Austria for pre-season training in 97 and that would become the main training hub for the gunners for the pre-seasons to come. Wenger was also known for his out-of-position tactics, purchasing players who would usually play in certain roles and changing the position they would usually perform in.

It was the 2003-04 Title that would set the nickname “The Invincibles”. This was one of Wenger’s and Arsenal’s greatest accomplishments. Although this was the highest achievement for Arsenal the gunners had still been able to rake in some trophies in the seasons to follow.


The Gunners may have not had the greatest seasons in recent years, after the loss of their trust manager in 2018 Arsenal has failed to land in the top 3 teams. For how long is another question entirely, and even though the gunners failed to land top 3 they haven’t failed to land in the top 10 teams for over 8 years!

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