Is Arsenal really in an absolute mess and a dysfunctional club?

Former Arsenal transfer fixer Sven Mislintat has described the Gunners as a dysfunctional club after he tried to help them but left his position at the Emirates in frustration, reports The Independent.

The German had been poached by Arsenal in 2017 to help them with player recruitment as he had done at Borussia Dortmund.

However, he left the club in frustration after meeting resistance to the changes that he wanted to bring to the club.

The Independent is now reporting that he has been telling people that Arsenal is an “absolute mess”, “dysfunctional and with no clear plan”.

Understandably, members of the Arsenal board will defend themselves from these accusations, but looking at the club’s recent business, one can’t help but agree with him.

The Gunners have just announced that they have handed a new deal to Cedric Soares, who hasn’t played a game for the team, David Luiz, who has hardly put a foot right, and Pablo Mari.

Mari is the exception on this list because the Spaniard has proven to be a fine addition since he joined the club.

However, offering Luiz a new deal might just give us a glimpse of how messy decision making is at Arsenal.

Arsenal’s competitors will enter the next transfer window and try to sign some quality defenders, but Mikel Arteta would have to make do with the likes of Luiz again.

Is Mislintat right or is this just a case of sour grapes because he could not get his own way?

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  1. A mess or dysfunctional or both.

    We really don’t know what goes on in the executive suite but the results and the transfer decisions tell us that things have not been working for a long time.

    It may be incompetence. Dysfunction would suggest competing views and that would almost give a glimmer of hope 🙂

  2. Any proper fan knows Sven is a hundred percent right. This aint the case of sour grapes.
    Sven could’ve really helped changed a lot of stuff, but the Spanish regime Raul was trying to build then caused him to leave. We all knew Sven was against a lot of transfers the club carried out for Emery, had his owr recommendations rejected first hand.
    This isn’t hidden, anyone who followed Sven’s time and work closely would know the truth.
    Even Ornstein revealed it in his podcast that Sven and Raul had so many clashes because Raul preferred to do things by his contacts while ignoring Sven’s proper scouting and data input.
    Raul keeps operating with his contact and names, are you guys surprised players are coming in but they’re not really what we need?
    Remember Soyuncu? While at Germany, remember how Arsenal wanted him but refused to go ahead because of his fees and Emery’s request of experienced players?
    Well Soyunuch was Sven’s finding.
    Recall back then how Kev also would bring news about Arsenal scouting Soyuncu? Well they refused to bring him in because they claimed they wanted experience.
    Remember Abdou Diallo? Who play for PSG now, That was Sven, it was even reported Sven wanted Abdou Diallo while he was at Mainz, but then Emery’s and Raul wanted experience.
    So they passed over Diallo, Sven had no other choice than to fall back to Sokratis, since he had the experience Raul and co wanted.
    Should I go on?
    Dormuntd went ahead to buy Abdou Diallo as Sokratis’s replacement that same window. Do you think it was a coincidence Dortmund went for Sven’s first choice?
    Diallo went on ahead to improve his rep, after just a season, at 21. PSG got him from Dortmund for 32 million Euros.
    Abdou Diallo today is playing for PSG.
    Meanwhile the experienced defenders we brought in all failed woefully and miserably. Sokratis, Litchsteiner, now David Luiz.
    Do you think it was coincidence Emery was requesting for Ever Banega and Nzonzi even at their old age?

    I’m with Sven any time of the day, he got kicked out because he had a lot of disagreement with how Raul was running things. Do your research, forget they keep saying he wanted to be the Technical Director.
    The man had plans and had a working strategy for bringing good players.
    We kick him out.
    I believe whatever he says about Arsenal today and any time

    1. Spot on Eddie. I have mentioned the debacle that led to spurning a chance to sign either Diallo or Soyuncu and bring instead Sokratis to please Emery. He did not everything right, but scouting is hardly an exact science. Sven would have helped us scout players that have potential. Raul and company are just useless.

      1. I mean what was the point of bringing in a scout if you’d rather do things by contacts?
        Till today we keep reading Raul operates with contacts and connection. Where has that taken us?
        Remember after the Pepe deal, fans kept singing different superlatives saying Don Raul did it again.. Well I never did, I never believed any of the hype or crap.
        Truth be told I’ve never been a fan of how Raul runs the club and transfers.
        The Feeling I had about Emery is the same feeling I have about Raul.
        The man is a fraud.
        All the promises about players contract, what happened? He’s all mouth and no action.
        To me his way of handling transfers reeks of Nepotism

          1. Eddie, well put; they call Sven Mislantat “diamond eye” for good reasons. The forcing out of Mislantat is reminiscent of the departure of David Dein and those of us old enough to remember know what a disaster that turned out to be.
            The use by Raul of football agents to scout talent has now taken over, as seen by the most recent contract extensions. The smell of incompetence and corruption is in the air.

  3. of course it is true. We see it every season how visionless this club is and how much the hierarchy does not care about the success on the field. Mislintat has worked with Dortmund, an actually well ran club, and then has moved to us. Must’ve been quite the shock. Shame we cannot get Kroenke to sell us, but in the meantime, Edu and Sanlehi are no help either and are making us just as much of a mess as we were under Gazidis.

  4. Raul Sanllehi issa scam! It’s been downhill for us every since he took control. Even under Gazidis it was not this bad.

  5. This is a very interesting question. However before anyone can answer yes or no we need to analyse the good signings Mislintat made compared to the bad ones which were signed before or after him. It is not enough to just agree with him because we dislike certain signings. The hate mongering against certain individuals will not help our club. We lost some good players like Emmanuel Adebayor because of such habits. We equally lost Wenger prematurely because of what I might call mobocracy! Certain individuals have been victims of too much hate for no justifiable reasons. We cannot afford to continue in bickerings while other clubs are moving forward. Not so long ago Liverpool was mockingly called Loserpool but see what they are now. One major reasonthat helped Liverpool to reach where it has was the unity of the fans. Even when they disagreed with managers they would still cheer their team whenever it was on the pitch. How can any of us expect good performance from the players that we disparage? What wrong has Cedric Soares committed against Arsenal? He has never played even one game for us. He has been a free agent after refusing to renew his contract with Southampton where he was one of their outstanding players. Why then should anyone oppose his contract?
    Mikel Arteta came to Arsenal in January and found the club in a mess due to Unai Emery’s incompetence. Instead of giving him the chance to move the club forward some fans are already calling for his removal! How would anyone in their right mind expect someone to change a team in just two months? Let us learn to be more realistic when we are discussing our issues.

  6. Sven it was said, as much as anything, he looked to be helping Dortmund out when he got the Arsenal job. We did let him sign players, but he wanted the ones he worked with before. He wanted Dembele to join next, that was more than a rumour, and the team would look similar to what it looks now only with Dembele the big expense over Pepe. We wouldn’t have Martinelli though as Edu brought him or talked him around. As for players we’ve been linked to, you can’t give credit there because there’s all sorts of hype that goes on in the transfer market. We paid 20m for Sokratis I think, that is more than Wenger ever paid for a defender until Mustafi. Saliba is the type I thought we’d be targeting, youngsters coming up who I know nothing about, he’s the type I thought Sven would’ve been looking for. Mavrapanos was supposed to be it maybe, Wenger listened to Sven, gave him his approval, but not to be. Don’t rewrite the story, Sven was not exactly the guy we expected, and he doesn’t work well with people, has his own ideas and he didn’t like to share them, he’s not really what you’d call a club man. I have nothing against him, I wanted it to work wonders but it’s history now and there really isn’t too much to write home about.

    1. BOT, I’ll tell you what, it ain’t mere speculations. At the point, we had a football scout who was in charge of bringing back reports and player recommendations to the club. That man was Sven, all of that weren’t mere speculations.
      Tabloids don’t just wake up one day and choose to go to a league and pick a player and link em with Arsenal.
      David Orstein came out and revealed how Sven and Raul had clashes because Raul preferred going by his own contacts and chose to ignore his recommendations.
      I know who I’m believing, Orstein ain’t ever gave a false information.
      Sven brought in Mavropanos, and even you won’t deny the fact that everyone admitted the boy was stunning in trainings and even in the games he played, so good that Wenger changed his mind about sending him on loan. Until he got that long term injury and he’s been struggling since then, don’t make it look like Mavropanos was a poor buy from the start.

      “youngsters coming up who I know nothing about, he’s the type I thought Sven would’ve been looking for.”

      And that’s what Sven did with Soyuncu and Abdou Diallo, most importantly Abdou Diallo. Your board chose to ignore it, came out so many times and said they wanted experienced players, even Emery said publicly so many times. THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON WE WENT FOR SOKRATIS ANS LITCHSTEINER AND IGNORED THE PLAYERS SVEN WANTED.
      They kept singing the experience lines for half that season.
      Do your researches please, follow situations more closely and stop trying to write off a man who tried his best to contribute to the club

  7. Don’t worry about Luiz. We have Saliba and Mari on this position for next season.
    Would love to see some transfers at the directors level of the club. People with a football-brain and a little love for the club are desperately needed. This comes down to the board and the owner though and that’s been a problem for years.

  8. What does it matter whether or not Mislintat is speaking the truth through sour grapes OR through conviction! What ACTUALLY matters is that he is is RIGHT and we all know he is. This so called club of ours is a total shambles and is directly the fault of theowner who has made a series of wrong and remote decisions, directly because he neither knows about not cares about football at all,let alone Arsenal . THAT is the DAMNING true and prime cause of all our troubles ever since this appallingexcuse for a human being took over control of our club in 2007. In life you reap what you sow and if you sow uninterest and care nothing then dross is what you will reap. And so it has proved. Who can even be surprised anymore! Mislintat knows this truth and has merely spoken it.

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