Is this Arsenal star having a cheeky dig at Giroud?

I might be reading too much into the words of Mesut Ozil, after the Arsenal midfielder spoke after coming back with a bang in Saturday’s game at Aston Villa, but the way he praised certain qualities of his new team mate Danny Welbeck, as rerported by ESPN, made me think of many discussions on this site about Olivier Giroud.

Ozil said, “”When you analyse [Welbeck’s] game, you notice that he makes a lot of runs and knows where he needs to be. We’re pleased to have a striker like him here. He makes the game simpler for us through his runs and speed.”

The Arsenal star is certainly right to give his new team mate plenty of credit and confidence. And he must be glad to get the media off his back, although I reckon he never really doubted his own ability. It was tough for Arsenal in the second half of last season, with no attacking options, and Ozil took a lot of unfair stick for that.

But Giroud did his best, in a difficult situation, and in a full Arsenal squad I still think the Big Frenchman’s qualities are a key part of our success. I don’t think Ozil meant to have a dig at Giroud really, but he could have chosen his words a bit better.

Having said my bit in support of Giroud, as I always do, I do like the look of how Ozil and WSelbeck are starting to link up. It is too early to say but if our playmaker and striker forge a partnership, then both players and all the Arsenal fans are going to have a cracking season. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. OBVIOUSLY! Ozil wants to play with fast players. He’s said this before and I’m pretty sure every fan can see this. Giroud is not Ozil’s type of player to play with.

    1. The main difference is: one of the 2 HOLD up play, while the other MOVE on play. And Ozil love the Latter Quality!!

    2. I think it’s excellent for arsenal, welbeck and and ozil are starting to link well, just as giroud and cazorla do. If and it’s a massive If, we ever get into the position of having everyone five could 2 teams of genuine quality to rotate, plus we could have a 3rd player available for the “front 6” positions. 4411 is the way forward for arsenal, it was always our most successful formation under wenger and I am sure it will be again.

    3. Yes and am behind him 100%, og12 is to slow, static most of the times and it hurts me when wenger uses other players 2suit og12 @the expence of club success.

  2. I don’t think it’s a choice of words but fact. Giroud holds ball up well and Welbeck runs behind defenders. Can see good things a coming!

      1. When Walcott is available, wenger won’t be using Ozil in wing anymore, then you are gonna see the real gunner. Keep on shooting GUNNERS

    1. It will but then you will have to really keep Ozil in the middle and not allowing him free movement which probably won’t be a good idea.
      Heat map from the Villa game for Ozil shows very little action in the middle, most of it on left and then quite a lot on the right. 442 will lock him in the middle and weakening the defense with a player not defending. 433 or 4321 is the best we can offer to Ozil.
      Just my 2 pence.

  3. Well he has the right to have a go at Giroud.. He was a star at RM, with Ronaldo and diMaria along side him.. Look at what he had at Arsenal.. Giroud of all people..!! His defence splitting passes were all gone in vain.. Received criticism for Olivier’s lack of pace.. Yet he continued to do what he does best at every opportunity..
    Now with Welbeck in front, Sanchez and Walcott to make those runs, what can he possibly ask for.. The guy is relishing it now.. Watch out Cesc.. Özil’s just warming up..

  4. Well how many think that Özil’s last week assist is similar to his first ever assist in an Arsenal shirt against Sunderland last year..?? He really need a mobile striker in front of him.. He is not that great a goal scoring AM player.. He is an assist man, and thats why he need a goal scoring striker.. With Giroud’s hold up play, it had become 1-1 equals 0, rather than a 1+1 equals 2.. Welbz is that guy..!!

  5. Di Maria is magnificent….

    We should have sign him…….

    If we sign Di Maria and bring back Fab….

    we are champions

    Di Maria Ozil Sanchez


    What a midfield

    1. Hafiz
      All the akb ball lickers are giving u thumb down lol
      funny how them licker don’t support our club but they worship their lord wenger, evn tho that clueless buffoon taking 8 millions a year can’t evn build a team to challenge for
      The title,10 years n still counting. Them licker should stop suckling wengers balls n start supporting our club.

  6. Would be interesting to see either the 4-4-2 or the Diamond formation used with OG and Dan up front.
    This would be the gung-ho all out attack formation…when you just say
    “Fxck it…let’s see who can score more goals!”

    …after all the winner of a football match is the team who outscores the other team (and not which team defended best!)….

    Debuchy BFG Kos Gibbs
    Walcott Rambo Ozil Sanchez
    OG Welbeck

    1. Diamond is the dumbest system ever. It would leave Arsenal worse off defensively than now .

      It is a compromise for average teams that have two good strikers but an average midfield. Arsenal are the opposite of that!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Diamond is a variation of 4321 but you will need a holding CF (Giroud/Sanogo) to allow two fast , running behind lines LW/RW. Ozil stated he wants a pacy, mobile CF so I don’t think it will work wonders.

  7. I actually thought he was having a dig at Giroud but most importantly hinting to Wenger whom he’d rather be playing alongside or in his terms, behind! From what I witnessed on Saturday he’s right on both counts. I knew Ozil will come good if given the chance at 10, hence my reluctance to criticise him when all else were losing their rags. What a player!

  8. I don’t think it was a dig at giroud just ozil is praising welbecks qualities which make the game easier FOR ozil. If we had a goal scoring #10 then they would LOVE giroud.

    I would like to see a 4-4-2 in the future though with giroud and welbeck, giroud and Sanchez, podolski and sanchez etc we could have pretty deadly striking duo’s

  9. Captain Lahm said it directly back then, when they were together on international duty. May be he said it on behave of him (ozil) so that Giroud will not feel offended. Who knows?? I hope its the beginning of new wonderful era. (Henry-Bergkhamp of emirates stadium)

  10. Well if Ozil really, really wants quick players around then this is the setup he would love…. an extremely quick attacking 3-5-2…muahahahahaha! would love to see this against Chelski…watch Terry and Cahill crap themselves chasing shadows…

    Chambers BFG Kos
    Ox Jack Ozil Rambo Sanchez
    TW14 DW23

      1. Aww come on guys…have a little faith 🙂 we’ll score 6 or 7 and they may score 4 or 5….
        we’ll smash down the big blue bus…

        would be superb novelty value….who wouldn’t want to see that setup demolish a backline….

        have a bit of fun

        1. Sorry to say Hafiz. But the quality of trolling is degrading. I mean before even you used to get under my skin. But now i like what you say.

          You should improve.

          Before i used to get the urge to thump you down. But i know feel to give you up.

          I hope you can improve and irritate the fcuk out of us again. I love your dedication of how you come on this site everyday and try to piss on the parade on a good day.
          Some might still get irritated by you, but not me. May be I am falling in love or something.

          Take lesson from the Guru Mourinho. Calling Pellegirni “Pellegrino”.

          I saddens me to see a so dedicated and long-time-back-world-class troll go down the gutter.

          Come On You Hafiz. COYH.

    1. TJ,
      Chelsea would spank us to a pulp on that formation, they would just sit back and hit us on the counter… unless ofcourse if you meant 5-3-2, which would be playing for a draw like Chelshit

  11. Arsenal is like a race car which
    is using last years technology
    because its cheaper. So although
    the team is always testing, changing tyres
    altering the cars set up its never quite able to
    compete with the best. The fans watch their car
    go round and round year after year and wonder
    why the team owners don’t upgrade to the next level.
    I think Kompany is right Arsenal is a top 3 side this year.
    But unless we can step up to the next level it will be top 3
    alright but emphasis on 3.

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The game will not be shown in South Africa tonight!!!!!! Any ideas as to where I can stream it live?

    1. according to bleacher report, Arsenal Player (online) will have it [subscription required]
      in US, BeIn Sports TV has it.

      1. Subscription required…. Thank you anyway.
        Bloody hell, Dstv picked up the Liverpool vs Middelsbrough and Everton vs Swansea games but not Arsenal vs Southampton. How does that even make sense? That’s like showing one night in paris xxx and blurring out all the good parts

    2. That bad man how can supersport not show arsenal last season they showed every single game, i think i will write to them and complain

  13. We need to win at home draw away with chelsea, trash Man-u home and away, draw with City then we will win the legue.

  14. I am really so excited to see Diaby fit and play.
    If he can feature for us in the Chelsea game, than we have more chances of winning.

    I hope during the Chelsea game the formation is

    I am waiting for our managers take on Cesc during his pre match press conference. I want to know how he feels.

    I feel Wenger should do what they did to us. Park the bus. Attack on the counter.

    Say BFG and Boss to stay back and not come forward no matter what and forbid the full backs from ghusing forwards.

    Give Mesut, Sanchez and Danny a free pass and license to roam. Forbid Ramsey from coming forward. When on form Rambo is lethal with tackles. We need him to protect the back line.

    Basically just play 6-3-1.
    Six man always defending with another dropping deep sometimes.

    Last time at the mention of long balls from the back i got rallied by the lot.

    But check the Villa game. In the 1st 30mins we had more than 5 long balls from Koscielny alone.

    Do the same. Long diagonal balls to the right to Sanchez. Learn from the City game. No matter how many cross you put in, the Chelsea thugs will head/kick it out because of their height.

    Play short incisive passes and firbid back pass. Kick the ball out of touch rather than back pass.

    Chelsea will press hard. But they cannot emulate Dortmund. And most of all play Sanchez and Mesut on the right and centre respectively.

    P.S.- If we are somehow losing aftet the 88th min, and Costa/Cesc are still in the game bring on Mad Matheui and specifically tell him not to leave the field with out a red card for tackling.

    Its unethical and crap but if we lose to them again somebody needs to fcuk my brains to cool me down.

    1. We would be exposed as shit with that formation, need flamini as a DM to break up the counters. I keep saying it, but Diaby is not a DM, he is an attacking player (I think people on this site have forgotten what Diaby actually does as a player.) With Diaby and Ramsey protecting the back four chelsea will destroy us on the counter.

  15. Ozill and WSelbeck

    Who the fcuk is WSelbeck?
    Come editor re-check the writing before posting. 😉
    I kid. I kid.

  16. Anyone here remember the arsenal mighty, lethal and unstoppable “Godzilla” (Giroud + Ozill + Carzolla)??
    did it die at birth?? or was it aborted???

    Well, at the moment, everyone seems to be saying that this formerly hyped ‘beast’ is the most blind, crippled, toothless and impotent creature.
    No one wants any pair of the above combination since none compliments the other.
    #these are sad yet real times

  17. Well remember Godzilla?? the Arsenal powerful combination of Giroud + Ozill + Carzolla?? It was a ‘good thing coming’!!!
    But seemingly, everyone now says it is the most lame, crippled and impotent ‘beast’ to ever been launched since the inception of football.
    Giroud cannot play with Ozill,he is toooo slow, Carzola cannot play with Ozill, neither is a winger..a combination of the three is total disaster!!!!
    #these are sad yet real times

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