Is this Arsenal star really TWICE as good as any EPL rival?

I am writing this article before Arsenal and our Premier League rivals like Man City and Leicester City kick off for the first matches of the new year, so the numbers in the statistics I am using to compare our assist king Mesut Ozil with other players doing well in the same position will have changed by tonight.

But unless Kevin De Bruyne manages something out of this world, the Man City star will still be a very distant second to our German international in the creative stats. As it stands Ozil’s tally of 16 assists is double the amount of his nearest rival.

It is not just the assists Ozil provides either, because he has produced more key passes and created more chances than anyone else in the division as well, as you can see from the creative chart on the website.

Ozil has also made almost twice the number of successful passes that De Bruyne has made and his accuracy is the highest of all the players on the chart. I have also done a little stat comparison between Ozil, De Bruyne, Silva and Mahrez and once again the German blows them all out of the water in almost every category. Even his shooting accuracy is the joint best.

So is the Arsenal star really twice as good as his nearest EPL rivals?

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  1. Ozil is a top player and is probably having the best season of his career. However comparing him to Silva and De Bruyne. is unfair. Silva has been injured or unfit for most of the season, while this is only De Bruyne’s first season in the EPL. If you want to compare Ozil with Mahrez, you have to consider goals scored as well not just assists. The key statistics is goals + assists per minute played.

      1. Ozil is literally responsible for us being at the top of the table, meanwhile Mahrez is sharing his responsibility with Vardy and doesnt have as much pressure. So I disagree, Ozil is the player of the season.

        1. Mahrez has 13 goals and 6 assists.If you watch Leicester city games you will realize that every attacking move is inspired by Mahrez.I’m also sure mahrez is statistically the best dribbler in the league.He is a joy to watch unlike Ozil whose only trait is his vision.Don’t get me wrong I rate Mesut but the hype is getting out of hand✌

    1. You talk about being unfair yet you contradict yourself. Mesut is not a forward, his job isn’t to score goals but create them, and he’s been doing it at twice the level of any other of the midfielders you mention. Silva has players like Toure and Aguero to help him so that injury excuse is invalid considering Ozil was also injured last year and the year before that. Ozil has also kept Arsenal playing top quality football and played a direct role in our team having the highest GD after City despite losing half of our first XI so far this season. And btw it isn’t KDB’s first season he played 9 games for Chelsea before being sold to Wolfsburg. Ozil is player of the season and it has nothing to do with the excuse you try to give other players. He’s the best ACM and playmaker in the world, deal with it.

      1. Did I touch a nerve? Take a chill pill, LoL. Yeah, Silva has Aguero and Toure to help him out but Ozil does it all by himself. I also forgot Mahrez plays as a no 9 for Leicester.

  2. Wenger seems serious! what has gotten into him? is this his last season? or does he want to do a 2peat before he retires next season? He’s definitely up to something.

  3. Ozil would’ve broken the assist record had Theo been more clinical.
    OT: I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this work permit issues Arsenal have to deal with every transfer window.

    1. Border security are either Spurs fans or payed by FIFA or sugar daddy owners to sabotage our chances of getting quality players

  4. Who would you want in January transfer window?? Wanyama or elneny? Thumbs up for wanyama and thumbs down for elneny…. Personally I want wanyama because of his physique and premier league experience and moreover he also has experience playing against Barcelona so that should be advantage for us?? How about you friends?? COYG!!

  5. Yes he’s that much better it’s not hard to believe just watch him play. His assists should be even higher if we were a bit more clinical but overall they’ve reflected his fantastic play. Now everyone can see how great of a player he is and I hope he leads us to the title

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