Is Arsenal star right to say the WIN is all that matters?

The Arsenal and England international midfielder has given his own take on the Champions League win over Anderlecht in Brussels last night. And while the 22-year old Gunners accepts that we did not play very well and had to rely on a bit of luck to avoid defeat, never mind win, Jack also feels that the result was all important and the performance should not now matter to a certain extent, so is he right?

Wilshere told Arsenal Player that he thought that Arsenal had been getting things the other way around in quite a few games this season, by playing much better than we did last night but not getting the rewards, so he seems to think that we were due one. I have to agree in a way because I wrote an article saying something similar about our luck recently. But I don’t know if we can brush off the poor performance quite that easily.

Jack said, “We feel that we’ve been putting in performances but not getting results. Maybe we didn’t put in the performance here, but we got the result – and we’d much rather have it that way.

“We always felt we were in the game until the end, as long as we kept it at 1-0. We kept pushing and pushing – OK, they had a few chances, but that was always going to happen at 1-0.

“We had to look for a goal from somewhere and, once we got that, there was a feeling that they were dropping off a bit and we were pushing on to get that other goal. We showed great character again.

“It wasn’t our prettiest performance, but we won the game and that’s all that matters. We’ve been through a bit of a rough stage where we haven’t been winning games, so the main thing was to get the three points.

“That’s the best way to win [in the last minute]. We felt their frustration throughout the game. We kept getting in and then the final pass wasn’t right.

“They travelled a long way and wanted to see us win the game. Thankfully we could give them that win at the end.”

Sometimes this does happen in football and when a team is having a bad run they just need a bit of luck to get them going. If that turns out to be the case and the Gunners now go on a run and start clicking and showing our class on the pitch, then I will fully agree with Wilshere about last night’s result far outweighing the poor performance. But if we don’t, it will just have been one lucky result that papers over the cracks. So which do you think it will be?

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  1. The fact is that if we played Bayern or Madrid, we would’ve got smacked 7 or 8-0 if we played like we did yesterday. We were abysmal and need to step it up fast.

    1. A new manager needs to step it up.
      We need a manager who has a plan B and a plan C.
      A manager who when he makes a double substitution including Podolski changes the formation to take advantage of his pro’s: lethal around the box, give him chances and he scores and his con’s doesn’t track back or run a lot. Is it not obvious then force corners and free kicks and play the ball to Podolski as much as possible?
      Same with a number of players, when big Welbeck is on have him around the last man ready to run from a through or long ball, he has the speed and the physicality for it and that would make their defenders stay back stretching their mid and preventing them from pushing into our half. Now Welbeck is often back in our box! He is a striker not an all in one players because there is no such thing, players are specialists in one thing, you would’t let a knee specialist perform brain surgery FFS.
      We have a manager who does not play to the players strengths but forces them to play a system that doesn’t work and out of position to mess with their game.

      Jack needs to be benched, we come back or win games when he doesn’t play running around falling over.

    2. Am glad every time jack goes off we get a positive result and would rather he comments or tries to improve on that(he stagnates our play)

    3. Of course, he is right We have not been playing anywhere near our usual standard. As Per has said, we must train harder,and strive for a much tighter,, accurate passing game. But let us remember this is the PL, not the West End. I’m sure none of care to much how pretty it is. the resut is what matters, and I for one dont worry about Pretty!! Just win the games guy’s, OK?

  2. I hope we can better Southampton’s 8-nil thrashing of Sunderland on Saturday. Anything less than 9-0 is not acceptable to me.

    Goal targets for Arsenal players on Saturday

    – Gibbs, 2 goals
    – Sanchez, 2 goals
    – Welbeck, 2 goals
    – Cazorla, 1 goal
    – Mertesacker, 1 goal
    – Arteta, 1 goal


  3. Not gonna lie-I like Mario Balotelli.

    When Brenden Rodgers was asked about their humongous spending, he smartly said, “We are not Spurs, we have a plan.” It was arrogance and ignorance punched togather in just one sentence.
    (Spurs are our rivals, only we ridicule them 😉 . You have got no right Brenda. )

    But to see today that he is making a issue out of Mario-shirt-swap to deflect attention from his teams poor showing yesterday, makes me question his managerial credentials. And to now read news that some Liverpool fans booed Mario yesterday makes me think You Will Never Walk Alone ,

    But I support Wenger and they spanked us 5-1, so what do I know?

    Goodnight boys. Have a good one, you need it.

  4. @jack. Lmfao, good performances? ! @twig. 9-0! We’ll be lucky to win could be a draw, I hope im wrong though surely our team has to step up and click soon. Sunderland could be a banana skin and come out hungry and to prove a point after their last game.

  5. I love the Arsenal way!!! but if im honest Jack is right. if you had asked me before the game, which wud i prefer, to out play them, pass them off the park and have 20 odd shots on goal, but have it stolen from us in the las 2 mins. or, to play utter shite but nick the game 2 1 in the last 2 mins. id take the latter all day long.

    1. If you think so, watch the reaction n Sanchez’s face after d match, I felt tears in my glands while watching that, it was like look at these bunch of mid table losers happy to win at last, what u need to realise is before now, we were a team that PLAYS BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL, and still WIN THE MATCH inevitably, hell that’s why I joined arsenal in the first place, now we celebrate for managing to draw or scrape a win… Think: would bergkamp, lungberg or henry celebrate at Anderlecht???

  6. The win was vital no doubt, but still we are not playing at our best with our defense asking questions, improvement is still needed!

  7. A win matters, but from deep inside we all know we are not performing well and we are not good enough.
    Luck can only buy us a game or two.

  8. The word the british players at Arsenal not including Chambers keep like to say ‘massive’.They keep saying we have massive games coming up but they don’t play the whole 90 like it is a massive game. Walcott says it, Chamberlain says it, Wilshere says it, Ramsey says and yesterday after the game Gibbs says it. Gibbs also goes onto say everyone gave 100%, then that must mean Sanchez gave 1000% yesterday.

    Did you see what happened when the ball came off the post, almost every one of our defenders was watching after the second shot was taken right after it came of the bar, no attempt to block it.

  9. Given the talent available the inconsistency of last season and the poor displays of this season suggest, even to my feeble mind, that all the hype and positive comments made are just a sham. “There`s something wrong at mill”, there is no unison they play like headless cows.

    1. There’s definitely something wrong… Our defence us a shambles, our defensive midfielder is inadequate, our attacking midfielders can’t create chances and our strikers can’t finish.

      We have some of the best defenders in the league – what’s the problem? Injuries.. And Mertesacker hasn’t quite looked up to it so far this season. Also as we all know, we need a new centre back.

      I like Flamini, he puts in the work. He may not have the quality, but he is one of the few in the team you can’t fault for effort. But yes, we need better.

      Attacking midfielders, I’m not really sure why we aren’t making chances, pass accuracy seems to be off, no runners is the issue I guess. Tactical issue – too many attacking midfielders on the pitch together.

      Wingers. We have great wingers – I just wish we played them more often rather than shifting an attacking midfielder onto the wing. Alexis is good, but he can’t do it all, we need a threat from both sides. Stop wasting talent on the bench.

      Strikers. Well, we don’t have the best strikers around, we all know that. But we should be scoring more goals. Losing Giroud was a big blow, but Welbeck hasn’t been too shabby, just missing the ‘cutting edge’, the ability to make the difference.

      It just hasn’t clicked for us this season, but I’m confident we have the quality in the team to do well, not beating Chelsea or Man City, but certainly to finish above United and Liverpool.

  10. The safety net of 4th place
    ECL qualification has allowed
    2nd, 3rd even 4th to be
    celebrated. Is it such a bad thing?
    Rewarding the top 6 spreads the
    goodies around so why not?

  11. By the way, anyone know how long Koscielny is out? I don’t think I can take another Monreal – Mertesacker CB partnership. I get terrified whenever the ball is in our half, even if we have possession.

    1. Why was chambers not at CB? He is much better than Monreal, another one of Wenger’s deadline day panic buys.
      The only time I have ever seen the Arsenal fan base united is when they said in unison ‘Nacho who?’

    1. Sell? No. I wouldn’t sell any of them. I think we just need to find a system that works. So what if that means someone has to stay on the bench?
      Oh, I know a system we could use! The one we used last season. It worked pretty well for us, with better quality in the team it should work even better. Why Wenger seemingly refuses to play it this season I don’t know..

      1. And that’s what’s tough Mick, our system wasn’t broken. We we’re close. Needed another speedy dynamic winger, needed a pacy vertical forward, needed a Sagna replacement, got all 3 of those. Had to get a new CDM and CB and we failed to. That said, we did enough to be in a better position than we are now.
        What didn’t last year have in our 4231 a whole lot? Jack. Arsene looked at it and said I want us to do well but I must have Jack in the team. How can I get Jack in the team? 4-1-4-1 gets me Jack and Aaron in the team.
        We’ve struggled ever since

  12. For years people have complemented our style of play even when we didn’t win anything. Now, even that is fading away.

    Our defense hasn’t been great either. I think last night Bellerin should have been right back and Chambers should have played CB instead of Monreal. Monreal has been very good as left back but CB didn’t look good.

    Win is a Win ” is good in theory but if we had played Dortmund last night we could have lost 4-0 or worse and team like Madrid or Munich would have destroyed us

  13. C’mon boys!! Let’s back our team! There’s absolutely no reason so bash them. Stay behind them, support them and watch every game. You can’t make decisions so if you’re complaining, go support a different team. We’re all gooners here, start acting like one. Plus, good times are lookin ahead. Walcott comes back and when was the last time we saw arsenal score an early goal? That’s what Walcott does. Just wait for alexis and Walcott to link up with welbeck in the center. So much pace! Now let’s start winning arsenal FC!!!

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