Is Arsenal star struggling to hit form after Copa America

I am not going to be too hard on the Arsenal and Chile international star, because Alexis Sanchez at 80 percent is better than most Premier League players in top form. But the fantastic forward does seem to be struggling a little to find the form that made us vote him our best player of last season.

Even against Newcastle, though, when things were not quite happening for him, Alexis was one of the few Arsenal players that looked like they might provide the opening goal. In fact, if Theo Walcott had been on his toes and had brought his finishing boots with him, then the Chilean´s long range shot which Tim Krul could only parry would have made the game a lot less stressful.

However, we do need Alexis on top of his game because he can win a match on his own and is a vital player for us. But I don´t think we need to worry as there is a good reason for him being not quite on it yet and I think the upcoming international break could be just the thing to sort him out.

I reckon it is the same mental and physical after effects that Ozil and Mertesacker struggled with last season after winning the World Cup. This summer´s Copa America trophy was the first in Chile´s history and I think it is taking the Arsenal striker some time to really get back on track, but he is heading back to Chile next week for one friendly game against Paraguay. I think this trip home will help Alexis and his team mates to get their heads round their achievement and get their focus back to the present.

Mark my words, Arsenal will have the real Alexis back before too long and then watch us go…

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    1. You know No im not worried either about his form, but what im worried about is the over reliance in him, we have become a one man team. Literally no one has stepped up to the plate, Giroud looks lost. Walcott… well he is so islolated during games he might aswell be growing coriander in the shetlands.. such is his usefulness. We were quick to jump on the back of anyone last season who insisted Sanchez was carriying the team… ohh how foolish we were.

    2. I must say this is my final post on this site last week arsenal was 3 players away from being title contenders now we are about 6. I am starting my boycott by not watching this team or buying any merchandise if only us fans were more objective and serious about our team it wouldnt be 11 years and counting that we are not even be considered as genuine title contenders even crystal palace and Swansea city seems to be more aggressive and focus than arsenal I hope none of you all gets a heart attack after the window closes and we make a panic buy and sign Mahrez from Leicester this is such a stupidly run club

      1. Please stop watching Arsenal. We don’t need fans like you, oh sorry you actually are not a fan. A fan loves the club no matter what. If people like you are fans then small clubs would never have fans.

        1. And you are? I never see a bunch of patethic fans like you that support stupidity and poor performances eg Ozil who is the worst 10 in the league at a top 4 club. arsenal sucks and we get worst every year maybe you haven’t seen it because you have been a fan for a few hours.

  1. Sanchez should have been rested
    until after the inter break.
    He plays because apparently
    even an unfit jaded Sanchez is better than any one else 🙁
    Walcott 10 seasons Ox 4th season both called up
    for international duty but not trusted at the club?
    Wellbeck 16 mill panic buy not good enough.
    Rosicky 35 injury prone pleaded with the club to let him go.
    Wilshere the next Diarby.
    Campbell (22) and Wellington (22) on “loan” read not good enough.
    If players are not prepared well then it’s the managers fault.
    If the players are not good enough why are they still here?
    Same 15 players all season again. 17 if we buy a couple.
    Poor old Sanchez is gonna be run into the ground.
    Bring in Adelaide. He’s better than half the team already.

  2. Alexis needs a break……after the copa he has been training privately without sufficient rest…

    We need to sign a LW to provide competition and cover for him too

  3. I love when i can have a simply i told you so rant…. Alexis is tired, as i said nearly 4 months ago, which im assuming the majority of us where aware of due to the copa amerîca. But what i also did mention was the fact that Giroud and Walcott in his absence (which i assumed he would have had just to get him fit and ready, but we are in a bit of a desperate situation) wouldn’t cut it. A lot of pundits after the first game vs West Ham mentioned atributed that lack luster performance as early season ‘nerves’ and that we would shake the monkey off our back, well wake up and smell the roses.. between our strikers and our amazing attacking flair we have managed to bag 1 goal… the others were own goals. Despite being on the top 4 of chances created 43 we have only managed to convert less than 5% that is inclusive shots on target. So just for the benefit of all of us can someone elaborate as to when Giroud will hit form or when the switch in Walcotts head will be activated to let him know he is now a striker … Just to ease the irritation im experiencing

    1. Do people really care that much that the goals weren’t written up as one of our own??
      I really don’t like how people are acting as though they count for less. Seriously, all I care about is the 3pts and both OG’s have resulted in away wins which i’ll take any day..
      Are you sure we’re top 4? We’d created the most in the league until Newcastle and had another 20 odd against them, thought it’d be top-2 at least.
      Anyhoo, when we’re obviously not playing to anywhere near the form, fluidity and tempo we’ve shown previously and creating that much I take it as a positive. Our front-3 are clearly rusty and Sanchez seems immune to that criticism despite missing the target completely with a peach of a chance vs Liverpool. Ramsey’s playing confidently and I feel he’s got his share of goals in him, only a matter of time before Giroud or Theo finds their scoring touch.

      1. Whilst i agree… i’ve also got to point out the stupidity in what our players said… not about title ambitions… which in all honesty are now absurd.. but about how we should ‘hit the ground running’ and ‘we are a force to be reckoned with’ its easier said than done the over confidence pissed me off last season, and i agree with Roy Keane (something i never thought i’d do) we’re fixated on the way we look as opposed to what we do on the pitch.. we’ve gone from ‘the invincibles’ to the ‘instagram whores’

        1. And how old are you if you don’t mind me asking??
          The whole instagram and selfie thing is really as stupid as it gets. If they were on the sidelines of games taking selfie’s while the other team was counter-attacking i’d understand… If they had their phones out in training sessions and at the gym i’d understand.
          But the way people take snippets of players personal lives as though it’s a telling sign of their commitment is just so narrow minded. I saw a few commenters on here even suggest that celebrating the community shield with a few happy snaps was unacceptable in their eyes.

          You realize these players are allowed to have their own lives away from football??

        2. I don’t know why we complain of Sanchez was not the only Chile player who won the copa America for his country, Vidal is already doing great for Bayern,he even resume earlier than Sanchez cut his break shot to join his new club, Why the hell are we talking about Sanchez needing more rest?
          All i’m saying is not about enough rest but being out of form at the moment we don’t have to depend on one player to carry us always. Newcastle game was lucky win with 10 men and we only fought hard to win by own goal. what a shameful play by the boys,no fighting spirit,no plan B from the coach, we could not score in the box,why not try from outside box and expect more deflection? To be honest with this kind of play i don’t see us challenging for the BPL not to talk of Champions league. some may turn me down but i know what i’m saying.

          Good luck ONE LOVE GUNNERS

          1. Shameful? To win away? If that’s the case 17 more shameful league displays please boys!
            We won with Plan-B. They were content sitting deep, so we were content with them not coming at us. Do you honestly believe the way we played was our go-to plan?

  4. I’m really not a fan of the term ‘burn-out’ as I feel it gets thrown around way too carelessly.
    But I do get the feeling having a huge last season, no pre-season and the rushed return after a disappointing first game of season has hindered him returning to his best.
    He’s obviously vital in our attack, and I’ve personally never witnessed a forward with his desire, self-belief and work-rate. It’s just something else. But the fact that he very rarely, if not ever plays in anything but top gear, Wenger needs to learn to tell him to sit.

    Next week’s a bit of a doozy.
    Stoke (h), Dinamo (a), Chelsea (a).

    Stoke have a few players out but as we’ve seen so far, no 3pts should be taken for granted. With Bayern in our group taking 6pts off Dinamo is very much needed.
    But the Chelsea game? Phewee!! A chance to put this big of a ding in their already struggling season is simply mouth-watering. And to be perfectly honest… Start of season if you asked me if I’d trade 3pts at home v West Ham for 3pts at the bridge I’d have said almost certainly… Hopefully! (fingers crossed) City cool off a bit before we have to face them… But Chelsea? A win against them a month ago and them playing this badly, great time to go to their place!!

    But to my original point. The league being so tight and us being handed a tough group in the CL is going to be hard to manage. I’ve been juggling potential teams in my head and I’m very curious how Wenger will approach these three. Though the midweek game is important, can’t help but think the Chelsea game will have more significance on our season and a win away at a ground that we’ve been so poor on would inspire a lot of belief.

    1. Stoke Dynamo Chelsea
      Spurs Leicester
      Olympiakos Man Utd.
      Watford Bayern Everton
      Swansea Bayern Tottenham.
      That just gets us through to Nov 8th.!!!
      We’ll be fine Wilshere Wellbeck and Rosicky
      will be back and Arteta and Flamini will be firing.

  5. Dream: Messi requests Arsenal move.

    Hope: We sign Cavani

    Expectation: Some ‘good’ striker like Huntelaar perhaps.

    Reality: Yaya Sanogo recalled from loan.

    1. You forgot the failed attempt to sign Riyad Mharez…. Ive only been away for 2 weeks and i here we go from World class to Jamie Vardy’s understudy… Holy F#ck, who’s Arsenals chief negotiator and scout the pair of them need to be fired.

  6. If we need a DM to rotate and provide cover for Le Coq

    We defnitely need a LW to provide cover and competition for Alexis

    hes tired and burning out!!

    Alexis cant play in every game

    1. Dude, he’s played three and a bit games this season!!
      I don’t think he should play all three games coming up but the international break should do him some good.

      1. And if I was a top LW. I’d be somewhat skeptical about coming to a new club to compete with Sanchez…

      2. WC last season and Copa….hes burning out…

        he needs some compeition and cover….just like Coq

  7. Yes Ox and Theo rotating
    on the right is the best
    depth in the league.
    Need someone to rest Sanchez on
    the left every 3rd or 4th game.
    But who? Ramsey?
    Montero the Swansea guy is only 7 mill?
    May be the new signing can play left wing.
    My choice would be Adelaide.

  8. @digusted:i hope that you are going to keep your word and stop posting on this site!!tired of this constant and repeated negativity,criticizing just for the sake of it with no real substance to it !!COYG

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