Is Arsenal the EPL side that PSG star is set to join in January?

The priority for Arsenal in the January transfer window is likely to be for a central defender, as the recent injury problems of Laurent Koscielny have highlighted just how thin the Arsenal squad is in the defensive area. But many Arsenal fans will be hoping that Arsene Wenger finally accepts that he needs to sign a combative central midfielder to strengthen the spine of the team as well.

And that player could well be the France and PSG star Yohan Cabaye, according to Olivier Bernard, who also played for France as well as Cabaye’s former team Newcastle. The former Magpie wrote in his column for local paper the Chronicle that he is certain that the midfielder will leave his current club and return to the Premier League in January, after failing to force his way into the French champions’ starting XI on a regular enough basis to guarantee him a place in the France national team.

And Cabaye’s fellow Frenchman seems to think that Arsenal is the most likely destination for Cabaye, who Arsene Wenger has already tried to sign once, while he was playing for Newcastle.

Bernard wrote, “Yohan did not join PSG with any guarantees that he would be starting games and the problem for him is that when he has been playing or starting, he’s been struggling to really make the sort of impact that he made with Newcastle.

“He will be back in England in January, absolutely no doubt. He will come back to the Premier League and he will already be looking for a club to join that will get him the games that he needs to guarantee him a place in the France squad.

“Will that be with Newcastle? Well you can never rule anything out in football, but they will be very lucky to get him in January. If they do it will probably mean that there isn’t an offer from one of the clubs that is playing in the Champions League.

“He loved his time here and I’m sure he wouldn’t rule it out completely – but I think it will be to go somewhere like Arsenal or even Liverpool, two teams that probably need a player who can play in that role that he occupies.

“Yohan is better suited to the English game than the French game. I know he came to Newcastle with a good reputation but if I am going to be brutally honest, I will say that he was never really all that good in France.

“He was a big player in the league but his performances were between average and above average most of the time. He was good but not great. The game in France doesn’t really suit him the same way that the game in the Premier League does, and that’s why he is not playing for PSG.

“Think about the things that Yohan is really good at: he’s very hard when he needs to be and he’s a clever player when he’s on the ball. I think that he suits the quicker tempo of the English game where he can make a run, he can attack the box and he can take a chance because defences don’t play quite the same way in France.”

So what do you think, Gooners, is it time for Wenger to try again for Cabaye and is he the right player to fix our defensive midfield problems?

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  1. Zzzzzzzzz.

    Not even close to January, this is just a poop article.

    Really here for the posts, never used to be the case.

    Any news on Gnabry or Kos.?

      1. He almost bought all the world stars and end up buying none…stingy old Wenger….we are tired of hearing all his excuses… Let his take a bow now that the ovation is a little up.

  2. Yohan Cabaye and Yoan Gourcuff
    are being signed in January by Wenger.
    Not to fix de fense at Arsenal
    but to build de fence around
    Wenger’s house 🙂

  3. Sanogo really needs to go on loan,i think he feels the pressure when playing for us plus it would help him to learn alot playing week in week out.there is something special about that kid

    1. Sanogo special? More like donkey who can sort of play football. He will never be a top player his touch is too poor, technique like that is difficult to learn when you pass the critical age of development in early adolescence

      1. His his touch any worse than welbecks? Sanogoo is a very good prospect and has over30 youth international goals very impressive we should try and loan him to a relaxation contender because he has the physicality to help such a team out .

        Cabaye would be an excellent signing if arteta isn’t getting a new contract. He would be the perfect replacement whilst getting a battler to replace flamini and coqulan who are both likely to leave soon

        1. He is a deep-lying player who plays beside a very physical DM (Tiote) from what i have seen of him in his very numbered days at Newcastle.

          If we are to bring him, than he will be a replacement for Arteta, but i think we already have Jack for that, so i can’t see this transfer happening.

  4. Your all disillusioned if you think Wenger will change.
    The Arse is heading for another repeat another average season.

  5. OT:wenger is planning on giving diaby a new deal(free wages for nothing),what sh*t mananger we have.he should be freeing space for new talent

  6. Diaby will get a 2 year contract, because many of you think Diaby has been the problem why we do not have a DM, its not Diaby fault its the manager

    1. I have nothing against diaby getting a new contract if it’s pay as you play.he shouldn’t be garenteed a place in the squad maybe as coqulan replacement in terms of expectations. Wenger should see the same specialist who used the horse placenta to restrengthen Rvp leg

  7. Cabaye would be a good signing but not what we really crave. He does play with more aggresion than most of our midfielders’s bar Flamini but can also play football. I really don’t know what DM we could buy, Kondogbia said he won’t leave in January, Carvalho would be a gamble, Schneirderlin will cost more than he’s worth and then I’m running out of options.

  8. @Ks-Gunner….. He almost bought all the world stars and end up buying none…stingy old Wenger….we are tired of hearing all his excuses… Let his take a bow now that the ovation is a little up.

  9. Cabaye would not be my first choice but he is better than Arteta so if we can’t find anyone else I would reluctantly sign Cabaye. The problem is, I can’t see Wenger benching Arteta for Cabaye. Nor can I see Cabaye coming to Arsenal. If his issue is playing time, he would not be guaranteed playing time at Arsenal.

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