Is Arsenal the ‘new club’ Mahrez is in talks with?

This is not a specific Arsenal transfer rumour as such, because there are other clubs in the Premier League, including our north London rivals Tottenham, and elsewhere in Europe, with Italy’s Serie A club Roma having already had a few bids for Riyad Mahrez turned down.

Arsenal fans will obviously hoping that it is Arsenal who the Leicester City winger is currently in transfer talks with, though. The Algerian international star looks certain to sign for someone today, as the Algerian football federation released a statement declaring that Mahrez had been given permission to leave the national squad’s training to sort out his transfer.

They wrote, “Leicester City’s Algerian international Riyad Mahrez, who is currently with the national team in Sidi Moussa to prepare for the double confrontation against Zambia for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, was authorised by the national coach Lucas Alcaraz and the Algerian Football Federation to make an express trip to Europe to formalise on Thursday his transfer to his new club.

“The national team will fly without him on Thursday morning to Lusaka to face Zambia on Saturday.”

So could it be that Arsene Wenger, after missing out on our reported top target Thomas Lemar of AS Monaco, has reacted to the club’s needs and the fans frustration by formalising his transfer interest in the 26-year old? I for one am hoping so, but am not holding my breath.

If it is not Arsenal then we can only hope that it is Roma or some other club not in the English Premier League. Fingers crossed Gooners.



  1. Quantic Dream says:

    I hope not! Mahrez is Ozil 2.0…and I think we have all had enough of Ozil, don’t you?

    1. tas says:

      better to have a player that wants to be there then a player who is desperate to leave

      1. tas says:

        as OX showed last weekend

  2. tas says:

    OFF TOPIC= it seams Liverpool fans are rely disappointed that they are getting average OX over Lamar if only we can sign Lamar we could have the last lough over OX situation, only in my dreams

    1. gmv8 says:

      I feel something has to happen, the whole atmosphere is toxic at the moment. I feel that although Lemar would be great, our defence is shot to bits now, after looking not bad, and VVD would make more sense at this time. I don’t understand the logic of selling Gabriel, and then paying twice that for Jonny Evans. All defenders sold have been at the younger end of our defence, so we only have two defenders (Bellerin and Holding) in their 20s, and (hopfully) not so injury prone, while the rest are in their 30s.

      1. tas says:

        i fear nothing will happen today not from trying but from not paying enough

        just about every descent player on the planet was inquired by Arsenal and only two and a half was bought and Arsen unashamedly tells us who wanted to come but we didn’t pay enough and now i fear even money cant buy good players to come to Arsenal

      2. Me says:

        I don’t think anything will happen.
        It seems like he is a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.
        Just sitting there and doing nothing.
        If we struggle the atmosphere at home is going to be very nasty to say the least – people pay a lot of money to watch Arsenal, they will not be pleased with this..
        Within the game people say he is a very intelligent and articulate man. This is just self destruction for him to behave this way.
        I think psychologically there is something very wrong here – what ever it is it seems he is not fit to take on this responsibility of managing Arsenal.
        Like many before me – he needs to leave..

  3. Gily says:

    I’m not interested in any more news. All I’m interested in is for the transfer window to slam close.

  4. JustJoy says:

    if wenger goes for mahrez then it shows how clueless he is. how will the club show intent on closing day of transfer?

    what were they thinking since the transfer window opened? whats this all about. crying for #change.

    1. tas says:

      i think Arsenal is dong a American reality show without us knowing as all reality shows you have to throw in a spanner everyday to keep viewers interested and wanting more 🙂

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