Is Arsenal transfer target after Mustafi blow cover or upgrade?

Arsene Wenger may have been wondering whether this season would see Arsenal have any better luck on the injury front. He only needed to ask me or just about anybody who has paid the blindest bit of attention to the comings and goings of the Arsenal treatment room over the last few years.

The ongoing problem of Arsenal losing key players like Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla for long periods of time has been noticed by the manager and he has been trying for years to put it right by bringing in new fitness and conditioning experts to join the backroom staff, but nothing seems to have made much difference.

I wonder whether Wenger would have thought the problem had been sufficiently addressed had Shkodran Mustafi not played that final World Cup qualifier for Germany. Maybe so, but the fact that it was a hamstring issue and not caused by any incident on the pitch suggests that there is still an underlying problem at the club.

So with Per Mertesacker unable to play every game and with Laurent Koscielny managing an ongoing Achilles problem, Wenger may have decided that the Gunners do need more cover at the back. There are reports that we are already out looking, with Talksport reporting the rumour from Italy that the Napoli centre back Nikola Maksimovic is one of the possible targets being tracked by Arsenal.

Do we want cover for the current Gunners defenders, though, or an upgrade?



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Our main issue is always the finishing…the final quarter

    We keep passing around the ball…but nobody wants to shoot

    1. Frank says:

      Özil is NOT world class.
      To miss that chance and ironically we lose 2-1 from being 1-0 up before he comes on the field.
      Defence starts from the front and Arsenal can’t afford to have passengers like Özil in the team. I’m so sick of this guy. We would have won with the energy of Ramsey or Wilshere.

      1. John Ibrahim says:


        He doesnt defend

        Ozil should not have played…

        fans should be pushing hard for Ozil to leave

        Ozil Out!!

        1. Frank says:

          The problem is John that a lot of fans see a few nice passes rather than the whole game.

          1. gmv8 says:

            What I didn’t get was, why Lacazette was pulled off, and Ozil put on, when the only person who Ozil could’ve benefited, was Lacazette’s through runs, which no one else had picked up. It was very obvious, that our central midfield was not up to the task, lacking both shielding strength and play making ability. I don’t know what’s happened to Xhaka, but he just doesn’t seem to be bothered about exerting himself in any game nowadays. Change has to come from the top, if the majority share holder doesn’t care about results on the field, that filters down through the whole club. Kroenke out.

          2. John Ibrahim says:

            theres nothing wrong is pulling out Lacazette….to minimise injury risk and burn out…

            additionally to give some minutes to the rest of the players and make them happy….

            No one likes to warm the bench for long periods without playing….

            The same with City and Utd….they sub their players as well

          3. BuddReloaded says:

            Actually that was very wrong in taking out Lacazette because everyone and their dog knows that the last 15 minutes of the game players are so tired and there is the chance for a lethal striker like Laczette to finish off the game. There’s no burnout on Lacazette, Giroud was the one playing for France. Wenger just shows he does not know what to do with Lacazette AND Ozil. Ozil came replacing Welbeck, so upfront. If anything , when opposition comes at you you revert back to 442 and clog the midfielder. This is a lesson in the “Tactics for dummies” everyone knows. We had Wilshere ready. And btw, once Koscielny got out you don’t bring in another defender, you still clog the midfield because all Watford team was at the halfway line. I am done and dusted, fml. Wenger is just so bad these days in building up games it isn’t even funny.

  2. Sam 111 says:

    You are not telling me we conceded those goals because of Ozil surely

  3. Oyewole oyedeji says:

    I really don’t understand why lacazette has to be pulled out,if we didn’t get to play champions league at the end of the season then wenger should go,he seems not to be compliant with modern day tactics. What’s wrong with Wenger is what I don’t understand,why he want to ruin all his good years at arsenal is something of a concern. He kept making the same mistake what if we play the 2 Manchester clubs? Someone should tell Mr Wenger to wake up from slumber. This club is turning into a mid table team. Ozil? Why did he play at all? Well we l see how the season pan out.

  4. jermaine bryan says:

    We are talkin about cb here,

    1)koulibaly one of the best in Italy
    2)van dijk one of the best in bpl
    3)de vrij (free in the summer)
    4)Gimenez (free in the summer)

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