Is Arsenal’s £21m transfer target good cover for Cazorla?

We will never know if things would have been different for Arsenal last season if the Spanish international was fit and available to play for any more than the eight Premier League games he managed to play, but a lot of Arsenal fans think that the loss of Santi Cazorla to a long term injury had a large and negative bearing on our disappointing campaign.

Even though Arsene Wenger has quite a few options for the central midfield position that the little magician has made his own, with the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka, there is a real sense that none of them gives the Gunners the same as Santi.

At 32-years old Cazorla is getting towards the end of his prime and Wenger may be worried that another injury next season would be disastrous for our title chances, which could be why Arsenal are apparently ready to make a £21 million transfer bid for the Schalke and Germany international star Leon Goretzka, according to Sky Sports.

The 22-year old is a powerful player with good technical ability to control a game and he also chips in with goals and assists as Cazorla does, managing an impressive eight Bundesliga goals and six assists last season to help Schalke finish in 10th place.

There is said to be interest from quite a few high profile clubs but it is Arsenal who look like making the first move, so could Goretzka give Arsenal the cover we need for Cazorla?



  1. He’s not as smooth or silky as Santi, but he’s definitely got some good technical abilities on the ball. He’ll be a welcome addition for sure, especially given the fact that we probably won’t see our little magician until November.

  2. I hope it’s true he’d be a good signing. He has allot about his game, looks ideal for this league. Santi has special qualities but I think we never really got the midfield balance very right. We were never quite powerful enough and some teams preyed on that. Not that it’s Santis fault, it just wasn’t quite good enough for combating different styles of play. Wenger seems to be moving away from his old ways, he’s starting to target a different type of player. Xhaka, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac, and aswell the bid for Vardy shows he’s looking for players that have some bite in their play. Alexis of course shows that attribute a great deal. Well we’ll see how the transfer season goes and then we should know some more.

  3. So wait a minute.Are Arsenal looking for a defensive midfielder or a box to box player.I’m really disappointed in Xhaka’s defending.He’s very good with his long passing but I don’t think he’s the best option when it comes to box to box.In Arsenal he’s normally used as the defensive midfielder particular deep lying playmaker and this actually means that we need someone who is fantastic at attacking and can also do very well defensively so as to compliment for Xhaka’s defensive short comings.Ludo Goretzka is very good defensively from the little I’ve seen but I don’t really know much about his attacking qualities.But I also hope Arsenal does not forget about Mario Lemina.He’s a complete midfielder and to me has the capabilities to be one of Europe’s best if given the chance.He can defend very well and attack very well.He’s a player Juventus would regret selling.As for Goretzka I know he’s very good defensively but have’t seen much of him in terms of attack.If he’s as good as in attack I’d sign him.

    1. Hahaha ?? And there’s me thinking that Wenger was sentimental ??? ? Just incase you guys never noticed ?Cazorla retired 2 seasons ago.

  4. Sky sports didn’t report this rumour it was teamtalk that did….sky sports only repeated it and gave a detailed profile about him

  5. This player made a statement the other day, regarding this rumour and according to him it’s all a load of made up rubbish. He also stated that if & when there is anything to report, he will report it.

    1. Sky sports are also reporting on other media’s BS! Nowadays ?? times must be hard for them aswell, it’s all about the Click Click Click, Suck my ????

  6. wenger please buy Romero of southanton £30m for him to help xhaka, Romero is a good box to box mefilder and if Wenger get trust me xhaka will flow well and again buy lacazett £52m and keep opsina, bellarin and Sanchez or if Sanchez wish to go to city they should give us aguero that is it. then if there is money you buy lemar from Monaco £27m then buy Gibson £25m from Sunderland to help for our central defence if there is any injury check it out all will cost £135m. sell Walcott£25m, Gerioud £25m, Gibbs£15, Wilshire £25m, debuchy £10m, all will accumulate £1000m please my fellow gunners is this not a good plane what is hard here noting…

    Sanchez lacazett ozil
    sead Romero xhaka bellarin
    kolscelny mustafi Gibson

  7. West Ham are ready to splash £50 million for Giroud & Walcott.
    ?? Take the money and Run Forest Run ??

  8. Sad day when cazorla stops putting on our shirt.
    Similar to the day I cried tears for rosicky 🙂

  9. 21 year old Aleksandr Golovin, at £10m looks a bargain too, for a ball playing midfield ball winner. Worth a try, in my view.

  10. I wish i could actually reverse Santi’s age, but we know at some point he will retire from football, Goretzka seem like a wonderful alternative, he is not the technical master that santi is, but what he gives from watching him at schalke and the confederation cup is a tireless engine. very good defensively and offensively, really would be a great buy for arsenal. Lemar or lemina would be great also, lemar for more of is offensive work and lemina for is defensive work, anyone of 3 would be great

  11. Are we looking for Defensive minded People? or Guys that are good with passes and can drive forward like carzola?
    Golovin can drive forward but not that defensive, same as Seri
    Iddrisa Guaye Gana can defend , box to box, but not 100% good with pass
    Goretzka is ok defensive not the best now but going forward not too good
    Mario Lemina is Little less like Pogba………
    But the Best option that will compliment our Midfield now is Nainggolan
    He’s also a winner just like Sanchez, He’s strong, Powerfull, Creates and score goals too. He defends so well too, though he’s 29 years of Age but he’s has alot of experience we need to challenge for EPL and he will compliment Xhaka well too.

  12. Golovin plays in midfield for CSKA and is very defensive, when required. His interception rates and number of times he wins back possession is good for one so young (of course, I agree it is the Russian league). He may not be an immediate answer but certainly one I’d like to have in my camp now rather than against me, sometime later.

  13. Golovin suits the Carzola role..he would be a great acquisition. Leon would add power to the midfield.and efficiency..he is a Lampard type. Lemar is purely an attacking gem..anyone of them would improve our quality.

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