Is Arsenal’s attack really sixth best in the division? (Opinion)

TalkSPORT pundit Alan Brazil claimed that Arsenal’s front-three is the sixth best in the Premier League, whilst claiming that rivals Tottenham’s was better than Liverpool’s in the process.

All of this season’s top sides have made big signings this summer, with Liverpool bringing in Diogo Jota from Wolves, Spurs signing both Carlos Vinicius and Gareth Bale in on loan, and Man United adding to Edinson Cavani and Donny Can De Beek to their star-studded squad, but how they all operate as a team is yet to be seen.

TalkSPORT is known for their outlandish opinion chatter over the years, and their guests are generally always biased in one way or another, and yesterday’s rankings will most certainly differ depending on who was asked, but how do Arsenal’s fans rank their attack in comparison to their rivals.

Alan Brazil named the front-threes of the top clubs on TalkSPORT in this order:

Spurs (Bale, Kane, Son)
Liverpool (Mane, Firmino, Salah)
Man City (Sterling, Aguero, Mahrez)
Everton (Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin, Rodriguez)
Man United (Rashford, Martial, Greenwood)
Arsenal (Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe)
Chelsea (un-named)

Firstly you have to name the front three…

I’ll not disagree with Mr Arteta on this one, and will go with his preferred Aubameyang, Lacazette and Willian trio, although arguments could certainly be made for both Bukayo Saka or Nicolas Pepe on last season’s form.

I certainly wouldn’t trade the trio for any combination of Marcus ‘Penalty’ Rashford (35% of his 17 league goals last term were penalties), Anthony ‘zero shots on target this season’ Martial, Mason Greenwood or Edinson ‘not going to cut-it’ Cavani. That puts us up to fifth at least…

Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison and James Rodriguez came next in fourth, and on current form, you can’t actually argue that our attack is better, but as the saying goes, ‘form is temporary, class is not’.

Manchester City’s front three is also up for debate, although I’m not sure they even know who the third man is to join Aguero and Raheem Sterling this season, while Tottenham are being judged on the hope that Gareth Bale can turn back the years after doing very little over the past two years.

I’m not going to go out and claim that Arsenal have the best attack in the division on paper, but I firmly believe that Mikel Arteta will have these guys scoring more than some of the above.

Do Everton deserve to be considered after only three matches this term? Where do you rank our attack compared to our league rivals?



    1. I thinks the Spuds are far more lethal than ours. The Son and Kane pair is at least as good as the Salah and Mane combo. Add Bale to the mix… We have Lacazette who is not prolific, and will never be! Pepe has yet to show any kind of consistent form.

    2. yeah spurs front 3 is definitely better. United front 3 is too. If we are looking at goal contributions, Auba lifts most of the weight and carried our attack for most of last season. Laca pops in here and there, Pepe even less so. I think there are several better front 3’s than ours. Spurs, United, Liverpool, City. Everton i think is too soon to say. And Chelsea dont really know what they’re doing right now.

  1. Why should we even consider anything said by Alan Brazil?Has a huge head , but a very small brain.Liverpool have proved they have the best.There is no debate.

  2. All that was said depends on form & appearances, & who’s played who already etc, you can’t even come close to comparing after 3/4 games, some teams have started badly seem hungover due to no preseason, others on the list ie Bale hasn’t even played, how the hell Brazil knows how well Bale will play consistently is anybody’s guess as I think he will be a flop, Man C front 3 always get goal same as Liverpool & even Man U will have a good front 3 regardless, on paper we have one of the most expensive front 3 but none of this really matters does it, silly comments again from Talksport just to arouse argument & split loyalties

    1. As a striker Aubameyang is as good as any strker in the EPL. As a trio Aumamayang, Lacazette and Pepe are OK, but not great. Laca has lost his magic and Pepe is yet to find it.

  3. I think it’s a bit premature for this kind of debate. You can’t assess performance “on paper”.Another thing to consider is that other than Liverpool, there’s hardly any other side with a consistent front 3 .We’ll have a clear picture after about 70% of the season is done

  4. I do tune into TALKSPORT a lot, but mostly avoid the relentlessly downmarket Alan Brazil show . I listen to Jim White, now joined most weekdays by the charismatic and cerebral Simon Jordan at 10am. A far better class of real and meaningful debate, esp from Jordan (who is different class) with little downmarket nonsense to waste the hours away.
    As for the best front three, you will always have many differing opinions, so just choose your own and my advice is not to worry about those who disagree with you, as that will, inevitably, be most people, WHICHEVER front three you choose.

    In any case, a team is 11 ,or even 18 to choose from, not 3! You do not decide the best meal you have ever had by whose aftermeal coffee is best!

  5. The Arsenal forward line, is what it is in whatever combination Arteta chooses to play.
    Alan Brazil has just expressed his opinion and opinions don’t score goals or win games. Time will tell at the end of the season, which club has the most effective front three.
    Line ups on paper have never won any game.

  6. Keeping current form aside:

    1. Liverpool (Mane, Firmino, Salah)
    2. Man City (Sterling, Aguero, Mahrez)
    3. Spurs (Bale, Kane, Son)
    4. Chelsea (Pulisic Werner Ziyech)
    5. Arsenal (Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe)
    6. Everton (Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin, Rodriguez)
    7. Man United (Rashford, Martial, Greenwood)

    As much as it hurt to put Arsenal on 5th (and would love to be proven wrong), the majority of the attacking contributions come from Aubameyang, who IMO is among top 3 attackers in PL.

    Lacazette occasionally chips in with useful contributions while Pepe, baring few exceptional performances, isn’t cutting it regularly at the moment. Putting Willian there isn’t going to shift the rankings much IMO. The attack still has a lot to prove and hopefully they will get better with the season.

    Although how they perform depends a lot on not just quality, but manager tactics and other players around them. So this is in no way an indication of how many goals they will chip in this season. More like, if given the same manager and the same 8 other players in the team how will they rank.

  7. Bale is not the player he was and may not be a regular starter.The Chelsea front three looks good on paper but as JonF has highlighted so well, every player has to perform to make a successful team.As Bob Paisley once said, a team is only as good as its weakest link , and as Arsenal fans we should recognise the wisdom of that comment.

  8. There is no juridiction for this, are we ranking them on name, potency or record?

    Cos everyone pinpoints liverpool, can you remind me when last bobby firmino found the net? That is if we use attack potency.

    Most lethal free scoring trio i believe is .

    1. United , rashford . Martial and green tea , lol

    2. City , sterling . Jesus, mahrez

    3. Liverpool. Mane, bob, salah

    4. Chickens, son, kane, maura

    i cant go beyond 4, as neither us, chelsea or everton have consistent front three like those above, had to include liverpool for their consistency regardles of bobby’s decline.

    We all know, if auba gets injured, we are in soup

  9. 1. Mane, Firmino, Salah.

    2. Sterling, Aguero, Mahrez.

    3. Pulisic, Werner, Havertz.

    4. Martial, Cavani, Greenwood.

    5. Saka, Aubameyang, Pepe.

    6. Son, Kane, Bale.

    7. Richarlison, Calvert, James.

    8. Barnes, Vardy,

    My opinion on paper, in that order. But football is all about a combination of units.
    So only the attack cannot be relied upon for good results.

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