Is Arsenal’s Bellerin among world’s best right-backs?

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has been hailed as one of the best three right-backs in the world, but why is our young defender earning such praise?

The 21 year-old emerged through our ranks around two years ago and has never looked back, earning plaudits from early into his senior career. The plaudits have not slowed down as he continues to prove to be amazingly consistent despite his age, and can already boast being including in the Premier League Team of the Year for last season.

The defender has now been hailed as one of the top three in his position, which could be a controversially huge claim. Former Arsenal legend Ian Wright is the man to have made the statement, but more interestingly Michael Owen, who himself is known more recently for making naive footballing comments, moved to agree with Wrighty.

The former Gunners and England striker said: “For me at the moment, looking around the world, yes there are decent right-backs but he is up there in the top three, easily.”

Thinking into it, there are definitely less world class players operating as right-backs currently, with Dani Alves sticking out as the best of his era, but he is no longer at the top of his game.

It would be hard to rank a top five, although Dani Carvajal and Philip Lahm for me are up there despite the latter’s age of 33, and I think I would struggle to adamantly name another right-back who was better than our current and future star.

If Bellerin continues to grow and show his amazing consistency up until the end of the campaign, people may already start to name his as THE World’s best…

Do you agree that Bellerin is well up there? Do we fear the potential (inevitable) tag of ‘World’s Best’ could tempt him to look for an exit?

Pat J

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  1. Break-on-through says:

    I agree one hundred percent, you’d be hard pressed to find many of Bellerin’s all round qualities. He’s an amazing weapon to have driving forward out of defence, and then how he can retrieve what looks like a lost cause in both defence and attack is truly remarkable.

    I don’t even think Barcelona realised his defensive capabilities, I read people mention that Barca used him as an attacking winger. If that’s the case well then you’d have to say it was fine recognition on Wenger’s behalf.

  2. Ugabooga says:

    Wish these annoying ads would stop popping up, I understand the need to do it, but can’t I just click once you get the cash and I move on.
    But at the moment it is every article sometimes multiple times.

    Back on topic: Bellerin is awesome no wonder Barca want him, but I just have a gut feeling he is super loyal and it is not about the cash.
    As long as he feels appreciated and can challenge for silverware he ain’t going nowhere.

    1. Ugabooga says:

      Bellerin, Kos, coq and sanchez are the main names I look for on team sheet

      1. chaitanya0411 says:


  3. Twig says:

    He’s up there. Has excellent pace and recovery. Needs to work on his attacking game though. Will come with time.

  4. chaitanya0411 says:


  5. Incarnate says:

    He is the best Right Back in the world, simples!

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