Is Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney overrated? (Opinion)

Adrian Durham accused Kieran Tierney of being overrated this week, claiming there is at least eight better left-backs in the division.

The Scottish international has been a key player since arriving from Celtic in the summer of 2019, picking up 23 Premier League appearances, including starting in eight of our nine league matches this term.

Much of his outings have come on the left of a back three, but more recently he has been back in his preferred left-back role, and Durham is not convinced he is as good as the hype.

“All the Arsenal fans think Kieran Tierney is a future captain and that he’s brilliant,” he told TalkSport‘s drivetime show.

“But he’s on a level with a [Patrick] Van Aanholt or a Luke Shaw.

“He’s behind an Aaron Cresswell or an Enda Stevens, or a [Timothy] Castagne or a Matt Targett… he’s way behind [Sergio] Reguilon and [Lucas] Digne!

“And he’s miles behind, a MILLION MILES behind [Ben] Chilwell and [Andy] Robertson.

“Tierney’s alright, he’s okay, but he’s not going to be the answer to all of Arsenal’s problems.

“And yet, all the fans think he is!”

I don’t think I’m alone in coming to the defence of Tierney here, even if Durham was likely just trying to get a rise out of some Gunners.

Tierney is one of the most balanced defenders in the league, one who rarely makes an error, and one who can not only be strong in defence, but also creative when pushing up the field.

While the likes of Lucas Digne and Sergio Reguilon offer plenty in attack, they are not even half the player defensively as our Scot.

Chilwell and Robertson can have an argument for being better potentially, while the former is probably the most balanced that the league has to offer on current form, but is Chilwell really that far behind?


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  1. Durham is a absolute twat knows nothing about football hes so anti Arsenal its untrue so take no notice of this moron Tierney is doing a great job def not over rated can see him going on to be one of the best left backs in prem league!!

  2. Durham speaks with fork tongue and is a dick at the same time. Who listens to the idiot anyway. Probably the worst presenter on the radio, absolutely garbage.

  3. Certainly not overrated but maybe overhyped. However, that is the Arsenal social media way. Either the next best thing or a bum.

  4. There speaks the most incompetent broadcaster of his generation.A man who thinks he is always right and knows more about football than at least a dozen professional Managers in the EPL who rate Tierney highly.I am amazed he is still employed.

  5. Sensible fans will take the view that whatever that arch self publicist and and ego onlegs Durham ever says is only for his own publicity. He does not believe a word he says even himself.

    Disregard it ,is my advice, and treat it as the absurdity it is! The only one with a problem about Tierney is Durham with his lack of honesty and his enormous ego. Forget this creep!

    He supports Peterborough for goodness sake and so what chance does he have to know a single thing about top level players.

  6. Durham would say that wouldn’t he? He has to stimulate his anti Arsenal agenda, so criticises the most consistently good player in the team. I didn’t hear this on TalkSport so don’t know the response, but would imagine his acolytes were phoning in their support in droves.
    At the risk of upsetting some Just Arsenal red heads…never trust a ginger!!

      1. It’s all about getting publicity for himself to do so you just pick on someone who is really doing well and say his not that good and your in every newspaper and all the haters start believing

  7. Tierney is the best. Plays with heart and passion. Love to watch him play..
    Championship players are:
    Nelson (he thinks he is next messi)
    AMN and

    1. Very sad to say that about our homegrown talent. Still learning and growing to be professionals. I would sooner have them than Pepe or Laccesset

  8. What i love about tierney is that hes old school takes no chances,always plays with heart.
    To be quite honest defensively i think tierney is the best LB(not LCB) in the league.Robertson,chillwell are not great defensively.His crosses are also spot on and his game is super intelligent….

  9. Vote with your radio dial finger.

    Stopped listening to Talkrubbish a while ago now, after sussing Durhams obvious anti Arsenal call generating agenda.

    Thought I’d miss it, fact is……I don’t.

    There’s plenty of Arsenal related content out there to keep me interested, laughing, crying, frustrated and climbing the walls😋

      1. Blimey, Sue P.

        Just a bit of chat .

        Durham hosts drive time which I used to have on driving home from work so my comment was on based that – plus the article was aligned to his comments.

        Having a bad evening ?

        1. No not at all AJ
          I enjoy Talksport in moderation and readily agree that AD is mouthy and up for getting uptight football supporters phoning in on premium rates to vent their spleen. I did enjoy his daily Arsenal though.
          I love Hawksbee and Jacobs who are genuinely funny and Jim White has a good morning show
          I slightly get the Arse when Talksport is mocked when the people who do so have never tuned in

          By the way, I rate Tierey😉

          1. I too used to enjoy “THE DAILY ARSENAL”.
            It was funny banter. 😊
            But I stopped listening to TalkSport around 2015/2016. Not because of Adrian Durham but because I lost interest after we fcked up the 2015/16 second half of the season. We let Leicester and Spurs fight for the title. Was a depressing time.

            And Tierney is a very good player.

  10. Who gives a toss about what that wind-up merchant Adrian Durham says? Young Tierney is a ‘proper’ footballer who always gives 100% and an example to the team. Unlike Bellerin he takes on defenders and can actually cross a ball!! Imo our best LB since Ashley Cole and can only get better – I just love players with his attitude, a steal at £25m.

  11. No one says Tierney’s the complete deal. For me that was Ashley Cole😂 nor is he our saviour, that’s plain dumb but he is the type of player Arsenal needs, full of energy,, enthusiasm and get go to go forward. Now if we had three or four more Tierney’s plus another Partey in the squad, I’d be a lot less gloomy in my expectations for this season.

  12. On a positive note,this obviously biased “commentator has brought the fan base together,something which we haven’t seen much of in recent weeks.

  13. Durham is a fool. He obviously doesn’t even watch the matches. What’s the point in criticizing a very young player in his first season in the PL? I would also argue that Tierney is as good as several of the players that Durham claims are better.

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