Is Arsenal’s Mr Versatile now ready for more first-team action?

The Arsenal youngster Calum Chambers came to Arsenal as a right-back from Southampton, but Arsene Wenger seems to have the idea of turning him into a versatile player and was originally training him as a central defender and more recently giving him lessons in the central midfield.

In yesterday’s game against Burnley, he started in Hector Bellerin’s position and emulated the Spaniard by getting up the field as much as possible and even scored the opening goal. Chambers himself believes that his versatility will give him more chance of playing more often. “I want to be in the first team now,” he said on “I’m training as hard as I can and learning and you take it on the chin. I’m pleased with how things have gone.

“I’m learning in the background. I’m not playing as much and I’m getting on in a few games. I feel like I’m learning in training and watching players in my positions. I have started training in that holding midfield role and played a few games there which was enjoyable.

“I still see myself as centre back and maybe a holding central midfielder. It gives you an opportunity to play. If you are [able to play] in different positions it gives you more of a chance to play and having the knowledge where you want the ball in different positions.

“I’m just concentrating on getting games and training hard and trying to get myself in the squad and the team. I’m just trying to make myself stronger and get nearer the team and things like that. You can’t let yourself get frustrated and you have to remain focused. You have to keep your eye on the goal and concentrate on yourself.”

If Burnley get promoted this season, perhaps Wenger should consider playing Chambers as the striker next year as he seems to like playing against them! “My only two goals have come against Burnley,” Calum continued. “I actually thought about it yesterday! I thought I might sneak a goal and I did.

“It is one of those ones which you do on the training ground. It just came to me and I thought I’d give it a go. It went into the side netting so it was pretty good.

“I watch [Alexis] in training and took a bit of advice and had a go at it. It went in so it was good.

So if Matthieu Debuchy finally sorts out his move away today, I would expect to see Chambers on the bench more often as cover for Bellerin, but also with the option of playing in many other positions in an emergency. Has he now done enough to prove he’s good nough for Arsenal’s first team?

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  1. Arsenal needed to buy a spine last summer and only bought a
    keeper. They still need a commanding physical centre back, cover
    for Francis Coquelin and a striker. So Mats Hummels, Victor
    Wanyama and Romelu Lukaku would fit the bill nicely.
    The club could afford them, but the ambition is lacking and Arsene
    Wenger is obsessed by his concept of value. So no-one is expecting
    any further arrivals.
    Without re-enforcements down the centre of the line-up, the feeling
    is that this season will go down as a missed opportunity. Is money
    in the bank better than options on the field? Apparently so.

    Copy pasted this.Makes alot of sense.

    As for Chambers, no he’s not ready just yet

    1. did you see how chambers played against
      chelsea(away) tottenham(away) burnley bournemouth for the england u21s and in pre season?.
      He was brilliant.
      Just needs a few games under his belt to get going.

  2. Tbh .
    He and wilshere are our most versatile players.
    People speak of ramsey but truth be told His strengths are best seen only as an am or cm.
    Dont know about the ox.
    He also seems to be quite taking the pleasure in playing in a few different positions.
    Not as bad as some trollers make him out to be.

    1. @goonthinker
      Yet, when Jack was put on the wings he sucked at it as much as Aaron did. They both kept drifting into the middle abandoning the wide area, making it easier for teams to shut down our play. Jack, like Aaron are only suited for the middle, barely…

  3. The goal will give him confidence and he knows his teammates better by now, so there might well be a mark up in performances, but I wouldn’t play him alongside Per. Himself Gab Kos and Monreal could do fine. I think the person he should have been watching and asking for advice is Monreal.

    1. Chambers was huge last
      season till Szcz’s melt down.
      After Xmas Coquelin
      and Ospina came in.
      The defence tightened up and Arsenal went on
      a huge run of form but by then Bellerin had nailed down RB.
      Now Arsene is terrified of losing points in the EPL
      so only rests his starters when injury strikes.
      Bellerin will probably start the next 3 EPL games.
      Chambers probably won’t start again until we play Hull
      but given a run of games he is capable of doing a good job.

  4. No holding my breathe for any signing that may help us to win the EPL this year and preparing myself for more misfortune when PEP arrives and make Shity stronger than it is..the lack of ambition has been always there for the last 12 years so As fro today I will not bother any’s painful and just fill me with sense of failure. teams from middle table are buying some decent players for less than 10 millions due to all the TV incentives ( LOT ) as they see this opportunity to compete with the big 6 so next season will be harder to beat the like of Watford, Leicester and few more..WE just spent 5 millions in one decent player ( so far not tested ).. we should look to get one marquee signing now and then another in summer but Mr wenger relies on the crocks coming back from injuries..Isco to replace Santi would be great and Madrid ask for 25 millions..come on show some AMBITION..and Lacazette also young for same amount..If we do not win this EPL this year there for the will never happen again…THEN WHO WILL WE BLAME?

  5. Chambers said that his goal made him feel like Ronaldo ?
    Let’s hope that he starts scoring hat tricks like him to.

    Wenger is waiting for messi to knock on his door tonight ?

  6. That’s great if he can be trained to play different positions as long as he develops quality in all those positions

    However if he is not being trained to be a CB then I Believe we should. Get a quality proven CB in the summer

    Howedes would be perfect. Not only is he a quality CB but he can play all 4 defensive positions on the defensive line

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