Is Arsenal’s real target Profit or Glory? What do you think?

What is oArsenal’s target? (4th & Profit or 1st & Glory) by MK

Targets, goals and objectives whatever you call them, we are all directed by them and they are meant to give us a guideline to successfully move through our day-to-day activities with a long term goal in mind.

You may wonder how this links to Arsenal but I have serious questions about the REAL target of our current decisions makers. You can put up a smokescreen to hide your real beliefs, but the proof is in the pudding.

· Are the board content with 4th place as long as they make a profit? I would say YES.

· Do we do everything in our power to be champions? I would say NO.

People will say it’s crazy to think Wenger doesn’t want to win the title, I’m not wholly saying that but just like the person who wants to lose weight but is eating fatty foods every day won’t lose their desired weight, Wenger can’t win the title with his penny pinching philosophy.

I understand not trying to compete financially with the crazy spenders as there isn’t much value to be found in this crazy market – but Wenger’s stubborn behaviour and reluctance to compete when top players are available at a reasonable price has left us short, when real players of quality have come available we haven’t acted decisively. Wenger is following too many strict guidelines in the transfer market which is preventing him from getting his nearly men to the next stage.

The only time I see the Wenger we need in the market is when the player in question is a prospect. He acts swiftly and aggressively when he targets a younger player. This is definitely helped by the fact that younger players are cheaper and Wenger feels it’s less of a risk. I don’t think this logic makes sense as I’ve seen us go into seasons with a sub-standard attack or lack of bodies because Wenger would rather take the risk on a Sanogo, Bendtner or Park Chu-Young instead of spending an extra £20/£30 million to reinforce the squad. I remember Debuchy and Monreal having to play Centre half because we refused to bring in a 4th option to cover. Wenger will say he couldn’t find value but in reality the extra 10m had no impact on our season when the reinforcement may have allowed us to pick up more points during a gruelling season.

Wenger would rather have £200 million sitting in the bank when our squad has holes in it. For the last 5 years we have been 2/3 players away from the title and lacking investment in key areas that have come back to haunt us.

How many times have we seen our team miss out on a top player because of a few million to only go around and pay Kroenke’s company £3m for ‘advisory’ duties, this for me highlights the real goal our board has, which is PROFIT over glory.

When will the board get the message?

Mike K


    1. okay…….i’m currently watching this match btw Bayer’04 and Porto

      and i got my eyes fixed on Javier henandez…. But i honestly must say:..from this game, i can’t take a positive on him
      (I do think he’s okay tho, but he’s just not what we need)

      all those suggesting we go after him…. Should think again!

  1. Not sure how much Arsenal is willing to spend in this transfer window but some reports suggest it is 100mi. In case it is true then I would suggest to place bid of around 65-70 Mil for Auba and test BVB. In case we get him and then we can try for Mahrez for 35-40 mil.

    We can sell Walcott and few others so we can save high wages we are paying them and use it for two new WC signings.
    It might be Wenger’s last year as manager and I want him to go on high. If we can get these two players then definitely we can be force to reckon not only in PL but in CL as well.

    Anyways it is my dream 🙂

    1. BREAKING………. Chelski is in for Koulibaly……… Offering 35mil

      wake up Arsene…..the market is inflated!

      And i expect Ben yedder’s fee to rise in the coming days….don’t be surprised

    2. Mall goner
      Either you are Stupid or day Dreaming?
      You think Wenger spend 50 M on a Human?
      Get a life and wake up?

      1. @Ezat.

        As I already mentioned in y post, it is my dream so you can find out from that 🙂

  2. With the shirt and TV money kicking in for Arsenal this year, we will get close to 70m more than our last year’s earning. Premier League alone brings 100m+ for Arsenal(2nd), then club deals and CL. With that increase, combined with yearly 30m sanctioned for budget transfers, we should be good to spend all of it. I hope the owners dont get greedy and pocket this profit

    1. That never happens. Owners takes to the bank, and give some to Wenger and laugh to your stupidity to buy season tickets and jersey, to low class team perform

  3. profit will be the first goal as we self sustain
    naturally they want success but not to the detriment of the model

    that is what is now arsenal.
    so no sense in looking at sheik city or manure or chelski ,
    its something i struggle with but hey needs must.

    ivan an wenger are excelling within this model, so the only reason that would change is by fan unrest.

    1. Got the feeling that auba have a grudge and dont like us, every time he’s been linked with us he comes out and profess his love for madrid but when city was after him earlier in the window there was no such utterance from him, matter of fact he was open to the move even he would’ve play second fiddle to aguero.

  4. My post yesterday…can’t be bothered to write again

    Kronke strategy is not to compete with likes City Utd, Chelsea,Barca Madrid Munich etc etc.
    To do so would require unleashing the cheque book or even injecting his own money, which he has no intention of doing. Self sufficiency is the mode the club has been put under by the bloodsucking avaricious leech. No doubt he using the burgeoning valuation of club Arsenal to expand his business empire in US.

    1. Even before the season has began, people have started taking piss out of the club and the fans! Shut them up Arsene for once!

    2. The Glaziers are true leaches. The used debt to buy ManU. ManU has been more clever than Arsenal with getting commercial revenues and getting a global fan base. They were ahead and have used their history better than us. Chelski, City are plastic altough Chelski not going for palyers like they used to. Abramovic has already lost 1 billion of his 10 on Chelski.

  5. Don’t know it you folks ever tune into ArsenalFanTV or ManLikeRobbie on YouTube.

    Anyway I’m sure you all remember the famous Jeinny Lizarazo who said we would sign Benzema last year, she admitted that she was wrong and will never predict anything Arsenal again until it’s a done deal because Wenger is the type of guy that pulls out at the last second. Lol

    What I really want to say though is she just did another video with ManLikeRobbie and she called Wenger a dolphin.
    She pretty much said he may be the smartest fish in the sea but he lives in a world of sharks and if you’re not a shark you will get bullied. She pretty much said also that Mourinho, Guardiola and Conte have no fear whatsoever about Arsenal.

    We are dolphins swimming amongst sharks!

    1. dolphin very smart, I read National Geographics, they sometime kill sharks! We be dolphin, we clever! Not like Goldfish spuds HAHA

      1. Lol goldfish spuds. Fair enough but let’s just see how clever dolphin Wenger is against multiple sharks.

        To name a few and add to that our bogey teams that always ends up embarrassing us.

        The more I think about it the more I see last season as a massive missed opportunity. So many established managers around this time.

    2. Hahaha…..and here’s the list

      Chelski- shark
      citeh- whale
      Arsenal- dolphin
      spuds- gold fish
      Leicester- catfish
      manure- ray finned bony fish
      soton- eel
      everton – sturgeons
      the rest are merely composed of herrings, silversides and minnows!

      Oh to be a gooner

    3. Therefore the question is can we afford to continue to allow the incompetence that Wenger shows govern our transfer dealings? In David Dein, we had a dedicated person in charge of transfers. He got the job done. However, for reasons that still remain unclear, he unceremoniously left his position at Arsenal. I read somewhere that one of the main problems at Arsenal is that Wenger is megalomaniac. Instead of decimating tasks he oversees everything. Right from transfers to training. As the the old saying goes, ‘a Jack of all trades master of none.’

      There are many ways of viewing Wenger. You can either see him as the puppet or the puppet master. IMO, he is responsible either way and as a consequence there is much that is rotten at the club. At Arsenal, it seems that the powers that be are self serving and are not interested in the sport of football other than seeing the club as a business cash cow. This has to change. This mess that we are now in regarding a depleted squad, lack of sporting success and accusations of financial mismanagement are all self inflicted and the fans are not fooled. The fans were sold the dream of the new stadium as a statement of intent, in that we would be competitive with the other major european clubs. Fans have endured the most exorbitant ticket fees whilst at the same time suffered the embarrassment of the lack of sporting success. I believe that it is critical that Wenger and the board get this transfer window right. I predict that if we suffer a home defeat to Liverpool and there has been an unsatisfactory transfer window there will be trouble at the Emirates.

  6. Things can happen in a twinkle of an eye. Arsenal can sign two players and sell some players as well before you Blink an eye but the problem is we are usually slow in our dealings and try to pick the pieces on transfer deadline…

    August ain’t far off meaning the season is close at hand. We need to be active in our dealings….

    1. Don’t you mean “pick up the scraps on transfer deadline” seeing how the acquisition of Sanchez and Ozil were the ripples of the domino effect does not change the fact that Wenger likes to shop in the basement bucket outside of 99p store.

    2. don’t hold your breath. Best to be prepared for disappointment. No way we’re signing top ST,RW, and CB before the window closes. I’ll be surprised if we sign a new ballboy in time.

  7. That’s why the Board love Wenger
    Wenger has a talent of keeping Arsenal in the Top 4 with limited spending and making profit
    (To be fair Wenger is talented in that sense. Every season 16 teams below us try to get into the Top 4. Liverpool spends 100’s of millions and still don’t finish top 4. Wenger has finished in the Top 4 every year. Not even Ferguson did that)

    Bad thing is that This method does not win many trophies and doesn’t win any PL or CL trophies

    Leicester was an anomaly. They got Mahrez for £1 million. Vardy scored 24 goals and the Team gelled and worked hard like crazy. But generally you need to spend big

    Mourinho has bought
    Close to Pogba
    maybe James Rodriguez

    I see United as the favourites if the team gels together

    In order for Arsenal to challenge we need:
    Top striker
    Top winger
    Top CB

    Anything less means no Ambition and the same old Top 4 finish (maybe)

    1. Tru dat Arsenal_Girl, but another thing about Mr Wenger & Co. top 4 = win, win, win method is that no one remembers the person/team that finishes 2nd, 3rd, or fourth. But I am sure everyone in football will remember Arsenal’s penny pinching for years and maybe decades to come!

  8. of course its profit.
    Wenger cannot be bothered much about how many humiliations we get

    Whats important for him is to see how much money he cashes in.
    Remember the times we used to sign players like bergkamp.
    Now we are reduced to becoming a joke of a club

    1. When we bought Bergkamp, we did not have the likes of Chelsea, City and PSG to compete with.

  9. I think Wenger needs to spend around £100 million to put us in the Title Hunt

    Striker: £30-50 million
    Winger: £25-50 million
    CB: £12-20 million

    For example: Lacazette: apprx £40mil, Mahrez apprx £35 mil, Mustafi: apprx £20 million = apprx £95 million

    Striker is important because we need someone capable of over 20 goals

    Winger is important because I don’t see Walcott, Iwobi, Joel, Ox being enough quality the whole season. Also, what happens if Alexis gets injured

    CB is extremely important. Mertsacker is out for 5 months. Koscielny could get injured and can’t play every game anyway. Chambers, Holding, Gabs need more experience

  10. I have looked at the last five years of arsenal accounts, that is financial years ending in April 2011-15. I have taken the information from Accounts for financial year 2015/16 are not available on the website.

    Here is a summary in format
    Year, profit, cash reserves, debt, net debt (major signing)
    2011, 14.8, 160.2 258.0, 97.8
    2012, 36.6, 153.6, 252.5, 98.9
    2013, 6.7, 153.5, 247.7, 93,2
    2014, 4.7, 207.9, 240.5, 32.6 (ozil)
    2015, 24.7, 228.2, 233.9, 5.7 (sanchez)
    Note, in above year is end of financial year so 2014 is financial year april 2013 to april 2014.

    A few observations
    1. We have always made a profit.
    2. Debt has fallen year on year by appox. £7m per annum.
    3. Cash reserves have risen by £68m in the period but with some up and down fluctuations.
    4. Net debt has decreased by £92m in the period but with some up and down fluctuations.
    5. Interim Accounts for april – sept 2015 show a loss. This is apparently due to deferred payments to existing players old clubs. This probably explains why only Cech was bought in summer 2015, no dipping in to cash reserves.
    6. In the year we bought ozil cash reserves rose by 55 million, and twenty million in the year we bought sanchez.

    These consistently improving financial results comes from careful control of the financial aspects of the club. This must come from the board in general and Kroenke in particular.

    The main aim is profit (and increasing cash reserves). There has to be sufficient glory to maintain income, currently the glory is limited to top four in PL and occasional cup, get out of group stage of CL.

  11. okay…….i’m currently watching this match btw Bayer’04 and Porto

    and i got my eyes fixed on Javier henandez…. But i honestly must say:..from this game, i can’t take a positive on him
    (I do think he’s okay tho, but he’s just not what we need)

    all those suggesting we go after him…. Should think again!

  12. The 200 million on the accounts is not equal to transfer budget. Transfers are done in stages so some of that money will be paid out later. We also have performance based clauses etc and future spending on things like new youth training facilities. Actually Arsenal made a LOSS last year and also the profits in the years before where not huge, we still have stadium debt to pay off too.

    We can not rely on financial trickery with state sponsors like City or PSG. The only thing we can do is grow our commercial income faster then other clubs to keep us financial stable.

    I look at clubs like Inter and Valencia where a sugar daddy comes in and one or two years later they are in financial trouble again and are forced to sell. Arsenal & ManU were on equal grounds when it came to competing. Chelsea came in and bought its way to trophies and later that was outdone by City, to such an extend that even Abramovic was not willing to pay extraordinary amounts anymore. Now with all the money in EPL it also becomes harder to bully smaller clubs into selling. Everton has supposedly 100 mil transfer kitty, who can they attract and get higher up the ladder.

    Yes we have more competition in the EPL and that should be welcomed. To win we have to be smarter than others, better scouting, better youth development, more commercial money and better coaching. Than you also need some luck.

  13. My opinion is that the board has a strategy to ensure that the club’s cash reserves are at least equal to the club’s overall debt. Whether the debt is managed or not, my opinion is that Kroenke was to see the levels at least equal. If that was achieved the shares would rocket and place kroenke in a major position of strength, whether that be as a mainstayer or as a potential seller of a brand with no debt managed or otherwise. I personally think that is the target of kroenke, Wenger and the club overall to achieve by the end of this season. Top 4 will again be a target, but I am sure wenger would like a trophy as well.

  14. Profit. This has been shown continuously over the past couple of years and is the bread and butter of Kroenke.

    In non-related news, I hope we sign Mustafi for CB.

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