Is Arsenal’s title bid now officially over?

Is Our ‘Title Bid’ Over? By Dan Smith

I so wanted to be proved wrong, but our 3-1 defeat confirmed what Arteta later admitted, there remains a ‘massive gap’ between us and Liverpool who are ‘5 years ahead in their project.’
Unfortunately, I do feel some gooners needed to experience last night, so all this silly talk of being title contenders this season can be put to bed.

While everyone of course is entitled to their opinion, I, in my decades as an Arsenal fan, have never heard the arrogance and disillusionment coming from a section of our fan base since we won the FA Cup.

Beating anyone in a one-off tie doesn’t mean that same group is capable of repeating that performance in the marathon of a 38-game league.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we again won a cup, but being a ‘cup team’ doesn’t take the consistency of getting 99 points in 38 games.

Some readers asked why was I focusing on net spend? A 43 gap between us and the Champions should now be ignored apparently?

Common sense suggests that if one side finishes so far ahead and adds Thiago and Jota, you would have to dramatically improve your squad to have even a slim chance of winning the Premiership?
Yet some on JustArsenal are debating we can win the Champions League in 3 years.

Others have had the audacity to compare our manager with Arsene Wenger. All because we won the FA Cup and finished 8th? It’s funny how some pick and choose what they want to ignore.

Beating Man City and Chelsea meant I was mocked for pointing out Stan Kroenke needed to invest. Yet I wasn’t allowed to bring up losses to Chelsea, Man City, Olympiakos, Spurs, Aston Villa and Brighton.

Oh and here’s a shock. Facing Liverpool with nothing to play for and in the Community, Shield doesn’t equate to playing them at Anfield.

I was called negative because apparently the Gunners haven’t started a campaign this well in years.

Now be careful readers, some will just make facts up because they want to believe it so much.
Under Unai Emery last August we won our first two fixtures away at Newcastle, home to Burnley before losing 3-1 at Liverpool. Results you would expect.

The new Arsenal (champions of Europe in 3 years remember) have started with 3 points at Fulham, the same at home to West Ham before …… a 3-1 loss to Liverpool

Now don’t misunderstand this as me saying I told you so. Understand this as someone who loves my club and feels we should not tolerate our worse finish in 25 years. We certainly shouldn’t be saying it’s progress.

We should be pressuring our owner to invest hi own wealth to match our coach’s ambition.

We should be questioning why other clubs seem to be finding cash despite loss of Match day revenue.
Monday Night confirmed that a cup win doesn’t mean Luiz won’t still make mistakes, Leno isn’t as good as some make out, Niles isn’t Kante and with minutes to go and you need a killer pass, Ozil is still the best creative option we have.

Oh and if Ozil had played like Aubameyang did today would you not be alluding to his salary?
There’s no difference, both signed because their employers were willing to pay over the odds, both have a poor record in the Prem at top 6 grounds.

No Auba didn’t sign cause we are his ‘family.’ Adidas pay him to say that as that’s their motto for the kit release.

I said Arsenal have till next Tuesday to prove me wrong. A Billionaire who cares will get us both Partey and Aouar.

If you still think we are in the conversation for the title then given the points total of the last 3 winners, you can’t be dropping cheap points due to not being organized. So we have a manager who could do special things, but it has to be little steps.

The first step is qualify for the Champions League. To find a solution you have to admit there is a problem. I hope we now realise how far away we are. If you ever forget just watch back that game.

If you see us getting to the 89th minute only losing 2-1 as a ‘positive’, then that should tell you everything.

Dan Smith


  1. Title bid?! We were never in it. Klopp was nowhere near title bid during his first 2 years at the club.

    The last week of the transfer window will define us. Midfield is weak defensively and blunt offensively. Ceballos is a decent MF but he can’t do it alone. Xhaka, Elneny, neither are great at defending or creating.

    I would even go as far as selling Lacazette because he’s been here long enough, hasn’t been offered an extension, never hit +20 goals (and I think we know why based on yesterday). If someone would give 35-40m for him, go for it. Bring in Coutinho on loan if he’s still available.

    Partey, Aouar, they are a must now. Ignore these 2 and we won’t make it to CL.

      1. Funny enough Roma are interested in him. David Ornstein said so yesterday morning.
        Roma wants him but Arsenal’s transfer demand is too high for them.

        1. Roma don’t have a nickel for their grandma’s. They are the ones who cried for us to let Mkhitaryan let go for free, which we did.

          1. Roma Must’ve asked to take Lacazette for 10m😂😂😂
            Mhki actually paid 1M to cancel his contract? No?
            I just know we cancelled his contract.. Reports said his agent paid 1M or 3M I think, I’m not sure

            1. Roma also cannot even pay for Chris Smalling, haha. Dont know why they even wasted their time with Laca interest.

  2. Well your post is being harsh on the progress this team is making

    We won’t cover those huge gap in one season.
    This team is making progress it’s clear for all to see.
    Yes we need to sign, and I have a feeling we will, but it’s not that straight forward as we think

    I don’t think arsenal will contend for the league in MA first full season, Klope didn’t……..

    Let’s just keep faith in the process…….


  3. Actually top 6 is a pipe dream with those tactics.

    Massive gap???? Arsenal are not at all far off of Liverpool. This Arteta is just masking his own mistakes.

    At this point, we can buy Partey, Aouar (I care less) and I’ll happily bet with anyone who thinks we can get top 6 with those defensive tactics.

    I say hand this team to Bielsa, Rodgers and the worst we can finish is 2nd.

    1. No no no…….
      Don’t even go there

      Your types are in charge of running down managers…..

      Would you expect him to go toe to toe with Liverpool
      If he has the right personnel he would, that’s even his preference
      So don’t even bring that another manager kind of talk.

      MA is the man to lead arsenal to triumph
      Allow him do his job

      1. I actually expect him to win in the Cup game because in those types of games, he has less pressure and picks balanced strong teams.

    2. Is this the same Brendan Rogers whose Leicester team who threw away a CL place?

      I’m off to the bookies to put a bet on Arteta being first in the sack race

    3. Leno
      Bellerin…. Luiz…. Gabriel… Tierney
      Ceballos…. Xhaka
      Pepe… Willian… Nelson/Saka

      Tell me . How’s that team far off of Liverpool????

      1. So you believe this squad you listed is closer to Liverpool’s?
        My man you’re delusional if you really think this line up you just made isn’t miles behind Liverpool’s.
        Apart from Aubameyamg as a striker, I’d like to know which of our players you’ll pit to go against Liverpool’s.
        You know what?

        Make a combine 11 of Arsenal and Liverpool. Just do that let’s see your squad

        1. Surprisingly, that’s a very good team if they’re instructed to express themselves more on the ball and make more forward play.

          This coach has just instructed them to be extra cautious and not take risks….

          That kind of playing CANNOT get you anywhere near top 6 even with Mane, Salah etc in your squad

          1. You’ve forgotten Emery attempted that move and Liverpool humiliated us for it Anfield.
            Fans came back on here asking why would Unai Emery be stupid enough to think he could go toe to toe with Liverpool.
            I was among those set of fans, and I’m still calling it now, it would’ve been stupid if Arteta thought he had the squad to go toe to toe with Liverpool at Anfield.
            When you play against a team like Liverpool especially at Anfield, there’s nothing like express yourself against them.
            Even Atletico had to play with discipline and on the counter to beat Liverpool at home in the UCL, and that was done with one of Europe’s best CB and ONE of Europe’s best GK.
            Who do we have apart from PEA?

        2. I agree Eddie
          I wrote that to him but didn’t notice you had already
          Part of the problem is he clearly thinks players are better then they are

      2. @Herbz, since you asked, let me try answering how far off your line up is against pool’s team.

        Bellerin vs Trent AA……Trent ahead by miles
        Luiz vs Gomez…..Gomez by miles
        Gabriel vs VVD……VVD by a million miles
        Tierney vs Robertson…..Robertson by miles
        Ceballos vs Fabinho….Fabinho by miles
        Xhaka vs Henderson….Henderson by miles
        Pepe vs Thiago/Wijnaldum….T/W by a million miles
        Willian vs Mane….Mane by ten million miles
        Saka vs Salah…..Salah by ten million miles

        Auba vs Firmino……Auba by a few miles.

        1. Hahahaha

          I thought Arsenal improved the defence.

          How you can compare teams like that….. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I cannot help it but laugh at some Arsenal fans.

          A clear belief in themselves and in their abilities and tactics is what separates us from Liverpool. Nothing more.

      1. Herbz we much as you have a fair point, I will still say it, Laca cost us that match, I don’t get why some are saying we shouldn’t criticize him, Lacazette is too poor, what’s so difficult about those chances that a striker can’t put away, Arteta has to take some of the blame, he should have started Ceballos, Nketiah would have scored those chances. I just pray that someone take Lacazette off our hands. A striker that hardly scores 15goals 🤦‍♀️

    4. Your article made a lot of sense Dan
      ( I do like to show some optimism rather than doom and gloom although that can come back to bite you)
      I can’t compare Emery to Arteta and the starts to last and this season -yet. Same results but I’d be horribly disappointed if Arteta couldn’t do a better job than Emery over the course of this season. It was a monumental task to lift that team to a Europa league place via the cup and a result like last night reminds us all there is a way to go before we can be title contenders

      That said, if Arteta can bring in replacements that hit the ground running, then top four is possible. ManU got away with it and ManC had a bad night. The jury is out as far as I’m concerned with Lampard. No more Pepe or Saliba types who take too long to adjust. It’s a long season and there will be surprises along the way

      1. Just for closure under Arteta’s first 31 games, Arsenal have had

        19 wins,
        6 draws,
        6 loses.

        compared to
        Unai Emery’s first 31 games.
        14 wins
        9 draws,
        8 loses.

        Arteta just needs to keep improving

        1. That’s the STEADY PROGRESS that’ll take us another 15 years to compete.

          You must be delusional if you think that’s good enough for a big club like Arsenal.

          1. You must be soaked in delusion if you expected any manager to come manage this squad and rack up wins like he owns the league. FFS this is the squad that was getting humiliated constantly last season.
            You Arsenal fans and your sense of entiltlemy is bewildering TBH.
            19 wins and 6 draws isn’t good enough in his first 31 games?
            You think Pep or Klopp would’ve gotten 25 wins in his first 31 with the squad Arteta had?
            Pass me the weed you’re taking bro

            1. How long did it take Brendan Rodgers to get Leicester playing like a Champions league team with self belief????

              Fans like you are what has caused us to be behind teams like Man City, Chelsea

              1. Fans like you are the weed we need to pull out of the fanbase.
                Bodgers coached Leicester from the beginning of the season and had them enough time with them.
                Still where’d they end up?
                You’re comparing Bodgers who took his team from the start of the season to Arteta who took over his team halfway through the season in crises both on and off the pitch.
                Like I said yesterday, you should be supporting City or Liverpool. Nobody will question you, you must believing in fantasy world if you expected Arteta to do more than what he did with that squad he had.
                You only have an agenda against the coach

                1. I earlier asked you that playing such tactics against big teams is understandable,,,

                  But please explain to me the logic behind playing those negative tactics against teams like Fulham and Westham.

                  1. We plays negative against Fulham? We played negative against West Ham or West Ham won the midfield battle?
                    I don’t even know why I’m debating this with you when you don’t care about the truth.
                    You expected West Ham to be walkovers?
                    We’ve been using 3-4-3 since last season, and I never saw you pop up to attack the formation, but you’re here questioning it after losing to Liverpool.
                    You keep ignoring the fact that we’re trying to bring in midfielders to balance our midfield… What do I know? For you, Agend must agend

                1. Sooner than later, they’re going to qualify.

                  Contrast that with us who have absolutely ZERO chance of making top 4 with the way we’re currently playing.

      2. SALIBA SUE P? TAKING TOO LONG TO ADJUST? Good gracious, he has not even started a game yet ! Surely you know he must get used to the others in training first. You have given him no time at all TO adjust before saying he hasn’t done so! Surprised at this comment from YOU of all people ! IT IS SURELY UNREALISTIC AND HASTY TO WRITE AS YOU DID. REALLY SURPRISED, HONESTLY!

  4. Why the moaning
    Arsenal were never in the title hunt this season, even Leicester have a better chance and better squad.
    Top 4 is realistic but title is way too much.. and why all the moaning since last night
    It’s disappointing we lost but Liverpool and Anfield have not been an easy place to go, some who are realistic with their expectations were not expecting us to go to Anfield and batter them. All we wanted was a fight and to give good account of ourselves and defend the batch par some poor defending and horrible officiating which is now a norm coupled with some terrible missed chances by our no. 9 we gave good account of ourselves. Many better teams have been well battered at Anfield and many will still fall to them
    Cheers gooners there is no shame losing at Anfield with our current set of players

  5. Liverpool are the best team in Europe right now and have been for the last couple seasons. They also havent lost a game at Anfield in the league in nearly 3 years. Why are some fans reacting like we just lost at home to West Brom?

    Yes, we were largely dominated in the game, but that is to be expected against a team with the quality that Liverpool has at the moment. Arteta set his team up to stay in the game for as long as possible and hopefully snatch something later on in the game, which nearly worked. Up until the 89th minute we had every chance of getting an equaliser (and probably should have through Laca). How can the writer of this article not see the progress? Would they prefer us to try go toe to toe with Liverpool at Anfield and end up losing 5-1?

    Our season will not be defined by this result at Anfield. Getting beaten at Anfield is something most teams in the League will experience this season. What will define our season is how we go in the last week of the transfer window. IF we can sign a couple of midfielders (or at least aouar), then I am confident that Arteta will be better able to compete on these tough away trips to the likes of Liverpool and City.

    Support the team, believe in the process, we are definitely getting better.

    1. And like Emery before him, Mikel Arteta must be supported in the transfer market to bring in the players he wants and move out the players surplus to requirements. If the Board and senior executive don’t support Arteta, it will end in tears, because there are too many deficiencies in player quality, particularly in midfield, for a manager to overcome.

  6. A title bid is pure fantasy. We beat Fulham…no more needs to be said. We were lucky against West Ham and pulverised by Liverpool. Our midfied is poor, poor, poor. Creatively redundant. Rubbish. No Aouar, no Partey then no no chancey. A week to the Window end and absent Kroenkes. I have noticed that Kroenke as ‘Sole Owner’ has led us to 8th and top 4 looks a dream and not reality. It begins with Kroenke and ends with Krornke. We should have paid up front a month ago for Partey and Aouar….we might well have beaten Liverpool. Kroenke is a selfish LA driven man.

  7. All i wanted ws a midfield of

    Cebellos partey Aouer

    Everton got in the player’s they needed and they have helped them in taking maximum points so far.
    With partey and Aouer we might have gotten something in this game and approaches the game differently. With Arsenal everything is a hard torture

  8. sorry I had to reply you here Dan, I left a few replies for you in that article, go check it out.
    I’ve never said I have a source or I follow any ITK.
    I’ve constantly said it’s all from a journalist, and I never thought I should be promoting his handle or YouTube channel but since I’ve been asked constantly where I get these updates from I’ve dropped his Twitter handle on here before, dropped his YouTube channel where you can actually go watch for yourself what he does and how he discusses football and transfers with other reporters and correspondents from other clubs. Someone who’s had Roshane Thomas on one of his weekly episodes discussing transfers and analyzing stuff.
    Before you start with your “who the hell is Roshane Thomas? Or start saying another ITk.”
    Roshane is one of The Athletics writers and journalists. (He’s West Ham’s correspondent just like Ornstein is Arsenal’s) but since even Roshane isn’t called Fabrizio and David Ornstein, these guys don’t matter I guess.

    They are like you love calling it “my source who write stuff they read from papers” and can’t report what they find out or investigate. Whatever they say is from the paper.
    All you need to do is go watch one of his episode on’s actually a 2 mins vid.
    You won’t find anything on Aouar on his channel, but you will in his old tweets.

    You can ignore all of those if you want.
    His name is not Fabrizio or Ornstein, so to you, he’s no journalist, he’s an ITK who says what’s in papers.
    I recall I wrote on here repeatedly months ago that Arteta wants Ceballos, Aouar and Partey this summer to the point Jon Fox asked me twice “if there were things going on at the club that I secretly know of, and that if I do I should share it because I sounded confident, and I told him no I don’t know anything specifically.”
    But then according to you, it’s been in the paper and it was obvious to every Arsenal fan that Arteta wanted Ceballos, Partey and Aouar together.. (I’m still yet to find one single site that has stressed and repeated it’s actually Aouar and Partey not one of them, maybe you could help with that?)

    When the interest became popular opinion,
    Your favorites were all reporting Aouar or Partey isn’t it?
    I recall correcting that statement more than once that it’s actually “Aouar AND Partey ” not Or, because I saw him stressed that fact in one of his Twitter posts.
    Up till a week ago they were reporting Arsenal wants to bring in one of Aouar OR Partey, with Fabrizio saying he was 90% sure it’s only one of them.

    Now suddenly according to Ornstein in his yesterday Edition they’re both targets and Arsenal WILL AT LEAST get one of them, it’s no longer just“either Aouar or Partey.”
    It is at least one of them.

    I don’t know why you expected me to say “my friend told me this or that”
    When he’s someone I don’t know and I’ve never spoken to.
    you might as well drop that and stop saying “my source my source” as that’s amusing.
    I don’t have any source, I simply write what I’ve read from someone whose reports I trust and I love listening to.
    I’ll stop posting whatever I hear or read from him if that will give you your peace of mind.

    P.S: Stop making it look like other people don’t put in work into what they do. It’s not cool, Kieron is an hardworking man who puts in the time and effort with his colleagues he likes calling scouts. They’re a bunch of men looking to get to the doing what they love.
    If you need his YouTube channel to go see exactly what he does, it’s called The KS1 TV

    1. Eddie, You are one bright and extremely clued up guy and I much appreciate the fulness of this explanatory post!

      1. Thanks Jon Fox..
        It’s surprising though that Dan Smith read this and still ignored everything I’ve said, and even ignored my explanations in one of the previous articles too.
        I guess he thought I’d have no explanation or genuine response I could make out.
        He’s fond of telling me that I’m writing what I’m getting from my source who is writing what he reads in the paper, and I sorta find that source statement annoying and shady because I’ve never claimed to have any source or tried to make myself look like I have an insider info.
        It’s what’s annoying, as I just post every information that I read and I know could be useful here and someone here thinks I do that to claim knowledge.
        I’ve noticed in every of my response he has failed to reply me or say a single word, but Thank you for actually replying Jon. Massive respect

        1. No buddy its just I don’t know what you want me to say lol,
          To me your just repeating stuff I read elsewhere
          if you want to carry on , go ahead mate

            1. You don’t know what to say because you’ve probably never across any report saying Arsenal wants to sign Aouar and Partey, not just Aouar or Partey.
              If you’ve come across that before you’d have rebuffed my claim.
              Not until yesterday did Ornstein actually insinuated it’s actually both Arsenal want and would at least get one of them

              1. I said if you show me article where three months it was claimed we are 100 percent getting both then fair play mate
                I found articles from three moths where they have been individually linked so I don’t think its a stretch to come up with this rumour
                but we havn’t so far have we ?
                But again ( and not aimed at you ) anyone who says we want both but might only get one , that to me is information any fan has read
                Be like me saying we want to sell Mustafi … but we might not ?

          1. You made it look as if some of the stuff I said were in the papers months ago and like he only posts what he reads from papers.
            Of cause while analyzing transfers with other correspondents, they could actually take out one or two things they read in the propers to clear the air or to discuss, It’s certain scenarios that I’ve posted on here that you keep making it look like the whole world already knew it.
            Also, the annoying part is you constantly saying you have a source in Germany or so telling you that this and that is happening like it’s fantasy when I said I’m writing what someone I find reliable actually said. Like for real the only people meant to have contacts are Fabrizio, Ornstein and the likes of Christian Falk?
            That’s it just bruv, I just think you should learn to not make mockery of everything like other people can’t actually make their own findings to real sources.
            All you needed to do was ask where it is I get what I post bout transfers from.
            Simple as that.

            1. It’s not against you mate
              Just whatever you are reading is a rumour that’s not committed too
              So you said three months ago he said we want both but might now might only get one
              So which one is it ?
              You then report it like , we will hear an update on Tuesday ?
              What’s his name again ?

              1. what buddy
                From.this point forward , tell us something that isn’t reported elsewhere and if it happens then fair play

  9. “… can’t be dropping cheap points due to not being…” Did the writer just allude that loosing to Liverpool,at Anfield,is loosing cheap points?

    Seriously we are going to loose some games,personally i say if its loosing to the current champions at their home ground then no shame in that.

  10. A baby must learn to crawl before he dreams of walking.arsenal are in the category of learning how to play futbol before they dream of winning the title.they are in a building process.they have no team yet that is required to start competing for premier league title.

    1. My friend, even with Partey, Aouar recruitment, well still be branded as 2 to 3 players away from competing…. Why????

  11. Arsenal was never in a title bid but now the title bid just got started. We were dominated and defeated granted, but we saw a lot of debatable and had beens situations that could have turned the result on its head.
    Arsenal showed Liverpool too much respect and on occasions were too tired to challenge Liverpool players. Maybe it’s not unconnected with the pattern of play employed by the manager for the match. However Arsenal needs a strong dribbler who can carry the ball beyond two/three opposition players.

  12. I for one have never considered that we challenge for the title this season. MA has already warned us not to get ahead of ourselves and that there is much to do. The gap is big and he knows it. What MA has done, is stabilise the club and to get them to believe again. To gain confidence. Unfortunately, last night all I saw were some of the cracks same reappearing. It takes a team like Liverpool to do it. They close down quickly and attack quicker. We couldn’t handle it. We tried to play out of the back again but looked completely out of our depth as the midfield struggled to control even the smallest amount of play. Ultimately the ball ended up at the feet of a Liverpool player and our defence looked like it might break again. We resorted to long balls and even they were more useless as Liverpool collected them and charged once more. Our ideas were laboured and Liverpool knew it. They eased off. Liverpool had gears to use but didn’t need them all. We had gears to use but couldn’t because the engine is broken. Our engine is handicapped because the right at the very middle are the broken cogs of Xhaka and Elneny. We all know it. MA knows it more than anyone. This team are as weak as last season until we fix the main issue. Our midfield. We cannot sustain another season of sideways and backwards passing with no invention or motion to supply our forwards. The stats of the first half were nothing new. One attempt at target compared to Liverpool’s fifteen or so. A stat that has haunted us for so long and yet the club have still failed to fix it. Seventy-two million spent on a winger who cannot start a game and cannot cross a corner sums up this squad really. It’s malfunctions are on-going and likely to unresolved until at least until January if we don’t move quick. I feel we need at least two decent midfielders and, we all know who they are. I am not going into individual performances but we all got a good look at evidence last night. Some pretty average performances from most but more worrying could be the damage to the confidence of this squad if we cannot pick ourselves up in the coming week. I don’t agree with the title of this article either. Because we were never in the title challenge. We need to be realistic. MA is. But what we really need is for the club to pull out all the stops to fix the main issues. To bind the back and front of the squad with a functional middle. From there, the team will be able to come together as a more balanced and confident squad without the need to play out of the back looking like team with no direction or thought!

    1. Great post GunnerRay👊
      I think Dan knows the truth about fans expectations, this whole title talk is being exaggerated by himself. He knows it. There will always be delusional fans, but I’ve seen larger part of our fanbase beg for Aouar and Partey just to be able to challenge for top 4.

      Also about Pepe, man I’m starting to lose my patience with him.
      I defended him last year, but he needs to wake up honestly. I don’t even want to start thinking Fraud Sanhelli wasted 72M funds just like that😥😥

      1. Hmmmmm…. Six days to shift out four or more and bring in two! Chances, Sue? 🤔😠

        BTW, my “highly polished” crystal ball was broke, obviously! 🤣

        1. It’s a tall order, GunneRay… and imagine what my poor hand will look like when the window closes 😂😂
          Even if it’s just one, it’s better than nowt… has to be TP though!! 🙏

          😂 if it’s any consolation, I went for 3-3!! I say put your ball away and try the tea leaves next time 😝

  13. Dan I still think and I still insist your negativity is bewildering.
    You’ve somehow switched body with Konstantin Mitov.
    Before, I’d read your articles and say to myself “okay let’s look forward to the next game” and nearly everyone knew Konstantin was the negative one.
    Now I can’t help but wonder if it was that way because you’re an Arsene Wenger Fanboy and Konstantin was against Wenger.
    I might be wrong, but then the way you come out complaining about every thing is alarming and depressing.
    Most of us said we’ll challenge for the top 4 and Europa league if we get to strengthen the team. I think you’re exaggerating the few part of the fanbase that were claiming a title challenge.
    I even labelled Arteta and Willian mad men for saying they want to win the UCL in 3 years, but still went ahead to say those Are the type of mad men we actually need.
    Now you’re always complaining about everything, creating negative vibes.
    Ayy man we all know Arsenal needs massive investment, but stop repeating it us like we all don’t know Kroenke needs to invest.
    It’s almost like your loyalty towards Ozil.

    “Oh and if Ozil had played like Aubameyang did today would you not be alluding to his salary?”

    The difference between PEA and Ozil is the fact that one has been the most consistent player for us since joining alongside Leno while the other one had what? One year of impressive consistent football.

    Fans were begging to keep PEA, every fan… Unlike Ozil who had half the fanbase wanting him out and wanted Sanchez instead.
    Let’s even drop that as this article isn’t about him or PEA.
    I just think this article and even the title is comical, because even you know what most fans expected was a fight for top four…. But I guess like rival fans would say “Agenda must agend” 😂😂😂👌

    1. Would you like me to post you articles where some said we were contenders ?
      And agenda must agend ?
      Coming from.?.wow lol the irony

      1. And I admit I’m negative mate
        Negative about 8 , negative about Koronke not investing
        We should be negative about those things ?
        Anyway …….
        This weekend – Souness called bias for saying Arsenal are not contenders
        10th Sep – Article on why Arsenal.shouldn’t be ruled out of title race
        26th Sep – Article on why win at Liverpool is a morale boost for our title challenge
        21- If we beat Liverpool , we can think about winning the League
        17 Sep – can Arsenal win CL in 3 seasons
        Mindas – if Leicester can go from.Championship to champions , why can’t a proven prem team
        16th – Lord Denning – I would swap Arteta with any EPL manager , even Pep himself . I believe Arteta is a better manager then Wenger.

        Howard – there’s nothing special about Liverpool, with MA we can do it , if we get a draw ( at Anfiel d) we are on track

        Mc Round – if we sign Partey , Arsena l can win epl

        Examples in space.of 10 days

    2. I think Dan is seriously hurting that Ozil is still not getting game time. But he sees virtually every fan is behind the coach except for a deluded few and is pretending to be okay with Arteta, in most of his articles, he never fails to sneak in an Ozil sentence. Nobody said we were going to win the league, infact Liverpool fans can’t say they will win the league either so I don’t know where you get the notion from Dan. Most fans were just being optimistic because they see Arteta taking us in the right direction and in football, anything can happen if Leicester was anything to go by. Most fans would be content with a top 4 finish, a title win or anything better than top 4 is a bonus for us and most fans like Eddie said asked for Aouar and Partey to compete for top 4. Stop with negativity already. Would you have written this article if wenger was in charge and ozil was playing regularly. Be honest.

      1. I have wrote many times mate , we have special manager in Arteta ( even in this article ) but an owner with zero ambition
        Also have maintained if he buys Aour and Partey owner proved me wrong
        In terms of Ozil , I rather have him trying to play in a Pepe then Elneney
        So it honestly depends mate
        If Ozils replacement is Aour , fantastic
        If it’s not anyone , then yeah I think he should be in squad
        Would I have written this article is Wenger was in charge ?
        Well , Wenger never finished in our worst position in 25 years did he ?
        Let me ask you , were you unhappy when Wenger won Cup but finished outside top 4 ?

  14. Of course all supporters try to be optimistic. Public criticism is a very skilled matter to make positive.

    Whilst other owners want to contribute, Stan is not an Arsenal fan but the owner of a business from which he want to make a return. “It’s not fair” But we have a fan base of millions buying merchandise whist Burnley have a bloke at a car boot sale pedaling knock-off 1914 FA Cup Winners pennants. “Not fair.”

  15. The performance was really tepid. The result was somewhat expected. Even our performance against West Ham was quite poor, though we won. Even when we lose, I would like to see our team play with much more desire. A midfield of Keita, Fabinho and Wijnaldum looks average on paper but Klopp has turned them into beasts due to the way they press.

    1. That’s what fans can never understand.

      Our team is good enough to be competing with the very best; but with NEGATIVE TACTICS we stand no chance at all

      1. Does the playing out from and across your own goal line count as negative or positive?
        … It has me squeaky bum on the sofa. Imagine if there was a crowd present!

            1. It’s positive only for teams with good technical players both in defence and midfield, and with a keeper good with his feet. Certainly Not us.

              1. Is that because there’s no one available as an outlet or ’cause defenders are too pressured or lacking the skill to reach our attack.

                1. Starting with the keeper, he’s not at all good with his feet.

                  Then those defenders constantly selected are not comfortable with the ball. If it were a backfour of Cedric, Luiz, Mari, Tierney,,,, it would play from the back very well.

                  1. Did you also notice how the Liverpool forwards remained high in our area and suffocated us when we tried to play out? They knew it was our weakness. Leno and Holding were never glowing in confidence!

    2. Fabinho £40m
      Wijnaldum £25m
      Keita £54m

      But we won’t buy Aouar or Partey for £45m? That’s the difference. Meanwhile we spend £72m on a winger, who I think we didn’t even bother to scout.

      1. Forget about how much was paid for a player. It’s more about how they play together. Our Frontline of Pepe, Auba and Laca cost nearly £200m (compared to Liverpool front 3 of less than £100m), yet why does the Liverpool frontline outperform our by a country mile in terms of goals? It’s down to how the team plays.

        1. It’s down to the whole team performance, Maxis. Ultimately, it’s about service. Liverpool can provide service with almost every attack. We cannot because are midfield has nothing to offer any time soon!

          You’re right about the cost too, Maxis. With options and chances even an average striker will score. But the best striker in the world won’t score without a ball at his feet.

        2. Of course its all about performance but we cant forget the cost because:

          Pools attack was quite cheap
          Arsenals expensive

          Pools midfield was expensive
          Arsenals quite cheap

          So our problem is at break up play, holding on to the ball, initiating an attack, creating chances. All starts at midfield! Our expensive forwards can only do so much.

          Elneny is okay, but he’s not Liverpools quality nor is he our quality.

  16. I know many of my fellow fans will point that am negative but I don’t fancy the team playing 90min depending. In doing so we’re inviting pressure and we will easily concede. Sack arteta bring on bielsa

  17. There is a reason I didn’t completely blamed Emery last season, because you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different result. We have not had any major overhaul since Wenger left. The reason Wenger became so poor in his latter years is the same reason Emery and Ljunberg failed. If we look at our team carefully, we haven’t really improve since Wenger left. In fact our midfield is even poorer. l can still remember how Emery started, winning games while playing badly. It was just a matter of time before we came crashing. I am afraid we may be towing the same path with Arteta.

    1. Hope you’re wrong.
      I remember the euphoria when Ozil became our top earning player. Don’t think you’d highlight Auba last night but maybe he didn’t get the service. Not even when our big money signing came on.


  19. In conclusion, if fans think that inviting pressure for a whole 90 minutes in all our games is anything close to making progress, then am done for this season.

    Be certain that possession-based small teams like Brighton, Aston Villa, Leeds, Everton, are sure going to WALLOP us home and away.

      1. I don’t bother with stats.

        Must you be a god to see that Brighton was allover Chelsea??? And Aston Villa was allover Fulham the team that we allowed plenty of the ball????

  20. I keep saying we need a LWF, someone who is skillful, fast and can hold ball when needed (take a look at mane). Auba need to go back to his normal position, we can rotate him with Laca. Or we sell Laca to fetch money to get the LWF we want.
    I will love it if we can make a move for Saha or probably any good LWF who can do that. Don’t let us just remain on improving the midfield only.


  21. “Is Arsenal’s title bid now officially over?”
    A very provocative headline (some might say click bait), and I have not heard anyone at the club say we were going to win the PL. Every season is started with high hopes but nobody but a set of complete fools would expect a title.
    My own hopes and expectations is for Champion’s League qualification and I’m sure that’s Arteta’s target and I think we have a real chance of achieving this, even with the squad we now have.

    1. 100 percent proactive lol
      Listed examples above mate in span of 10 days of discussions about us being title contenders( I never said anyone at the club but sections of our fan base )

    1. Then who will play the LWF. That’s why we need a LWF before doing that.

      Get a strong and good LWF, then play Auba in is right position.
      Age is not on his side anymore, a young and strong LWF needs to come in, one who is capable of damaging our opponents back line and Auba can do the finishes as a CF

      Take a look at Mane, Eden Hazard during his days at Stanford Bridge.

      We can’t just sit back and wait for counter attacks only or opponent defensive error. We need winger that will make us come out to play.
      If we get both Aouar and Partey without getting a LWF, this issue will still arise later or sooner. Though our midfield will be solid but they will still cry out for a solid LWF cause Auba is not skillful and solid enough to be there, is a finisher (CF)

      1. Play Saka there.. Just put Auba in the middle.. Laca is a complete idiot if he can’t take clear cut chances.. Even the goal was almost scuffed. And he’s supposed to be the No 9?
        Even Nelson can or Willian can play that LWF.. Laca need to come from the bench as an impact sub in some matches. Nketiah is way more clinical, just that he’s lightweight and easily bullied off the ball. All these while waiting for Martinelli to come back

  22. The road to glory is never a smooth ride. We are still contending. It’s difficult to win at anfield with their record there plus referees support and all. We just have to make sure we don’t drop points to lesser opponents.

    I am interested to know how many goals have Aubemayang scored for us playing in the middle and how many from the wing?

  23. In abumeyang latest interview on the reason why he renewed his contract,he said as i quote “when arteta was appointed manager the 1st and foremost thing he did was gathered all of the 1st and 2nd team squad into an empty room with chairs lying and scattered all ova d floor and told us this is the current state of d club.d club is in dissarray.and it needs to be rearranged”. U cannot rebuild a dying club with d likes of David luiz,willians, abumeyang,ozil,lacazzette who are above 30yrs and careers are running down de spine.u need young and hungry bloods who will give their all play with their heart.

  24. I still feel Arteta isn’t the right guy for this job. He’s too defensive even against lower opposition. His FA cup win is just papering over the cracks. Arsenal have dropped the most points from winning position in the league since we appointed Arteta.
    Wigan beat mancity to win the FA cup but were still relegated so a good cup run doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Top 4 more important.
    His league record against the big 5 isn’t dissimilar from Emery’s record. In 7 league games against the big 5 Arteta has won 2, lost 4 and draw once, how is that different from Arsenal under Emery?
    With all the players at his disposal he should be doing more than parking the bus every game. Arsenal had one touch in the Liverpool 18yard box in the first half & that’s down to Arteta tactics.

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