Is Arsenal’s transfer philosophy working?

Contrary to popular opinion, Arsenal have already bought three players this summer in Granit Xhaka, Rob Holding and Takuma Asano, and Arsene Wenger has (unusually for him) admitted that the Gunners still in the market for an experienced centre-back and a striker.

Petr Cech,who was the only first team player that Wenger bought last summer, believes that Le Prof will provide the players that Arsenal need, and not just buy the stars that the fans want just to keep them happy.

“I think you need to buy players you need, you need to buy players that will improve the team and not to buy players just for buying. That’s the philosophy of the club,” Cech said.

“I’ve been here since last season and you can see that every time we bring in a player, it’s a player we need, and the manager believes he improves the team.

“There is a core of the players who have been at Arsenal for years, and they know that is an advantage as well. People get to know each other, how to play together.”

I can see where he’s coming from, but don’t ALL managers buy the players they think they need to win games? I think Wenger’s biggest problem is keeping players that have NOT improved the team, and hoping that will finally come good in the end. It worked with Robin van Persie who finally came good after years of sitting in the treatment room, but it didn’t work with Abou Diaby, and it doesn’t look like it’s working with Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I hope I’m wrong, but surely keeping the deadwood in the name of continuity and cohesion is detrimental to Arsenal’s overall strength, no matter who else you buy?

Darren N


  1. So, it appears Ben Yedder has joined Sevilla. Now, I don’t want to hear talks of “we’ve followed him for a while” in 2 years time. We’re going to regret missing out on him IMO.

    1. Truth is………..we don’t have a Target…’s why we settle for just about anything!

  2. Of course it’s working. Arsenal’s transfer policy is to spend the minimum amount of money possible to achieve a 4th placed finish or higher. That policy is incredibly successful. Problem is it’s the wrong policy to have…

  3. Cech is right BUT!! when last did wenger got us what we needed?? for how many years are we gonna keep needing a striker?? then if you think Wenger is right, then are you saying we fans,including past players and even fans of opponents are wrong? how is it possible for us all to be wrong every year and Wenger right?..oh lawd!! where is this club going to?

    1. Every start to the season……… Everybody thinks wenger is right (also himself) ……then at the season’s end it’s a different story and he gets it all wrong


  4. OT: Sevilla signs Ben Yeder…. They know how to get players cheap and utilize them properly..

    Maybe we won’t be signing any striker.. .

  5. Well it depends what you mean by “Worked”
    If you mean staying in top 4, not challenging for 1st or CL, making profits by low spending then YES
    If you mean challenging for all Trophies, then NO
    Last summer we only spent £10 million and didn’t get the striker we sorely needed. City, Chelsea, United were all out of contention. It was our BEST chance of winning
    This season Spurs will be stronger with Janssen, United/City/Chelsea will all be stronger

    Cazorla, Alexis, Ozil and Mert have all asked for more quality signings
    We got Xhaka for £35 mil who looks really good BUT wasn’t a priority. More of a luxury
    We despartely need Striker, winger and CB

    But Indecisive Wenger keeps on dithering while other clubs have got their players
    United: Mktharyan, Ibrahimovich, Pogba
    City: Nolito, Gundogan
    Chelsea: Batshuayi, Kante
    Spurs: Janssen, Wanyama

  6. When cech joined us last sea son, I was very hopeful that he will bring the winning mentality with him but alas he has just become wengers glorified puppet. So he is saying we don’t need a cb and a striker and we have enough qualities.

    Last 4 months have transpired to be a disaster for arsenal. First we finish 2nd ,which we never deserved to in the first place. That has brain washed many thinking we are really great. Then mr. giroud scored some.goals in euros making him a real class striker again in the eyes of fans and club.

    Arsenal fc need a shake up a big time shake up.

  7. “I think you need to buy players you need, you need to buy players that will improve the team and not to buy players just for buying. That’s the philosophy of the club,” Cech said.

    Well…not true Petr!!!
    WC forward?
    We need him!!!
    He’ll improve the team!
    But we will not buy one!>>…

  8. This a hard question to answer objectively. I think the only way you could answer that question with a yes is if you win a major trophy. Alternatively if there was a general consensus that the squad performed, season over season, above its payroll and acquisition price then you could also say its working. As it stands I don’t see this squad with one of the highest wage bills over the past seasons out perform to such a level that one can say this is the result of the smart transfer policy.

    In fact when is the last time we stole a world class player? Fabregas? Bellerin?

  9. Sounds as if cech is after some brownie points! ?
    The responce from the writer of this article was spot on.

    When money is the main target in Arsenal fc philosophy, things will always remain the same.
    They are not interested in finding the right balance between trophies and profits. Selling two so called deadwoods and replacing them with one WC player, would be a good start in progressing, whilst using the up and coming youth players with potential as cover.

    I read that an Arsenal fan chased Wenger down the beach and begged him to sign Mahrez! ? I would have liked to have seen that. ???
    ” Mr Wenger, please. .. Please sir, please … Please sign Mahrez. . Please. . I do anything you want. . Please.. I would bash ? 7 ?’s out of Piers Morgan, for you!… Please mr wenger, sir… sign Mahrez … Pleaseeeeee ??

      1. @ Admin
        There’s a 2 second video on 101 Great Goals blog that shows an Arsenal fan begging wenger to sign Mahrez!

        And typically, wenger was on his Bike! ( smirking) ???

  10. “There is a core of the players who have been at Arsenal for years, and they know that is an advantage as well. People get to know each other, how to play together.”

    Wrong again Petr!!
    It’s true that more time playing together you play better together…..but not these guys …I mean…they’ve been playing together for ages but still playing like its the first time….
    You can see that on the counter attacks for ex…specially when we have 4 against 2 or 3!
    Slow, messy and uneficient!!!
    Just like Wenger in transfer windows LOL

    1. I think playing style is over rated. We shall see how many seasons Pep needs to get City to play in his style. If he accomplishes this in one season, to transform the playing style of an entire squad, then surely the benefits of a fixed playing style are exaggerated?

      Pep already said in one of his recent interviews that some of the players “get” his playing style after one conversation. If this is true it should not be so difficult for us to integrate new players into our squad.

      1. Well, thats the difference between Pep and Wenger, mate.
        Pep tells the players what he wants and Wenger tells his players how wonderful they are and that he believes in them, with his team talk being ” I believe in all of you, you’re all world class player’s, now go out there and show the world” ? ? and if we lose, he says that his players were weak and nieve! ?

      2. Maybe mate but…Mahrez Cazzette and Mustafi are there for grabs,if we don’t make these 3 signings we will have nightmare 16/17 season BELIVE ME! (Trump) hahahaha

        As for the Pep he will manage to success his 1. season in MC you’ll see…I just hope he’ll integrate Ox in his playing style 😉

  11. after thought: I think the times where a good scouting network could out perform your main competitors are more or less over. Many clubs now have access to most players in most leagues and in depth scouting reports are not so hard to come by compered to when Wenger just started.

    This means its hard to have an outperforming transfer policy, more often than not you get what you pay for. And if you pay little for developing players you never quite know if they will develop into a Sanderos or a Fabregas. If you pay high prices for an Ozil or Sanchez you more or less get what you pay for.

  12. Leaving myself vulnerable again from transfer rumors with Arsenal, whether we were in for Mahrez or not that was a crusher because that’s the guy we should have gotten from Leciester above Vardy and Kante in my opinion.

    Since Atletico Madrird have signed Gameiro from Sevilla, which in turn Sevilla signed Ben Yedder from Tolouse. Does this mean Wenger will relieve Atletico of Griezmann? This would be a great or possibly the only way to wash away the double wammy from Leciester with Vardy and Mahrez…

      1. Are you saying if Griezmann was our only offensive signing you wouldn’t be happy? Maybe we shouldn’t be so dependent on playing a lone target man in the mould of Giroud and switch back to having 2 strikers playing of each other like Henry and Bergkamp use to do. Obviously that method hasn’t brought us a title since you know when. A tactic that could be utilized depending on the opposition of the day.

        Alexis and Griezmann could roam all day and tear defenses apart I think instead of restricting them to wing play. Of course with a solid midfield behind them…

    1. Well there’s 2 options:
      1. is that Wenger does’nt even made moves for all those players…or
      2. they DO NOT want to come to AFC! (I bet its the second one) 😀

      Either way there’s only one man to blame – Mr u know whoo!!

    2. but why would griezmann want to play for an ambition-less and dull manager like wenger?

  13. I think its working for the management of arsenal, but in regards to the fans , it definitely is not working.

    The habit of buying one player per season for most times one of our three weak areas with the hope that other players step up, have consistently kept arsenal from winning the titles we want so badly.

    One player mention (Monreal)what happens when players get too familiar with each other, they get comfortable, complacent and lack hunger, because the majority lack competition in the squad and also some playing are base on favoritism, so some position are safe guarded by not buying proper players for that position or buying none at all.

    The why we as fans will say the philosophy is not working

  14. IF Arsenal’s Transfer Philosophy is not to spend any money it’s working.
    Well done the Board and Mr Wenger don’t let go of the cheque book.
    Arsenal are going places down hill.

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