Is Arsenal’s transfer policy simply smoke and mirrors?

Is Arsenal’s transfer policy simply smoke and mirrors?by ED

It seems as if recently everyone and their mom’s uncle have been linked with Arsenal during this transfer window. First of all the whole CDM issue, it’s an age old conundrum with Arsenal … It’s no secret that in recent seasons our vulnerability has been at the heart of our midfield a sort of void that has been left by Vieira that no one had been able to quite cut the mustard and display the sort of dominant displays he had in his prime.

The emergence of Le Coq this season has seems to have convinced a few individuals that we may have found the solution to our problem although, and rightly so, a few cynics have questioned (with Arsenal’s track record with injuries) and the obvious point that the premier league is alight with one season wonders are we in a comfortable position to close the chapter on this one? We started this transfer window off by being linked to Geoffrey Kondogbia (He opted to go to Inter Milan) then it was on to our good old friend Schniederlin (Who unless you have been living in a cave, has moved to United) accompanied by Vidal (Who we are being told is possibly on his way to Bayern as a replacement for the modern patron of German football Schweinstieger), not obviously forgetting the obvious one that rears its head every window for the last 3 seasons, William Carvalho.

Then there are the Strikers – many argue whether the strike force of Olivier Giroud (as the focal point of the attack), Theo Walcott/ Oxlade Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck/Chuba Akpom, have the capability of proving a formidable strike force. I’m not going to suggest in winning the title just yet, but the question is whether they are capable of building upon what we have already done? Whilst it can be argued that their injuries have been a hindrance towards them unleashing their full potential.. It begs the question because it has happened before and not just on one occasion I may add, could we continuously blame the injuries for us finishing second best to the rest of our competitors. With that being said again it seemed as if Wenger entered the market first of all with Jackson Martinez (who moved to Althetico following the activation of his 25.8 Million buyout clause) then on to Lacazette, a transfer favourite Benzema, now Edin Dzeko.

Now all of a sudden, from concentrating on strengthening the teams fire power and midfield steel, reports in the papers seem to be indicating we are after a new left back and centre back. A week or two ago we were talking about an agreed fee with Juventus for Vidal, 3 weeks prior to that we were talking about Martinez joining the strike force.

Perhaps this is me reading way too much into this but it seems as if we made enquiries into those players, but I don’t think that it is the price tag putting us off.. to the best of my recollection I don’t recall a formal bid submitted for those players. It has drawn me to the conclusion that perhaps Wenger is playing chicken in the transfer window and hiding his real intentions behind ‘smoke and mirrors’, it’s a known fact that he doesn’t like to publicly discuss his transfer business, in fact for long periods of time we are often left wondering if anything anyone publishes on Arsenal is the whole truth or completely fabricated nonsense.

I remember the Ozil deal, especially when he denied all reports linking with a departure from the Bernabeau a week before the transfer deadline, queue the 24 hour mark, a bid launched and 24 hours later Ozil was a Gunner. For me it seems as if it is a similar pattern to the way deals transpire within Arsenal, unlike most clubs who there is a whole song and dance number before the actual transfer of a player. It seems as if Arsenal divert attention away from the clubs transfer dealings and only wait to present the end product a bit like a magician “a crap load of smoke and mirrors, then presto rabbit out of the hat”

Eddie D

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    1. Moutinho is a top Dm,if we need a dm,Moutinho is a good solution. Don’t you remember how he had Xavi an Iniesta on lock in the Euro 2012

  1. Skysports ran a piece today suggesting LVG is content with Rooney leading the line at United with no additional out and out strikers. LVG and his clipboard are somehow considered geniuses.

    Wenger has slowly built one of the elite midfields in world football and has addressed areas he freely admits he’s made mistakes on (Cech).

    Wenger is branded slow, out of touch with ‘Today’s football’.

    Maybe Wenger should learn Dutch and buy a clip board.

    Or perhaps we should all take a deep breath and wait for the window to close. I will be surprised if Cech is our only signing.

    1. you sound very naive,Lvg is saying this so that teams don’t overcharge them when they buy a striker as they will.Are you really trying to compare Rooney who has scored 30 goals in a season to Giroud who can’t even score 20?How are we one of the elite midfields in europe when we don’t have enough cover in defensive midfield?and if its so elite how come we never get far in Europe?If Wengers corrected his mistakes why are Giroud and Per still in the team and why is Arteta still hangin around

      1. Lol I’ve seen Rooney play…..he often wastes more chances than Lord Bentdner and Giroud together! LVG the master who changed his formation every ten minutes and so easily could have missed out on 4th. Pers still a decent player and our midfield is one of the best. Artetas a good influence and good squad player. Think you’re just on a mission.

    2. Maybe you should be a little more sensible regarding LvG, he’s had 1 season in the prem and took over a Moyes United. His acid test will come this season, but you’re talking about a guy who’s won it all at several of the best teams on the planet – so your clipboard nonsense makes you sound pretty dim.

      If their business this summer is anything to go by, he now knows exactly where his teams needs strengthening and is doing a fine job fixing it so far as well. Being content with Rooney as your ST is still much more desirable than having Giroud as your ST, let’s get that straight.

      1. They spent £200m on transfers last summer, they had no CL or EL, knocked out of the CC early, lost at home in the FA cup and only came in 4th. I don’t thibk LVG is all he’s cracked up to be

  2. To expect Coquelin to play up to 65 games this season is stupid and cruel. His position is the only position we do not have someone else. So stupid. If he gets injured too, what do we Pretty shocked Wenger is that stupid. Maybe he will sign someone and prove us all wrong.

  3. I think wenger is closely watching what Bayern are doing. Muller or Robert. Muller doesn’t like pep. Intact I don’t think any Bayern players want him there. And who knows, we might hit the jackpot.

  4. Transfer Requirement: DM & ST
    Already have Coq as the DM. Need a backup/competition.
    Target: Victor Wanyama
    Pros: Not expensive, Premiere League Experience, Same style as Coq and not much will be changed, Young and loads of potential
    Cons: Southampton may be hard bargainers as they lost Schneiderlin
    Upgrade: Greg Krychowiak
    Badly need an upgrade on Giroud.
    Target: Lacazette
    Pros: Young, Goalscorer, Quick, Loads of Potential
    Cons: Price, only one season old (in terms of success at the highest level).
    Upgrade: Benzema/Lewandowski
    Pros: World Class finishers
    Cons: Not guarrenteed to leave RM/Bayern (yet).
    Alternative: If Walcott is played as ST, sign a world class winger, Reus/Draxler.
    Pros: Goals, Pace, Creativity, Versatile (Can play anywhere across the forward line)
    Cons: Injury Concern, Price

  5. Trying to take my mind off transfer rumours but I just cant get my mind off the news…..I keep checking sites for concrete news and hoping we get that player we need….

    Having said that, I cant wait to see Flamini leave…Don’t get mi wrong, He is a good lad and used to be good for us in 2006 but He has past it now…..Hopefully, He will be gone this week…

  6. Ah…on the verge of yet another brand new season and the wenger troupe boys are out again with their usual warped/deceptive logic. No sooner does events begin to unravel, they did shift gear and stir the pot in an orgy of concocted illogicality. Make no mistake, Arsenal aren’t good enough to even challenge let alone thinking about wining the PL. No, not with an incompetent and delusional manager; reflected in the sizeable number of rejects he has assembled for a team.
    I would be taking screenshot, designed to document/provide proof(come the end of the season) regarding the truly cynical/destructive nature of this group.

    Furthermore, if it is indeed acceptable that Arsenal must remain a “yoyo” club with a “master of failure” at the helm, consigned to only challenging for 4th place, FINE: then, the price of ticketing must reflect that position. Not the ponzi scheme mechanism/structure that currently characterize everything about Arsenal FC.

  7. This summer we NEED:
    1. Top GK = Done
    2. Top striker
    3.,Top DM
    4. Defender who can play LB

    Lacazette, Cavani, Lewandowski or Benzema
    Reus, Draxler, Greizmann or Pedro

    DM: Many options still out there: Carvalho, The two Benders, Vidal, Krychowiak, Gustavo, some others

    I wanted originally Kondogbia and Martinez/Lacazette but we can still have an amazing summer transfer window

      1. Arsenal fans always overrate Gibbs. He is average at best. He spends too much time injured. Nacho is good, but how many seasons can he keep that form?

  8. Also no last minute average quality signings

    Last minute is fine if we get someone of the quality of Ozil.

    But we are a different club to the one of three years ago. Focus on Quality

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  10. Guys unless any of you are one of AW’s confidantes, then everything we read or discuss is TOTAL speculation.

    As happens every year, we are one of the two biggest teams in London, the Uks capital, and of course every journalist is looking to be responsible for the ‘scoop’, so they can say, ‘I said it first’.

    Personally I doubt that 99% of the rumours, dm’s, strikers etc are anything more than rubbish being made up. Wenger has never made his intentions clear, he never says where we are weak or he intends to buy. He might occasionally compliment a player but that means nothing.

    I don’t therefore think we keep making offers that we lose out on, so don’t wind yourselves up about that.

    Whether AW plays games is uncertain, for me, I doubt he would waste his time, the press provide all the misinformation he needs.

    There’s no choice, we just have to wait till news is undeniable (like Cech coming in) or AFC make an announcement.

    I have a 50/50 feeling whether we’ll buy. If we do, like most, I hope it’ll be either a dm or someone who can play (somewhere/everywhere) across the front three.

    Good tests of how we’re looking coming up. Another weeks pre season training, then a pretty decent Emirates cup.

  11. He was a classic 4th place junkie cheap high for the Frenchman … Of course he should be replaced by a quality DM and one who offers something more than coquellin …. There seem to be several,options but not holding my breath as wenger clearly has little intention of going out to win Bpl just hoping he gets lucky

  12. For the little time i’ve been an arsenal fan, if there is one thing i’ve learnt to do then it is being patient with wenger when it comes to transfer windows. The media can speculate for all i care but Wenger would be his old self. Habit dies hard….

  13. One top player a year this is Wengers plan so in another 8 years we should have a team to compete against the big clubs.Great Plan Mr Wenger. Don’t hold your breath for any more top class singing’s this transfer window . Can’t wait for the next window.

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