Is Arsenal’s transfer window already over – barring sales?

Arsenal brought in two very good players in Alexandre Lacazette and Saed Kolasinac, but according to the rumours every other player we have tried to buy has been overpriced by the selling club, including Thomas Lemar and Sayed Mahrez. According to Arsene Wenger that added “English tax” is just too much for the Gunners to pay, but he appears to be happy with the two that we did get.

“I am very pleased with our market because we bought good players who can integrate with our style of play, that’s what we want,” Wenger said.

“On the other hand, it is very difficult.

“Today, the prices are out of proportion. The transfer market has become very demanding today.

“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer.

““When you are English, you have straight away 50 per cent [extra] on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.”

It is certain that inflation from the TV money (and added oil money) has made the market for the best players very difficult,
and from his words it sounds like Wenger is simply not willing to pay the increased figures and will not be buying anyone else in this window despite our current nett spend only coming in at about 25m so far, and we will probably recoup a bit more of that once we get rid of some deadwood.

Arsenal have started getting some of their unwanted squad members, but Wenger still thinks he has lots of players to dispose of, and he thinks that many other teams are in the same position. “I expect to sell players first. I expect players to go because we have too many players,” Wenger said last week.

“It’s not manageable and many clubs are in this situation.”

So it is going to be very hard to get rid of the deadwood? And even harder to bring in replacements?

I think we can assume that our window is over lads.

Darren N

Updated: August 23, 2017 — 8:25 am


  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Te specialist in failure strikes again……..

    1. looking out for the next season already, the current one is already over in my eyes as long as no major changes.

      1. move over Aston Vila we are coming soon

    2. Everyone wanted our incoming transfer business done early. He done it early. He said all along he would only sign 2 or 3. He signed 2. He then said he will be trimming the squad. So far 18 have departed (sold/released/loaned) He is trimming the squad,

      I am expecting at least 5 more departures. If that happens then I expect 1 more arrival (at least). However, should there be only 4 more departures then I am not expecting anymore arrivals.

      This is the current (over 21squad)
      Cech ospina macey iliev
      Mertesacker Koscielny Holding mustafi chambers
      Debuchy gibbs Chamberlain Monreal Bellerin kolasinac
      Ramsey wilshire cazorla xhaka coquelin elneny
      Alexis ozil walcott welbeck campbell perez toral
      Lacazette giroud akpom

      That’s still 31 players!! I am expecting macey and iliev to be delisted and only retained as under 23 and carabao cup keepers. Whilst I expect that Debuchy, Gibbs, toral perez and akpom will be sold. That will bring the squad down to 24 and barring any further departures will allow us room for 1 more signing.

      With Huddart, Bielik. Pleguezuelo sheaf Niles. Adelaide, willock, da Silva, iwobi Nelson and nketiah giving further umder-21 support.

      Going to get a million thumbs down, but that is all I am expecting from this regime now. It’s a pathetic situation we are in and so very boring.

      1. Toral has already gone and Akpom will be gone soon.

  2. But why are we surprised to hear this kind of talk from Wenger? This is simple economics. We are out of the champions league and with that, we just kissed good bye to tens of millions of pounds. Of course it was going to affect our transfer business. If you thought we were sluggish before, it will be even worse now. Just do like I do. I have absolutely no expectations from Arsenal this season. That way, the possibility of a major heartbreak for me is lowered.

    1. well don’t you think we have to buy good players to be in the CL next season to be able to get all those millions

  3. At the of this transfer Window Wenger will say: we were looking for top top quality but the market was a difficult place…. Anyway we stil av top top qualities… I nearly signed Lemar and mahrez..

  4. Am tired..just don’t know wad to say again

  5. Oh my God Wenger again with his foolish talks.

  6. This will be the worst season for us. why is Wenger refusing to make the fans happy?

  7. Ever since the puma deal, wenger has been buying a big player per season am not surprised if lacazet is this summer buy, I said it b4 wenger is only merry-go-round he isn’t going to buy any1 as he claimed the last 2weaks of the window will be busier, here we are now. Expect nothing from the old man, don’t be surprised to see Alexis go, a team that is struggling to get rid of deadwood at this stage of the season can’t do better investment.
    Coat me anywhere, Alexis can’t sign anymore contract even if he stays beyond Sept 1st. The board inability to do good business is going to cost the whole team some good players, don’t blame Alexis for wanting to leave see what is happening at Barca and with messi too.

  8. The market is the same foreveryone, and it will get worse in the coming transfer season, arsenal should adopt rich clubs policy, buy big players and share the income thatcomes from the adverts and sales. That what real madrid, man united are doing.

    1. the problem is that owners of a country’s who own oil fields are now owners of football club’s, how can you compete with that,

      i blame Michel UEFA Platini that shi7 who parity much done away with FFP because he said that the EPL is too strong and relaxing the FFP rules will help other leagues but fail to see only one off teams in other leagues are making a killing and the rest of that league are just suffering, and not forgetting gazumping players sale price and salaries gone through the roof,

      there is only one good league which more then one or two teams who challenge for the top spot is the EPL there are no second place

      1. to be totally honest and without being bias Man United is the true financial top club in the world and before anyone says Barca or Real its not the same those both teams get majority of the TV revenues from the Spanish league for many many years and its because of that they sit on top of the tower poaching worlds top players that is until PSG and god knows who ells soon

        Football as we know it is looking bleak for the near future 🙁

        1. i don’t even want to mention the German league it seams that every team in that league if feeding their best players to Bayern Munich which makes no sense

  9. if no more signings then I won’t watch any arsenal game,I suspend my support for the team indefinitely this club is a joke Wenger is speaking on behalf of the board yes arsenal fc is a stingy club

    1. Suspended mine years ago, when I realised kroenke had no interest. Since then he has signed wenger TWICE!! which says it all for me

  10. He can say players are over priced but it’s a market, and the market dictates the price. Unless the TV deals collapse prices are going one way – UP.

    So clearly the old miser is never buying a top player until he gets the market he wants. Deluded and out of touch.

    We’re stuck with him for 2 years. Oh no!

    1. don’t worry he will buy a player on the last hour of the last day of the transfer window if its a bargain that is it wont be someone we need to strengthen the team but will be a name player so to shut us up

      1. Aye someone next year we wont be able to move on cause none others are as thick to buy them in the first place.

  11. “wenger is furious at increase figures and didn’t want to buy” are you kidding? Is the club not getting from in skyrocketed TV right? They make money but don’t want to spend some. That is pure greed.
    Besides board/wenger inability to groom good players or grant contracts on time is making it difficult to be at strong selling position, see Liverpool look at how much they sold Suarez, their best player at the time after an extra season of forcing the player to play against his wish, look at countinho €120m and Liverpool rejected, how much did AFC sold rvp, fabrigas, nasri, adebayo and so on, how much is the bid tabled for our best striker Alexis, how come no one values our own players around triple figures of €100m

  12. This is so discouraging! From those quotes it’s looking very much like this might be it for incoming this year, or maybe a disappointing last-minute purchase? Make all the freaking excuses you want AW, it’s totally unacceptable. Two great signings, but that’s not enough to keep pace with the top of the field who have moved way ahead now. Plenty of good players who could have helped us for Laca level or similar fee that we keep being told we have available in the funding pool but as usual we keep fixated on a player or two way too long (Vardy last year, Lemar this) and miss so many other opportunities. All the BS promises of how different this year will be to justify the two year extension to AW contract. I’ll watch all the matches and enjoy the quality of the players we do have but DAMN we’re always just those last few steps away from actually having a shot through dithering and mismanagement. Can you imagine what our team would be like if only we were coached and owned/managed with the competence of Juve?

  13. Come on you whingers give it a break as I’ve explained a few times it takes a lot more than money to bring a player in, with fans on the manager’s back having a go at players so much bad vibes around the place it’s no wonder some player’s tell their club to quote ridiculous prices as an excuse, first take the majority of transfer dealings from wenger and give it to a performance director that way deadwood can be identified quicker and shipped out at the same time wenger will be forced to get stronger taller players which if you look at wengers sightings have almost being so called gentle or timid that’s not what’s required I’m afraid, so all in all we need to be more supportive of the club, though I’m afraid it’s the end of wenger this season if arsenal don’t win the Europa this season

    1. Pat J give it a rest, other clubs dont seem to have a problem. Stop making excuses

    2. The only dead wood is Wenger himself and the brainless minority who believe he can still deliver success – that is the “dead wood” we need to be rid of.

  14. its you (editor) that makes the assumption here that its going to be hard to get rid of the deadwood? And even harder to bring in replacements? but far as we know this is being done, albeit at snails pace.

    I dont see that it will prove hard for wenger after all he’s an economist and it is part of what they able to do. whether he trims the squad in time to appease fans…we’ll have the agony of ‘just wait and see’.

  15. Tottenham look like spendig more than we will in this window, and buildinga stadium just let that sink in a while

  16. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if our business is concluded. Every year we seem to need 4 or 5 top quality players and at most end up with 2- remember the summer we only signed Cech despite needing a CB, CDM and ST.
    It is still glaringly obvious that we need a top quality CB (VVD/Manolas/De Vrij/Tah/Sakho/Koulibaly) , a no nonsense CDM (N’zonzi/Danilo Pereira/Carvalho/Diawara/Krychowiak) and a creative central midfielder (Seri/Kovacic/Banega/ Pastore/Trigueros).
    What also gets on my nerves is Wenger’s excuses. His latest one is the size of the squad- being ‘unmanageable.’ Sign the players we need (our net spend is only £26m), sell any deadwood then if deadwood cannot be sold then loan them out or let them train with the u23s/u21s.

  17. You never know he might spring one big surprise for us Sunday lol

  18. I don’t hate AW but I believe until a new manager comes with fresh idea current work done is still equal to zero. How can you rely on same squad every year and expect result sell some names like Theo,coquelin elneny and some others and bring new marquee signing let’s be competitive in the EPL. What Arsenal need right now is a fresh manager and Fresh ideas to move the club forward.

  19. So frustrating….
    Wenger obviously thought getting Kolasinac and Lacazette would be enough to compete.

    3 more world class players would make us compete for the league surely.

    A leader at the back, solid all round midfielder, A better winger than Walcott/Welbeck

    Prices are out of proportion so Wenger says. So is his wages every week. Save the fans all the petty excuses and go get what we need FFS. Every year its the same thing

  20. My Biggest Expectation this season is for the longest serving manager in the EPL to be the very first to be shown the door after dismal, shambolic back to back performances. I can sense the fans fury boiling and trust me this will soon erupt so immensely and will not be contained until this stubborn naive and old school Prof is gone. As for Alexis Sanchez Arsenal is bigger than your *** if you can’t respect the badge and doesn’t wonna play for us…hit the door

  21. Kreonke and Wenger need to get over this too much for players. This is now the price and how things have been going for the longest of times. We all remember when Ronaldo was brought for 80m from there things have increased dramatically each year. Now lool at neymar. Anyway we have a small club metality. And this is why we won’t be the best. No trophies less fans and soon the money will dry up.

    #WENGEROUT #kreonkeout

    1. Amazing how wenger can seize an opportunity for an excuse !
      Wenger is an economist, kroenke is a businessman.
      Both know how the market operates…the influx of tv money to the premier league has made foreign clubs, by way of greed and jealousy, see the epl as a cash cow to milk for high transfer fees and profit. Witness monaco recently cashing in knowing full well they can replace talent cheaply from their own leagues then when they come good milk us again. That is good business.
      If wenger and kroenke cant appreciate the current market and accept and adapt to it then get out ffs.
      Sell up to somebody who does…asmaninov or dangote.
      As the saying goes, if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen !!

  22. If Arsenal sells Shkodran Mustafi , everyone should boycott the club , because it will be obvious that they don’t give a s**t about fans and they only want MONEY , Kroenke is literally destroying us , we should get that pervert cockroach out of the club.

  23. Wenger knows that only if he keeps Alexis this year it will look like we are an ambitious club. But I think Alexis will do whatever it’s in his power to leave no later than deadline day. It will be a panic buy then (a squad player worth no more that 17 mil) and a brand new embarrassing excuse by Wenger. This is the most likely course of action.

  24. Which player will won’t to play for the club under this atmosphere. If you are a player would you. A club whose manager is confused. A club whose owner doesn’t show an iota of financial back. A club whose manger is under attack constantly form her fans, ex players, media, opposition manager and fan etc. A club whose supporters no longer support her. I won’t be surprised if Sead and Lacazette won’t want by this time next year if they have a taste of what Mustafi had last season.

  25. With all the troubles we had last season it’s simply unacceptable to only have spend like 26 million. We still need a CB, DM and a winger if we want to compete this season. If we lose in Liverpool all hell will brake lose.

  26. You cannot compete with oil money owners, and Arsenal never will, it’s as simple as that. If you don’t like that, can’t handle it, think it should be different then I suggest you start supporting another club. That’s how it is- no sugar Daddy for Arsenal and never will be.

    If you decide you want to stay and support them them then accept it, stop whining and get behind the club.

    Sick of the babies and whiners- probably don’t even spend a pound on the club and sit there live streaming all the games and never buy a ticket- just like to moan as they don’t get bragging rights on Loserbook or twatter.

    Get behind the club!!

  27. Deep down inside i’m really hoping Wenger suprise us with a Van Dijk signing. I for one just don’t trust our defense no more. We are always one Kos injury away from disaster. Per is good, but he cant do it over the cause of the whole season. Behind Kos and Per we don’t really have much in the way of experience. Monreal ain’t no center back so he doesn’t count. Mustafi needs to play alongside a calm head like Per, he’ll improve but right now that guy is way too impulsive. Its a pity we sold Gabriel cause he had a strong finish towards to the season just before his injury, i was expecting him to kick on this season. Maybe, just maybe Wenger has something up his sleeves.

  28. We might make a signing but I do think it isn’t just 1 player they are looking at but a couple and I can imagine Wenger umming over which one when he wants both, hesitating and trying to find a way he can get both.

    I do think Wenger is still interested in Lemar but that could take most of the funds left.
    I do think Wenger is looking at a CM, we all blamed the CB for the stoke goal but Wenger was talking about giving the ball away in CM… mix that in with happy to sell ElNeny when an offer came in…

    Seri? Carvalho? Goretzka? All rumored to be around the mid £30 million mark, Barca are rumored to be interested in Seri and Goretzka but most likely looking to buy just 1 of them.

    IMO we could be looking close to £100 million for the 2 players and if AFC only have around £70-80 million… I also think AFC do not care if the signings happen on the last day of the transfer window if it means saving a few £££ by getting a cut down price on a unhappy player.

  29. Wenger is crying over players transfet fees……….well he better get used to it………..the players are claiming their fair of the crazy money in football these days…… is a business first……then sports second environment………get used to it folks……..

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