Is Arsenal’s Wilshere putting injury woes behind him?

Jack Wilshere claims that his fitness levels are the ‘best they’ve ever been’, whilst reliving his injury horrors for Arsenal.

The 26 year-old was heavily tipped to become the Gunners’ (and England’s) next big star when breaking onto the scene a decade ago, but a number of injuries have stopped him from meeting his potential, although he still has time to improve.

Wilshere has now relived his tough injury-blighted career, while claiming what he has endured has made him the man that he is today.

He said; “When I first broke into the first team, even looking back when I was 16, you take things for granted,” he told Arsenal Player. “I was training every day and when you’re a 16-year-old, you can do that.

“As you get older your body changes, you pick up injuries, you have to be more careful with certain situations and it makes you stronger as well.  I’ve always loved playing football and that’s what I wanted to do.

“Of course there’s been times when it’s been tough, when you’re injured and you wake up in the morning, you think ‘Oh I’ve got to go to training, all the other lads are training, you’ve got to go to the gym’. That makes you stronger and it makes you appreciate it more and try and do everything you can to keep fit and keep on the pitch.”

“I always hear the boss say it is my first five-metre burst, when I receive the ball and to get away from defenders and I feel that’s getting better and better each day,” he said. “I feel like the way to improve that is in games when you’re playing against opposition that want to win and want to win the ball back and you have to be able to keep the ball.

“That’s coming back and my fitness levels, if I’m honest, are probably the best they’ve ever been. I look at my numbers after the game and I’ve been out for four months and I’m not the one who hasn’t run the most. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t run the most, we’ve got a lot of players that do that, but my numbers are good so I’m happy.”

Is this season make-or-break for Wilshere? Can he stay fit for a full season?

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  1. gotanidea says:

    I hope Wilshere could increase his level like Coquelin, but hopefully he doesn’t follow Coquelin’s injury woes after stepping up. Wilshere might never be like Iniesta, Silva and De Bruyne, but he still could be a useful squad rotation player.

    If Arsenal really want to improve, they have to acquire more skillful and hardworking midfielders than Wilshere, Coquelin, Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Elneny and Ramsey. Many of them are still availbale, but I don’t think Arsenal will get one in January.

  2. arsenal4life says:

    Hope so. But I doubt it.
    He has not been risked
    in a league game yet.
    The club would prefer to offload him
    Sanchez Ozil Perez Wellbeck Debuchy
    but they like their salaries too much.
    Ramsey playing well for Wales again.
    92 year old Yup Highnakers 4th term as Bayern manager.
    4 more years for young 68 year old Wenger then 🙂

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