Is Arteta asking for a La Liga club to approach him?

Mikel Arteta has recently addressed the possibility of returning to Spain as a manager, leaving the door wide open for such a move.

Despite spending most of his life in England, with playing stints at Everton and Arsenal, followed by coaching roles at Manchester City and returning to Arsenal as their manager in 2019, Arteta has expressed a fondness for La Liga.

While Arteta appreciates his life at the Emirates and acknowledges the support he receives from Arsenal as his team aims to contend for the Premier League title, he has openly admitted to a desire to coach a La Liga club in a recent interview.

With the uncertainty surrounding Xavi’s position as Barcelona manager, Arsenal fans might be understandably concerned about Arteta’s openness to managing in La Liga.

The ex-midfielder said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

 ‘I have always thought that one day I will return. 

‘My home draws me a lot, our way of living, of getting together, the culture – and that means I always have it in my head.

‘But I am happy here [at Arsenal], happy with how they treat me, and I really enjoy my job. But someday I suppose it will come, I’m not going to be away for my whole life.’

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It is normal for a Spanish native to want to work in his country and that should not bother us too much.

We do not expect Arteta to spend all his managerial career on our bench, so there will be times like this when questions about his future will come up. But we will have no reason to worry if he signs a new deal.


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  1. It could be that Arteta is hesitant to extend his managing Arsenal job’s current deal beyond when it’s expired next season.
    And he’s doing like what Jurgen Klopp had done at Liverpool this season when he informed the club he’ll be leaving them at the end of this season.
    Arteta might have done the same thing informing Arsenal’s hierarchy bosses that he will want to quit Arsenal when his contract with them expired next season.
    And by his so doing, he has given time for the club to start searching for a replacement to him. Or another theory is that the club has not offered him a new deal to agree upon it by both parties to extend his contract.
    And for this reason, Arteta is concerned on the club’s hesitancy to offer him a new deal. Hence, Arteta’s recent comments and statements making on the issue to test the water to know what the club is thinking about him.

  2. I believe this is all part of Arteta wanting a better contract.

    These are rumors probably spread by his agent, or at his agents behest.

    I do not think Arteta will contemplates leaving before the start of next season, because Pepe will not leave City at least until the end of next season (when his current contract is up).

    So lets wait and see what happens in 2025!

  3. In the immediate and latter timebeing. Arteta and the rest of us Arsenal. SHOULDN’T start to be worrying if Arteta will remain as Arsenal manager. Before or after his current contract at the club has expired next season.
    Us should all remember that, at Arsenal,t, former manager leaves and new one arrives. And the Arsenal remains.
    But Arteta is at liberty to quit Arsenal at any time he chooses, likes and wants to do so. But he owes it the obligation to quit in an orderly, responsible and gentlemanly manner to do us.
    And when he does quit but peaceably. Us Arsenal will appreciate all the immense good works which he has done for us at the clad. And we will commend him very highly for them. And wish him well for the future
    But before he leaves Arsenal, which will happen one day. But no one knows when. Let him Arteta repose the confidence us Arsenal have in him. And the respect we’re showing to him.
    And build an Arsenal titles winning team squad group that can win the quadruple. And wins it before any other Premier League club side team wins before he leaves Arsenal. And makes history that can only be emulated by others.
    Does Arteta know that,, that what remains for Pep Guardiola to achieved. And he’s waiting and wants to achieve it if he can before he leaves Man City.
    Jurgen Klopp had relentlessly tried to achieve the near impossible for Liverpool. But he couldn’t. Hence, the give up that he has given up and resigned.
    So therefore, Arteta SHOULD not leave Arsenal until he has build a Gunners squad team group next season. Who can win the quadruple for us. And wins it next season for us unfailingly.
    I believe the club ownership will support Arteta and approves the money that will be needed for his next summer transfer signings team squad group strengthening. Towards Arsenal winning the quadruple next season.

  4. Arteta may very well go back to his homeland at some point. Spain is a wonderful country but to think that he would return at this point in time is tenuous

  5. Articles blowing stuff out of propulsion. He has said he won’t be away from home his whole career ” that alone can tell you it may not be soon, could be 10+ years more in EPL before wanting to go back home”…. ONE thing for sure Arteta will not want leave Arsenal before winning major trophies, the guy has put in the sweat, it’s looking like the next 3-5 years is harvest time – Am sure going back to Laliga, he would wish to take couple of English medals from EPL, FA , league cups.

  6. @daveg, This was NOT an interview, but part of Arteta’s pre-Everton press conference, held at the Sobha Realty Training Centre, on Thursday.
    If you’re familiar with Google then you should be able to access the whole conference, or better still, go to the .com and read it there.

  7. In answer to the headline question ” Is Arteta asking for a La Liga club to approach him ” …..NO. Talk about clickbait headlines, all he said was that at some stage of his managerial career he will probably return to Spain, quite a reasonable comment I would have thought, no need to read any more into it than that.

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