Is Arteta building a good foundation for next season?

Of course as an Arsenal fan, any win over the top teams and in particular our North London rivals Spurs is a big achievement and one that leaves a smile on our faces for days on end. However, as before when we beat Chelsea on boxing day and went on an impressive run, the positivity and belief soon ran out as we failed to win against the “smaller” teams.

We have been so inconsistent this season that honestly for me it is hard to tell what sort of performance the players will put out on each matchday.

We beat Chelsea and Manchester United, yet we lost to Manchester City, Wolves and Aston Villa (who did the double over us) and drew against the likes of Burnley and Crystal Palace. No disrespect to those we lost or drew against, barring Manchester City of course, but we should have won those games with the players we have and at times the dominance we showed.

For the players to believe we can get a top four finish, to them I say its brave and ambitious. Maybe had we not drawn or lost the games we have in recent weeks then I too would say it is a reasonable target, however I can’t see it happening, as much as I want it to.

At the end of the season I am sure we will look back at those lost and drawn games and think ‘what if’. But if anything can be taken out of this season it should be the character and mentality that the players have shown in recent games.

The records with the top teams have been much better than in previous seasons. The only downfall is we need to try harder to also beat Liverpool and City as both losses to City were narrow losses of 1-0 which we could have come out with a point at least.

One thing is for sure, if the character of this team does not change, yet improves and if we keep going with the positive winning mentality and consistency to believe that we can win no matter the opponent. If we can actually show it with the work rate on the pitch on matchdays then I have no doubt that next season, although there will be some ups and downs I am sure, that we will have an even better season where we become successful on many fronts.

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Definitely, if you see the amount of clear-cut chances we’ve been producing and the undefeated run we’re having

  2. I hope rest of the season will be better but I’m afraid defeats vs. Villa/Wolves, 5 points lost v. Burnley and draws against Leeds, Southampton and Palace will come costly.

  3. 10 games left in the season:

    If we can get 5 wins, 2 draws and some consistency then I’d say we have built a half decent base.

    Where we still struggle is when teams sit deep, I have yet to see a consistent solution to this style of play from MA.

  4. I think this team figured out how to finally beat lower ranked teams in the second half of the season and gradually getting better at it. They are better at winning even if the bus is packed like Jose did. We will get close to top but not sure if we make into that group. I am excited more for next season. Arteta and Edu have done a great job rebuilding the team while keeping them competitive and in contention for a top finish.

  5. We need to try harder to beat Liverpool and City? Huh! City yes, but we have beaten Liverpool 3 times in 4 games. In fact, Arteta’s record against the top six is outstanding!

  6. Moving on deadwood, dropping I’ll-disciplined captain, bringing players like Pepe and Willian on Par I’d say next season will be a good one.

  7. Definitely looking forward to next season, as hopefully we’ll be back in the stadium! Yay!! 🤩

    MA stated Arsenal are ‘very, very far’ from being his team, so it’ll be interesting to who will arrive and depart in the upcoming window.
    There will always be room for improvement and as we all know the brain farts need a lot of attention. However, I do think we have a lot to be excited about – the defence is so much better. Our Hale Enders are magnificent. A few tweaks here and there and we’re good to go… MA said Arsenal will go ‘bang’ after the pandemic has eased and I for one cannot bloody wait to see it!!

    1. Totally agree with you Sue! can’t wait for the summer!speaking of our young graduates i read a funny tweet yesterday which said”you have the Pl teams with young players in their 1st team/squad and then you have spurs!😂”which is true ageing team and how many of their youth are either playing or broken into the first team this season? couldn’t come up with one can you?

    1. Beating the big teams and losing to small teams doesn’t guarantee us a better place on the log. Arteta cannot build for the future with old players. He want to sell youngsters and keep old horses. He’s not gonna build for the future in that way

      1. I don’t agree with your reading of Arteta going forward.

        I believe there will be 2 or 3 “surprise” departures which do not match your summing up of M.A.

        As for incomings, again, the man has to receive adequate backing from the very top to build HIS vision for Arsenal Football Club – and he has 2 further years to do so.

        Was Aouar an “old horse” for example ?

      2. Arteta sells young players and keep old horses you say? I don’t understand this a bit! I sincerely doubt if you can rebuild a team to early fruition with under 19s. You gonna mix experience with young and exciting talents for nurturing. To be fair to Mikel even if l wasn’t a fan of his emergence, but it’s not all about personality, but vision, results and general progress of Arsenal after the long lull. Recent developments have really shown that there’s a focus in this Arsenal project. Just pray that the board supports him.

    2. AJ, hopefully we can count on Mr Kroenke’s money being spent more efficiently and particularly more effectively, than in the past on players for the Club he owns 100%.
      It’s not the amount allocated, but how it has been misspent that is the problem.

  8. Next season is when the team is going to go “boom” with it starting to bubble from now until then all being well.

    I do hope though that Matteo, Dino & Saliba all get a chance to come back into the fold as they are gems in the making all 3 to add to our youngsters of Saka, SmithRowe, Ødegaard & Martinelli.

    Plus we continue to clear out names like Chambers, Elneny, Torriera, Bellerin, Willock & Laca… Willian too if we could but hard to get rid of.

    I dont want Luiz getting a new 1year deal either but he may well end up staying at Arsenal to go into coaching like Per.

    Leno / ?
    Soares / ?
    Saliba / Dino/ Holding
    Mari / Gabriel
    Teirney / ?
    Partey / Guendouzi
    Xhaka / ?
    Ødegaard / SmithRowe
    Saka / Pepe
    Auba / ?
    Martinelli / Nelson

    Add the likes of Bissouma, Eduoard, Lamptey would be a great go for next season. Obviously we have other youngsters in Azeez, Moller, McGuiness who all could step up possibly with the big team.

    Niles to come back or he sold but would be handy for utility player again.

    1. still cant win….

      lacking of experience in the team…..especially in key positions

      but if we play the team together and build the backbone/spine for 2 to 3 season…

      we can have a formidable team….

      a blend of youth and experience

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