Is Arteta freezing out Tierney? Just like he did to Ozil?

Arteta, a master in freezing players out by Vinod

With all due respect to our current manager, he sometimes p*sses me off with his cold behaviour. The guy is literally unempathetic and doesn’t put himself in the player’s shoes one bit whatsoever.

I like Arteta in many ways, but I do not in many ways too, especially when I see what he is doing to my beloved players who represented the club and gave their all for keeping it where it was when it was staring in the abyss at times.

That was the situation when Ozil came in. We were no longer a big club and just because the team sheet had the name Ozil, we were respected again. That was the main reason why Sanchez signed too, and we won three FA cups. And what thanks does he get from the ruthless one tracked man Arteta. FREEZE HIM OUT IN THE COLD and let him die on his own.

These players need to be treated with respect and a happy farewell needed to be arranged somehow. Arsene Wenger used to treat his players like his kids, this man is treating them as his slaves. The result of freezing out players also affects the club in many ways. No wonder we have been doing poor business in recent years under the current regime. The players lose their market value the longer they stay on the bench, and we sell quality players for cheap. We got nothing for Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and peanuts for Torreira, Leno, Guendouzi, etc, purely because of the massive ego that the man has. We are spending a lot, and not able to sell for a lot.

The reason why I am writing this article is because he is repeating the trick yet again to another quality player and I am really provoked looking at Kieran Tierney in the substitutes. The guy is quality and Arteta plans to sell him for 5 million pounds and adding disrespect for a loyal servant for the club. If I were a player in the team, I would be thinking maybe one day he does this to me too. And players who want to come in, if they are wise enough, would not join this club unless you are 100% sure you would be a regular starter.

Squad players don’t have value in this team and no wonder we have such a thin squad.

Vinod Kumar (aka  Green Lantern67)


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  1. I don’t buy into this cheap agenda but we have to accept reality that we took an L on White. Arteta should just play White in the Europa and put Tomiyasu in his right position. Tierney is a better LB. You can’t argue quality into a player. Over time their true colours will show. It always does. By the time we actually want to compete in Europe we’d have moved on from several players. It has nothing to do with agenda but just preference. Don’t bring Ozil into this to cheapen the real issue.

    1. You’re one of those ones who put down White because of his price tag and he sits your favorites down. Apart from Saliba I’d like to know which of our CB is better than he is or who has been our best defenders this season.

      1. @Eddie
        The likes of @Kev also have their favourite individual players that they would rather be in the team above others.
        Kev has been assuring us that Nketia is the man and that he is more talented than Martinelli for about 3 seasons now. Better dribbler, more technical, better scorer and overall better all round player that should may be ahead of Martinelli.
        But as this season has progressed he has calm down a bit on the whole Nketia vs Martinelli saga that he created.

        He seems to have now latched onto the Ben White vs All our other defenders. Now he can’t stop going on about how White is rubbish and that He should be dropped for Tierney and Tomiyasu etc..

        1. I still maintain that opinion though. Even when the season begun I was still being proven right. Nketiah is off form and playing poorly, I can easily admit that. I don’t encourage mediocrity or bias. I just don’tike hyping players. Same thing was done with Guendouzi and even initially with Pepe. I like White but he’s not that good to me.

          1. @Kev
            What I am trying to point out is that you seem to be suggesting that Arteta has his favourites and mistreats others he is not so keen on. You seem not to be okay with it if Arteta is the one doing it but if you were in his shoes you would have dropped Martinelli 2 seasons ago for your favourite (Nketia) and would drop White for Tierney or Tomiyasu because you rate them above him..

            And talking about hyping up. You yourself have been hyping Nketia too much from the moment he bust onto the scene. You have slowed down a bit this season and turned your attention onto scapegoating White. You don’t seem to rate him as a player and can’t stand seeing him in first team.

            There seems to be a bit of hypocrisy and lack of self awareness from you. You are calling Arteta out for something you yourself seem to be okay with if you were in his shoes. You would have dumped Martinelli 2 seasons back for Nketia and now would have dumped White just because he is not that good to “YOU”, which is your own subjective opinion.
            May be Arteta also has his own subjective opinion hence why he plays like Martinelli / White etc even if many don’t like / rate them.

            Can you see clock by contention here?

            1. I never implied Arteta had his favorites. For me it is clear that Tierney will always be better than Tomi as a LB. Arteta may be using Tomi due to tactical reasons and others but I don’t think it’s sustainable. You may be disagree but for me it’s very clear. White is OK but for me nothing special and definitely not worth 50m and when we actually want to compete I
              Europe he’d be nowhere near the first team. Now on Nketiah, I only started focusing and talking about him last season and not the last two season. I remember how good he looked in the preseason prior to last season. He looked superior to Laca and the misfiring Auba. Arteta ignored his Carabao form and I had been calling for him to start over Laca way way before he did. As soon as he was played over Laca he proved me right and little by little people begun to agree with me. So I didn’t overhype him. I rated him based on evidence of what he was doing which I was proven right. In the preseason he was our second best player behind Gabriel and was doing great in his cameos and in the Europa. Now that he’s off form and playing poorly people are going to scapegoat him. I rated him above Nelli based on what I saw and I still stand by that. Even if the world disagrees I know why I say so. I don’t follow the crowd cheaply which is why when everyone was hyping Pepe up when we signed him I knew he was never going to be worth it and also proven right again.

              1. @Kev
                I am not attacking your personal opinion. We are all entitled to it.
                What I am pointing out is your hypocrisy and lack of self awareness when it comes to analysing Arteta’s decision making about players. You seem to imply that your opinion about the players you rate ahead of the ones Arteta rates is much more better. Hence why you keep going on about Nketia is far better than Martinelli, how Tierney is far better than White etc..

                Again, you are acting exactly like Arteta right now. You are suggesting that if you were in his shoes, you were made Arsenal manager last season you would have dumped Martinelli for Nketia from last season. You would have dropped White too for Tierney etc.. And if you did that many Arsenal fans would be on here calling out out for playing favourites with your love in with Nketia etc. People on these forums would be saying “What is wrong with out manager (Kev) he seems to keep playing his favourite players like Nketia / Tierney no matter what. He is mistreating the likes of White and Martinelli because he does not rate them etc”.

                What I am saying is that it’s okay to have an a different view point, but to criticise others (Arteta) for also having his own opinion and going with what / which players he rates above others while you are also on here lamenting how given an opportunity would do exactly the same thing by dumping players like Martinelli / White into the Europa league and promoting the ones you rate (Nketia / Tierney etc) into the main first team..

                I don’t know if I am getting my point across clearly here..

                1. I never implied you were attacking my personal opinion though. I understand you clearly but your point has no basis in this case because I haven’t said or implied Arteta is playing favorites. What you said would hold if I said Arteta is playing White to justify his price tag. I have even admitted that Arteta is using Tomi as a LB tactically but I do not believe it is sustainable. I never wanted Nketiah to play at all cost but rather I based it on evidence which he had proven last season that he was ready. If that wasn’t the case I’d have been wanting him to start for the past two seasons and not just last season. Now that he’s performing poorly I want him to do better in the Europa and when he comes from the bench. I understand you want to say Arteta has a different view point and he is the coach, not me. My only issue is it is not sustainable.

                  1. @Kev
                    You are still not addressing my contention.
                    You keep going on about how it’s not sustainable that Arteta has an opinion regarding which individual players he prefers to try out different systems.
                    You just seem to be as dogmatic yourself. You seem to be very linear in your reasoning.
                    Keep saying that what Arteta is doing is unsustainable. Making such a definitive statement like you know more than Arteta and his coaching team that watch, train, coach and manage these players each and every week comes off as a bit pompous of you. Isn’t it?

                    You have your favourites (Nketia, AMN, Reiss Nelson, Tierney etc) and strongly prefer them to be played ahead of the likes of White, Martinelli, etc. You seem to be so dug into your own dogmatic opinion and at the same time heavily criticising Arteta’s own supposed dogmatic opinion because it goes against yours.

                    Since Arteta came to Arsenal He has made me change my mind about how I look at management. He is a completely different breed from the ones I have grown up seeing. He is strong minded. I was p!ssed off about him not giving ESR, Martinelli and Saliba a chance. Last season he sent Saliba out on loan and I was gobsmacked, it frustrated / irritated me so much. I decided to remove my emotions / feelings out of it. I realised he was the manager and he will succeed or fail by his own decisions. Just because I rated Martinelli, Saliba, ESR etc while Arteta did not fully think they were ready about them it didn’t mean I had to dislike him, attack him or continually moan, whinge and criticise him for the sake of it..

                    What I have realised with many fans is that Arteta has brought the worst out of them.
                    Everyone seems to want Arteta to play their favourite individual players and if he does not then hell breaks loose with the constant whining, whinging, moaning and criticising.

                    The Ozil crowd has never forgiven him.
                    The Auba and Guendouzi crowd are still bitter.
                    You have the AMN, Nelson etc crowd.
                    You have yourself (The Nketia one man wrecking crew) that keeps assuring us that his decisions on certain individual players is not sustainable etc..

                    It seems like guy will never make all of us happy on player selection.
                    Isn’t it?

                    Arteta can’t make all of us happy by playing our preferred favourites players. It’s impossible..

                    1. I don’t need Arteta to make me happy nor am I being dogmatic. If I wanted my so called favorites to be played I’d be buying that cheap argument of how Arteta doesn’t rate this rate this and that and ousts certain players from the team for no reasons. I gave reasons and not just some pedestrian talk. Some matches have proved that it’s not sustainable and can only work on the good days. That is my opinion and not fact. You can disagree but its not that I want Tierney to start over Tomi because he’s my favorite or what not. I never said so or implied that.

                    2. Everyone has made comments that seem like they knew more than the coach since the days of Wenger. It doesn’t mean that that was their intention or they actually knew more than him or any other. They were also offering their their opinion and this is my opinion. This back and forth is useless because no matter what you and I do our positions will be the same but the most important thing is that we have understood each other. What I will not take is being called pompous or anything for sharing an opinion when many have done same to other coaches and even to Arteta and been proven right in certain circumstances.

                  2. It’s okay to be wrong.
                    Nketia over Martinelli.. guessing you are on some personal “I’m never wrong’ crusade.
                    Ben White is a brilliant player and has proven doubters wrong, a great addition to the squad and versatile in defence.
                    In my opinion, I agree that Tierney is our best left back but he is prone to injury especially when he is over played.
                    He has just scored a great goal tonight and Arteta is using him wisely which is sensible.
                    Great to see Elneny back which allows Partney a break.

              2. Arteta needed a LB that can drift inwards so he deploy Tomi ahead of Tierney in my opinion. It is tactical.

                1. This is not an article. It is a rant.
                  And your bias is all over it.
                  I shouldn’t have wasted my time reading this.

          2. Leave the managing to Arteta…he is showing you with each passing month,he is better and better and will be ruthless in making correct decisions….I’m sorry…if you don’t like how tierney is being treated…get a lawyer….

      2. All our CB’s are better than White defensively except maybe Holding. What White has got above then is his ball playing ability. That I can agree is superior to them.

      3. Waste of time and thought Eddie, certain posters
        spew there biased and often deluded agenda
        against Arsenals players and the gaffer. In this case
        I find it laughable that Kev and a large number of
        fans want to see KT return to the 1st team @ the
        expense of one of Arsenals best players atm. BW
        has been brilliant this season @ RB and honestly
        should be one of GS first choices on the plane to
        Qatar for the WC. I personally like and rate KT but
        he simply doesn’t deserve the right to automatically
        reclaim his spot when fit. Hell hopefully feature
        against Zurich this week and is one probable injury
        away from being back in the 1st team. MA and Arsenal
        have stood by KT during his horrible run of injuries,
        time for the Scottish international to shut his trap
        and do the same until his number his called.

        1. You don’t respect people’s opinion and you call deluded. Some of you make me laugh. Even the way you speak about Tierney is pathetic. This is why there is always a huge backlash for certain players when their performances start to drop because fans defend the indefensible.

          1. Listen Kev….Tierney is being paid a small fortune to play for this prestigious club…has arteta been justified in his selection choices so far this season? ….exactly….so chill out bro…no one is being frozen…Tierney”s bank account certainly isnt…

    2. I have been having the same question all this time when Tomi is selected ahead of KT, but watching the game Sunday I realised that KT can only run to the byline and cross but MA prefers a LB who plays as a CM with the ball, check AZ and check Tomi plays this weekend

    3. If this was just an article, I would be really angry , how you guys misinterpret things is so painful,
      This is the same accusation laid on Arteta during Martinelli’s recovery process,
      Tierney is injury prone and needs to be eased back gradually, so I see Arteta easing him in gradually, on the other hand Guendozi deserved what he got, Ozil had served his time,
      Arsenal is a profit making coy and deserves to the right employees, I agree Arteta may have made mistakes but he’s only human, so let’s cut him some slack.

      1. 👍 longbenark. And since when has Kieran Tierney been offered about for £5 million as claimed by Vinod Kumar?

    4. do you actually watch white play?

      Tomi an dKT have a similar issue as they are not really adept at playing inverted – tomi plays it better but on the left
      KT needs more time to get used to the role

      but you cant say white should only play in UEL, the guy has been arguably the best RB in the league so far if you want to hold on to ‘positions’

      White at the end of the day is a better midfield player than Tomi and by a long distance aswel.
      ppl need to understand what Arteta is doing and back him

      Tomi and KT are much better defenders in the full back area, but we dont play like that anymore
      we are effectively playing a 2 -3 -2 – 3 when in possession, which we dominate most games

      White has been one of our most consistent performers since he came in, rarely injured aswel

  2. I don’t like the man and never hidden it but he is getting the results the least we can do is let him do his job the way he sees fit as long as we keep challenging for the title.

    If a player is of high quality and the doors are closed at Arsenal he will shine elsewhere.

    And if Arteta treat his players as slaves that will be his undoing not far in the future.

    It’s not a time for negativity right now. We are top of the league and the only genuine title challengers and if Haaland gets long term injury it will be a one horse race.

    Let’s enjoy the moment. We are the best right now.

    1. @HH
      Why don’t you like Arteta?
      What exactly has he done since he’s been here that has caused harm or put Arsenal FC into disrepute?

      Is it just something to do with the way he has / keeps doing his job as Arsenal manager or it’s just petty personal dislike of his personality?

      I never understood why people say they dislike the guy if it is nothing to do with football.

      Reminds me of the whole Xhaka episode. People kept hating on the guy just because they did not like his personality even if he worked hard and never complained. But because he was not a rolls Royce of a footballer with millions of cultists worshipping him on social media that was good enough reason for people to scapegoat him until this season.

      1. Can’t compare me with Xhaka dislikers because their dislike blinded them on his performance and hard work.

        I don’t deny Arteta credit when it is due.

        I think since I started following Arsenal I have always associated it with humbleness and humility. Qualities that the great Arsene has. And prior to JA all Arsenal fans I met and knew were humble and laid back people.

        I don’t see that humbleness and humility in Arteta in the way he does his job. I don’t say he is a bad person just the way he portray himself as an Arsenal manager.

        Nonetheless I am more than happy with what he is doing this season.

        1. “I think since I started following Arsenal I have always associated it with humbleness and humility. Qualities that the great Arsene has. And prior to JA all Arsenal fans I met and knew were humble and laid back people.”
          SO TRUE!!🎯👍

        2. @HH
          I just think you made up your own criteria to define what you yourself have convinced yourself of about Arsenal. Humbleness, humility etc.. I don’t know how you made a comprehensive research about such qualities when it comes to Arsenal, Our Fans, Wenger, players etc..

          Were you old enough during the 2003/04 unbeaten season? Did you see how the likes of Keown etc behaved when Van Nistelrooy missed that penalty? Our players nearly physically assaulted him. Before wenger came in we had George Graham. The likes of Toney Adams, Merson etc were alcoholics etc..
          What about Pizza Gate at old Trafford? Cesc throwing a pizza at Fergie / man united team in the dressing room.

          About humility and humbleness. Have you been in a coma and have never witnessed our fanbase boo the likes of Eboue into tears? The same humble fanbase were abusing Wenger, booed him out of the club.
          The same fanbase that have victimised the likes of Xhaka up until this season. The same fans that went onto his private social media and harrassed him going as far as wishing his baby daughter to contract cancer? Then went ahead to boo, swear and abuse the guy in the stadium pushing him to a limit where he told them “To Fck off”, and they then started crying about it like the real weak little bullies they are.

          Talking about humility. Wenger always blaming referees. Then his famous “I did not see it”. When it suited our team he would approach the referee demanding answers, but if flukey decision went our way he would say “I did not see it” when asked by journalists etc.. lol

          Humility and humbleness. The likes of Vieira, Henry, Cesc, RVP, Nasri, Hleb, Adebayor, Sanchez etc all engineered moves away from Arsenal leaving Wenger to pick up the pieces all the time.

          Our board members all sold their shares to the biggest bidders for their own personal gain and then the likes of Nina bracewell and David Dein come back years later and try to convice us that they were very sorry for their business decision to sell their shares to Kroenke etc..

          I can keep going. So I will ask you again, how did you come up with this conclusion about Arsenal FC being humble and with great humility that dictator / authoritarian bad human being Arteta came in and destroyed?

          1. Goonster, give me the onfield performances of alcoholic Tony Adams, Paul Merson et al over many of the highly paid imposters, who have worn the Arsenal shirt.
            As for George Graham he certainly got a tune out of them, yet even after his results as a player and manager in a results based business, he may never get a statue at the Emirates. If he did get one, he would certainly turn up at the unveiling despite his treatment by the Club.

          2. You’re right. Arsenal has always had very strong characters and personalities that I won’t describe as humble. We had fighters…

    2. Vinod’s third paragraph was utter nonsense and your post is not too far away. No player is guaranteed a starting spot under the new management. The earlier regimes have favorites, Mikel has none, its a performance on the pitch and the training ground that gets one a starting spot. Ben is the most under rated player, give him the respect he deserves. Not his fault that his club slapped a 50M transfer fee. The cohesion in the team and management is great. Mikel has single handed transformed Xhaka to the player he is today, something that Mr. Wenger and Unai failed to do. Next we have Martenelli, from running around around trying to do something to now a regular on the goal sheet, credit to Mikel. Saka another of Mikel’s meticulous training example. Then we saw what Nelson can do – another feather in Mikel’s cap. Who remembers the sulking and silent Leno? We have Ramsy and Turner. And very brave of Mikel to trust Hein on the bench. We won the FA cup, heading the EL & EPL, and if that does not make you like Mikel, then sorry, your choice and I’m not bothered.

      1. Saliba being loaned out prior this explosive season is another of MA’s master class previously criticized

  3. Exactly my feeling. This man (Arteta) needs to be serious or maybe be taught how to handle the psychological part of players. We have lost valuable players in the recent past under him. Ozil, the best example for me. If anyone has access to him, tell him to stop the arrogance he inherited from whoever.

    1. But I think ozil case was far from mikel , ozil have engaged himself in political matter , he might have been right for being a voice for the ones in need but I doubt it was in his contract to do so , Chinese market is big for arsenal and I don’t see arsenal affording to loose it out of one player .

      1. Mugisha, Ozil failed to perform on the field in his later seasons at Arsenal. How long and well did his career last in Turkey?

        1. Tierney’s case is just for his own good. Not because he is not good that’s why he isn’t praying regularly. If he had been playing regular as Saka, l bet you, he would have been injured. I agree in the case of Guendoizi and even Saliba before he was called back. With Saliba last season, we would have finished third. Ozil’s case is completely different.

    2. You spew hate and toxicity. Arteta is bold enough to take certain decisions Wenger didn’t have the guts to take. We trust the process 100%, and if you don’t that’s your funeral.

    3. what is it with ozil who decided not to perform. h is problems began after signing the new contract. Unai noted he was not working hard. you want big results from players that are not willing to work hard

  4. Ozil was a liability in his later years. We shouldn’t have renewed his contract at all, but to be fair the decision seemed correct in that moment. Kieran has been for 3 years at arsenal and I think it’s too early to call him a loyal servant. Especially when he has been injured moat of the time. Also, this has been a big problem since the later parts of Wenger tenure (relying on players which are constantly injured) and I really like that is being taken care of.

    1. Agree.
      Kieran is playing, unlike Ozil. You cannot have an injury prone player being selected to start in each game. Also, he has declared that he accepts competition as a challenge. Let him compete.

  5. Tierney is not being frozen out. He has started 8 games and been used as sub in another 8 and that looks like good management of a player who has had injury problems. He was only involved in 25 games last season but by bringing him back carefully we can double that number.

    It has also given other players the chance to shine. Zinchenko has added another dimension to our game and Tomi was surprise choice at Liverpool but has superbly marshalled one of the best players in the world.

    We have six top quality defenders in Tierney, Gabriel, Saliba, White, Zinchenko and Tomi and their adaptability is an asset. Obviously they will not all play every game so I do not see any need for complaints at the rotation.

    1. With respect, neither Gabriel nor Zinchenko are top quality defenders.White, Tomi ,Saliba and Tierney are, and hopefully Gabriel will get to that level.Zinchenko is a quality central midfielder who was used, fairly sparingly at LB by Pep due to injuries and in the prolonged absence of Mendy.He rarely ,if ever started at LB when Walker and the “world class” Cancello were available, and, by his own admission, he is not very physical not fast.He is, never the less an excellent addition to our squad as he enables Arteta to gain another foothold in the vital midfield area.In terms of ball skills and close control he is superior to Tomi and Tierney, but defensively he is not in their class .With Xhaka in a more attacking role upfield, Zinchenko slips into his preferred midfield area with ease and has been very effective.He provides an unconventional string to the Manager’s bow and gives us options when we never had prior to his transfer.Let’s hope he fully recovers from injury shortly as we will need all the ammunition available to us if we are to maintain a position in the top four.

      1. Grandad I usually like your insights but I think you are a bit biased when it comes to Gabriel, Tierney, White and Holding.

        1. HH, did I mention Holding?.I am not biased against any player who wears the red shirt.My comments, rightly or wrongly ,are based on my personal observations backed up by factual evidence.In the case of Gabriel, he has been directly culpable for 5 goals in League matches this season.That ought to have been 6, had it not been for the incompetence of a certain Mr.Lingard yesterday.He is error prone and needs to improve quickly before we get to the business end of the season.

          1. Only that I have observed you have a soft spot for Holding and Tierney. Not a bad thing as everyone has their favorites.

            About Gabriel I hope you are wrong about him or he rise to the occasion
            as this season we have a really good chance of achieving something.

      2. With respect to the balance of their qualities Tomiyasu and Tiermey are more suited to fullback. When we’re getting cooked or under pressure White will always be subbed because Arteta knows this. When I look at some of the performances Tierney hasn’t in as a LB I don’t even know why all this is an argument. We have short memories.

        1. White isn’t been subbed off everytime we are getting cooked on the flanks. If you could see beyond your nose you would notice White doesn’t end most games as a FB, either he is brought out for Tomiyasu even in some games where we are ahead or losing, I think it’s just an Arteta thing to share gametime for everyone.

          1. In the matches where we haven’t looked good he is being subbed and Tierney replaces Tomiyasu at LB. It’s not a sustainable thing and I believe eventually Zinchenko or Tierney will take the LB spot for Tomi to return at RB. White is on borrowed time

            1. Mate you do realize he subs all of them either in the EL or PL right? Or are you just saying stuff to make your agenda?
              Has Tomiyasu played 90 minutes in any EL game or Tierney? And has anyone of them played 90 minutes in the PL?
              You know he subs and give them all game time but as usual Agenda must agend

              1. In those games that flaw is exposed like in the Leeds match for example. I like sustainability in the backline. I don’t have an agenda against any player but Im never going to rate him like the way you do which is fine. I always say nobody can argue quality into a player. I think eventually he’ll end up on the bench. We took an L on him and I accept that.

                  1. I understand if you rate him but its a shame you overhype him so much and he’s looking decent this season compared to the last one. You will look back and see different.

          2. That’s the thing. Arteta has been sharing game time in Al competition so far. If Tomi starts EL, White comes on to finish, Same for Tierney and it goes the other way too I’m the EPL.
            Arteta rotates and gives those guy game time in the EPL too.
            I’m yet to see one winger beat BW this season yet I’m reading when we’re being cooked.
            Some bollocks

            1. No player should be overhyped. It sets you up for disappointment. He has not been bad but the player is nothing special and will eventually end up on the bench. I dont know why some of you do this. He’s becoming another overrated English player. You lower the standards and overhype basic performances just because you want to defend him. It is pathetic.

              1. No mate, what’s pathetic is you always calling very good players we all watch with our own eyes as poor while labelling average players as better players. What’s pathetic is you always saying Nketiah is a better player than Martinelli and works better with Jesus when he’s done fvck all alongside Jesus and Martinelli has been the one the media and full country rates.
                I don’t even want to lay into Nketiah, so don’t even make me do it.
                What’s pathetic is you constantly saying Ben White is an average defender, when only few defenders in the league do what he does better because you have an obsession with his price tag and your ego is too big to let you see that Arteta was right to fight for his man when he wanted him.
                What’s pathetic is you having all these ridiculous arguments when and time again you always end up looking like someone with zero ball knowledge.
                It’s this same you who argued with me over a year before Saka became a starter that Nelson was the better player. It’s you who talks about AMN like he’s some Ramsey or Wilshere, when in all truth he’s always been a pissful poor midfielder who had a better career playing RB under Emery sometimes and under Arteta.
                You have so many tragic takes, so I’m not surprised you have this pathetic take on Ben White simply because he’s been too good to get dropped and Tierney who’s been subpar this season had to sit because of him. Even If Zinchenk returns, Ben White is keeping his spot and Tomi becomes competition until he becomes complacent and his performances drops.
                Really you’ve always had some of the worst football takes on our players.
                It’s just so hard for some of you to give proper credit where it’s due

                1. When I started talking about Nketiah as a starter that was last season and at the time he hadn’t been playing over Laca. Arteta ignored his Carabao form and cameos and then as soon as Arteta played him he proved me right. He was our second best player in preseason and started the season well in the Europa and looked like the best player in his cameos. I rated him based on evidence and not hope. As for me rating him above Nelli I still stand by that and anyone can disagree. He may be off form but I believe he will get back on track. I didn’t say Nelson was better than Saka. I said he was more naturally talented than Saka of which anyone who has watched U23’s knows this. Also on AMN I never made him sem like Ramsey or Wilshere. What I did stress was that he should’ve been given a chance over the overrated Guendouzi and he has some great games as a CM despite being very inconsistent. Also on Tierney he will forever remain a better LB than Tomiyasu. What I see is that tactically Arteta wants him to be inside and feels Tomi is suited to that but then it only works against average teams or when Tomi is supposed to be very defensive like against Liverpool. It is notsustainable and White will eventually be benched.

                2. Also never try to rate my knowledge in general or in football. You know nothing about me and sometimes your talk is pedestrian talking about how White is superior defensively to all our players except Saliba. It’s a laughable take which you will come to regret. Nobody can intimidate me at all when it comes to our players or opinions about them. If you come with trash or garbage then expect to be burnt.

                  1. Oh you think I’m trying to intimidate you? Laughable that you think I really care about your statements that much.
                    Talking about getting burnt like anyone’s tryna pick up a fight with you by telling you take take off your rose tinted glasses.

                    “As for me rating him above Nelli I still stand by that”

                    Mate, we didn’t hear Jurgen Klopp labelled him talent of this century, Ronaldinho, Pele the greatest Brazilian of all time, and different legends of the game all speak about Martinelli only to be convinced he’s not good just because you say Nketiah is better than he is.
                    I stand by my word. You have terrible football takes on our players.
                    I’m yet to read one teammate talk big about Nketiah the way they all do about Martinelli.
                    I’m done with this dead on arrival debate.

                    1. I always do my best to respect others opinion even if they disagree but I dislike arrogance. You say I have terrible takes which is your opinion but I have a reason why I said what I said. All what those legends said doesn’t matter more than mine because none of us are speaking facts. Learn to respect respect opinion of others and don’t come with trash. Even though I don’t rate White as much you never see me insult him or any player for that matter because they are human and I respect their efforts. You may disagree but never try to belittle my opinion or intelligence because you know nothing about me.

                    2. In this site people have created a complex against themselves which is funny. Football is not everything so we should be guided in the way we reply to others. People are full of pride and arrogance these days that they have no respect just because of disagreement. It is pathetic but this is what it has come to.

      3. Gabriel is top quality defender given his age. He was our best and highest scoring defender last season. You want him to be Maldini and Rio at the same time overnight?

  6. we dont know rationale behind it. it could be similar to martinelli situation last year, when people were moaning he was being frozen out, when actually he was thinking longer term with making sure he was over injury issues. kieran is regularly injured, putting him straight back in 100% could well lead to another injury.

  7. This write up is pure sentimental balderdash, sorry to say. The coach selects his team based on what they sees and knows about his players. No one can know the players better.
    Tierney is very injury-prone and needs to be handled with care. In addition, we must accept that in the games he has played so far this season, he’s yet to reach the levels he attained before his injury last season.
    Since Ozil left, I’m not aware of the news he’s making with his performances where he is now.
    Let’s allow the coach to do his job and let’s judge him by the results

  8. Here we go with the same nonsense about Arteta hating / being biased against certain individual players..
    Went through the same with ESR, Martinelli, Saliba, Laca, AMN, Reiss Nelson etc..

    Now it’s Tierney?

    1. Lol, I had no idea the list was that long.
      Really it’s embarrassing how these nonsense claims about him having issues with players keeps coming up

      1. I think it’s just a certian minority group that still hold this petty grudge Arteta, which is okay. But we just need to be objective and fair in our observations or pronouncements.

        This season has not afforded this tiny group enough ammunition so far to continue with their anti arteta campaign. So they will keep manufacturing these cringeworthy petty situations to give them an opportunity to get outraged or DOOM and GLOOM…

        1. Swear down that’s what it is.
          Arteta hasn’t given them stuff to be negative about, so let’s cook up something instead

  9. This article is so embarrassing.
    In every way it was worded that.

    “The guy is quality and Arteta plans to sell him for 5 million pounds and adding disrespect for a loyal servant for the club.”

    This is even way worse and more embarrassing.
    Don’t you guys get tired? Really, don’t you? Soon as a layer is meant to sit on the bench, it is Arteta wants to sell him or we’ll be losing him.
    It was ESR, it was Saliba, and it was Martinelli. Don’t you get tired of these dumb baseless accusations?
    Did you put Tierney on the market list? Or you’re gonna pretend Arteta and Edu didn’t made it clear to City just a few months ago that Tierney isn’t for sale?
    I don’t fancy the Tomiyasu as LB too, but it’s been working, plus Tierney’s been playing all midweek and all our fullbacks this season have been rotated. They all play league games as sub rotation.

    What’s more pathetic about this article is the writer trying to bring Ozil into this, like that’s any reasonable point. So many stupid logic IMHO.
    So because Ozil came at s time we needed a big signing, he shouldn’t have been dropped when he stopped performing?
    Will you guys ever get tired of trying to stir up things that are not there between the manager and his players? You’re embarrassing yourself mate

  10. What a load of tosh, @Vinod.

    It is always easy to lob flamethrowers when you are limited to second-hand information. Glad you pointed out your dislike for Arteta through those rose-tinted glasses of yours. Obviously, you will denigrate any decision he makes, good or bad.

    Oh well, Arteta was given time to implement his project for the team he played for and loves – and we are all seeing the benefits now, supporters and haters and rivals alike.

    Beat that with a stick.

  11. He not freezing him out ,it’s just that zinchenko and now tomi play our system better ,Tierney is too one dimensional,up and down the touchline cross at the end ,the other 2 lads slot into midfield allowing Xhaka to move more forward and out of harms way to gift goals or give unnecessary free kicks away .
    I like this setup and it is getting us results ,until it does not why would any fan want to change it .

    1. Agree 100%. Maybe Tierney can develop to be part of the system, but untill then both Zinchenko and Tomiasu seem better options.
      As others have mentioned also, this actually means we are less vulnerable to any new injuries to Tierney.

    2. Dan. I agree, let the manager “manage”, which includes selections. Mikel Arteta should be judged on results and at present he is well in the positive.

  12. Where did the £5,000,000 selling idea come from?

    I wonder if our fanbase has gone OTT when I read articles like this.

    Treating players like slaves?

    I haven’t seen a happier group of players for many seasons at our club – not since the covid outbreak in fact.

    Has the author considered Tierney’s injury history and how he seemed to get one after the other?

    I haven’t seen the player making any negative comments, but, as usual he’s acting like the true professional he is and accepting the manager’s decisions… and to be honest, what argument has he got at the moment?

    Top of the PL, through to the next round of the European competition and, probably, the most important fact, our defence is second best in the PL.

    KT is part of that squad, a very important part and I trust MA to make the right decisions.

    I wonder what those unfortunate people who became slaves, would think of the lifestyles of The Arsenal players?

    1. Excellent points, Ken. All of them.
      I also noted the exceptional chemistry showed by our players yesterday.
      When Saka limped of he received so much support and sympathy from other players, and when Nelson scored, they were all showing more than joy for the goal. They showed true support for his personal success as well.

    2. Well said Ken.

      You’re probably the person who can claim to be a true Arsenal fan more than any other I know of on JA, iirc you were born in N. London, supported the club man and boy for 70+ years, go to all the games…

      Some of us came along much later, perhsp more “fans of good football” at first, then got caught up in the club…

      So you are probably best-placed to judge the mood of the supporters. And I certainly agree that the squad look as happy as I’ve seen for a long time, which certainly wasn’t true when primadonnas like Ozil and Auba were around (the latter period of their stay, anyway).

      1. The REAL problem with this article is two fold in my opinion.

        First of all, there are no facts to back up the authors claim – not a single one!!!

        £5,000,000 for one of the best LB’s in the PL (when he is fit of course) is such an absurd claim to make,along with the claim of slavery.

        Secondly, by bringing in Ozil to the argument, it has given those who had an agenda against the player, an opportunity to open up old arguments and openly show THEIR biase of the player.

        As an admirer of Ozil and his achievements, I am finding it hard not to respond to the negative posts about the player who STILL is the only one to have recorded the most assist in the PL, Bundesliga, La Liga, CL, Europa League and the World Cup… so I won’t rise to the bait.

        Let me just say this, if the author wanted to stir up a hornets net once again, then he has achieved his objective… my question to him, is why?

        Thanks AndersS and IDKWIC for your comments, but supporters like Phil and Herr Drier, who have followed our club home and away (I’m sure there are others) are the people who I read and learn from… even if I don’t agree with all that they say.

  13. Arteta demands a high level from the players who play, if you can’t your off, and it seems to work.
    What he is doing with Tierney now is demanding that level of performance while at the same time building him up so he gets the fitness and confidence to achieve it. He does the same with every other player and I love it! Against PSV you could say Tierney didn’t perform well but at the same time you can see he’s really close.

  14. No one should ever be a guaranteed starter, Tierney just needs to work harder and prove his fitness to convince Arteta.

    coaches like Arteta, Gardiola always think out of the box, that’s what makes them so good.

  15. Seems to me it’s just another Arteta is bad for getting rid of Özil article. Get over it. Özil has been horrible for years, both as a player and as a person, and I was glad to see the back of him.

  16. A beyond ludicrous so called article, by a very silly and immature writer. The premise in the scurrilous headline was completely the wrong one and one that I UTTERLY REJECT.
    I found this troll like piece, with its hugely wrong and immature conclusion against our fine manager, who is doing superbly well, depressingly stupid beyond all measure!
    Lastly, the fact that this writer chooses (for reasons of his own obvious bias) to bring the totally irrelevant and mercifully departed Ozil into his piece, is massively revealing about the writers intellect. Or lack of it!

    1. You may not agree but your response is the one that makes you look pretty immature. There are ways to bring your point across and this isn’t it

      1. Tru Goon You sound as though you are one of the woke bridade who are out of touch with how life works. AND who are enemies of vitally important and democratic FREE SPEECH.

        I utterly reject your post as being immature and wrong. Your second post reveals your own oddball and incorrect anti Arteta bias.

  17. That’s also what I don’t like about him. I think he’s a poor man manager for all his talent and positive traits. I wish up to this day that he handled the Guendouzi situation differently

    1. Another massively overrated player that some thought was going to be world class. I will never forget that article where people were talking about how they’d reject 60m from PSG for him. We could’ve handled the situation better to get more cash for him but man was he overrated.

        1. He was never good enough. He was just hyped. What I like about him is that he had a lot of heart and fight but as a midfielder he was never going to be that guy.

    2. “Poor man manager for all his talent and positive traits” lol 😂. As a manager, you shouldn’t let your players own you.

      Guendozi, Ozil, Auba, Laca and co were playing so poorly you couldn’t rely on them to hold your coffee for a minute. They were earning much more than they brought to the pitch.

      Where is Guendozi now? How many goals/assists has he given where he is?

    3. Yes, @TruGoon, Arteta is a poor man manager.

      Whew, look at how he has destroyed Ben White, Granit Xhaka, and Gabriel Martinelli – and because of that Arsenal is currently fighting against relegation.

      Yes, Guendouzi is a saint indeed, and the best player in the world – and Arsenal is suffering as a result.

      Enjoy your flights of delusionary fantasy. Arteta out, eh? SMH.

  18. I don’t know that Tierney is being frozen out as much as he is not fitting in with the way MA wants a LB to play. Before the game I was hoping he would play ahead of Tomiyasu because I thought the game would suit his rampaging style better. What was strange was that he brought on Cedric ahead of him.
    When Tierney did come on it was noticeable how he tucked in left side of midfield which was not part of his previous game, but is what MA wants his LB to do to overload midfield. It’s good that we have options, but I love Tierney because he has that presence and personality that every team needs.

  19. If Tierney stays out of the team and we remain top until June then we all would say it was a masterstroke.

    Nah the gaffer is not freezing out Tierney, but the writer is cunning in provoking some conversation by comparing his treatment to Ozil.

    It’s more for tactical reasons now we have options than for any other things, the gaffer may not have master the Wenger like, hand around shoulder art, while he carries out his minor surgeries, but Arteta is young and still learning while he apply his trade.

    But I won’t crucify the writer as he too will see the big picture as the season unfold

  20. Silly article that’s full of untruths. Tierney is a good defender. But unfortunately he is injury prone. Tierney will need to prove his fitness and reliability to the team. He’s not being frozen out. Arteta is just not rushing the guy back into it. I don’t know how Ozil always seems to come into the equation. Ozil fell out of favour with every manager/coach,,, even fell out with Freddie Lumberg(probably wrong spelling). Being a manager/coach isn’t about being Mr Popular. You’ve got to make some tough calls. Being Mr Nice Guy won’t get you into Champions League, won’t make you Title Contenders, won’t get you Silverware. Arteta has to show some arrogance,,, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s got an ego problem. Nice people only come second. He’s had to make some rather big decisions for the sake of the club. I think he’s handled things well considering the circumstances. If certain players weren’t so far up themselves, he wouldn’t have to make such decisions in the first place. And people also forget ,,, for a player to be frozen out,,, the Manager/Coach also needs the backing from the Board. So it’s utter nonsense to suggest that Tierney is being frozen out. And I don’t exactly see any player/players downing tools over decisions

  21. Arteta freezing Tierney out?
    He played last week against PSV!

    Tierney’s temporarily lost his spot in Arsenal’s best XI and things may change again this season. It’s good that there’s competition and several options in defence, we missed that last season.

    As for Ozil his troubles didn’t start under Arteta and certainly didn’t stop after he left Arsenal

  22. Listening as I was on Arsenal radio to the match yesterday, the commentator and pundit, Jeremie Aliadiere discussed Tierney and both felt that KT was being managed – in relation to his health. ie. Not overplaying him rather than have him crocked again

    As for the rest of the article I’m almost rendered speechless – absolutely off the mark

    I’m not bothered if virtually nobody likes Arteta within the fan base. I’m concerned with results, style of play and the fact that the players seem so united behind him.

    If Arteta was wishy washy then there would be SOMEONE in the dressing room who would be taking advantage

    Writing an article like that after a crushing 5-0 win against Forest and being currently top of the league is a case of very poor timing

  23. It’s with a bit unfair on the statement the Arteta freezes players out. These guys are professional players and they are aware that at some stage they won’t be playing at the same level and it’s time to go. Ozil, he couldn’t fit in this team as they are playing now. EG take Jesus, where did he tackle on Sunday, would Ozil find himself in that position. When a player can’t, don’t want to follow instruction. It’s time to go.


  25. If the idea was to generate a lot of comments by saying something completely nuts – and saying it at exactly the wrong time…

    Well, it seems to have worked! 😉

    Nice one Pat, you’re a genius 🙂
    (and I know you didn’t write it!)

  26. That is not an article it’s an unfounded ramble speech full of unsubstantiated facts. The club has a plan, it is being executed by the club and is not just one man on a mission. KT has a future at the club I’m sure but if not then there are reasons other than a single persons ego. We are top of the league and playing some great stuff and competing hard in every game save for one half against Southampton and the Europa game. We will have some dips, it’s a really young team and squad, but this team is exceeding my expectations already for the season. MA is responsible for ensuring team spirit, the arsenal dna in behaviour and performance along results on the pitch. Exactly what aspect of his job is he failing on.

  27. I’m lost for words Vinod, at this disgrace of a so called article. Hatchet job more like! Get back to your usual poor site.

    1. This article just proven to be why we are not Managers and MA is. A Manager takes tough decision no matter how unpopular those decisions are. His duty to win games and as long as his tactics and team selection works them I’m fine. It’s when he start stringing poor results that we will start questioning his tactics and all. Until then we can opine all we like, but he is the one who works with the players every day and he would know who would be better at what position and when. For example, Tomi shut down Mo Salah for the entire game against Liverpool, that was a tactical masterclass that you seem not to appreciate unfortunately.
      What it’s more disappointing about this article though is that it spew of accusations without substance. Since the shift to RB what had BW did wrong that would justify him being dropped? How do you know that MA plans to sell KT for 5mil? I can poke holes in your article all day, unfortunately just don’t have time. I suggest next time you write stick to facts not feed us with fiction.

  28. So predictable and so sad ! We get one completely rogue article, full of arrant invented nonsense, and it then attracts all the other anti MA odd brigade who cannot stand the fact he has caused them all to have egg on their silly faces , with us top of the league.

    Fortunately, we also have a large majority of sensible fans who rightly call out the oddball MA anti fans as the out of touch with reality, “away with the fairies” agenda ridden types they plainly are.

    I am never surprised by the sheer amount of nonsense talkers this site attracts! Sigh!

  29. Injury concerns aside I think Tierney is being underused and reigned in when on the field so that he is unable to play his natural game. I’m not sure of Arteta’s reasoning for sticking with two centre halves as wing backs, who offer nothing special going forward. Perhaps it’s to cover for the fact that Xhaka is now an attacking forward and has been relieved of any defensive liability or it could be safety in numbers with four big men covering the area around the box. It’s a shame because Tierney is at his best when free to roam, providing another focal point in attack by also freeing up Martinellii, Jesus and Saka

    1. Last season when Tierney was free to roam, did we not see massive issues defensively? We were playing well up front but conceding cheaply and still failing to score enough. Are we not happy that is slowly fading away? I mean, even ManCity are having issues with all the talent they have.

  30. As much as player’s individual value at this current times nose-dived, the league position doesn’t lie about a manager’s true value. Arteta knows what he is doing. And I trust him.

  31. The title of this article suggests that the author will have an insightful analysis and perhaps reach a conclusion after sensible argument. Unfortunately, the article itself is just a childish and barren mountain of subjective opinions. The vitriol and total disrespect for the manager’s obviously technical choices is so alarming, you could mistake this website for “Just Tottenham”. And many of the comments below it are just as negative and unobjective.

    This manager has lost only two matches this season using the players he wants. We have played poorly with Tierney on the pitch as with any other player. That means it not just his absence or presence as the author of this silly article suggested.

    I also like Tierney. I even wanted him ahead of all these new top performers. But you can never place him above any them based on current form. How many assists/goals has he had so far? Nketiah is way behind Martinelli and Tierney is good in going forward but that costs us behind, unlike when it’s Tomi.

    That said, there are better ways of questioning a manager’s choices than putting together a collection of hateful sentences and publishing them as an article. It is disgraceful.

  32. As usual I put my hat off for Ken1945 for his insightful contribution. From another angle I am amused by Jon’s usual candour albeit a hard hitting one.
    We need to be aware of a few realities. One of these is the fact that in the modern game coaches as well as players don’t have the luxury of time. You either perform or you are replaced. The people who are arguing for some players will be the very ones to call for the Manager’s neck when things go wrong! It is indeed a very hypocritical world! All of us Gooners are now over the moon because of our team’s good performance but this has come about because of Edu and Arteta’s foresight, good planning and zero tolerance for laxity by some players. Lest some of us have forgotten, Arteta is still a young manager trying to build his career. Thus it is to his advantage to build a good foundation which will be the basis of his career in the future. Many of his contemporaries such as Lampard, Gerrard, Thierry Henry, Tony Adams have had mixed fortunes in their coaching careers because of inability to properly manage their new roles. None of us would wish Arteta to be a victim of a similar situation. Management is not for the good guy but for someone with a clear programme and focus. Arteta is in the job to achieve results but not to appease anybody. Once he attaibs success even his opponents will rally to his side.

  33. I don’t think there’s any need for this article, the team is playing well. Players said that there is unity in the dressing room. I think Arteta is trying to make everyone happy. Remember a team makes 11 players on the pitch.

    1. Stupid rambling article. Conspiracy theory and dumping against an incredibly talented player. There are major cups coming up and we NEED Tierney.
      In Arteta’s early days he dealt with Ozil, Guendouzi, and Saliba poorly, but with the filming of the Amazon Docu ‘All or nothing, Arteta had to adjust his inner demons and to his credit did just that. All teams struggle with ‘ego’ players. Ozil, Ronaldo, Messi, Aubamayang, have all been problamatical. When Arteta brought Willie Saliba back hope I forgave him for how he treated the young ‘Emery’ signing. Arteta has matured more than his players. and transformed his big ‘ego’ into managing players properly. Well done Arteta for doing that, well done Xhaka for the same.

  34. The combinations Arteta is composing with is producing results. They are based on statistics produced by players as per every game. He’s also performing a lot of experiments with different combinations. What we as fans and those not playing regularly should do is to exercise patience.

  35. Tierney’s case is just for his own good. Not because he is not good that’s why he isn’t praying regularly. If he had been playing regular as Saka, l bet you, he would have been injured. I agree in the case of Guendoizi and even Saliba before he was called back. With Saliba last season, we would have finished third. Ozil’s case is completely different.

    1. @Emmy king: What makes you think Saliba would have played if he was in the team last year? Even he [maybe grudgingly] credits Arteta for sending him on loan to Marseille which enabled him to play each week, and we are reaping the benefits this season so far.

      In case you have forgotten, Ben White had just been purchased for 50 million pounds to partner Gabriel Magalhaes. Even if Saliba played all season last year there is no guarantee Arsenal would have finished third. What has happened has happened, and what is happening now is happening now – enjoy it!

  36. Well for now Tierney is not performing to he’s coach expectations.. and again Arteta is the only coach who can take arsenal forward… Arsenal is one of the biggest club in the world…if you want to play here u have to follow arsenal path not your path as player….. arsenal can take decisions at any time because their re big club….. many players want to come here and play but u know their can’t do that on their own because arsenal have to approve that……. not only approving that……u have to be good enough and u have to accept arsenal rules and regulations which is arsenal path…..path is about winning Trophy and being dispelling ….am not trying to say Tierney is not good enough…..Pep is good coach today is because he’s Ruthless the same goes to klopp you have to be Ruthless in other for u to able to commands your idea to your player’s and your player’s have to buy your ideas… Just like resent comment from Aubamiyang saying that Arteta can’t manage big players …..that he can only manage young players who can always listening without talking…. and that’s the truth… u have to listen to your coach u have to buy he’s ideas if you can’t do that which means u don’t belong to arsenal path Aub is one of those players who want to become coach under he’s coach

  37. The truth in this whole talk is that Tierney is one of the BEST left backs in the whole world. That doesn’t make Whyte and Tomiasku any less good defenders, but nonetheless would be better in their rightful positions. Whyte is a full back. Tommy is a righback. Any other positions for them they don’t thrive.
    Martinelli never used to be that good when came from the bench each time but has since terribly improved doing first team. And so is Tierney. And all these other players. Consistency.
    So simply put, playing in the rightful position and consistency in playing games makes a good player good.
    I pray that Tierney can be starting.

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