Is Arteta helping the Arsenal Board to force Ozil out – Conspiracy theory or not?

Arteta Doing Kroenke’s Dirty Work by Dan Smith

Before the pandemic, Ozil was starting most games under the guidance of Arteta. Since the restart though the midfielder hasn’t played a second of football despite a hectic schedule and teams now being allowed to make up to five substitutions.

He has gone from playing every week to not even getting into the squad (he had a bad back on Sunday apparently). That suggests that something’s happened during the lockdown between the player and manager.

The only thing we publicly know is that Ozil was one of our three players to refuse a pay cut. If that’s not what it is, then again we need clarification from the Arsenal Board. If there’s been a lack of effort in training or a bad attitude, fans will support the decision not to play him, but if not, our coach puts himself under pressure.

Some will argue this weekend we advanced to the last 4 of the FA Cup justifying the decision. I would counter that by pointing out we have also lost 2 out of the 4 matches without the German, and even when we have won there has been a noticeable lack of creativity.

If your 9th in the League and not making chances, it’s fair to suggest that surely a World Cup winner could at least make a bench when you are now allowed 9 options?

What gooners have to do is not make this an agenda against Ozil. It’s got to a point that if you defend him at all your called an ‘Ozil fan boy’. It is possible to be in the middle?

Is Ozil past his best? Yes!
Has he come close to justifying his huge wages? No!
Do we have anyone better in his role? Stats suggest not.

If this is us now being strict and refusing to play people unless they are in form, then that sounds fair. Yet how come Ozil’s the only one? Our entire midfield has scored 3 League goals this campaign, so why is only one person being singled out?

I only care about Arsenal and what helps us win football matches. I am sorry but you will never convince me that tactically a man who has learnt off Pep Guardiola, tactically thinks Matt Smith (yet to start a senior game) is a better option then Ozil.

Anyone who thinks it’s about high standards of the new regime. That argument falls down when the Arsenal are handing out extensions to the likes of David Luiz and Cedric. Ozil’s not doing enough to play a second but Luiz is playing well enough to get a new deal?

I don’t look at it as Arteta standing up to a big name, I look at him as confirming why he got the job in the first place. A yes man so happy to get the job he’s willing to put up with lack of ambition.

His title is head coach. Isn’t this the man who so many at Man City credit for getting the very best out of them? So, what’s happened? December to March, apparently Ozil was coachable. Now suddenly he’s not? If Ozil wasn’t on 350,000 grand a week would he then be coachable? If that’s the issue, then Arteta is doing the Arsenal Board’s dirty work and putting that ahead of the team’s best interests.

The Spaniard shouldn’t care about wages. His job is to work with what he’s got and get the very best out of the resources he has, not to punish someone based on their salary. If the club want Ozil to leave, that’s their business. Yet from now till the transfer window, Arteta’s job is to get the best out of that asset, not just wash your hands of him.

If this was happening because Ozil wasn’t good enough then fine but we know other below par performers are playing.

If it was a behaviour issue, then fine but until we hear that then we can’t assume that.

What we do know is Stan Kroenke has ordered the wage bill to be slashed over the last couple of years. All parties know if the club had their way then Ozil would have been sold ages ago. He and his agent has made it clear he plans to see out his deal because his family are happy in London, but also, he’s not getting even close to another employer paying him his current wage.

Let’s remember though that was the club’s choice, he didn’t make them offer him such a sum. If your boss wanted to overpay you, would you sign that contract or say ‘actually I don’t think you realise I’m not that good at my job’.

We gambled paying over the odds based on Champions League revenue and soon regretted how many zeroes we put on the deal. That doesn’t give the Arsenal Board the right to disrespect him. That would be like a coffee shop failing so you start to pick on your highest earners. It is not the employee’s fault that those in charge are losing money.

So now Arteta is doing their dirty work.
Not bringing him on.
Not putting him in the squad.
Not giving a detailed reason what the issue is.
Then having the audacity to talk about the values of the club.

This isn’t the “Arsenal way”. We don’t treat someone like a scapegoat.

Fans are being taught that this guy has done something wrong, yet when a player wants to leave, or doesn’t want to honour a contract, we call him every name in the book. Van Persie, Fabregas and Sanchez are hated for NOT doing what Ozil did – committing his future to us.

When it suits us though it’s okay for us not to be loyal. Let’s leave someone to rot and hope he gets so fed up he accepts a move away. Not because we have anyone better in his position, and not because we plan to replace him, but so our owners can save some money.

Wenger left, we saved wages by getting someone worse. We didn’t want to offer Ramsey a new deal, saved money and now have no goal.scoring midfielder. Koscielny left, we got his wages off the wage bill and now have a worse defence.

Watch what happens when Ozil leaves . If it’s 0-0 in the FA Cup Semi-final and you can have one man in the final third, who do you trust more to unlock a defence with a killer pass? Willock? Ceballos? Nelson? Or the man being frozen out?

How’s that putting the team first?

Dan Smith


  1. Sorry Dan.. I ain’t supporting you on this.
    Ozil hasn’t done anything to suggest he’s better than the other dross in the team.
    I’ll gladly see the back of them all, When a few supporters on here said they’d keep Iwobi over Ozil. It wasn’t about hate.

    I’ve never been the one to call out Ozil for his wages, everyone knows that, but performances?
    If Arteta got the job, knew the risks and is doing what he feels is best for himself and the club.
    I have no complain on whether Ozil plays or not.
    Damn I have no complain about whoever Arteta uses, as long as this summer those losers all leave the club.
    All of them!!

    1. Am with you on this Eddie, no matter how we all view this, Ozil isnt showing how he is worthy of anything, why should he be in the squad when he wouldn’t contribute much. It’s better to know he isn’t here than having to rely on him then he disappears.
      Had Ozil been using his good performance to communicate, NO one, including the board would have some conspiracy or something against him, it would have been managers happiness, see how MA is happy with Pepe now, whereas when he arrived he wasn’t happy with him, but since he has improved his game, he is happy and so are we

      1. I do not get why some people are assuming things. The boy did not in the FA cup game because I understand he had a back injury. So sorry to hear that. Before that he made it to the bench. Before that he was not up to fitness considering the long break, which is not his fault, so he did not make it to the team sheet.
        With him we win some, lose some, it hardly matters if he is present or not. Single handedly he has not won game for us – but I do not blame him because football is a team sport!! If Areta can do without him and if he can save his energy at sit at home while we struggle to win with/without him, who cares?
        The player is exposed for all to see, no where to hide. We could insult and make fun of Emery, but now he has no place to hide. Before the break he played some games and was anonymous, so let Mikel try working out something different.White Dan mentions something about a future possible semis where we are 0-0, looking for that one creative assist, let me remind Dan what did Ozil do in the final of the EL? Even Iwobi came off the bench and scored while we struggled for that “creative pass” when he was on the ground.
        There are 20 teams in the EPL with over 500 players, but we are the unlucky one to have a player with that rotten mindset and attitude. Even Alexis, Mkhi chose to play and went on loans to revive their careers, this player has a selfish and rotten thought. Although it is not his fault he was offered the wage, but at least he should put in some effort on the field or else seek a move elsewhere where the level of competition and expectation is less.
        He could have walked out of AFC like a legend with a token of appreciation, but sadly he has chosen to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

    2. Dan is accurate on the dirt going on above Arteta. Been that way for ages with Kroenke, Wenger didn’t allow that BS. He replaced him with a coach desperate for a job who smelled the coffee year later.

      They were pushing Ozil out by bringing Ceballos, naming Xhaka captain, then Auba in order to help keeping hm.

      But Arteta played Ozil until covid. He got sick I’m sure and injured himself,

      I agree & support all done said, but think it is a medical issue and indeed a lot on Oz wage which he didn’t ask.

      Ozil can’t play in a team who has no defense behind him and no controling the game.

      Indeed Arteta has not proven anything as a coach, he was assistant 12 games ago this year.

      We are screwed with Kroenke

  2. IF Arteta’s alleged conspiracy with the Board results in Ozil leaving the Club without any further drain on its finances, I’d extend Arteta’s contract by 5 years! Now, some myths about Ozil: (A) World Cup Winner … well, both BFG and Mustafi are also WC Winners!! (B) Ozil’s stats in PL since he joined:

    2014-15: P22 / G4 / A5
    2015-16: P35 / G6 / A19
    2016-17: P33 / G8 / A9
    2017-18: P26 / G4 / A8
    2018-19: P24 / G5 / A2

    So, the so-called “Assist King” attained double-digit Assists in the PL only ONCE!!!!

      1. Can I ask then what ?
        So we get his salary off the wage bill and what use that to pay Cedric , Mauri and Luiz’s contract ?
        I wouldn’t give him a 10 year contract for that ?

        1. Then what? save a bloody fortune and use it on wages for players that can and will contribute. Not rocket science Dan.

          1. You think that what Koronke is thinking ?
            That 350-000 a week will be spent elsewhere or just sit in the bank ?

    1. And this once, his CF was d so called ‘lamp post ‘ Giroud and ever since we bought Lacca and Auba, what’s the stat?

    2. For your information he is third in Europe on the assists league behind Messi and Di Maria for the last decade. And voted multiple times German player of the year. One assist very other game for Real over three seasons. Ozil has been a key member of the German team from 2010 until he called it a day after 2018 WC. And before you say it was his fault I suggest you go watch the last game against S Korea when he created a number of clear cut chances that were not converted. I agree Ozil is past it, but if you truly believe he was never any good and all myth, then you are wrong.

    3. Being a World cup winner not a myth mate it’s a fact – think you will find he started all of Germany’s games
      Having more assists then those who have replaced him is not a myth it’s a fact that
      Him winning three FA Cups is a fact
      We also got to two other finals in that time
      In fact all your stats show is we havnt done any better without him , that’s the myth
      Emery tried freezing him out
      Did it work ? Were we more creative ?
      Would you say in 4 games back we have been more creative ?

  3. Brilliant post Dan. My feeling exactly. The sooner ppl realise that the club have an agenda of saving money for the owners an been employing yes men all over the better. What has arsenal become not once have they backed ozil in the press when he has been critizied. Its all making sense why ppl like ramsay, kos, van persie, fabregas, nasri all left…coz the club is lacking ambition, refusing to invest properly. Why shud fans only expect to play youth we are a.massive club with a small club mentality… this os no longer about ozil an the arteta its about head coach being a yes man an going with the boards narrative…you hit so many points in this post.. fans are not realising themselves that their own expectations have fallen an continue to fall. We shud be challeningbfor champs league an prem title, but instead we fans had changed our mindset to finishing top 4 (for what) then to finishing in europa league…and now we jus wana finish an will accept a top 10 finish….finished as a top club… we cant compete with wolves or sheffield united now

    1. Well, we just beat Sheffield Uniteds strongest eleven, with seven players injured and, obviously, without Ozil.

      I would like Arteta to be honest and clear about this situation, as he has been with Guendozi – but at the end of the day, it is Arteta who selects the team and, if we are to back him 100%, then it doesn’t matter who he selects /drops (isn’t that right Jon Fox?) as long as we are winning matches.

      1. I dont think it was ther best 11…i mean billy sharp came on at the end an we struggled, also that othet player cant remember his name. They also beat us didnt they earlier this season…my point is friend…we should be wiping the floor against brighton, sheffield an so on but now we are on a par with them lot an that is sad

      2. Yeh arteta or someone from the club shud jus be honest an let us know. I really wana see arteta do well an u r right its all about winning




          1. Ken, If even now you still deny, even to yourself, theclear and obvious fact that neither Arteta nor the club and only a small minority of fans want him here, then it is pointless debating him with you further.
            If you flatly refuse to see what is plain and in front of your eyes then I FEAR FOR YOUR INTELLECT WHERE FOOTBALL PLAYER JUDGEMENT IS CONCERNED.
            Straight question yes or no, do you actually believe ARTETA OR THE CLUB WANTS HIM TO STAY?If yes then where is the evidence?

          2. I’ve just given you the evidence, selected for every premier league game before the corona virus – what more evidence do you need?
            Just a little reminder of the fact we were unbeaten in those games as well.

            Please don’t worry about my intellect,as I’m not important.
            If you are correct, you should be worried about Mikel Artetas – and if he was correct up and until the coronavirus, yours as well Jon.
            Still, we both agree, I think, that we will support Arteta, whatever he decides about Ozil… isn’t that correct?

  4. COMPLETE ROT Dan. Arteta clearly wants himout because primarily he refuses to work and Arteta insists on 100%. Correctly too!

      1. Ken,No of course I don’t agree with the Luiz extension. Why would I ? I am not a SPURS FAN! Is there a single Gooner on here who agrees, as I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE, UNSURPRISINGLY.

        1. So what was MA doing then,, giving a player a new contract, who doesn’t give 100% – clearly Luiz is past his best, not worth the money, a complete liability, mentally frail and dross?
          Where is the notion that MA clearly insists on 100%, in this situation?

          1. So you don’t then think that Arteta insists on 100%? YES OR NO? IT WOULD BE GOOD TO GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER, WITH NO POLITICIAN LIKE DEFLECTION, KEN!

      2. Ken contrary to Ozil ,behind the scenes Luiz has some good influence ,shares his experience which is very important considering the number of young inexperienced players we have especially in defense Salliba,Mari,Tierney….and he also took a pay cut and it is also the reason we signed Soares whom I believe will be a decent signing for us,MA is building a new squad and we need a good balance between youth and experience,also Ozil only thrives on a team with a lot of possession which we no longer are and the reason he used to perform under Wenger,MA is not going to build the new team around him so it makes sense that he concentrates on players who are going to be with for the next few years,lastly if Luiz took a pay cut and showed that he wanted to be at the club why is it that Ozil didn’t?he knows he has only few years left if playing was his priority he would do something about it instead of sitting on the bench,it’s not like he needs the money!

    1. As to making “killer passes” Ozil stopped doing that years ago. Frankly, I would rather trust Mustafi to make a killer through ball than Ozil. Ozil is a huge fraud and has been that way for years. Nearly all Gooners CRAVE idle Ozils exit and ASAP. TRYINGTO DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE IS RISIBLE,AS SO MANY ARE POINTING OUT TO YOU.

      1. There’s this fantasy of “if Ozil were in teh team, he’d create so many chances and so many great throughballs”. I see commentators all the time saying this, and some fans. Yet when we actually see him play for us, none of this is happening. The IDEA of Ozil is nice, but this is not the same Ozil of Real Madrid, and he’s given up a while ago.

        Also, the “chances created” stat, which I’m sure someone will bring up, is a misleading stat. We all watch the games and do not see these “amazing chances” that are being tracked. I really would love to know how this stat is calculated b/c we are watching and not seeing these numbers at all. As you said, Mustafi’s random longballs are just as likely to create a goal scoring opportunity compared to Ozil these days.

  5. I can’t see how it is in the club’s best interests to undermine Ozil especially if as you say, he was playing well before lockdown; it is counterproductive and not logical to me.

    He has made it clear that he intends to see out his contract so a happy Ozil, contributing to the team is better than him sitting on the sidelines doing nothing, further irritating the fanbase.

    I certainly don’t think that Arteta is being a YES man to the board. He has his reputation as a coach to consider and his self worth. As this is what I believe, then there has to be some other reason for Ozil not starting or even getting on as a sub.

    I absolutely do not think he is being made a scapegoat in this situation. He is either fit enough and playing well enough in training to get picked or he is not. At worst, it is for tactical reasons on a match by match basis, but other than that, as I have said, it is counterproductive not to play a player who is in form.

    Who knows what happened during the enforced break!

    1. It is just more excuses SueP. I ignore them now, very very boring. No other player in the history of football has been excused so often. It really is weird.

      1. Admin Martin
        You need to help me out. Who is making the excuses? I wasn’t as I believe strongly that Arteta chooses his team on an entirely proper basis. Ozil doesn’t rock my boat as you know, but if he was helping us before lockdown under Arteta, then something must have gone awry since.

        1. Not you SueP, I am talking about all his “followers” that find one excuse after another, just check out some of the comments on here. The facts are there for anyone that wants to see. I know you support Arsenal and not an individual player, same as me. Just a shame we cannot say that about some.

      2. Ad Martin. in years to come fans will look back on this six year long “indulging Ozil farce” and wonder what sort of fans(that fast dwindling and not tiny minority, but still including KEN) could so easily choose not to see the farce that was unfolding . To continue making excuses for this huge fraud even now is madness and wilful blindness. The sort of wilful blindness Wenger used to use as an excuse with his “I did not see it”. But at least we fans knew that was a ruse just to defend his players so we excused that. But there is NO rational and sane excuse for STILL defending that fraud, Ozil! Ozil fans are either crazy or lying . No other possible explanation.

    2. The falling out seems very clear. Arteta said on a recent press conference taht Ozil was not at the level he wanted him to be at. This is a man who is Ozil’s friend, played with him, gave him yet another chance he probably didn’t deserve, and he still cannot put in the necessary effort to be ready for the restart of the season. If Ozil truly cared, he’d do EVERYTHING in his power to impress Arteta, get back into the XI, and be an irreplaceable part of the team. The evidence shows over and over and over and over again, that this is simply not what Ozil is doing. We are going around in circles with a bunch a different reasons as to why Ozil doesn’t start for us anymore when the answer is very simple. Ozil does not care.

    3. Thank you SueP, for your rational comments.
      If Kroenke is intervening, why now and not when the offer was made to extend Ozil’s contract?
      As far as Dan’s comment about Ozil making the killer pass or scoring the needed goal to win a vital game, then isn’t that what Ceballos did to win the FA Cup quarter final?
      Would Ozil have scored that 90min winner? We will never know and given his recurring back injury, probably not.

      1. Why did silent stan not intervene..hmm…cud be coz he wanted to profit from selling Özil to other clubs, but the way it played out Özils agent has prob made it clear to other clubs that mesut wants to stay in london the city he luvs at the club he luvs untill the end of his contract. Cebios has scored one goal(good goal) but what else has he done? Apart from playin sideways

  6. @AAllenSport have an article on Google, that covers Artetas thoughts for the the future – a good read, with MA giving some insight into what he wants from his current and future players.

  7. Dan, I dont agree with you one bit. If it were true then Ozil should be fighting to play. Why is he always sick with one problem or the other? He is selling the club short. He is just too lazy to compete otherwise he would have left the club and go somewhere where he can play regularly is that is it. It is Ozil that actually lacks ambition. He got his contract and will not do anything about it as long as he gets paid.
    He should be the first person on the list of clear out sales if any team will take him.

  8. I see some reasons, why Arteta is in fact very interested in letting Özil go, if at all possible.
    First of all the big chunk in wages Özil is getting could be used better.
    Secondly, if Arteta is building for the future, say trying to build a title challenging team within a realistic time frame of about 2-3 years, it really would not include Özil, would it???

    1. Anders, it wouldn’t include Ozil, but I can’t imagine Arteta could think that by not playing him that he would just bog off. No chance as we know.

    2. Arsenal have been rebuilding for the past 14 years or so…we have tried the playing youngsters i.e theo, ox, iwobi, fabregas and so, i dont remeber us winning the league or champs league. Selling ozil will not be enuff, u can have messi in our team with the current squad an we still will struggle to challenge for top 4, was gona say top 8 but i think messi will make a bit of difference lol

  9. Ozil, has no interest in Arsenal, when 10 outfield players have to work extra hard for a guy as talented as he WAS that leads to a bad dressing room and then players give less because of that.
    as a unit we are stronger faster without that lazy player and our pressing is better as Ozil is fantastic at hiding on the pitch that part of his talent didn’t leave him

    1. tyke, know what you mean, but if one uses “in my opinion” or “I have checked the facts” or “reported” one then can read and judge accordingly.
      Most of the time, it’s just our opinions and these are the ones that bring the arguments!!!

  10. Ozil is a big waste of wages. Every manager has given him amply chances and set the team up to accommodate him. All seem to have had enough of him as do the majority of the fans. The sooner he is gone the better. Poor role model for the young guns.

  11. Arteta is the third manager in a row to do this. There is one common denominator and we all know it is Ozil’s attitude and work ethic. If Ozil were actually putting in good performances and being a top player nobody at Arsenal would have an issue with him, but hes not done that in several years. Times up for him. Arteta is right to freeze him out, and I hope Arteta has the stones Emery didn’t and keeps him out until his contract is up. Time to move on from Mesut.

    1. But that’s the point mate
      We are 9th
      Your patting Emery/ now Arteta on the back for leaving out Ozil
      But it’s not like in his absence we have someone assisting and scoring goals
      I’m not applauding managers for being in 9th just because they are leaving out a big name
      Instead I like to know why he’s not getting the best out of the player

      1. Dan, I dont think we’ve been better with Ozil in the side either. We’ve still drawn a ton of games in which we should’ve been picking up 3 points and the team doesnt look any better than when Emery gave Ozil a second chance. If he is falling out with three managers, and is not improving the team, why keep him around?

      2. Dan, the point about moving on has quite a simple remedy, stop producing articles, let Mikel Arteta handle the player as he sees fit and the fan base support whatever decision he makes.
        Abyone disagree?

        Problem solved – fanbase not divided – different subjects to debate.

          1. My writing mate
            Is giving my opinion on any relevant talking point
            I think Ozil not starting a game at a time when we are 10th is newsworthy
            Not only going to write on topics majority all agree on
            That would be boring

            1. I support you on this Dan, in fact, I have taken the decision to ramp up Ozil articles massively until we see the back of him. Everything he does going forward or does not do will be analysed and discussed. He no longer gets a free pass and will be held to account for what he has done to our great club. So please, continue writing about Ozil as much as you want even if it is misguided 🙂

          2. Dan, I was not hinting at you and your article, but from a answer you received from your post at 8.32.
            Jeez, even on the day we got to the semi finals of the fa cup and minutes after a great result, we had an article about his posture!!!
            Too much information about a player who MA will make a decision about and all true fans should accept that decision – no player etc etc

            As it happens, I don’t believe in this particular conspiracy theory, otherwise we would be able to tell who the other two players were who, it is said, also wanted to know where the money was going.

          3. I would say Martinelli was other player and Sokratise or Lacca
            It’s okay mate I remember last year everyone so happy emery was standing up to Ramsey
            I was shot down then for suggesting no one better would replace him

          4. Dan, surely Arsenal would not have been thought stupid enough replicate the Ozil contract situation with Ramsey when he wanted more than Arsenal was prepared to pay and left on a free?
            Ramsey didn’t set the league alight with Juventus, but they were only interested in his sell on value.

    2. Common denominator is kronke all instructions are his…. i think wenger an ivan had some sort of contract rule whre by they could not tell club truths, they both shielded kronke for years….both wer messed over so they decided to get one over kronke an give the fans an a loyal özil what they deserved( deserved coz he stayed an wanted success with arsenal, who keep refusing as a club to build on class that they have). A world class name being kept at the club! Had Özil left the club would of had to spend around 40 to 50 million to get a decent replacement, whom prob wud not of been anywhere near as good as ozil….and yeh i still say ozil is class, jus look at how poor arsenal look when attacking without ozil, in boring arguments it is mentioned ozil never preforms in big games which is a myth, as he has preformed in many big games, on occasions he has not shun in big games, none of his teammate have either, i mean tell me which arsenal player has??

      1. we aren’t watching the same games then if you think this highly of Ozil. Your argument works if ozil is actually playing well, which he has not been for several seasons now. All these managers are just wrong, and Ozil is right? Don’t think so

        1. We are most probably watching the same games my friend, but watching them differently…maybe thats why our opinions on Özil vary! The 3 managers u mention emery, lunburg, an surprisingly arteta all wer directly recruited by KSE. In order to get the job there would be a good chance that they will have targets to achieve one of which could possibly be to get rid of Özil….jochim lowe, arsene wenger, jose mourini i would argue have more footballing knowledge than the 3 managers who have dropped ozil l, none of 3 i have jus mentioned did…speaks volumes. For arguments sake lets say we all agreed tgat Özil was poor. …why did emery sell ramsay, he was playing regularly, loves arsenal and hardly put a foot wrong….for KSE money talks.. good nite

          1. and back to the conspiraicies. if arteta was told to get ozil out why did he give him another chance again? your theories make no sense.

    1. It has been answered Dan, you just don’t want to hear it mate and to be honest I suspect most Arsenal fans simply no longer want to keep on trying to convince those that refuse to see the waste of space he is. It is not that no one cannot answer it is more that it does not matter what is said any more, supporters of Ozil will simply not listen to reason, so why bother answering?

      1. Or is that a easy kop out
        If we say since Emery Ozi l been in and out of team.
        Is it unfair of me to ask you to name a midfielder who done better in our team
        I’m not an Ozi l fan but idea that Wilock or Ceballos or Torreria as an AM are better simply not true
        Too easy to hide behind ‘ your an Ozil supporter ‘

        1. We have forgotten the match I think against West ham that ozil provided the assist for laca or Bounemouth game where he produced so many chances we couldn’t finish up or against Chelsea where he was magestic 2-1. I think he’s still a great player after Sanchez left no other player could understand him better and he’s trying to play well with the people around him though they are not up to his level on his good day. Without Ozil in our team how many clear chances do we produce in a game or how’s our link up play I think little things should be taken into consideration.

    2. I agree Dan. I so want a bit of honesty at the club. Özil is dirt name jys now, b4 him it was van persie, fabregas an so on. Why is such a massive club like arsenal not able to keep its big players…why say we gona build woth youth, when they get older an better we will.make tger name dirt an sell.em on too…fans are being conned an its been going on for 14yrs now. Man chelsea signing that boy from ajax an timo werner, man city will spend again, liverpool look invinciblenjus now, spurs keep paying good money for players….has ÖZIL been dropped coz they wana sell him, is torrier really injured is gabby really injured , are these the 3 players who refused to take a pay cut?? And is that why they not been playin? Ps whoever the 3 wer that didnt take a paycut i have no issues why shud they when we have an owner who hasmade god knows how.much from the club

      1. Ozil dropped coz the club want to sell him

        I’m normally reasonably reserved when responding but my goodness please explain to me why any club would give Ozil the salary that he gets at Arsenal?

        It is really boring:
        He loves London
        He gets well paid to the point that at his age no club in their right mind would offer the same terms because there has been not the slightest suggestion from him that he would take a pay cut just to play regularly
        He hasn’t for the club he professes to love !!!!!!

        Luiz has been getting stick (rightly)but he did just that

        1. Why should he take a pay cut to play? So are you suggesting that Arsenal are a business first club? Yes they are. But how does freezing Ozil out help them financially. If they want Ozil out, they better negotiate a deal with him. Like allow him to leave for free. Pay him half of his projected income. Then he can possibly move to another club on less money. Whether folks believe it or not, Ozil is being frozen out because he declined a pay cut.

    3. None of us is Arteta

      You have tried to find numerous reasons to pin Ozil’s absence on some dastardly pact between the hierarchy and our manager and so far your points haven’t convinced me at all

      He was good enough before lockdown and he isn’t up to starting or coming on as a sub now. I think on present knowledge you are suggesting a conspiracy theory when there is just as likely a very boring reason

      1. I suppose you may have a point with ypur boring reason quote. Since leaving highbury thete must be a few more boring reasons for players being forced out the door, which in turn has resulted in us slowley crumbling from a top notch team around the world to struggle middle table club. Yep boring indeed

  12. I haven’t suggested Ozil take a pay cut but most of his colleagues did

    All I have ever said is that Ozil will be going nowhere unless another club pays him the same or more than Arsenal do

    It is a remarkably simple concept

  13. Lol. Danny wellbeck, elneny, van persie, ramsay….i can mention more but doubt u will agree with me. Oh Özil. Then we have players we were close to signing but didnt, prob coz it was realised they wud not perform at arsenal…want names for them too..ok hazard, fabregas 2nd time round, hugo loris

  14. Please mention some more players forced out as the ones mentioned moved on to better things such as RVP winning all ends up at ManU. Then there was Wellbeck who sailed of into the sunset & Ramsey who left on a free & is on a small fortune at Juve

  15. I mean come on with this conspiracy. Arsenal has seen 3 coaches in under 2 years and ALL 3 have the same response to Ozil. Are we really going to try to sing that “Ozil is being picked on” story again? If Arteta is in fact doing this i back him 100%. Get Ozil out of the club. ASAP and get someone that can do thw job. Simple.

    1. OZIL THE BIGGGEST VICTIM of all time. It’s always someone else’s fault.
      The Ozil loyal followers are a funny bunch.
      Always trying to deflect from the fact that their cult hero is average and finished. They cannot bring themselves to accpet it as it will hurt their emotions, feelings, ego and pride.
      So like always, it’s excuses Galore, what aboutism and now a new tactic “Conspiracy Theories”, about how all the world forces are against the only lone standing hope for humanity, these evil forces are trying to bring down ozil our saviour.

      1. it’s maddening, Goonster. It’s also entertaining. I love knowing this is ozil’s final year regardless. finally he will be out of our club.

  16. I think that all the matches after the restart have seen Arsenal play different formations than those which would suit Ozil’s playing style. Correct me if I am wrong (I may well be) but in the 4 matches since premier league restarted, we rarely played with an out and out CAM. Most of these formations have our play channel through the left side and our creativity to come through the wings. So I don’t think Ozil would have been comfortable with them. I think as Arteta is experimenting with different formations and has not yet arrived at a fixed one, Ozil will have his chances to play.

  17. All of us who have called Ozil for what he is and what he doesn’t bring to the table are now being endorsed by Emery and now Arteta. The guy is over rated and over paid. End of.

  18. Ozil will play home games . Its not just fans that see he has not produced in away games for some time

  19. I am sick and tired of this Ozil saga. Please can someone answer my question here, Is Ozil the problem of Arsenal? Who gave him the wages? Was his new wage not based on his previous antecedent? We have just refused to say the simple truth and stop this harassment of Ozil. We all know he is not performing comparing to his take home, but is there any player presently that is better than him in that position/midfield?

      1. In theory Arteta must think that Ozil is no better than any of the others otherwise he would play him. It is counterproductive not to play your best team on a regular basis – including sensible rotation of players according to fixtures and tactics.

        There have been occasions this season when I have thought Özil did show class but not enough to cement his place each week. That is my honest held opinion.

        1. In theory though we are 7th , no where near our targets so I wouldn’t say Emery or Arteta have been proven right

    1. Sigh, yes Ozil is the problem and pick any midfielder in the squad and you have your better player. Again, not rocket science

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