Is Arteta more honest with fans than Wenger ever was?

Wenger v Arteta round 2! by Shenel

Another key difference I have noticed between Monsieur Wenger and Senor Arteta is when it comes to players and deals!

Obviously, we know that Arteta never fully confirmed anything with regards to Aubameyang and his contract over the last few months, but what I did notice was that he was very positive, happy and relaxed when asked about the situation a number of times. Whereas, Arsene Wenger always seemed concerned when it came to contract situations and being asked about whether players would be staying or not, he would look stressed and most of the time he refused to answer and say “nothing has been done” or “he is staying” when really none of the players in those situations had actually stayed.

But rewind your minds back to the FA Cup final win, Arteta was so relaxed, of course we had just beaten Chelsea for his first trophy at the club, but he even said himself that he was feeling positive about Auba’s situation and that stance had never changed.

Asked in his press conference about how he feels now that his star man’s future has been sorted, Arteta stated: “Obviously I knew what was coming so I was bit more relaxed, but I am really pleased to have convinced Auba to stay at our club as well in the terms that we have done, and with the passion and determination that him and the people around him showed to stay at our club, how happy they are with what we have achieved and as well really pleased to see the reaction of everyone, firstly here at Colney at our club and as well our fans, to keep him.”

This shows me in one way that Arteta is willing to be openly honest about his players and their situations when it comes to contracts and whether they will sign or not and I think this is a key attribute for any manager to have. Why may you ask, well just because it makes the fans feel at ease, it gives the fans an inside glimpse into the heads of the club/players/manager and it gives the fans a sense of information coming directly from the club, not just from rumours that are passed from mouth to mouth.

Had we had Arteta managing Arsenal back in the days of Van Persie, Fabregas and Ramsey to name a few, we may have even been able to keep those players as we have finally done with Aubameyang. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. You are saying Arteta is better then wenger
    When yes wenger time was up we still one the Fa cup
    But that wasn’t enough
    Hes the greatest manager we have and will have

    1. How can you conclude that wenger will be the greatest manager we will ever have. Let me ask you a question, if Arteta win the premier league Europa League and the champions league within 3 years, would you still say Wenger was the greatest ever manager we have.

      1. Some of you are forgetting that George Graham won a League Cup, 2 League Titles and a European Trophy(UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup). Wenger won three titles and 7 FA Cups but not European trophy in 22 years. He won nothing for 14 years apart from FA Cups. Yes Wenger was great in his first ten years at the club however I think his last ten years was full of mediocrity bar two realistic title challenges (07/08 and 2015/16) as well as his excuses when we fail to do business in the transfer window e.g, no one was available.

  2. I would like him to be honest regarding Ozil. Is Ozil the problem? Is board the problem? Is Arteta the problem? Who is the problem? What is going on? Why is he always dodging the question or stay mum? Regardless of the reasons behind being noble, understandable or any other good reason, it is still dishonesty.

    Most are honest where it suits them. It’s how the world works.

    1. HH believe me if arteta decide to be honest about Ozil, even you his few remaining loyal followers might stop praising him, I think arteta is handling the whole issue very well.
      OT: Since you are so interested to know more about ozil, the club asked him to train with the under 23 yesterday, so we might see him against Leicester on Wednesday.

      1. Yes he is, I even suggested once in a comment that Ozil might be the issue (just a thought that came to me) and by staying quite Arteta is protecting him. The way I see him he is the kind of person who might do that.

        I will praise Ozil or any other person where the praise is deserved and I will not where it doesn’t. I am eager to see Ozil back in the team but he has to put a good performance otherwise I will also support his exclusion from the team. I will not stoop low to call him names and I will still like him but that will be for his activities out of the pitch.

        This is not a dig at Arteta so you have completely missed my point (though it may be due to my lack of expressing it in understandable way)

        My point is majority of people and especially people in Mikel’s position will be carefully on where to be honest and where not to be as the honesty may bring about undesirable results.

        When it comes to people it’s never black and white or ying and yang. All people have their strength and weaknesses. All people have good and bad habits. The difference is only the amount of good or bad they have.

        On Mesut issue Arteta hasn’t said a thing to this day. Has he been honesty? No, regardless of what reasons behind it.

  3. Arteta has been honest and opened about everyty since he came though, from what he wants down to his rules and engagements, to his plans… So really this shouldn’t be a question.
    I think one thing the fans appreciate and love more about Arteta is his ability to keep us going with the truth and facts

    1. Eddie did you not recently say that balogun has signed a new contract with Arsenal if so I how comes it’s not been officially confirmed?

      1. I said the club are preparing to offer him a new professional contract.
        Those were my exact words, and it was why he posted the same emoji PEA posted few days before his announcement

  4. I don’t know about Arteta being more honest, but his post match analysis’ are the best I’ve heard anywhere. They really are honest.

  5. The decision of Arsenal board n Arteta still not justifiable. Signing Willian just bcoz he was available is completely senseless when we have other areas to strengthen. If Willian was deployed as CAM as most thought it would ve made sense but right wing was definetely not the weakest position that Arsenal had. Pepe was doing fine post lockdown n also there was Nelson, Saka playing in that position. Now we hinder the development of our most expensive player just when he was gaining momentum. We r grinding result but there is a sense that club is still not going in the right direction. Not giving contract to Laca may also prove disastrous. If he goes on to score 20+ goals this season then it will be really difficult to tie him to new contract. But I want to reserve any conclusion until Liverpool game which would show our real strength n progression.

    1. I thought I was the only one who noticed Pepe’s game was on the up b4 the season ended…. I actually thought he would retain his place, regardless of Willian signing, but now that he’s benched, let’s see if he ousts Willian. But I feel Arteta knows what he’s doing, maybe he doesn’t want Pepe to get too comfy…. fuel his drive and desire maybe? 🤷🏾‍♂️….. I think we can beat Liverpool this weekend, even though they just had a morale boosting win against Chelsea….. we’ve done it twice before, we can do it again….. COYG!

  6. Wenger was more aloof than Arteta. Wengers success though is just Arteta’s dream at the moment. Wenger was not honest, but was so respected he could do anything. We should have no trouble buying, but Keoenkes business model would strangle any manager.

  7. Yet another article questioning AW, integrity and honesty.
    Yesterday it was Jack Wilshere and today its Mikel Arteta!!!

    Arsene’s wonderful legacy is there for all to see and remember – he has been gone for three years and we have all, well most of us, moved on.

    Arteta is his own man and will manage the club the way he sees fit – let’s see if his “honesty” with the fans, brings the same kind of results as the legend himself – I really hope it does.

    1. Ken1945 I was starting to get worried maybe you wont comment especially since it’s about Arsene Wenger😁😁. Hope you are well sir.

      1. Leno happy, thanks for asking, I am alive and kicking – just to let you know that I wasn’t too concerned about your health, as I have noted your comments on every Mesut Ozil article 😁
        Funny how one gets to know exactly what another’s passions are on JA…. not long now until MO moves on, just like AW has, but I bet you will be talking about them both in ten years time!!!

  8. Exactly right ken, we should discuss the presence and the future, not live in the past. Arsene Wenger has moved on, his legacy remains and we should move on too.

    1. ozziegunner, hope you read my sincere reply to you, regarding the lie about the Emirates?
      I have sent Pat an article regarding this, so look forward to debating it with you.

      As for AW and MA, if someone’s getting their nickers in a twist about the truth, I can only ask why and what does it matter anyway?

      1. Also on that same post tendering your apology, which I accept of course,ken, I made a further response to one of your comments.
        I find that because of the time deference here in Oz my comments often go unreplied; is what it is.

  9. I will not, rather stupidly , get involved in a Wenger versus Arteta type post People will back up their various tribes(as to which manager they prefer) on this and I do not propose to play that foolish and pointless game .

    Instead I will merely state what I much appreciate and value about how MA works where fan communication is concerned. I will let others draw any conclusion they wish about my views on Wengers fan communication ability. I care nothing, as he has been gone over two years and I have moved on. Others will choose not to have moved on and that is up to them.
    Itis cathartic to feel involved as a fan – indeed I firmly believ e tht is exactly why clubs like Liverpool, who involve fans and make them feel a key part of all the club is about are far healthier than clubs that do not; Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City being prominent examples of THAT unfortunate type. Sincde Kroenke came onboeard our fans have felt often ignored not valued and trated as simplt cash machim4es for throwner That is a disgustingly bad way to run any club and until MA came on board we have had virtually no proper involvement in out heart of hearts from ANY in thr know person at the club. That is now much changes and more modern , more human and more shrewd thinking has been adopted by at least two ket club figures, in MA and Edu.


    AFC has historically been a traditional methods club . There is much to admire in retaining the best from the past. But not to embrace modern methods of communication AND to properly and FULLY value the fans is foolish and harmful in the extreme.

  10. Harsh to judge players who have left or stayed as a sign of which manager is honest or not
    Arteta simply said he would
    Like / was hopeful auba would stay
    He said same about martinez
    His he a liar cause martinez left
    All.clubs are not transparent
    Arsenal are lying about Ozil in my opinion
    As a club we lied to squad about pay cuts by sacking 55 staff

  11. Too early to tell. He appears to be honest but one day he might find himself forced to bend the truth. I think he is not totally frank about Ozil now.

    1. lcw, Arteta is “quite frank about Ozil”, he doesn’t select him when he doesn’t suit the system he wants to play. Arteta will be judged like any manager on results achieved.

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