Is Arteta really giving Ozil a chance to rejoin the squad?

Possible light at the end of the tunnel for Ozil?


It seems as though there is a possible lifeline for Mesut Ozil if reports from The Mirror are to be believed.


Being left out of Arteta’s 25-man squad for the Europa League, and rumours that he will also be left out of the Premier League squad for the season, pretty much spells the end of the road for his career at Arsenal.


But it seems as though he has been thrown a lifeline. Arteta has given him a timeline of two months to prove himself in training in order to get himself back into the side.


About Ozil being left out, Arteta has said:


“[Ozil] has to respect that decision, try to train the best possible way, help the team as best he can and see what happens.”


As we see Ozil more and more in training and less in the games, does it mean that he still is failing to prove himself? Arteta was still pressed on why he left Ozil out but his answer was the same as always:


“Well he wasn’t the only one who’s not in the squad. It was a really difficult decision for me to make because to leave players out of the squad at that level where they know they cannot get involved is really tough. I don’t like it at all but the decision has to be made because we have a limit on foreign players and unfortunately we have to make that decision.”


I am sure there were other players that could have been left out instead of Ozil, but as he has been left out and now a chance seems to have been thrown his way let’s hope he manages to change the gaffers mind to include him in the team at some point.


So is there really a lifeline for Ozil or is it just a stunt by Arteta to get the press off his back and to stop asking questions on Ozil? Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Yes I believe there is a chance he will play in the near future but not today against City.
    I’m hoping Liverpool beat Everton today as we do not want Everton to be the next Invincibles or the other unbeaten team, Villa🤣.

        1. I missed the first 30 minutes. The other 60 was good. Pity the same can’t be said for the officiating….

    1. A draw with a massive brawl that has red cards handed out like Christmas presents would a great result

    2. The writing is on the wall . Stop the Ozil saga. It’s Done. The coach and board have made a decision. Its end of Ozil. Why play someone who will leave for free , who has refused salary cut, who has made the board look like fools. Arteta will bite the bullet and move on. Ozil out end of season.

  2. He’s been given plenty of chances, but all the time he just not seem to be interested in what he’s been paid to do, even under different managers. Let’s just move on without Ozil. Let him enjoy one season of free wages, because that’s what he wants. Lets give chances to those who are eager to make positive contribution to the team

    1. Well I read that he is going to be omitted from the PL squad for financial reasons since he gets bonuses for each appearance and the rest…

  3. Even if Everton do not lose to Liverpool, I am sure we will beat them. By the way, I hope Louis is stable this time against City, not making the mistakes and the subsequent sending off when we played City the last time in the PL, way back in June. Of course with the complete backing of MA, he did a MOTM performance against City in the FA Cup semi finals, but he should be careful when he deals with the pace of Marez and Sterling. All in all expect a wonderful match with both teams going out to win. Up the Gunners!

  4. Let Ozil add more enthusiasm in training; humble himself and. follow Arteta’s Guidelines and stop thinking that what he did during Wenger’s time will work during
    Arteta’s. No!!! In football it rarely works that way.
    This time every player must go back to defend as well as attack. That is Arteta’s way. And that is why he is no longer coceding too many goals. Why should Ozil be an exception now?
    Ozil humble yourself and examine your
    Conscience. Be more flexible.

  5. PR stunt or not 2 players have to be left out of the premier League squad.
    Ozil, Sokratis, Runarsson, Soares, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Elneny
    Which 2 would you choose?
    If it’s ozil and sokratis then you are basically ruling those 2 out of any competitive until January, the rest can all play Europa League at least.

    Personally I would leave out ozil and sokratis, Hand them over to Steve Boulds under 23 side until January, the alternatives could be runarsson and Mustafi or Soares, for whom you could simply say you are guaranteed to play in 6 of the next 13 matches (Europa League)

  6. Arteta seems to cut out people who were not his choices, although he does give academy players good chances. To me Arteta has a ruthless side and that shows in how he has cut out Torreira and Guendouzi and Ozil even though they are better than some of the remaining players. He will get players fighting on the pitch for their lives. That is good and bad. Good because we will end up with an aggressive dominating team, but they won’t play the most beautiful football as Wengers teams did. I’m sure Arteta will get success but it won’t be the ‘beautiful game’.

  7. I think it is “a stunt” by this site to use yet another Ozil article. Ozil article number 3587 and rising hourly! Disgracefully , wehad to wait a full three hours the other day for one to appear.
    However are we suppposed to fill in ALL THAT TIME BETWEEN OZIL ARTICLES!!

  8. Pep did the same to Yaya Toure and Hart with good outcomes for Man City. I won’t be surprised if that has inspired Arteta’s tough stance on Ozil (who might be giving off “we played together and you can’t even lace my boot laces” vibes).

    Still don’t understand the enraging £8 million loyalty payment; somebody please explain. I must be missing details by probably not being able to read between the lines. Hope this isn’t causing a hindering stink in the dressing room!

    A spell on the U23s under a meancing Bouldy plus irreverent young gunners might convince him to jump at the next loan offer from that Saudi club! Be bygone lad!

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