Is Arteta right over Aubameyang? A new stat shows the quality of Arsenal striker

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been banished from the Arsenal first-team group since the end of last year.

The attacker seems to be at the end of his time as an Arsenal player, after being left at home while other players travelled to Dubai for a training camp.

He is not the first player Mikel Arteta has sidelined since he became the club’s latest manager in 2019.

Mesut Ozil suffered the same punishment before leaving the Emirates in frustration.

Auba is one of the finest strikers in Europe and a new stat reveals Arteta is probably wrong to sideline him.

The Sun prepared a table that showed that he is one of the finest attackers in Europe over the last four seasons.

The report says Aubameyang has scored 68 league goals in the last four years.

His goals have won 53 points for Arsenal, which is more points than Mohamed Salah’s goals have won for Liverpool in the same period.

He is also the fourth-highest scorer in England’s top division since February 2018.

Mo Salah, 92, Jamie Vardy, 74 and Harry Kane, 72 are the only players who have scored more than him.

These numbers show Auba is even more important to the team than Arteta will like to believe.

Although this is not enough for the Spaniard to bring him back into the team, it might make sense for the gaffer to reconsider his division, especially if he doesn’t leave the club this month.

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  1. Yeah I think the first 30 months might just bring raising up the last 18 there. He *was* brilliant but he’s not been good at all for the last year and a half; certainly not remotely close to one of the best in Europe. Pretty weak that one.

    1. I agree with you, he’s been awful and painful to watch him playing a goal-bound ball in an offside position. Missing would be just pushing the ball into the empty net.

    1. 10 goals last year and 4 so far this year – no idea how many points that equates to, but I do know he wasn’t our top scorer last season and isn’t this season

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      1. Dan I didn’t even know about it, I just checked it up on IMDb and it has a 9.1 so I’ll definitely be giving that a watch now that I’m waiting on the new Yellowstone season to come out 👍

        1. I know this is not a telly site but just watched th⁵e 7 x season 3 of Ozark. Please tell me there are more coming?

          1. yes there is Pat, as that’s just Part 1…there will be 7 more episodes released at some point this year

              1. Cheers DK….I would never break the spoiler code…I’ve heard several different possible release dates…in the US it’s not uncommon to release things in May but rarely in June or July, except for BB and Stranger Things, but that might have changed due to covid-related weirdness

                1. Yea I’m not sure how reliable the source was ,I cannot even remember where I read it TBF .
                  It will Probably come out at the end of the year now .
                  either way it’s been a brilliant series 👍

                  1. @Dan Kit
                    Word on the street is, the last 7 eps will drop around May. In order to be eligible for the awards (Emmy’s and Oscar’s)

                    1. Yea I read the same thing NY ,but read that they split to get more awards for Netflix so half before 31 may and the second after for the next years emmys ,
                      That’s why I think I read June
                      Annoying though as it’s been bloody brilliant .
                      Having to wait that long .

        2. Kev, I’ve never heard of it either, but the strange thing is that I live in a very small town called Piedra Amarilla, which means Yellow Stone!

  2. His downturn in form coincides with Artetas arrival and his inability to get the best out of his players and especially his attacking options .
    GL Auba hopefully Arteta follows soon .

    1. Wow DK, YOU HAVE NEVER EVER SAID THIS BEFORE! Though admittedly, I must have missed the other 5000 times at least that you said it (or very similar)!

      So boring reading basically the same post several times a day and on almost ANY thread, no matter what subject it speaks about.

      Talk about a broken record stuck on one track!!!

          1. I agree Jon – nearly as boring as your posts about Arsene Wenger from 2015 onwards!!

            Those posts, along with the dross players and dullard supporters who dared disagree with you of course.

            What comes around goes around…. or something like that eh Jon?!?!

    2. He was still scoring goals, often with relatively little help, up until we won the fa Cup. And it’s not as though we had a dynamic attack under emery, or wenger towards the end. He kept scoring because he was good enough to make chances himself or turn half – chances into goals. He’s not doing that anymore, and he’s even missing good chances. Best case scenario for him is that his confidence has gone (which he can get back) or he’s checked out and needs a move for motivation, but i think his age has caught up and he’s not been able to adapt.

  3. Its just unbelievable.
    Spent a whole month chasing a player who stated he was not interested.
    About to let our most experienced striker go out on load leaving us with two strikers who are leaving in five months and a young, inexperienced forward as our only options upfront.
    The other teams going for that fourth place must be pissing themselves laughing.
    What total incompetence from Edu and Arteta.

  4. This conversation is going down ‘party lines’

    If you think Arteta stands a good chance of succeeding it is most likely your view is that Auba has been a poor captain and certainly not the man he was. If on the other hand you don’t think Arteta is the man, then not unsurprisingly the focus is on Arteta not getting the best out of him.

    For me, there is no excuse to disrespect the club and your team by not playing by the rules. Arteta would have to be a right dip stick to allow his authority as manager to be diminished. I just look back at the dressing room attitudes a couple of years ago and would not want that scenario repeated again. I don’t get the impression that Pep, Klopp, Tuchel or Conte suffer fools gladly so why should our management team? There is so much at stake

    1. interesting assessment, especially considering that the player in question played for two of the managers you referenced, with far more at stake…maybe you should have a looksee at what they said about his performances on the pitch and his positive influence on their respective squads…of course, no player is perfect but when the positives far outweigh the negatives, a manager of any consequence always find a way to make things work…btw not one of the managers you’ve mentioned have ever excommunicated players of this ilk without getting something of consequence in return…furthermore, I have yet to even mentioned the fact that Arteta has been incredibly selective when it comes to taking a hardline on player behavioural concerns

      with this in mind, here’s one of the major differences between the two supposed “sides” of the equation, many within the former “side” will cherry-pick whatever fits their narrative regardless of whether it’s based in reality, whereas those of us within the latter group refuse to simply sit back and quietly eat whatever sh** this club and it’s manager serves up, as we know all too well that lip service and empty promises won’t get it done in the “real” footballing world

      1. 👏👏👏👏
        Your last paragraph proves my point
        You also assume these days that Auba’s positives outweigh the negatives.

          1. God bless you. Arteta has a record of picking fights, making instant decisions that backfire. Can anyone explain how Torriera is not at Arsenal today? What about Saliba whose career he almost ended after a single training session??? This guy is trigger happy with an oversized ego. He won’t go far as a coach you can be sure. Tuchel endured humiliation from Lukaku and what was his response? “With us at Chelsea there is always a way back”. How can he be allowed to destroy careers, devalue players and create avoidable crisis between Fans and players at the club??? Regardless of what Auba does, he deserves to be playing. Finally, people talk about Auba’s poor form well that is on Arteta!!! Look at the starts! Arsenal highest assists has come from Saka and that’s 6 all season so far. He is 19 on the list while Alexander Anold has 12 assists!! Any striker will struggle infrastructure of Arteta’s midfield.

            1. agree totally.Arteta does not apply the same disciplinary rules on all players. Xhaka has done worse and continues to let the team down but no word from the manager about that.Easy to kick a man when he is down.Auba deserves better than the treatment he got from this clueless manage

      2. I’m not sure if I follow exactly, but my reading of the situation is that auba’s positives vastly outweighed his negatives in the past, so maybe arteta and the other managers were willing to put up with some crap, and that may explain why arteta kept picking him for the last 18months even when he wasn’t delivering, because MA believed it would be worth it once the old auba returned. He’s taking a harder line now because it’s clear that the old auba is gone, and so the positives no longer outweigh the negatives.
        I don’t always like the way arteta goes about dealing with these situations, but he did have drop auba imo, and given how poor he’s been, I do think we should move him on ASAP if we can. Problem is they’ve seemingly cocked up finding a suitable replacement – it seems like the moves we made in the summer were based on the assumption that the old auba would be coming back and we were sorted for strikers, and now it’s coming back to bite us…
        I’m still thoroughly unconvinced by the white signing – always said the striker situation would get us and should have been the priority.

        1. Yes, Auba’s positives did outweigh the negatives then, but that only gets you wiggle room if you carry on scoring. Once the goals dry up then tolerating disciplinary issues forces the manager to act. And he did

          1. maybe you can explain Xhaka’s continued presence in the starting 11 considering his obvious negative issues…nary a negative word from the manager, even when his actions were incredibly selfish and entirely blameworthy, until his most recent red and even that was a rather tepid public response…you can’t have it both ways, simply because the facts don’t fit your particular narrative, as I said earlier

            1. I don’t understand the xhaka thing, but that’s been the same with previous managers also. Lack of other options? But then I don’t get why we don’t get rid of him and take a chance in someone new – it can’t be that hard surely?
              I lost faith in arteta in the summer when we signed xhaka to a new contract, but I’ve been a little more confident since. I’d imagine xhaka would get the same treatment the second it becomes crystal clear that we don’t need him – harsh I know!

      3. Was Aubemeyang’s record impeccable until Arteta took over?

        I suggest you Google the topic and you’ll find out he’s been suspended by Dortmund in 2017 for disciplinary reasons as well, one of his team mate even publicly describing his actions as “idiotic”.

        That being said, despite the fact that I support Arteta, I wouldn’t use the Auba incident to try to prove a point in Arteta’s favour as I haven’t got a clue whether the current suspension is justified or not. Us fans aren’t in the dressing room or at the training ground and we simply don’t know the reasons why Auba’s been frozen out.

        I don’t know how on earth you can state that Auba’s “positives far outweigh the negatives” but if you could enlighten us cherry pickers that would be most welcomed.

        I’m doing the devils advocate now because I actually love Auba. It just doesn’t make sense to use the current situation to bash or praise Arteta as we don’t know the facts in this story.

        1. how ironic you would cherry-pick “facts” like 1 supposed incident in 2017 or some unnamed former teammates unsubstantiated comments….thank you for unnecessarily entering the fray and helping out with my argument…as I said, I never suggested that Auba was blameless, I simply said that MA has dealt with this poorly and he has likewise been inconsistent when it comes to player discipline…furthermore, your inherent managerial bias, regardless of your claims to “love” Auba, have tainted your ability to examine this issue objectively…btw my statement regarding the “positives outweighing the negative” was in reference to how the Auba situation has been dealt with since Arteta’s first summer window

          1. In the last 6 month at Dortmund before joining Arsenal Auba was suspended twice by Zorc for disciplinary reasons.

            Zorc and Burki’s comments are available online and the situation was a bit similar to the one Auba’s in at Arsenal now.

            If you don’t like cherry picking I think the fact that Auba’s been suspended 4 times in the past 5 years is relevant information.

            Again, I don’t know if Auba’s suspension is justified or not and I don’t draw conclusion on Arteta’s competence from that story.

            Yet you are using this incident to bash Arteta as a manager.

            Who’s biased here?

        2. Positives – scored a lot of goals to the extent we were extremely reliant in him, and very few players in world football could have replaced him
          Negatives – don’t really know, but i suspect he’s never been a model pro, doesn’t seem like a bad guy though…

          1. Auba was amazing in his first 2 and half years for Arsenal.
            He never complained being played out of position on the left wing, kept banging goals like no one else in the league and offered Laca a helping hand when his confidence was low.
            All that with a big smile on his face.
            He was absolutely brilliant.

  5. The way we play is the problem our attacks are blunt and we dont create properly. It is a coaching problem.

    1. I think we’ve been decent this year from that perspective actually, it’s more that we don’t have a goalscorer and have been heavily reliant on young AMs to find goals, and their finishing has been inconsistent (as you’d expect). We had the chances to win the last game fairly easily.

      1. Our build up play is easily read and naive. Our goalscoring under Arteta has been poor. It isnt a player thing its a coaching/tactical thing. With the players we have we should be scoring for fun.

    2. Fully agree with you on this one, I’m reminded of a comment made by Balogun’s agent who said “Which striker is thriving under Arteta’s system?” – I’m paraphrasing. That comment by him said it all for me. It appears that the senior strikers (Auba and Lacca) don’t believe in Diet Pep’s ideas.

  6. Yes, he was integral part of Arsenal attack still a few years ago. You can try to make Arteta decision look bad all you want by adding Aubameyangs good years in the mix but he has not been a goals scoring machine in 1 and half years.

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